Steps for Choosing a Technology Stack for Your Project

Get to know how important is choosing a technical stack for your project.

Are you developing a new IT project??

A tech stack defines the area of technical requirements that will be addressed using a particular technology.

It provides a complete overview about how your project will be developed and handled with respect to front end back end and database.

What is a Technology Stack?

Check Your Requirements

Defining the requirements properly claims to solve half of the problem for you as it defines how the project development will go about

# Step 1

Analyse The Scope

Scope is the main criteria that provides you answers where this technology helps you to solve the business problem

# Step 2

Time To Market

Choose a tech stack that provides a custom solution for all your needs for example a frontend a backend and a db. 

# Step 3


Assess how your tech fits into the scalability factor for future expansions

# Step 4


Security needs to be addressed for user data safety form malicious intents and attacks

# Step 5

All in all a tech stack defines how your business problem will be solved.

It provides a means to better implement features and functionality for your project needs

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