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7 Software Development Trends For 2021

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We all know that change is the only thing that takes place constantly on this planet. There has been no industry that can resist the change to take place. Firstly,Each and Every sector welcomes change that is going to take place in the Software development Industry. Secondly, These changes have been bringing out some awesome developments in the software industry. These changes are going to revolutionize the world with the advancements in the software development industry.

There is also a similar case with the software design and IT development trends as well. In fact, the software industry is one of those sectors that witnesses a constant change in its practices and this is because of the growing trends and changes in the growing software technologies.

Particularly, custom software developers need to keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in the IT and software development industry. This is the same case with the business that gets the software development services from the software development industry.

How change impacts Software development

Let us speak about the main point- what will the top IT trends be like in the software development industry in 2019? Undoubtedly 2018 was a year where the latest happenings were concentrated upon emerging software technologies from Artificial Intelligence to BlockChain technology. We also saw the rise of various forms of software that support the trading of cryptocurrency recently, such as trading robots like bitcoin loophole. There were a number of defamatory headlines like ‘bitcoin loophole scam’ at first, but it is now considered to be a legitimate tool to use.

The IT sector and industry has seen some tremendous growth in the sector since recent years.

In a report presented by Gartner in 2018, it was predicted that the IT industry will have a growth of 8.3% in 2019. More findings are given below.

These figures are nothing but the outcomes of constant innovation and research as well as the introduction of different innovations by full-stack developers. This dramatic growth is motivating and inspiring the developers in order to put in more hard work and to bring out some amazing trends to the software development industry.

Every year new advancements, as well as some restructuring in the software development product technologies, is changing existing trends. The businesses of new software development technologies such as cross-platform app development, BlockChain app development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are getting enhanced worldwide constantly.

Here are the top software development trends that every developer needs to focus on in 2019. Let’s explore them.

1. The Mixed Reality:

Mixed reality is nothing but a combination of 2 different technologies that is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Statista has predicted the market size of the Mixed reality for 2017, 2018 and 2025. Here are their findings

AR has already won a huge amount of growth and the credit for this solely goes to its integration for smartphone apps.

Popularity is the only reason why companies are scrambling to invest in their own AR application. These companies are also hiring AR developers into huge numbers. Unlike its twin technology VR, AR does not require hardware with the latest specifications.

The mixed reality has bought out some tremendous and advanced changes that help industries and organizations do their jobs better. Surgeons can take advantage of these technologies and perform critical operations using these technologies. These technologies have been a boon to mankind. And have proven to be helpful in nearly every sector that conducts business.

Many people have already assumed that the scope of development for AR technologies is limited to gaming and entertainment. But the effective utilization of these technologies by Walmart and the US army does not hold this belief true.

The people who lost belief and hope in VR technologies have started to understand the true benefits of mixed reality. Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality tech is used by the US Army for its military training purposes. Apart from that, Walmart is planning to use VR technology for training their employees in customer compliance and service.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has cause to replace human tasks by automation. The machines are programmed to conduct tasks that were restricted to the human mind. Artificial Intelligence-based software is programmed to think like the human mind. They can think intelligently like humans.

The subset areas of artificial intelligence such as machine learning and deep learning are gaining constant popularity amongst company businesses. Now more and more companies are using machine learning development services as a necessity.

Artificial intelligence has proven to improve business tasks as well as making them simple. It has provided web application developers a brilliant platform to experiment.

This has made AI reach banking, healthcare, mathematics, and education. Artificial intelligence software is particularly useful in the financial market. For example, Forex white label solutions are perfect solutions for those wanting to open their own brokerage or financial institution by minimizing risk and maximizing profit; this is just one example of the various AI possibilities out there.

Artificial intelligence is developed to amplify our skills and abilities to do the things efficiently and successfully. It has helped us in numerous operations that helps man conduct his day to day jobs and tasks better. This technology has been a boon towards mankind. There are several implementations of AI that has helped man do better and more efficient things.

3. Internet Of Things:

Internet of Things covers the broad category of devices that stays connected to the Internet. These applications have been spread to both the consumer as well as Industrial domains. IoT has witnessed exponential demands in the areas of safety and customer experience. According to David Evan calculations, every second over 127 devices will be connected to the Internet. This gives an idea about the constantly increasing reach of IoT.

