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Woocommerce vs Shopify- Which is better Platform?

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In this blog, we are going to compare and contrast two of the main shopping platforms. If you are looking for setting up an online store and are wondering which platform will be best suited for your online store then you should check out this blog topic.

What is Woo Commerce?

Woo Commerce is a plugin that is designed for the WordPress platform. This plugin or extension is suited for working in tandem with WordPress, the most powerful Content Management System available in the world. You can easily add customization features to the Woo Commerce WordPress solution. This is a power-packed combination that easy to manage and easy to scale thus making it an excellent option.

However, choosing Woo Commerce on the WordPress platform comes with its own set of disadvantages, and that is you need to have prior knowledge of PHP and MySQL for configuring and setting up the E-Commerce store.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a proprietary managed cloud-based solution that is used to set up e-commerce stores for your online shopping experience. Shopify is a paid platform and can cost you anywhere between 7000 and 15000 per month to set up and run an online store.

You can easily run your store and manage it as well as troubleshoot it if you encounter any issues. The support team of Shopify makes it easy to fix and troubleshoot issues and problems that one encounters in running an e-commerce platform using Shopify. You can find more about Shopify and other e-commerce platforms by visiting this e-commerce platform comparison site.

Let’s make a head-to-head comparison between these two platforms: Woocommerce vs Shopify

Woo Commerce


Woo Commerce is an online e-commerce plugin that enables merchants to convert their WordPress platform to a full-fledged e-commerce store Shopify is a feature-packed online platform for hosting e-commerce platforms for merchants
You require some knowledge of coding to work with woo commerce and set up a store for yourself You do not require coding knowledge to set up an e-commerce store on Shopify
Setting an e-commerce store on Woo-commerce WordPress platform is super easy Setting an e-commerce store on Shopify is also easy.
You need to set up a WordPress website and then run woo commerce on top of it to set up an e-commerce store You need to select a theme of your choice for the Shopify platform and then run your Shopify store on it
Setting up an e-commerce store using Woo Commerce is free. You only need to bear the hosting and domain costs. You need to pay an upfront cost of 7000 INR per month. Other charges such as hosting and domain to run a Shopify store.
Customizing your store with different features for Woo Commerce is possible. Customizing your store with different features is also possible for the Shopify store.
Managing a store using Woo Commerce is super cheap. Managing a store using the Shopify platform is expensive.
When compared the level of customization that is offered, Woo Commerce is highly customizable compared to Shopify The level of customizability for Shopify is less when compared to Woo Commerce.
There is huge community support that helps users, however, to troubleshoot issues that you might encounter, you need to have basic PHP knowledge. There is support offered for Shopify websites for e-commerce stores, and also an online chat facility if you require troubleshooting issues
Woo Commerce hosted on WordPress is fully open source and easily manageable Shopify is proprietary and is also manageable compared to Woo Commerce.
If you are looking to scale your e-commerce store then go with Woo Commerce. If you are looking to set up a small store without the scalability factor in question then go with Shopify
With Woo-Commerce you have fine-grained control on what and where you spend to set up your store With Shopify, you do not get control over where do you spend, as the costs are just upfront and need to be borne by the e-commerce merchant.
The number of free themes and free plugins for WordPress woo-commerce is plentiful The number of free themes and free plugins for the Shopify store is also many.
The options provided for SEO of your Woo Commerce store are many There are limited options for the SEO of the Shopify store.

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As you can see that in certain situations where you need full support from the platform in setting up and managing your store and you do not mind spending about 15000 per month for your online store, you can certainly go with Shopify. In other cases where you need highly customizable and scalable options as well as better SEO capability then you can go with the WordPress option available that is Woo Commerce. This was a comparison of Woocommerce vs Shopify.

You can also look forward to SEO services from us Simply contact us at the below-mentioned email. Hire WordPress developers for any kind of assistance in setting up your online store using Woo Commerce on WordPress platform.

If you’re looking to set up your own e-commerce store and are looking for some help then you can contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com.

