1. Do a quick Google search:

A quick google search will show you a list of candidates that have experience in handling different kinds of Software based projects smoothly and efficiently

2.Shortlist candidates based on profile:

Once you have done and performed a quick google search, you can shortlist the profiles that you find interesting for getting closer to the right software developer

3. Conduct Interviews sessions:

Once you have a list of profiles for the various developers, schedule interview sessions for the developers

5. Take the help of experts:

You can take the help of experts who have some programming knowledge and background to help you select the best candidate or developer for your Software project

6. Check candidates portfolio:

Doing this will help you understand which projects the developer candidates have handled in the past

7. Check past work:

Make sure to check the past work that the candidates or developers have done. Ask questions when you get the time to the developers and see the project in action

8. Analyze candidates communication skills:

Many people do all of the above things but fail to do this one. This should not be the case, as this point is equally important for you and is critical for the success of your software project.

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