Cross-platform App Development- Facts and Myths

The field of cross-platform app development has exploded. Undoubtedly, it is the next step for app developers because of its capacity to support numerous platforms.

Here are some myths and truths we shall investigate to see if they are real.

Single code works on Android as well as iOS:


CORRECT, Whether using Flutter, Xamarin, or React Native, the framework's ability to support a single code base is essential for developing cross-platform apps.

Cross-platform apps are not secure:


INCORRECT, Cross-platform apps require knowledgeable developers who understand how to make them secure to be secure.

Cross-platform apps are slow:


INCORRECT, This depends on the cross-platform app development framework you decide to use.

Cross-platform apps may lack access to native device functions:


INCORRECT, Developers may now access native device functions like the camera, Bluetooth, and sensors.

Design and UX are poor:


INCORRECT, UI, and UX quality depend on the skill level of the UI/UX  designer.

Cost are lower


CORRECT, Compared to native app development the cost is low of cross-platform app development.

Easier to manage projects in an agile way:


CORRECT, One team of designers, developers, and quality assurance engineers can collaborate to meet the agile process when working on cross-platform apps.

Choose responsive web design over cross-platform apps:


Websites and mobile apps serve distinct consumer demands and are two distinct sectors. Mobile apps are irreplaceable by websites.

Cross-platform framework can disappear anytime:


INCORRECT, Cross-platform frameworks excel with a single code base, ensuring high compatibility across platforms. So, it has a strong hold on the market.

Users will notice different:


INCORRECT, Users of your cross-platform apps will experience performance that is comparable to native apps when you use the correct people and resources.

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