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PHP vs Python | Get Developers Onboard Within 24 hrs

PHP vs Python:

Before we begin about php vs python or which language is better for web development . Let us start with the basics of each language. The language used for web development in python and PHP. We are also going to find out how python is better than PHP when it comes to web development

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PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor)

PHP is a scripting language that is designed for web development that is used to create dynamic as well as interactive HTML web pages. This is also a general-purpose language that is used for programming. This language was introduced by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. The full form is known as Personal Home Pages but it is now known as Hypertext Preprocessor.


PHP is nothing but an HTML based web Scripting language. This means that PHP code can be inserted in between HTML snippets of a web page. It is the fastest way to create database-enabled as well as dynamic websites. PHP Supports enterprise as well as main web servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, etc and it also works on operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac OS.


We have listed down some key features as below:

PROS/ Advantages


Open Source:

It is based on the Open source programming concept and this means that you do not have to pay in order to use it. You can download for free and use the PHP language.



 Know more: Basic difference in Web Development with Core PHP and PHP Frameworks



Simple and easy to use:

When you compare with other scripting languages, it is very simple, easy to use and understand and is used widely all over the world. Its robust and secure features provide it an advantage to use and implement in web servers for serving PHP and HTML web pages


Interpreted language:

PHP is an interpreted language, and this means that a compiler is not necessarily eliminating the need for any compilation process.


Platform Independent:

PHP code is platform-independent which means that it can run independently of any platform such as Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS, etc



PHP is comparatively faster than any other scripting language since it uses much system resources.


Error Reporting:

PHP has a function for error reporting in order to generate the warning so that one can easily find the errors as well as fix them on time.






As we already discussed that the language is based on the Open Source License. All the people that are using it can access the source code and if there exist any bugs in the source code it can be used to explore the weakness of PHP.


Unfit for modular applications:

It is hard to maintain the applications as the language itself is not very modular.



Let’s discuss some basics of python.


What is python?

Python is a high-level programming language that is used for general-purpose programming. The language was designed and developed by Guido van Rossum. It was released in 1991 and has kept a design philosophy that puts emphasis on code readability notably using remarkable white space.

It is used for the following, Software development, web development, mathematics as well as system scripting. There are 2 major versions of the python language, Python 2 and Python 3.

Python has a natural style of writing which makes it easy to read and understand as well as it is equally fun to use as well. Some reasons’ python as gained popularity because:



Beginner Friendly Language:

It is a very user-friendly language that is beginner-friendly because it is easy to understand as well as fun to use. That is one of the reasons that python has gained huge popularity to be a beginner-friendly language.


High-Level Language:

As it is a high-level programming language so while you are using the python language the user need not worry about low-level details such as memory management.


Shorter code:

Another advantage of using python language is that it is well known for producing shorter codes when compared to other programming languages to achieve the same task


Clear Syntax:

Python does not use curly braces, it has a very clear, orthogonal and brief syntax.



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Python supports both procedure-oriented programming and object-oriented programming. It has a very powerful but easy way of performing object-oriented programming compared to other programming languages

Now, let’s look at some of the main reasons for why to prefer using python over the PHP language
If we talk about the readability as well as maintainability of both the languages PHP is not much maintainable as compared to Python.

Python consists of more security features when you compare it with PHP.

In PHP, the functional programming is not provided but in python, functional programming and techniques are possible.

PHP was designed with the sole purpose of being as a ‘web development’ language while Python was designed with the sole purpose of being a ‘general purpose’ language.

Python has a more united and commanding standard library, and the library is much better than that of PHP
Python has a more dense and clean syntax that is easily readable that helps developers in web development.



So now we know which language is best suited for which environments and how we can use the language with the best of the features to satisfy and complete a programming task. We hope that you have found this blog helpful. If you are looking to hire PHP developers for any web designing project then do give us a call to discuss your requirements. If you are looking to hire python developers then also provide us with your requirements. You can also hire python developer in Dubai, UAE. We are there to help you design that masterpiece website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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What Role Does PHP Play In E-commerce Websites?

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Bringing your business into popularity is something every company holder wants to do. But how? is the question that remains. One of the easiest ways to reach among people and make your business 24/7 available is online commerce. E-commerce sales making your business worldwide allows you to conduct your business online.

