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7 Aspects Of App Development


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Are you someone who is working in an IT Organization providing the services of app development? Or an owner of an IT company providing different multiple types of services to clients? If yes then you must be very well aware of the different aspects of app development to develop great applications.

If you’ll look around you’ll see IT industry is the most popular, trending, and demanding sector which keeps changing and developing. Therefore, to make your name in any one field a developer should be updated with everything he’s involved in.

Today there is no one particular app development which is not famous and doesn’t have a market demand. Every app with its unique features and advantages use different development processes. Therefore, to make great app development changes the developer should have in-detail knowledge about everything.

To make yourself a pro in the app development business here’s a list of some important steps you need to learn. Therefore, before you start developing an app you should be aware of the core phases that are involved in the app development process.


Idea and Research


All great app begins with an idea. You need to ask yourself app related development questions like “Why is this thing this way?” “What strategy others have used?” And if you can come up with a better development solution which you can imply and make things easier by completing most of the work.

Making a plan is important, it gives you direction for moving forward. Next thing you need to do is think what all else solutions are been given for this. Is there anything that matches with your idea? If yes then what method they’ve used? Is it successful? Think from both sides of perspectives. Once you’ve all the answers begin to design your own idea of app. Before you invest your money into app building invest your time thinking about its challenges, vulnerability, validity, implementation, and use.




Clear Icons

Your app design and development matters a lot while you distinguish it from your competitors. It impacts the decision of the customer which app they will choose in the end. If initially they even download your app later they will delete it if the aesthetics of the app are not proper.

Therefore, you must ensure that your app includes clear icons of images on its surface with a good background, buttons and support info. Make sure your app uses proper aesthetics giving it a good and pleasing look.





The speed of your app should be quick. The speed of your app is considered as an important factor. It should not take any extra seconds to load otherwise it becomes irritating and nobody waits for that long. Your app should show quick and fast result without delay.


Stay Focussed on Features

Design an app which pays more focus on its features. Do not take the risk to make it linear or regular but also at the same time do not make it too confusing for the users. Also, pay attention to the functionality of the app, the feature of your app should work in a proper functional manner. They should be instantly reactive and useful.




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Easy Task Completion


As a developer, you must be aware of how many mobile apps are there having numerous features but still are not successful. The reason behind their failure is their incapability to complete the task. For a user, the main aim behind using any app is that it should complete all the work functions the user wants. If it will be unable to work as the customer desires there will be no point of using the app. Therefore, you should always develop an app with easy task completion.






It is very necessary to test your application before you provide it to the users, bug tracking software can aid with finding bugs within an application. So that before delivering you can fix all the bugs and make all the necessary changes that are required. Many times it happens developers keep all the changes to be rectified for the last minute. Resulting they forget to test and deliver the application without testing. Or else when they go to test the application, in the end, they face so many bugs that they can’t decide what and how to make the changes. Thus the farther you move in your development process the more it costs you later.

Therefore, try to make a habit of testing and debugging your bugs immediately. Application testing is a vast process hence try and make changes without delay. You can also give your app to your close friends for using and can ask questions about their experience. After doing all the tests, make your application available for beta trial. After receiving their opinions you can know if your app is perfect or not.




Security Assurance

If you’re a developer you must know why security is the biggest concern for any mobile application developer. Even users check security concerns before downloading any app. There’s no point in investing so much time and effort if your app is not secure. Therefore, as a developer, if you want your app to be successful make sure it shows no issues related to security and privacy.



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After reading all the points from the beginning till the end you can realize how every mentioned thing is important while developing an app. To make your app live and bug-free you need persistent behavior, creativity and focus to end up creating an app which gets liked by everyone.


Nimap Infotech is a successful IT outsourcing web and mobile app development company in Mumbai. Having years of experience in developing our developers are highly smart with their development process. If you’re looking to design a mobile application for your business you can count on our developers. Having all types of developers in our team you can outsource any developer depending on your business requirements.