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10+ Tips for Scaling WordPress website for high traffic

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For any WordPress to handle high volumes of traffic and in order to keep the enthusiasm high, your WordPress website should be ready to scale at a moment’s notice. Here are some tips for your WordPress Website that can keep it from getting crumpled under the high pressure of increasing traffic for WordPress Websites. Normally the first reason people are wanting to speed up wordpress websites is to increase the conversion rates of potential readers or customers as one of the main reasons someone would leave a website is because it takes too long to load, therefore making the potential consumer to find another website similar.

1) Get yourself a hosting plan that provides vertical scaling:

This is why it’s so important to know how to do your own research when it comes to finding a web hosting service. If you just use the cheapest one you can find then you may be stuck with a host that can’t handle the traffic you need it to. Speak about vertical scaling we basically mean that hosting providers need to provide you with the facility to upgrade your resources as and when needs change. If you feel that your current hosting provider will not be able to sufficiently handle increasing traffic, you can check out the resources that your hosting provider provides. You can check the resources allotted to you as per your provider.

Will the bandwidth, visitor quantity or storage even limit your website from confidently handling the website traffic? If this is the case then you need to explore some other hosting plan options. If these options don’t work then you need to explore other hosting providers. Even though shared hosting is a great way to start, more traffic translates to increasing access to server resources and only something like VPS hosting or a dedicated server can help you with that. When it comes to hosting prices (or قیمت هاست), it’s always best to pay a little bit extra to get a host that will be able to provide you with a reliable service that you can upgrade when needed.

2) Get yourself a hosting plan that provides you horizontal scaling:

Once your website traffic gets to increase, you will discover that vertical scaling using the hosting plans is not enough any more especially one day the traffic will be high and then the next day it goes out of control. In such cases, you need to look at horizontal scaling

Compared to vertical scaling which keeps all your files or your entire website on a single server, horizontal scaling separates it into various layers. The best recommendation that can be given is to use a service-oriented architecture in order to create this. In other words, you will be able to separate out your front-end server, database server, proxy layer as well as your image layer. Doing this will surely make it easy to scale web resources for the parts of the backend that really need it.

3) Use SSD drives:

Did you know that the read-write speed of your web hosting drives matter for providing optimum speed for heavy traffic websites. Do you know what type of drives your web hosting plan uses? If you are using a hosting plan that uses hard disk drives, or HDD then it can create a problem. SSD or Solid State Drives are inherently much more reliable and dependable than their HDD counterparts.

4) Review Platform Versions:

Did you know how important it is to keep your WordPress software up-to-date. The same also goes for server technology and each of the platforms that run on it as well. So whether it is Apache, PHP, Linux, MySQL or any other platform you can rely on in order to properly manage your website, make sure that your host runs and it is compatible with the latest version for each of the server technology.

5) Get Managed WordPress Hosting:

If doing all the above things seems to be much of a work for you- scaling resources, and managing the server configuration, then you may need to offload the work to a dedicated professional. Managed WordPress hosting and using it can prove to be a viable option. While it does increase the overall cost than a standard hosting plan, managed WordPress hosting providers can help you ease the pressure of a scaling WordPress website while enabling you to keep a close eye on security as well as the performance.

6) Put limits on MySQL:

Although you can store a lot of data in MySQL, you have to be very careful about how you are going to store the data so as overextending the limits that can prove to be an effect on the website speed. First, you need to put a cap on the autoloading of queries. 200 can be a good maximum to work on. Also, keep a check on the options table. Each column of the Options table can hold up to 4 GB, but hitting that maximum limit repeatedly can mean a decrease in performance.

7) Adjust MySQL/MariaDB:

WordPress suggests making changes to the configuration of MySQL and MariaDB setting in order to help ease the tension that is brought about by high traffic as well as the resulting database requirements that come with it Especially the MySQL indexing and query caching that are recommended for you.
You can also download the HyperDB plugin for WordPress. This can help you with the configuration of the databases, optimizing them for top performance.

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8) Use a caching and optimization plugin:

Anything that you do in order to minimize HTTPS server requests on your website can be considered to be ideal. In order to do so you need to reduce the number of files that are being transmitted between the server and visitors. You need to keep the loading times low as traffic increases. A caching and optimization plugin such as Hummingbird can easily handle this task for you.

9) Add a CDN to your server:

CDN technology is a great thing to have especially if you are looking to speed up your WordPress website. When you are specifically looking to scale, especially when the traffic is coming from all the sources across the globe, then a CDN is an absolute must-have as it will shorten the distance between the server and the user’s browsers.

