Reasons to Choose Flutter for Cross Platform App Development

Flutter has become increasingly popular, its use by app firms has grown significantly.

Reasons to Choose Flutter

Cross-platform app development made simple

You can now create and manage the code for all of your cross-platform apps using a single code base.

Backed by google

one of the major reasons to use flutter your app will have all features and functionality.

Helpful community

Flutter community has had a steady growth pace that has now grown into a large pool of developers and programmers.


Flutter offers performance that is comparable to native apps, which is difficult to achieve.


Nearly 80,000 forks of Flutter's main project have given it close to 100,000 stars on GitHub.

Free and open source

Anyone is allowed to use, distribute, and adapt Flutter for their own personal and professional uses, including app creation.


Without incurring any major costs, you can distribute your software.

Great documentation

Developers and programmers can quickly and effectively refer to concepts and examples in the documentation.

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