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the process of buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. It is a sale of physical products executed through online processing. This commercial transaction hitting the boards of billions of people online took commerce business to a new height.

Using this mode of online commerce you can buy and sell any product you want including books, music, appliances, electronics, financial services such as stock investing, and online banking. The most important thing to do before you begin investing in stock is to make sure you have a good stockbroker such as Learn Bonds, which are stock brokers uk. Having a stockbroker means that you can transfer and utilize your stocks efficiently without having to worry too much about legalities in the investment process. In addition, in terms of stock investing you could save even more time and money if you used something like a stash app to find stock and pay through a reliable service.

An example of an e-commerce business, which grew very fast, is Amazon that now not only sells products but also allows members to watch movies and listen to music through their platform. Not to mention they give opportunities for Amazon Investment, which means that people can also make profits from buying their stocks and still be assured that it is a good investment due to the success of the company already, and this is what any e-commerce business should be aspiring to in order to become successful and well-known.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general-purpose scripting language. It is used for the development of web pages. Using web-based software applications it creates dynamic content that interacts with databases. Using the command line interface it can be used with various web template systems, web content management systems and web frameworks. Considered as one of the most friendly languages it easily lets you connect with MySQL, Oracle, and many other databases. Due to the easy coding language, it is very easy to deploy any e-commerce website within a short period of time.

PHP (Also Read: Best PHP Framework for Startup )

Today every popular website you will come across will be made of PHP taking advantage over the development of its language. Due to its open source language feature, it allows you to fetch a number of forums, discussions, and blogs. Using this technology developers can look out for guidance and troubleshooting.

Another highly useful advantage it provides is that using PHP you do not need any special app to write its code. Instead, you can use any text editor for it. Using PHP you can create any customized website for your business without compromising any security alert. You can also run it on any other platform like Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows platform.

Therefore if you’re new into business and just starting up with your idea you can take complete advantage of PHP. For example content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla or e-commerce solutions like Magento, Ubercart, and Zen Cart. The beauty of using PHP is that it provides a wide array of ready-made solutions.

Simple and Flexible

PHP coding is very simple to integrate. Components made using this software can be reused. Using PHP it is very easy to meet the client’s requirements. While you develop any project if there occur any changes it will suitably meet all the advancements. Thus providing great flexibility PHP helps you achieve better results after including all the customizations.

Cost Efficient ( Also Read: Outsourcing software development cost)

Since PHP is a widely used language it doesn’t ask you to spend much on the developers. Being an open-source language you can save a lot of money by not spending much on the subscription costs.


PHP is faster as compared to other programming languages. With the introduction of its latest version PHP 7, it is much faster than its previous version PHP 5.6. Consuming less percent of memory, the loading time of PHP is very less. E-commerce platforms like Magento include many improved features. In order to improve the performance rate of PHP several extensions have been developed. PHP e-commerce providing easy transactions while shopping gave people differing options at one single place. Thus reducing the amount of work its improved features provides great speed in the process of execution.


PHP providing the right tools offers loads of advantages to its developers. Making the use of a wide variety of tools developers can create any good architecture website. The use of cloud infrastructure provides PHP NoSQL database. Scalability is not only related to the programming language but is also very much connected with server infrastructure. This approach of PHP handles large issues of security.


The execution process of PHP is very reliable and fast as compared to the other programming languages. You can easily run them on platforms like Microsoft, MacOS, Linux distributions, and UNIX. Integrating with other technologies like Mongo dB can further operate many other tools.


The open-source programming code of PHP makes it much more secure than other scripting languages. Providing great security to e-commerce business it is good to outsource payments to dedicated providers. Providing enough security to your customer’s accounts it protects them from breaching. Thus PHP is the least targeted option when it comes to security.

Other advantages PHP e-commerce provides are:

  • On the basis of the purchased experience, customers can easily provide their feedbacks and reviews.
  • Online business provides customers easy access to check the owner’s website. It helps owners in increasing their sales and promoting their online business.
  • Building a PHP website for e-commerce business provides a great advantage to its owners. PHP websites are the most convenient and easy in use.
  • Utilizing the benefits of PHP websites customers can save their lots of time and effort by finding all the products at one site.
  • PHP e-commerce websites are the most common, popular and accessible over the internet.
  • Providing the benefit of easy accessibility over the internet you can promote your online business all over the globe.
  • PHP has in-built error reporting constants to detect and warn error reports before proceeding.

