offshore software development - what you need to know

Offshore Software Development: What You Need to Know


Offshore software development is a term that is probably familiar to you during business discussions. However, what does that mean? Let’s explore why an increasing number of businesses are using the outsourcing strategy to take advantage of their software development solutions. 

Offshoring makes sense for lowering operating expenses and expanding operations given the speed at which the world economy is expanding. Finding and acquiring outstanding talent at a reasonable price in the tech sector makes perfect sense.

Entrepreneurs can concentrate more on expanding their firms when they outsource development tasks. Operating problems including hiring and training staff do not limit them. Let’s delve deep into offshore development in this blog and understand how your company might benefit from it. 


What is Offshore Software Development?

Companies engage in offshoring or offshore software development when they hire an external vendor in another nation to handle software or app development. “Offshore” denotes a considerable spatial and time zone separation between the client and offshore developers’ locations.

Software offshore outsourcing offers startups several advantages, such as lower costs and faster time to market. Creating an app from scratch is not the only thing that offshore development services can do. Developers may offer specific services like app development, UI/UX design, and back-end development.


How to Start With Offshore Software Development?


Begin With a Small but Incredibly Talented Group:

  • Even if it would seem ideal to have a big development staff, you should start modestly.
  • With fewer members, a small team provides greater visibility and facilitates understanding of who is working on what.
  • This makes the process considerably more efficient and brings you one step closer to hiring a “bigger” offshore development team. 


Define Precise Goals:

  • Clarify the objectives and expectations with the offshore team before submitting your work to them.
  • Are you trying to find a development team that can work remotely and create an application from scratch?
  • Or are you looking for help to enhance the user experience (UX) of an already-existing app?



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Choose the Right Outsourcing Partner:

  • The next stage involves searching for a possible partner who has the expertise, skills, and ability to manage such responsibilities.
  • It’s also crucial that the seller shows that they have a sufficient understanding of your company.
  • This will make it more likely that the software developer will create the product in close alignment with your business objectives.


Select the Most Effective Work Model:

  • A few options for collaboration are provided by the majority of offshore software developers: time and materials; set cost; and dedicated team.
  • The dedicated development team model suits long-term projects, offering stability and control.
  • In the meantime, time and material provide flexibility in projects with ambiguous criteria, while fixed pricing works well for short-term projects with well-specified specifications.


Advantages of Offshore Software Development – 


The following are just a few of the many advantages that come with selecting an offshore software development company to build new software or update existing software for your organization.


Focus on Core Activities:

  • When employing a project manager-led offshore development team, can be the largest advantage.
  • Because the development team will take care of all the technical aspects of creating the product, a company’s management may concentrate on things like planning, putting a strong business strategy into action, securing more capital, and so on.
  • A project manager will provide you with regular updates on the team’s progress, obstacles, and other important information if you hire them.


Affordable Solution:

  • You may save up to 30% on all of your expenditures by selecting an offshore provider of software development services, which includes hiring fees, salary, and other associated costs.
  • You won’t need to invest money in licensed software and hardware since offshore developers will take care of these costs as well, saving you money on hiring and training in-house experts.
  • Naturally, working with an offshore software development company will spare you the financial burden of employee training, paid time off, sick days, and other such expenses.


Task-detail-related Experts:

  • The ability to assemble a scalable workforce for your project is among the best things about working with an offshore development vendor.
  • You don’t have to retain the full staff over the long term, so you can engage a big team to start from the beginning and develop your business product.
  • Tech experts needed for product maintenance and support can compose the reduced project team post-design, development, and testing.


Faster Time to Market:

  • Offshore companies are affordable and equipped with all you need to develop and release your software product more quickly.
  • This allows you to show investors your finished product or an MVP that works flawlessly, as well as start collecting feedback from your initial clientele.


Which Services Are Eligible for Outsourcing?

IT services providers that can guarantee both excellent output and efficient, on-time client communication can successfully outsource offshore software development. Remoting organizations’ ability to work together and communicate with one another is a key component of successful outsourcing. Thus, nearly all software-related services can be outsourced if the development team has sufficient competence. Let us explore some of the most widely used outsourced services.


Mobile App Development Services:

  • In the industry of offshore software development, mobile application development is another in-demand service.
  • Mobile software development requires team coordination, extensive skills, and experience, similar to web development.
  • Mobile applications are a widely used trend in today’s business landscape, playing a crucial role in enhancing various types of enterprises.
  • The reason behind the high number of offshore software development outsourcing firms that primarily focus on mobile development services.
  • Firms offer full software development or specialized services for building native or hybrid mobile apps, similar to web development.


Web Development Services:

  • Web development can be successfully outsourced to offshore developers despite being a difficult and complex process.
  • A skilled team can overcome distance challenges to create a top-notch online application affordably.
  • Offshore software firms provide end-to-end development or tailored web services to meet client needs.
  • When a customer needs more specialists but has already recruited a team, this is usually necessary.


QA and Testing Services:

  • Any software development process must include quality assurance.
  • The software product designer is responsible for ensuring that each module, component, and part functions as intended under various conditions.
  • Comprehensive testing is often contracted out to a dedicated group of experts due to its complexity and length.
  • This allows the main development team to focus on other activities and complete the project ahead of schedule.
  • An alternative would be to split up testing into two teams and focus on different platforms and use cases for a future software release.
  • This approach, which calls for additional collaboration, is frequently used to accelerate the creation of hybrid or cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Quality and performance on Android may be guaranteed by a single team.


UI/UX Design Services:

  • The ability for clients to select in advance whether they wish to outsource all or just some of the development process to an offshore company is one of the most helpful benefits of outsourcing software development to the offshore sector.
  • In this manner, a client can also employ a single professional or even a team to handle a specific task.
  • In the IT business, in particular, talented UI/UX designers are hard to come by.
  • The significance of their work increases when an application needs to be modified for several devices that have distinct aspect ratios and screen resolutions.
  • UI/UX services are highly sought after by companies seeking visually appealing and practical software solutions.


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Conclusion – 

Offshore software development offers a progressive approach to business scaling, addressing budgetary, skill-related, and time-related challenges. Nimap Infotech has been offering offshore software development services. We don’t confine our experience to a certain industry or size of business. Rather, we provide companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to startups and scaleups, with top services.

Our coverage spans a wide range of industries, but we specialize in fintech, insurance, healthcare,  logistics, eCommerce, and other areas. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you need if you’d like to discuss your needs and discover more about our experience as well as the specialized solutions we can provide for your company. With our knowledge and experience in offshore development, let us assist you in reaching your business objectives.