Over 90% of automobiles will be IoT enabled as per PWC estimates. Moreover, according to the data found by Statista, there were around 23.14 billion devices in 2018 and the number is expected to rise to 26.66 billion by 2019.

Iot allows us to connect everyday devices to the internet and perform smarter and more efficient and fruitful operations. For example, the refrigerator can detect when milk packets are absent and can send notification or reminder to your mobile phone for bringing milk packets. Technological innovations like IoT has helped revolutionize the world and make it a better place to live in.

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4. Progressive Web Applications:

The combination of hybrid and web applications are called progressive web applications. They are entirely different from mobile applications. Their script which is called as service worker is an integral part of which they majorly work.

When to use Progressive Web Apps.

  • When we are seeking easy distribution of our apps
  • If someone is on on a tight budget
  • We are unsure of any business idea
  • When someone need to market the app as quickly as possible
  • Wish to reach many people in billions.

When to use Native Apps:

  • The app should have the highest level of performance
  • Want to create a reliable image
  • Need to interact with the other apps
  • Have a strong focus on the app security
  • Need to fetch consumer data

These kind of apps are easier to develop and maintain and has attracted a lot of mobile app development companies to a primary focus on them from the past few years.

These applications can load very swiftly even with low internet speed, should you find yourself dealing with an insufficient connection, so you won’t have to worry about a loss of connection or if you decide to change in order to fix your connectivity. You can see this here.

5. Language Trends:

With the introduction of different kinds of software technologies. There are different languages and frameworks are introduced simultaneously to program them. FullStack developers widely use JavaScript and its frameworks. It provides excellent adaptability for hybrid applications.

For avoiding the repercussions faced at the end of the software development project, a company should select the most optimum language to program in at an initial or starting phase.

We can look at the popularity and benefits of various languages through statistical data.

From the survey conducted by the StackOverflow website that takes the input data from developers to find the popularity of the programming language is a good source for this purpose. In their latest survey, Node.JS is increasingly popular and followed by Angular and React,

These are the frameworks of JavaScript that clearly depicts the performance.

Another survey by StackOverflow found the popularity of programming languages, JavaScript topped the list giving it one more piece of evidence of its amazing popularity.

You can easily make out which language is gaining a vast market and you can use them according to your needs. Businesses can utilize this information to

plan out their annual custom software development projects.

6. Data Science is Booming

Gone are the days when the task was to analyze huge amounts of data. With R and Python coming into the picture, businesses are looking to analyze historical data and draw out meaningful representations from it. Businesses are looking forward to analyse and put to use customer data that is going to help revolutionize the science behind the historical data. So it is going to be a great leap forward from traditional software analysis and prediction. There are various tools that helps in drawing out useful patterns and meaningful insights out of this data.

Consider an e-commerce company where you regularly shop. Your browsing history as well as your past purchases can be beneficial for the company and put to good use using data science. Your data can be used to analyze and suggest to you products that you can use and find useful and have the chances of buying them in the future.

7. Machine learning is new norm

There is also seen a trend for corporations and businesses switching towards a new kind of technique that helps in automation . This automation is about enabling the machines to lean the patterns in data and derive out the decision making capabilitiy that helps us automate businesses and redundant operations. This is going to be followed by many companies that are into software development and designing. With machine learning helping towards analyzes and deriving out meaningful insights, there is no doubt that the industry is switching to this new norm

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These evolving and changing software development technologies are the things that will take up the trends in 2021. In this article, we have covered the 5 most emerging technologies that are going to take the IT software development world by storm. We hope you liked this article and enjoyed reading it as well as found the article to be informative.

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Off the Shelf Software Vs Custom Software

To improve your business and be on the top of the leading companies till now you must have understood the importance of a good software solution. There can never be only one strategy that can improve all the inefficiencies. It is very important for business leaders to be active and updated relating all the latest trends and techniques that are heading in the markes. The software that your business chooses must depend heavily on the field in which you operate. For example, if your business does a lot of fiieldwork, you’re going to want a Field Service Management App that can give your business everything it needs to succeed at the top of your industry.

Let’s compare the two most basic software solutions you come across to see which one is better for the growth of your business. Determine yourself which among the two is helpful for your success.

