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Ultimate Guide to Attain Excellent UX Design for Small Business

Online customers have grown in terms of wants and needs, especially in the wake of User Experience (UX) trends and their development. Whether you work as a web developer, a digital marketing consultant or a content creator, the UX aspect of a website can effectively make or break a business.

According to Top Tal, 88% of customers are not likely to return to a website after a bad UX, with 62% ready to outright abandon a brand with poor UX altogether. This poses a lucrative possibility for small businesses with online storefronts to stand out from the competition. ECommerce Design could be the way forward in making a user-friendly UX for small businesses. If this is what you’re hoping to create for your online business, make sure you choose a specialist agency to build your e-commerce website.

However, finding the right UX mix for your target audience can be challenging without the proper know-how. With that in mind, let’s take a look at guidelines on how to attain excellent UX design for your small business in order to grow in both lead and revenue generation.

What UX Stands For

Before we get into the how of attaining excellent UX design for your small business, it’s worth noting why the goal is worth pursuing. In short, UX represents the entire journey a single customer goes through from the moment they hit your landing page to the moment they purchase an item or convert into a subscriber. It is a combination of well-designed UI, relevant content, SEO optimization, and timely user interaction.

As the name suggests, the “user’s experience” will always determine whether or not they will advocate for your small business and share your products and services with their social circles. As such, UX cannot be defined in an objective, right-or-wrong way like most web design and content creation trends can.

Its shape will always depend on the type of business you run, what kinds of stakeholders you work with, as well as what your long-term goals are. It is a complex process well-worth investing time and resources into since it can bring great RoI over time once it’s clearly defined. Attaining excellent UX design can also bring a plethora of advantages to your business in contrast to your industry competition.

Benefits of Excellent UX Design

Higher Engagement & Conversion Rates
Just as you are looking for reliable customers and clients, so do they look for professional businesses to work with. Reaching the level of excellent UX design on your website will increase your chances at conversion dramatically. You might want to try reading various blogs regarding Shopify Design if your store is on Shopify. You could pick up some advice on how to enhance your business to make it more appealing and improve the UX. Additionally, social media reach and word of mouth can do wonders for your overall engagement once people start sharing positive comments about your website’s UX.

Better Industry Authority & Brand Reputation

For better or worse, your business is one of many when it comes to the global market and specific industry you operate in. Having a professional UX present on your website will ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. Other businesses will start looking toward your website for guidance, reach out to you with collaboration opportunities and engage in B2B networking with your business more frequently.

Easier Lead Nurturing & Customer Retention

Lastly, the easiest way to retain customers and ensure that they come back for more products and services is to simply create an environment for that to take place organically. Investing in UX will ensure that you have a stable and reliable web outlet for people to use indefinitely without worrying about constant changes to your formula. Targeted sales campaigns, paid advertisement and push strategies will never reach the same level of success as excellent UX design will be able to.

How to Attain Excellent UX Design for your Small Business

  • Research your Competition
    The first order of business in terms of evaluating and redefining your UX design is to explore what your industry’s standards are. Whether you work in digital marketing, eCommerce sales, business consulting or something else entirely doesn’t matter – what matters is that each niche has its own trends and standards.
  • Check out several industry leaders and their websites. You can always refer to web app development professionals for guidance in terms of UX design, web solutions and related trends. Browse their websites and pay attention to details such as sitemap, load times, ad placement, calls to action, popups, etc.
  • Take notes on what you like and dislike about each website before jumping into your own site’s UX design. Use the opportunity to learn from other businesses’ mistakes instead of repeating what customers and clients might dislike.

Develop a Customer Profile

  • You should always develop a customer profile before going into drastic UX design changes on your small business website. Depending on your product portfolio, different demographics and customer profiles will approach your site with the intent to make a purchase. However, millennials and elderly stay-at-home customers will react to the same UX and content marketing efforts in drastically different ways.
  • Create a customer profile based on your perfect stakeholder with factors such as age, gender, professional background, lifestyle, income, and others in consideration. This will give you a much better idea of who your website’s UX should be tailored for in order to achieve a much better customer’s journey and engagement rates down the line.
    Small Change, Big Impact
  • It’s worth noting that UX design doesn’t necessarily involve a total website redesign. Your site may already have highly functional elements that offer perfect UX for your target audience. All your site might really need is a small change here and there in order for the experience to be streamlined.
    For example, placing your navigation bar in an accessible spot at the header of your homepage is a logical choice. However, the same should be said about your categories’ naming scheme and sitemap. You should use professional outsource digital marketing services in order to get an outsider’s perspective on your UX and content writing style. This will give you a much better idea of the current state of your website without making large changes to your UX design which may not even be necessary.

Original Content Matters

Original content is an integral part of UX design, no matter how well-made your UI might be. In that respect, it’s good practice to blog about your industry, create marketing materials for ongoing campaigns and sales, as well as to integrate user-generated content into your publishing calendar. Tools such as Evernote, Trust My Paper, Supreme Dissertations, and Hemingway can add a lot of credibility and quality to your UX if you choose to write about your business. (more…)

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