10) Amp Up Hosting Security:

Security also plays a big role when it comes to scaling a WordPress website since more traffic means more potential threats that you need to watch out for. So the first and the foremost thing that you need to watch out for should be working with your hosting to get your server on security lockdown. This includes
Server caching
Server-side CDN
Security Monitoring and Management (especially for DDoS)

11) Use a Security Plugin:

You shall need a security plugin such as Defender in order to protect your website from any and all threats such as malware, DDoS, spam and so on. With built-in scanning and monitoring as well as protective security measures such as 2-factor authentication as well as Blacklisting, this will ensure that the security of your WordPress website is totally covered.

12) Use Lazy Loading:

You need to make sure that the images that you use below the fold is lazy loaded for your website. Lazy loading is a good place to start as it will only serve those images once the visitor reaches those parts of the web page and not a second sooner.

13) Optimize Images:

Lazy loading will delay the loading of your images, but those won’t stop those server requests from happening together. You do want to see the user be able to see your website content. Use an image optimization plugin such as Smush Pro that will take care of resizing and compressing images for faster loading.

14) Repair Broken Links:

Although broken links are not a big deal in terms of security and performance, as your website will receive more traffic, and you cannot afford to have visitors come across stumbling blocks as this may hamper the reputation of your website. So make sure you have a process in place and check those broken links and fix them on the spot.

15) Using a backup plugin:

Finally, a backup plugin is essential for scaling a WordPress Website. No matter how much care and measures that you take to keep your website in line and your server up to snuff, something can happen that will cause it to crash it all down. And when that happens, you need an easy way to restore functionality. Snapshot Pro is a good backup and restores plugin that you might want to check out if you don’t have a backup and restore plugin already.

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We have listed down the most important tips that will help you scale your WordPress website for increasing amounts of traffic. You can also implement these tips for any WordPress website as well, as for normal PHP websites also. Hope you find our tips useful.

IF you’re looking to hire WordPress developers to do this for you, we are here to help. You can also hire WordPress Developer in Dubai, UAE. Simply give us a call at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements and our expert developers and professionals will get in touch with you.

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How to Make a WordPress Site Responsive?


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There are many people who have been using mobile phones. Statistics prove that over 86% of people prefer to use mobile phones to access the Internet and browse information. For this very reason, you need to make your website mobile responsive such that it is displayed clearly and efficiently for a range of devices such as Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.

Clearly making a website responsive is of paramount importance for the success of your website and the good news is that you can easily make your website responsive using the WPTouch Mobile plugin. The WPTouch Mobile plugin can easily create a simple mobile-based theme for people who access your WordPress website.


Follow these steps to set up the WPtouch Mobile Plugin:



Step 1) 

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and then click on the Add New:




Step 2) 

Search for the Plugin WPtouch





Step 3)

Locate the plugin and then click on Install Now, then Activate Plugin




Step 4)

From the Menu navigate to WPtouch and then click on Core Settings






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Step 5) 

If your title is too long then modify it in the Site Title and Byline field




Step 6) 

If you wish, you can disable “Powered By WPtouch Pro” in the footer




Step 7) 

Select the language that you want to use in the WPtouch admin panel or you can leave it to auto-detect




Step 8) 

In order to keep  the WPtouch theme enabled for mobile users, check Normal(active for all mobile users)




Step 9)

Under the landing page section you can be able to select a different home page different to that of your desktop WordPress site. In order to use the same home page enable Default (Same as WordPress)




Step 10)

In order to see how your website will look on mobile, click on Preview Theme




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There are many other ways using you can make a WordPress website responsive. However, we have listed down the easiest and time-efficient way to do responsive design for your WordPress website.


If you’re looking to hire WordPress developers to streamline the task for you or looking to provide additional functionality than do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. You can also hire WordPress Developer in Dubai, UAE. We have the most experienced and efficient developers ready to onboard and assist you in your WordPress project.



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How can startups choose a WordPress Development company


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WordPress is a content management platform that is being used in over 35% of all websites around the world. Since its inception in 2003 WordPress grew slowly and steadily and emerged as one of the most popular platforms for sharing content on the Internet today. Today it is one of the most beginner and user-friendly platforms that are available out there for CMS.
Any business that is looking forward to hosting its products and services using WordPress has many advantages to benefit from. The advantages offered by WordPress are innumerable.