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10 Challenges in Building Mobile Applications


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The smartphone industry has been ever-transforming in the past couple of years. It has been observed that there has been tremendous growth in the development of newer applications that supports new features and makes communication easier and efficient. There have been many apps that are present in the market, each catering towards solving a particular technological problem. There has been the sale of over 2 billion smartphones in the past year 2018. Companies are competing with each other to bring out newer features and functionalities. There are several challenges that come when the question is about app development.
Here is a look at some of the latest challenges posed to mobile application development.



Challenges in Building Mobile Applications


1) Platform Compatibility


There have been many platforms developed for the Mobile application market. However, the two most common ones that have been successful and prominent for the Mobile smartphone market is the iOS platform from Apple and the Android platform from Google. There have been instances where the applications used on smartphones need to seamlessly integrate with our other devices such as tablets and laptops or desktop PCs. You might have a tablet that is manufactured by the same smartphone company that you have a phone for your personal use.

There have been only 50% of users who have the latest Android or iOS platform updated and installed on their smartphones. The people who own a brand of smartphones may also be the users of tablets and laptops manufactured by the same company. Users of multiple devices prefer to have a system using which data can flow easily and seamlessly through multiple devices. The apps that we use need to ensure backward and forwards compatibility with multiple such devices, as well as with different screen sizes and OS versions. Platform compatibility is essential to make sure that the app that has been developed conforms to standards.



2) Limitations in Performance and Memory


A major challenge that is faced by many app developers is to be able to balance the applications performance and device memory constraints. Many smartphones do not come with the ability to have a garbage collector function, as the Android platform does. A garbage collector function ensures that any memory is not consumed by unused objects for the smartphone application. However, this feature is not present in the iOS apps platform. The Garbage collector helps to release unused objects from memory thereby increasing the free space the available memory for other applications or objects.

In spite of this limitation for iOS devices, there is a workaround. You need to ensure that your provider of iPhone application development services uses the objective-C language for writing the code or programming the application. Programs developed in objective C comes with remarkable memory management model as well as it makes the task of the iPhone app development easier. There may be different limitations that may be encountered in memory usage. All of these limitations would pose a threat to the app under development.



3) Beta Users Testing

What is the major thing that can impact the application development process when the app is released? It is getting negative feedback from users which stems from the developer’s point of contact when the app is not validated properly and thoroughly to identify all the weak spots in the various use cases. It is important for the developer to visualize all the user interactions with the application, and this can be achieved during the beta testing phase which is a kind of external user acceptance testing that is done to ensure the app is up to specifications and does what it is intended to do.

This is the second phase of the software testing that is done in the real world environment by the real users of the app in order to check the application’s functionality and identify any bugs and possible breakdowns. The app needs to undergo several beta tests and user conformations so that it address the problems faced by the users.



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4) Poor Network Conditions

Any kind of application development that is to be performed needs to be done with super-speed internet connections to ensure that the data seamlessly flows to and from the app. We as developers need to ensure that cuts on the internet connectivity do not hamper the performance of the application. The apps should work even when there is poor network connectivity.




5) User Interface

To create an experience for the user that is engaging and worthwhile, it is critical for developers to focus on a good and efficient UI/UX design. Apps have been involving dramatically over the years and so have their design and navigation. You can always rely on hiring an iOS or Android developer in order to create an attractive user interface for different screen sizes. The user interfaces should be seamless and simple to use and understand.




6) Solving Real World problems

Apps are developed in order to enable the user to solve a real-world problem. Developers need to ensure that the app that will be used by people is able to help them to solve a problem that bridges a gap in the real world problem scenario. Whatever be the problem, the application only becomes successful when it is able to provide ease to the users and helps to simplify and provides a solution to the technology problem that was existent before. The app should be designed to solve the real word problems faced by users.



