UX does not simply refer to the visual design or interface of a website or mobile app but refers to how the user interacts with it. A practical user experience needs research & testing.

When designing the User Experience, there are quite a few common pitfalls to avoid. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid

Planning User Experience at the Beginning

UX designing is an ongoing process that is just customers' preferences. It is vital to know preferences to improve what you offer continually

Disconnect with your User

The disconnect occurs when users experience something based on the limited information they receive from a source, and you need to fulfill their expectations

Design it for you & Not the user

For your product reviews to be successful, separate personal and user preferences. Your users will not want or need the same things as you

Following your competitors

With the numerous apps in the market, you need to stand out by demonstrating your innovation and value. Use what you have learned to create uniqueness for the audienc

Earlier Feedbacks

For fair feedback, it is best to let users experience your product before asking for their opinions, as collecting earlier feedback might backfire

Overwhelming your user with too much content

You should use your content to add value to your end-user as you are guiding them through your website or mobile application

To get a better UX & UI, many factors have to be known & considered

It is imperative not to ignore the fact that every app or website should provide a seamless user experience to the user

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