9 Big Mistakes Start-ups Make While Hiring An App Development Firm

Just started a firm? Here are the top mistakes firms make when hiring developers for IT development...


Interview Only One Company

This is a serious mistake and can only limit what possible outcome for your firm, so avoid this at all costs.

Developer Domain Knowledge

Ensure that your developer knows how the business functions. Make sure that he or she has the required domain knowledge about your business.

Insufficient Requirements Knowledge

Thoroughly understand what your business needs and hire developers according to that.

Communication Gap

Make sure communication plays a vital role in making developers understand what's needed. This eliminates communication barriers

Straight-Forward Communication

Always ensure you motivate to put forward proper communication and encourage frank communication

Shortlist company offering the least price

Quality goes for a spin when considering low cost so keep your budget flexible and ready to take shots

High budget and costly firm can overestimate quality

Shortlisting companies offering the highest quote can also lead to quality issues that go unnoticed and keeps customers in dark

Get Quotes

Ensure you get quotes from at least 3-4 companies that help you to make a judgement and the right decision

Hiring a technical advisor to help you

Always take expert help if you don't have sufficient knowledge, doing so can help you multiple folds and can accelerate your development

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