IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2023

Automation & AI

The use of automation and AI in IT outsourcing will continue to increase, leading to better efficiency and cost savings

Digital Transformation

The use of digital platforms and tools for managing outsourced projects and teams, including project management software and video conferencing tools, will continue to increase.


As outsourcing becomes more prevalent, cybersecurity will become even more critical. Contracts and partnerships will increasingly emphasize data protection measures and cybersecurity best practices

Cloud Computing

There will be an increase in the adoption of cloud computing and hybrid cloud solutions for outsourcing IT services

Flexible Outsourcing Models

Outcome-based pricing and agile development methodologies will become more common, as companies seek flexible outsourcing models

New Outsourcing Destinations

New and emerging outsourcing destinations, beyond the traditional locations, will gain popularity, such as Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia country like India.

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