7) Play Store and App Store approvals:


It is likely that if the app is able to garner the attention of the users and solve real-life problems. The app should be made available on the App Store for Apple apps and the Play store for Android apps. It should happen that the performance and usage should be similar. This goes without any noticeable difference for its Android or iOS versions of apps. Developers need to follow the guidelines that ensure the apps are not rejected. Because if the app does not conform to the App Store or the Play Store’s standards, it will be rejected. The app should conforms to the standards approved by the appropriate app store or play store platforms.


8) User Satisfaction

It is quite important that the app that has been developed is capable to provide user satisfaction. Otherwise, the concerned user may regard your app as bloatware or freeware that is incapable of any use. For any application to become successful it is important that the app is able to solve the real-world problem.  You need to satisfy the user of the app usage. The app needs to have a high degree of user satisfaction.



9) Security

Security is the main concern when it comes to developing mobile applications. Hackers can gain access to your confidential data such as your address, email list, contacts, messages, pictures. Data like stored credit card numbers and important passwords can come in the hands of hackers. It is paramount for any developer to manage and deal with security issues. Thereby make the app foolproof for any kind of intrusion to happen. The app needs to provide adequate security for the users data.



10) Promotions and Marketing

These activities are useful after the app has been developed. The app has been available for the masses on the respective stores. Then comes the job of promoting the app to make it popular and user aware. Organizations should set aside a certain budget for app promotions. Any kind of premium features to be made available for free use. This helps project attractive offers to the user so that he can use the app. It all depends on how much the user likes the app and uses it in his daily life. If he likes the app then he is sure to do promotion. These promotions to his friends and family members by word of mouth will helpful.



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It is worthwhile that you develop your smartphone app through a third party company. In order for your app to conform to the standards set by Apple and Google. You may also look forward to a mobile app development company that will take charge of developing your apps. If you are looking forward to getting certified in a mobile app development course, we suggest you have a look at Nimap Infotech for all their expert course materials. Hope you like this blog on Challenges in Building Mobile Applications.

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Get Your App Out There Faster

Mobile Application Development

It is true that your app is the realization of your wonderful ideation. Yet, the time that it takes to get your app out there in the market may actually kill its very kick! Timing is very important and with the transient nature of all things today, hitting the market at the right time is of utmost importance.

It is foolhardy to think that your app is going to be relevant forever, hence when you decide to hire an app development company in India, do ask the time to market the company typically has been adhering to.

In fact, you can dig a bit deeper and hire iOS developers or companies with the following process in mind:

Have stringent shipping dates

Set a target date and work backward to achieve it, always keeping it strict for clear goals and adherence to timelines. The deadline is sacrosanct and when you hire a web developer, make sure that this is communicated in no simple terms. It is okay to scope and descope functionality to meet this date, but delaying is just not an option.

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Leverage wireframes

A low-fidelity wireframe is like a structural framework in which the app can hang for more meat and form.  When you iterate and reiterate through this wireframe, you can get more feedback upfront, so as to reduce development and recoding efforts later.

Go small, go agile – build as you deliver, deliver as you build

Start small, let your iOS app programmer take out a teaser with minimal functionality. This way, you can connect with your users. Get live feedback, catch their attention and leave them eager for more. Then, build little by little as you get into a continuous build and delivery cycle for a truly agile iterative approach.

Begin with one platform, simple!

Start with a single platform, with a simple form factor to get more experience on your app. For iOS app development, this is usually the iPhone.

Eat the elephant first

Take on the most challenging and result-oriented features first. Once you have handled the tougher bits, small changes will come in faster and better each time with the gained experience, both in the workshop and on the ground. Shoving these for the later stage may endanger your shipment date and that is totally unwanted.

Go hybrid – use dev platforms

Once you have reached a certain level of maturity on a platform, go for other extensions such as Android/ There are many development platforms that support hybrid apps now. Some of these are Xamarin, React, and Ionic. Choose a mobile application development company in Mumbai that has experience in these tools.

Automation for regression and stability

Testing time can be greatly reduced if automation is added to the process. Manual testing is costly in terms of time and is prone to error. When you test, use testing environments that support automation. Build a regression suite along, so that the following cycles can be tested faster.


