What is HTML?

The client's machine or the browser receives a returned HTML file. The browser reads this file, and based on the HTML code it includes, renders it. HTML is simple for any browser to grasp.

Benefits of HTML 5

Language of the web:

The major language used by browsers to connect with servers is HTML. Browsers can't understand any other language.

Better understand web:

Learning HTML gives you an understanding of how the Internet and Web function as it is primarily used to connect with web browsers.

Easy to implement:

Compared to other languages such as C, C++, and PHP, HTML is easy to implement. It is a basic tag-based structure that helps to create web pages.

Makes your web concept firm:

By learning HTML you can understand how the web works and how interactivity can be added to static web pages.

Start a career in web designing:

If you learn basic HTML and how coding works you can start a career as a web designer or developer.

Create your own website:

Creating your own website will be easier as you know how the web works and how to communicate with server.

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