What is Laravel

Laravel is a PHP based framework that is purely meant for the development of MVC based applications

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a free and very useful development framework for PHP development

Distinguish Between

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Laravel framework is free to operate and use

CakePHP requires a license to  operate and use


Laravel is secure but not as high as cakephp

Cakephp security is robust and higher than laravel

Data Handling

Laravel is able to handle data in a much easier way

CakePHP data handling is not as efficient as Laravel

Project Size

If the project size is small then laravel cannot be used flexibility due to its complexity

CakePHP can be used for small projects

Database Model

Laravel makes use of Object Oriented model for operation

CakePHP makes use of Database object model to operate

Software Development Architecture

Laravel framework makes use of Model View Controller or MVC

CakePHP framework makes use of Hierarchical MVC

We have mentioned few distinguish between Laravel & CakePHP

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