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Weekly builds are a commitment

Ensure shorter sprint cycles and the process of making weekly builds and releases. This means that testers can get to the early stages of development and bugs can be found faster and solved close to the source of origin.  Once the product is more stable, you can even plan for daily builds as your system gets more mature and the team gets more hand-on experience with the expected behavior.

Nimap Infotech is a successful IT outsourcing web and mobile app development company in Mumbai. Having years of experience in developing our developers are highly smart with their development process. If you’re looking to design a mobile application for your business you can count on our developers. Having all types of developers in our team you can outsource any developer depending on your business requirements.

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Into The Future With Smartphones- What changes/upgrades to expect?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Not to be looked at as a simple communication tool, it can easily be considered as one of the most touted accessories. Along with the facilities that the cell phone offers, it is also seen as an element of elegance. Cell phones have kept changing our perception of communication since their inception in the early ’70s. The features once considered as a matter of science fiction, are now a standard accessory in the cell phone today. As many people possess a mobile phone, it is understandable that sites like broadbandsearch are able to provide statistics regarding mobile internet in comparison to desktop usage. A phone is a lot easier to carry around than a desktop computer is.

Replacing the traditional camera, calculator, clock, music players and a lot more, the cell phone has now become the ultimate multi-functional tool. Offering a variety of options other than communication. Considering the rapid transformation in mobile technology nowadays we can assume as to where the mobile phone is heading. It won’t be long that the mobile phone will replace the traditional computer as well. There is a lot more stacked for consumers in the future with the rapid advancement in mobile technology.

Mobile partners/ human-like machines?

Movies like the ‘Terminator’ have showcased how machines try to wage a war against humanity and how these intelligent assistants help humans save the world. Naa!! Let’s just keep it to the movies because this is not happening. But surely it is not too long when the cell phone will become a robotic partner/assistant for the humans. The intelligent assistants like the Cortana, Siri, and the Google assistant have a lot to offer. Currently, the assistants help us in finding directions, surfing the internet and a lot more. With these technologies constantly growing we are sure to see more human-like assistants in the near future.

Foldable/flexible cell phones?

The smartphone giant Samsung has been showcasing its robust concept smartphone that was so flexible, it could put your yoga guru to shame. These concept phones can be folded in two by the users. Making the cell phone even slimmer and lighter to easily carry around.

It will surely be a while before we see these paper-like slim cell phones in the mainstream market. Samsung released a less flexible cell phone some time back which sold disappointingly. But this is one change we highly anticipate in the smartphones of tomorrow.

Replacing the age-old education system.

The cell phone is a huge success among the youngsters and is growing even more popular day by day. You can get information on almost everything on the internet today. Thus, making it easy for the students to gather information on their own. They are not dependent on the teachers solely for information.

Saving paper & in turn the environment would become easier and much more realistic with the increase in the cell phone usage for education.

Modular phones.

Imagine phones with removable cameras, removable speakers, screens and a lot more, wouldn’t it be a lot more fun. Seems like a scene from a science fiction film, isn’t it? No, it is not. Recently, Google announced its much anticipated ‘Ara’ project. The Google Ara is one of a kind smartphone, wherein the user will be able to replace the hardware of the phone which will be available in modules.

Modular cell phones already available in the market like the LG g5 and Moto z/ Moto z play have created a huge buzz. We are sure to see some more modular competition in the future for sure.

We can see the amount of impact that the cell phone has put on our lives since its birth almost so much so that is has become a part of our body it seems. As technology develops more and more we are sure to experience a great technological ride in the near future. By 2023, 90 percent of the global population will own a smartphone, meaning the majority of us will be along for that ride in the future.

Nimap Infotech top Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai, India. Customized app development as per your requirements Contact us to get an instant quote. If you are thinking to a career in App Development for Certification Course Contact iphonedevelopmentguide.com

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