In this article, we are going to discuss the points that you need to remember when you are selecting a WordPress development company. These points will help you to filter out many companies and select the best ones for your website project.


There are several approaches when it comes to designing a website for your business choosing WordPress platform:
Here are some of the options that we will put light on:


  1. Choosing a Freelancer
  2. Setting up an In house team
  3. Choosing a Company




1] Choosing a Freelancer


This is the easiest option when it comes to the strategies of designing a company website.
There are many freelance WordPress developers available on major platforms like Fiver.com, Upwork.com and so on. You need to ascertain the different projects that the freelancer has handled in the past. This option is the riskiest as it has many flaws in the process that could impact your WordPress project.


When it comes to choosing a freelancer, you need to make sure that the developer has a varied amount of experience and expertise in developing websites. Check if his/their portfolio is clean and contact the owners of his past projects to make sure that experience the owners got from the freelancer was up to expectations, and they were fully satisfied with his/her work.


One advantage when choosing a freelancer is that you do not have to manage the expenses associated with running an office, because most of the freelancers tend to work comfortably at home using his/her own Personal Computer or laptop. You also won’t have to bear the electricity and stationary cost that is normally borne by office owners.


Remember that because there are no restrictions in place for the freelancer, it can happen that he/she may abandon the project if they get stuck somewhere in development and can’t find a resolution to the problem faced by him/her. Also, it may happen that there may be days when the freelancer may simply won’t work because of his sickness and leaves during the project duration.


After you have the project completed you can pay the freelancer for his work. This option has the least amount of expenses involved but is equally risky as there is no guarantee the project will be completed successfully.





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2] Setting Up an In House team


If you are willing to spend the time and effort for your company’s project, you can try to set up an in-house WordPress development team. This means you are willing to bear the expenses of running an office as well as providing machines for the developers and designers to work on.

If you have the time and space then you need to manage everything from the office expenses such as renting out the office space to buying the machines for the developers as well as paying the salaries of the developers. You also have to go through the process of conducting interviews and checking the skill level of the candidates before you make your decision to hire them for your project.


This approach has a major amount of expenses incurred. The main advantage of this approach is that you can have the project tailor-made to your specifications. Also, you will be able to place an eye keenly on the progress of the development that happens.


If there are problems such as someone gets stuck on an issue, the developer can take help from other developers in the same team. So there is less likelihood of the project getting stuck due to problems or issues incurred during the process of development. There are backed guarantees that the project will be completed successfully and up to the expectations of the end-user.


In this approach, you need to account for the leaves and absences that may happen during the course of the project duration. This is a contract based approach and the contract ends when the project is successfully completed and delivered to you.




3] Choosing a development company


This is the most effective and an effective approach compared to the other two approaches discussed earlier. As there is a guarantee that the project will be successfully delivered as per the expectations of your company. The main thing that you need to make sure is that you need to check the credibility as well as the past projects done by the company. All the expenses will be borne by the company developing the project for you.


You may get a dedicated project manager and point of contact from whom you can submit your project requirements. This is the safest and viable option that we have discussed so far. You also do not need to manage the employees as the company or organization will do it for you. You also do not have to worry about sick leaves of absences during your project duration. As there will always be a backup developer who will be working on your project if someone from the team is absent.

This approach is the most efficient as there is less expense involved compared to hiring an entire in-house team and setting up a workplace for them.



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WordPress being a great CMS platform it is no doubt that companies are beginning to use it to their advantage. When it comes to choosing a WordPress development company it all comes down to the personal preferences and the expertise that they have in the development field.

If you’re looking to hire wordpress developers in setting up your business website then do contact us. You can also hire WordPress Developer in Dubai, UAE. We have the most experienced professional ready to onboard for your project.



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How WordPress Development Can Benefit Your Business?


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Ever since the WordPress content management system has come out in 2003, there has been a boom in using these CMS for hosting websites. Many businesses have switched to using WordPress for showcasing their business portfolio. This is no doubt that over 34% of all the world’s websites have been powered and operated on WordPress. WordPress Development has made a transition from the ubiquitous blogging site to a preferred and pre-eminent open source web development platform. WordPress is the most popular and most used content management system. According to Yoast, WordPress accounts for 20-25% of all new websites.