Custom Software

Custom software or Tailor Made Software is a software that is developed specially for some organization or any specific user. It is customized in a way that it keeps all the requirements and needs of your business in mind. Therefore, after adapting its functionalities it is easy to use and extract the result that you wany. Using the open source programming languages you don’t even need to pay the perpetual license fees.

Advantages It Offers :

While looking at its functionality it is able to create and present the best solution for your business needs. There would be hardly any company not using custom development solutions.

Advantages of custom software development offers are:

  • Increased Security
  • No licensing fees
  • Saves Time
  • Highly Scalable
  • Easy to modify
  • Integrates multiple systems
  • Software Maintenance & Improvement

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Off the Shelf Software

Off the Shelf, Software refers to the software package developed by the software companies from the end users. This software is expensive in nature and is ready to use. It accelerates the trend of inexpensive and easy to use productivity software packages for microcomputers which continues to grow.

Developed by professional programmers or end users of orgnizations it replaces the trend of custom-designed programs. Acquired by end users from software vendors it is developed according to the needs and reqirements of the clients or customers. However the dea of automatic programming moved the trend of custom applications towards the use of the off the shelf software package.

Advantages of using Off the shelf software are:

Ready to Use

Unlike customized software they are ready-made software which you can pick at any time based on your requirement.

Low Cost

Off the shelf software are much cheaper than custom software.

Multi-feature Solutions

It carries many features, more than what your business requires.

Saves Implementation Time

Due to their ready-made nature, off-the-shelf software takes very less time in implementing.

Low Upfront Cost

Their readily made nature provides them the benefit of low upfront cost.

Do you know? How to Successfully Outsource Software Development

Cons of using Off the shelf software includes:

> The biggest disadvantage it carries is that if it does not meets your business requirements then purchase of the software goes completely waste.

> Off the shelf software are fixed and are not easy to modify.

> It is very common to find this solution used by all of your competitors.

> Compatibility issues are largely faced by the Off the shelf software.

> Its multi-feature quality sometimes lacks in focussing on the thing that you require the most.

Difference between both Off the shelf software and Custom software –

Custom software vs Off the shelf

Off the Shelf Software Vs Custom Software

To decide which one to opt Off the shelf software or Custom software should be completely based on the business needs and demands. Therefore it is very necessary to know what all processes and things you are going to implement in the future. You should always pre-plan your long term business decision plans in advance. It will help you choose the one that suits your business work and requirements to take your business rates high.

Looking for a reliable Custom Software Development Company?

Nimap Infotech has the power to make solutions for complex business challenges related to Information Technology Get in touch with us for a free consultation to know how you can leverage our expertise in web and mobile applications to improve your business for higher productivity and profits.

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How Much Outsourcing Software App Development Costs?

If you are into the construction of any new project website, or a manager of your team, or an entrepreneur running in the race of starting up your own business.

You must be well aware of the techniques of outsourcing software developers.

There are numbers of businesses that run under one roof which requires proper marketing. But what lies before marketing is your need to prepare a full-length website, defining your work and resources with the perks of digitalization, everything in today’s date runs online.

Therefore need of outsourcing software developers has become an on service demand. You must have encountered software developers once in a while and must be aware of their services and the costing structure.

But if not, let’s find out the way to outsource the mobile and web app development, costing of outsourcing, and the best practices of leading the outsourcing developer.

Before proceeding further let’s take a note on the advantages of outsourcing the software development.



The biggest advantage of outsourcing software developers is that they provide greater flexibility of work.

Low Expenses

You no longer need to provide any material or equipment to the software developers. Their only aim is to hand you out your project using their good developmental skills.

Meet Deadlines

Outsourced developers always remains faithful towards their words. And by no means, if required they will work for nights to hand over your project before meeting the deadline.


Taking all the advantage of their previous experience, they are good at handling the difficulties that comes while designing.

Improves Your Development Team

Outsourcing software developers from outside can become a good opportunity for other team members. Their methods and techniques of work can help other team members to learn many new things.

Less Time

Outsourcing software developers from another place completes your work using the shortest span of time.

Developers who are outsourced believes only in their work. With no in-between disturbances, they directly hand you out your developed application as soon as it gets ready.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Finding the exact cost of an application is the most blurred question that nobody can respond it accurately. And the general answer you will receive from everyone else is, it depends on the type, its features and the style of execution your application has. To some extent, your applications complexities, type of platform, use of features and methods speaks a lot. Involving the use of templates, types of designs, geography, and competence.

