iOS Vs Android: Which One is better

iOS Vs Android: Which One is better


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While buying any smartphone the first thing that needs to get decide is which OS phone you want to buy. The two most popular choices that lie in everyone’s head is – Android and iOS. Both are equally useful and plays an important role in your life.

There is nothing like choosing the perfect among the two as both are equally perfect with their work of operations. There are many chances the first OS you use ends up liking that only.

Though both are perfectly good with their features and performs all the actions required. But if you’ll take a closer look from the business perspective you’ll end up noticing the differences between them. Devices supporting both OS are often pricey purchases. You may even decide you want to use credit to foot the bill for one; if you have a good or bad credit score it is important you find out before going ahead with your purchase.


iOS is a mobile operating system specially invented for the use of Apple manufactured products. Devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV everything runs on iOS. Invented in the year 2007 iOS is based upon direct manipulation. iOS interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons and interaction includes gestures like tap, pinch, swipe, and reverse pinch.

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Android is a mobile operating system based on the modified version of the Linux kernel. Developed by Google, it is primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices.

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Difference between iOS and Android


The first point through which we’ll show you the difference between Android and iOS is its hardware. As you all know Google’s Android software is used by nearly all the mobile phone companies like LG, Samsung, HTC, etc. However, on the other side, you’ll find iPhones are launched only by Apple. And only iPhones can make use of iOS software and hardware. It shows Apple’s restrictions, protection, and control over its operating system.

Android phones are commonly used by a large number of public because of its price, features, and quality. Providing good quality features and services they are much cheaper than iPhones. But since they are so readily available their hardware is more prone to problems.


iOS and Android both using the touch interfaces have lots of things in common. Like swiping, tapping, zooming and pinch. Just like computer desktop both iOS and Android operating systems boots to a home screen. Android using the feature of widgets auto-updates information such as weather and email. While the iOS home screen contains only rows of app icons. Both iOS and Android displays their status bar on the top of the screen showing information like time, WiFi, cell signal, and battery life.


If you will compare you’ll see the App Store offers very few applications than Google’s Play Store. Also, Apple is much more strict with its apps. On the contrary Android apps are easy to install and download. It is also seen that it is easy to put any fake app in Google’s Play Store. It is a major potential security threat for users. Apple goes through all the points before putting any app in the App Store – offering complete security. Thus development costs of Apple apps are costlier than Google apps.


Apple products in terms of pricing always run high in the market. If you’ll go and check the newest model of Apple that is iPhone X is available at Rs. 94, 845. Similarly, the starting price of the iPhone XR is Rs. 63, 699 and iPhone XS Max is Rs. 1,24,900. Buying such a high-cost mobile phone with an average income is not at all possible. Repairs can be expensive on iPhones so you should choose the best case for your iphone xr if you do decide to buy one!

On the other hand, if you’ll choose the latest model of Android smartphones that is Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Google’s Pixel 3 XL their prices are quite low and affordable. Even if you buy the best Android mobile phone of 2019 that is One Plus 6T is also very less in price as compared to Apple.

Thus one can clearly see the huge choice of a good and low-cost variety of Android phones as compared to Apple. And the features and services provided by them are not less in any mode of comparison. Also, the apps provided by Android are free and offers much more variety. Therefore choosing Android over Apple is always a choice of benefit in terms of cost.

Battery Life

Battery usage is another important factor which matters the most when you start using any cell phone. Since both the platforms share no common hardware it is tough to mention their differences.

If you see them together both the Apple and Android allows its users to check the amount of battery they’ve used. Also, both offer the power-saving modes which can be used to extend the life of your mobile battery.

Both Apple and Android provides you the functions of limiting performance and connectivity including many other features and options. However, if you’ll give a close look you’ll see Android has the ability to customize its power-saving modes. Many Android phones possess the power of fast-charging capabilities or even wireless charging. In that case, you’ll have to look for a fast-charging adapter which is usually already provided in the Android box. Thus after comparing both the one you can trust more in terms of battery is Android.

Here are some of the other characteristics possessed by iOS are –

  • iOS is a powerful platform providing clean and up-to-date menu system.
  • The interface of iOS is not a headache.
  • However, it possesses a lack of optimization
  • iOS provides you top-quality third-party applications.
  • Provides great reliability to its users
  • Works in a professional way.
  • Applications on iOS cannot access the operating system. Android applications, on the other hand, can directly access its operating system. Which means if the Android application crashed it would take down the entire system of your phone.
  • iOS is more secured to come into contact with viruses or malware.
  • Development of an app is more easy in Android as compared to iOS.
  • iOS is more easy to update with new versions as compared to Android.
  • iOS provided with integrated theft prevention software helps you track your phone if lost or stolen.
  • Without entering your password it is impossible to turn the GPS off.

Characteristics possessed by Android are –

  • Android is much more flexible and easy in use.
  • Android interface is much real in use. It gives you the exact look of icons and fonts as compared to iOS.
  • Providing access to the operating system, Android allows you to install any app from its Play Store.
  • Android provides you to use its features in more fun ways.
  • Apple introduces its features in a very slow process however Apple, on the other hand, is more frequent in launching new features.
  • Android smartphones provide you more hardware capabilities and features as compared to Apple.
  • Home Screens of Android can not only be filled with apps but also with widgets which allows you to stay connected.
  • Android smartphones are less costly than iOS.


After going through their differences it is very clear that both Android and iOS are equally good and important in their places. Choosing one among the two operating systems is completely based on your choice of work. Different categories are liked by different peoples. Some prefer hardware while some prefer security.

If you want your smartphone provides you good battery capacity and customization techniques choose Android. Or else if you want a more professional platform for your work then choose iOS.

Both iOS and Android are good with their features and performs their tasks very efficiently.

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