From top-notch publications, for example, the New York Times and CNN, music barons such as Jay-Z and Katy Perry to Fortune 500 Companies such as UPS and eBay, WordPress designing as well as the development has been much sought after.


If you’re a new business and are thinking of developing a website for your business, let us give you the 10 most important reasons and advantages of using WordPress for your business website.




1. WordPress is the most popular and most cost-effective Content Management Systems around:

Thanks to the creation of WordPress, gone are the days when the creation of a website would cost you a fortune. In other words, creating a website that runs WordPress would now only cost you a few bucks. WordPress designing and development is now the most cost-effective. Also, the work of updating and maintaining your website is relatively cheap and you can do it for yourself instead of hiring a designer for each update that you want to do to your website.


2. Update your Website from all place and at any time:

If you decide to develop your business website using WordPress, then you can make changes to your website from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet and have a laptop or a computer for your convenient operation.


3. WordPress is Search Engine Optimization Ready:

WordPress is also Search Engine Optimization ready. Websites that have been built using WordPress have simple and constant codes for making them ideal for indexing by search engines such as Google and Bing. There are multiple SEO components that you can use that give you full control on which pages do you want to be indexed and want to rank high in search engines. You can also focus your SEO campaigns on high conversion pages such as your inner blog pages that gain a lot of traffic.


4. Convenient Syndication:

This has been a highly effective way in order to earn inbound links for your website. Every time you get an opportunity to post a new blog entry, it can be automatically fed into an RSS feed system, thus making it easier for others to syndicate your content across directories and other websites.



5. Responsive Web Designing:

With the prediction done that mobile traffic is likely to surpass web traffic, responsive designing has not been an option but a necessity. When you use WordPress website design, you can automatically get the benefit of having a responsive web design directly integrated into your website, thus eliminating the need in order to develop separate websites for different devices.



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6. Upgrade your Website’s capabilities easily:

The addition of new features and functionalities can get very difficult for traditional websites, especially those that are created using complex and sophisticated platforms. This is exactly the opposite of those websites developed using WordPress. There are multiple plugins that provide functionality which you can easily install and takes just three steps. Furthermore, the WordPress community is very active and friendly and almost every best practice is well documented. So if you are looking to add a particular feature to your website, chances are that there will be other users out there that have documented what to do.



7. Ideal for Aggressive Content Marketing

In this digital age of online marketing where fresh content is of high importance, a WordPress themed has an advantage over the traditional ones. In a matter of seconds, you can get to update your website’s content and you can do so far as frequently as you want, thus eliminating the need for going through complicated steps. You can get to update your website’s design in an easy way thus making it an ideal platform for tactical campaigns (For example holiday promotions). Additionally, being equipped to update the content frequently will help you and your company or organization to build credibility in your niche.



8. Ultimate Integration for Social Media:

Another benefit that you get when you opt for WordPress development or a WordPress themed website is the easy and seamless integration with social networks. You do not need to log in to your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts, and you can let your social community know about the fresh content that you have for them.



9. Increased Website Security:

One of the main, as well as primary criticisms against WordPress designing and development, is that it was first conceived as it has poor security. This is a myth that has been debunked and proven to be false. As long as you have good WordPress designers and developers at hand, you can fortify your website’s security and make it hack-proof. The same cannot be stated or said for traditional websites that don’t run WordPress.


10. Easy Transition From One Designer to the Next:

WordPress makes it easy for designers and developers alike to switch developers. Unless you are really loyal to your designer or design firm, chances are that there will be several designers who will be working on your website. In the past, this was extremely difficult because each designer of the firm had its own reputed platform. WordPress designing and development operated on a universal, and open-source platform thus making it easier for you to transition from one developer or designer to the other.




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These are some reasons that you can benefit from if you decide to choose WordPress as developing your company’s Website. There are a lot of options that you can ascertain when you choose to develop your business website in WordPress. We hope that you have found this article informative.

If you’re looking to hire a WordPress developer for developing your website then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com.

You can also hire WordPress Developer in Dubai, UAE.

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