Normally the minimum price involved while outsourcing software developers for designing a simple application is 20 USD/Hour*.

However, if your application involves big sets of features and complexities their costing price will vary according to the conditions and demands.

If you’re looking to an outsourcing software developer for designing an entire website instead of one app the minimum price of range with which it will get started would be 800 USD*.

How to Outsource App Development?


Important stages or steps you should take care of before meeting or going for an interview to your client are –


Before going out to meet your client check the available websites they are running. Go through each and every mobile and web app they are working on. It will tell you about the things they are actually lacking in their website or application to look and feel.

It is always a better idea to do some previous research before meeting your client.

Do the complete research by highlighting all the good and bad things software development has.

What all things can be done to make it look more good than it is now.

Based on that even before meeting the client you’ll have a rough idea in your mind telling what their further requirements can be. Thus it will help you prepare yourself nicely accordingly to the needs of the customer.


While discussing the project with your client some of the few important points you should pay focus on are –

  • Understand properly what your client requires.
  • Suggest your views according to that.
  • Mark note of each and every important thing your client wants to add in the application.
  • Try and find their preferred style of features.
  • What kind of UI/UX basically your client requires.
  • Know the budget of your client.
  • Till what time period does the client want their work to be done, and will you be able to complete it before time or not.
  • And finally, if all the discussed things are fine your next project is ready to go

For a client, it is a big thing to hand over their business details to someone they do not know. Therefore as a client, it takes a big decision to hire software developer for their project, meeting your expectations of work.

Do the Correct Research

Do not ask for any outsourcing software developer with a good hand of experience in working. Ask for a developer from a certified company you trust on. Take the proper interview knowing all the previous works they had done. After discussing all the queries only decide whether the person was appropriate to hire or not.

Time Differences

If your software developer is in complete different state or country their working hours will be altogether different. It is necessary to be in their constant touch to know as what section they are currently working on. Otherwise, it would lead your work into constant delays. Therefore to remove any bug or error be in constant touch and it will help you correct the mistake at the base level only.


You should always hire someone who is more responsive to their duty. Is eager to communicate and take initiatives for your projects more than you.


Outsourcing software developer you can trust completely is very important. It is better to sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before proceeding for work. It is better to take no amount of risk when it comes to securing the confidentiality of the personal details of your work.

Looking for a reliable Custom Software Development Company?

Nimap Infotech has the power to make solutions for complex business challenges related to Information Technology Get in touch with us for a free consultation to know how you can leverage our expertise in web and mobile applications to improve your business for higher productivity and profits.

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Comprehensive Guide to Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Software development is a crucial task because if the development is correct then the outcome would also be good. And since the entire world is running after the trends of software development it is essential to keep yourself upgraded with the services that will never fade.

Custom software development which is also called as Bespoke software development improves the business demands.

Custom Software

Bespoke software development is also known as Custom software development, appearing beneficial helps people in building specific organizations. Most businesses opt for having custom software as they can have specific designs unique to their brand and create platforms that suit them best. Differentiating from the competition is vital in order to succeed and remain competitive and custom software development can make that happen. The latest inventions impact the use of common trends.

Therefore it is important for custom software development companies like geneca study, to be vigilant and updated with all the trending technologies that benefit the business in the near future.

Custom software development offers you an abundance of benefits like :

More Efficient

Custom software development satisfies the needs of an organization. It works more efficiently than any other normal software.

Saves Time

It is very easy to adapt and handle as it is built to help your work done easily.

Reduces Pressure

Customized software performs your work using the least time thus it saves your employees time to perform their work more creatively.

Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

It helps your organization and employees to eliminate the repetitive functions in the easiest manner.

Custom software development being popularly in demand from the last year still holds the same importance. In fact with the emergence of the new technologies and their usage demand for the custom software developers has highly accelerated.

Let’s take a look at the following custom software development trends :

Open Source Technology


Software whose source code is freely distributed with a license to study, change and further distributed to anyone for any purpose is what termed as open source technology.

