Outsource Remote IT Assistance for Your Business

Outsource Remote IT Assistance for Your Business

Remote working become a new normal after the Pandemic time. Because its believed that no loss of work should happen that will cause the revenue to drop.

Nimap can help developing an app or software, providing technical support for any product, or improving the product code. Our knowledgeable professionals assist well for any support with remote working.

Why Hire from Nimap Infotech?

Why Hire from Nimap Infotech?

Nimap Hiring Model:

Screening: Our primary task is to provide list of all the developers who can enhance the value of your company projects.

Assignment: We have large pool of developers from which to select the one to work on your project. Every project will have project manager to supervise the work.

Development: Your project has begun development, and you are kept informed with periodic developments.

Demo: We send you a functioning demonstration of your project once it is finished.

Handover and training: In compliance with your NDA, we give you full handover and instruct your current staff on how to use the new project.

Advantages of Outsourcing:

1. Affordable costs

2. Advance growth

3. Observe Operational Control

4. Offer Staffing Flexibility

5. Observe Operational Control