To understand this in a detailed better way read out the below following points:

  1. Dedicated programmers improve upon the source code share the changes within the community.
  2. Open source software provides these advantages to the users due to its thriving communities: security, affordability, transparent, interoperable on multiple platforms, flexible due to customization, localization, any many more.
  3. Initially, you do not have the opportunity to use open source software but today all the applications are built using this technology. Including the world’s biggest companies like Google and Facebook.
  4. Today all the powerful applications that are running in the market are made from using the open source software tool. Custom software Developmental technology that is open source and trending mostly are Java, PHP, Angular, React, etc. These are all open source technologies on which today world’s biggest enterprises are based on.
  5. If your business source asks immediate frequent changes then custom software development should be considered as your top priority.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is very old if you talk about it considering today’s time. Working similarly to web-based email clients it allows users to access all the features and files of the system.

Very swiftly and easily it gives you the benefit of moving the storage of your system to another.

For example –

Daily used applications like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and many more are all cloud-based applications. In all the cases users send the personal data to a cloud-based server which stores all the data for later access. If you are running a business, this is might be the lifeline of your business and might require assistance when it comes to ensuring that your lifeline keeps running, luckily there are businesses similar to ThousandEyes who are able to provide ways to monitor your cloud performance and ensure you are protected.

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Some of the main advantages of using cloud computing are:

Lower Cost Computers For Users

In the cloud, you don’t require a high powered computer to run cloud computing’s web-based applications because applications run on the cloud, not on the desktop, PC or laptops.

Lower IT Infrastructure Cost

By using cloud computing there’s no need to invest in the larger numbers of more powerful servers, you also do not require the IT staff for handling such powerful servers.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost in cloud computing reduces for both the hardware and software maintenance for organizations of all sizes.

Lower Software Cost

Using this you no longer need to purchase the separate software packages for each computer in the organization. Which helps you in reducing the software cost.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence referring to the branch of computer science deals with the intelligence exhibited by software and machines. AI is the mainstream component today.

Helping you at every platform it has embedded in each part of your lives. Using the larger section of he businesses used for execution purposes it provides high-quality services.

AI Is Everywhere

Artificial intelligence can help you find the nearest cafe to driving the automatic trains.AI can help you in organizing operations at stock to providing true medicinal reports.

Some of the advantages in which it helps you make your work easy are:

  • Digital Assistance
  • Medical Applications
  • Repetitive Jobs
  • Difficult Exploration
  • Daily Applications
  • Error Reduction


With the substantial rise in the demand of the custom business app developers with sets of skills have huge opportunities. Benefits of custom software development offering huge advantages to the consumers provide unending ideas to grow your business. Increasing your business ROI using the minimal amount of time it helps you grow your business in maximum possible ways. Thus demands of custom applications will keep on rising with the coming time.

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How to successfully outsource software development.

To outsource software development is a challenge even in the best of conditions. At the point when your organization is thinking about procuring an outside firm to do your development. For many businesses, the idea of bespoke software seems all too much and they begin looking into the bespoke software vs off the shelf argument to find software that suits them best. However, bespoke software usually comes out on top.

It is incumbent upon you and your staff members to make sure the project comes together without faltering over obstacles.
Key to any specialized undertaking is arranging and expert analysis of where a project is headed, and its development.

While management of the process holds significance, planning for all the future contingencies is likely to clear the way for success with outsourced software development company. If after reading this post you’re still not sure whether outsourcing is the best route for you to follow, or whether you should hire an in-house software developer, speak to a recruitment agency, someone like 100offer, have a list of questions prepared including the expected salary and salary increase of a role like this, that way not only can you weigh up the pro’s and con’s but also the financial aspect too.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

  • There are too many benefits to outsourced software development.
  • Not only can outsourcing deliver commercial benefits to a small and medium business.
  • But it also can deliver them with customized expertise to satisfy short- and long-term solutions for their software development demands.
  • According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, the top motivation for business to outsource includes, cost-cutting and the ability to focus on core business activities and solve capability issues.
  • Outsourcing software development offers business an increased return on their investment


Below are the tips to successfully outsource software development company

Implementing smart methods.

  • Agile or sharp methodologies allow firms to keep a close eye on production and swiftly execute work during a project’s life cycle with an outsourced software development company.
    They allow a business owner sitting at one end and a software developer at the other end to work together.
  • The product can then be assembled in weekly cycles called sprints as per technical and business revenue aspects.
  • Through agile or smart methodology, a business owner and the software development team members can fully understand the nature of the project, the target assigned and the goals to be achieved. To learn more about the development of business software, read this article from Salesforce.

Decide your budget

  • Every outsourcing software development agency is unique. Some offered by packages, some charge as per hour. Just like defining goals, you should define your budget as well.
  • Then analyze the top software development companies to see what they can do for the sum.
  • Many businesses end up making a mistake of choosing the cheapest solution for financial reasons.
  • The most economical solution is not every time a low-quality one but you pay for one which stands true in the software development outsourcing space.
  • Sometimes price could be a factor, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision making.

Instead, if you cannot stretch the budget and can’t hire the best, search for a solution that brings you the correct balance of quality and cost.

Set realistic goals and track productivity.

  • What works better than creating the project’s schedule plan, setting its milestones? Making them measurable, traceable & realistic.
  • Your team should know that the results are achievable. This may be hard and take up a lot of time and effort but is feasible.
  • You may want to create the next Microsoft, but if the team fails to deliver it, is it really their fault?
  • If you don’t take time frames and the complexity of tasks into account, you risk not having anything done or a project that is done poorly.
  • Don’t be too pushy, demanding and negotiate pushily with your outsourcing software development agency. Milestones are definitely an important tool for tracking the team’s progress and productivity but use them carefully.

Check project updates and evaluate the completed tasks according to your standards. And always provide your feedback on the delivered results.

Assess the technical education level of developers carefully.

  • When opting to select an offshore or outsourcing software development company, thoroughly assess the technical background of developers.
  • Do research to check whether their technical expertise fits your requirements and overall standards & strategic goals.
  • If the number of Junior developers in outsourcing business is a lot bigger than Middle and Senior specialists, it means that the country offers profound education in the IT field and invests in its budding talents.
  • The IT outsourcing market in Eastern Europe is developing at a rapid speed. IT companies have increased demand for young specialists. Thus, they are looking for fresh blood and initiate the opening of new programs at universities.
  • They set up innovative labs at universities and work alongside universities and government to stimulate the development of tech education.

Ukraine ranks 11th with an overall score of 88,7 out of 100 among the top 50 countries with the best developers in the world according to HackerRank.

Strive hard for outsourcing transparency.

  • Successful application outsourcing requires communication between a customer and a provider.
  • Both parties need to agree on priorities and information requirements.
  • By choosing a software vendor with a clear and transparent approach, you will find a like-minded partner that will be fully committed to the quality of your software.
  • According to Deloitte’s report on outsourcing transparency evolution, taking a proactive approach to discuss mechanisms and requirements can enable software vendors to provide better information and more efficiency.
  • Transparent providers may offer opportunities for customers to involve them at more strategic levels where they can drive higher value.

Learning how to use outsourcing transparency for risk management and leveraging provider capabilities can gain a competitive edge for both parties.


  • A person dedicated to the sole responsibility of looking after a project can do wonders for software development.
  • An outsourced software development project benefits from a dedicated project manager who is looking after everything all the time.
  • This way every person involved knows there is someone overseeing the whole undertaking and every update gets communicated on time.
  • Project Manager also proves to be a vital need in removing bumps and issues. No software project sails smoothly at first go; there are always some hiccups.

A Manager is in a better position to resolve issues since he or she has a clear picture of what’s going on and where the project needs to be.

Use a project management tool.

  • There are numerous digital applications available to make remind software developers of the tasks assigned to them.
  • When there are large numbers of tasks linked to a project, the nature of it can become complex.
  • Project management applications like Asana, Basecamp, and Trello can help software developers manage project tasks, calendars, and conversation threads.

Run a trial period.

  • If the outsourced software development company works in a transparent model and is confident in their skills, they might be offering a free 2 weeks trial.
  • There is no better way to test the outsourcing team than simply start working together.

Prepare for Long-Term Cooperation.

  • Outsourcing software development involves a long-term relationship between a customer and a vendor.
  • In the automotive industry, you should look for longer cooperation. For Example, a bug in computer software can hardly cost you. But a bug in a vehicle’s autopilot can cost you heavily.
  • This means that you need to outsource software development company that understands the importance of thorough R&D and testing, skipping the ones that promise a fast and easy solution.

You also wouldn’t want your team members to leave, so track employee turnover of outsourcing vendors you choose.

Top Offshore Software Development Companies


Save upto 40% on Web Development Services

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