PHP providing the great leveraging factors offers excellent opportunities to run your business in the market. Keeping the track of your activities it helps you generate reports for improving your business in a better way. Thus simplifying the job of developers it offers excellent opportunities for both the owners and customers

CMS and E-commerce (Also Read: M-commerce Advantage in Business)


We have seen abundant benefits and advantages of PHP focusing on the e-commerce business. If you are planning to start your own e-commerce idea of the website and still confused about it, there’s no need to worry more about it.

At Nimap Infotech we have a large team of developers who have successfully delivered big projects to their clients. If you still have any doubts about PHP and its working or need to consult for your website you can easily talk with our dedicated team of PHP developers. You can also hire PHP developer in Dubai, UAE.

Hire PHP Developer

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Best PHP Frameworks For Startup Your Business in 2021

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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most widely used programming language designed for developing websites and web apps. Being an open-source programming platform PHP provides you a basic structure to build web applications.

Choose Best PHP Frameworks For Startup Your Business in 2021

Use of PHP Framework –

Promoting rapid application development PHP reducing the amount of repetitive codes helps you save your time. Without PHP if you desire to build any such application you will have to use a lot of repetitive codes. Consuming your time and efforts it still would not be able to build such a stable application. Also with no use of PHP framework executing the connections between database and application is not easy. However, the use of a PHP framework ensures easier connections.

Allowing you to develop massive web applications PHP is very popular and easy in learning as compared to other scripting languages.


MVC Architecture

PHP works behind the idea of Model View Controller (MVC). In MVC, Model refers to data, View refers to the presentation layer, and Controller to the application logic. MVC breaking the development process of applications isolates business logic from UI. The domain will be used for handling information exchanged between your database and user interface.

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Allowing you to work on the individual elements without affecting the other elements of work. Therefore once you understood the working of PHP it will become much easier for you to work with.

After going through a lot about PHP, its uses and importance of working let’s check out the top 15 PHP frameworks:


Laravel is a very famous open-source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell. Following the MVC architectural plan, it is used for the development of web applications. It is one of the most renowned web development frameworks used by businesses to intricate rich web applications. Considered by the majority of the businesses Laravel falls first for reliable routing.

Laravel is used as one of the topmost PHP frameworks as it is pretty good in delivering crisp web applications. Laravel even helps you customize applications as per the user’s requirements. Offering you the benefit of web application it aids the development of maintainable codes. Thus it is highly fit for the development of robust web apps.

Some of the advantages of using Laravel are:

  • Laravel makes authentication implementation straightforward
  • Faster execution of web applications
  • Laravel supports popular cache back-ends
  • Easily handle errors
  • Reliable Routing


Yii is an open-source object-oriented PHP web application framework known for its enhanced security features. Coming up with its another version of Yii 2 it is popularly used for its faster loading process. Easy to install this lightest Yii framework has integration with CodeCeption.

Yii supporting the development of complex web apps never disappoint developers while building apps. Some mobile app developers accepted and used this framework very well for their projects.

Some of the advantages of using Yii are:

  • Free of repetitive code writing
  • Fastest framework for large-scale applications
  • Provides faster performance
  • Protects sensitive data against threats
  • Handles a large number of requests per seconds


Symphony is a set of reusable PHP component aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications. Building robust applications it aims in giving developers full control over the configuration. Using the additional tools it helps developers test, debug and document projects. Being a highly scalable and dependable PHP framework it provides best web development.

Some of the advantages of using Symphony are:

  • Symphony provides a good user interface
  • Easy to find a good hosting solution
  • Easy Deployment
  • Active Community
  • Better Security
  • Easy to Maintain


CakePHP is another open-source web framework introduced after the arrival of Ruby on Rails.

You can always receive a better and definitive response using the CakePHP framework. Using CakePHP you can always easily create, read, update, and delete anything you want from your website.

CakePHP makes the development of your website more flexible, compatible, and cost-efficient.

Some of the advantages of using CakePHP are:

  • Flexibility
  • Less Coding
  • Convenient in Use
  • Easy Development
  • Better Reliance
  • Cost-Efficient

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CodeIgniter is one of the popular PHP frameworks used for rapid development of web framework. It is a powerful framework used for delivering the exceptional performance-based website designing experience.

While comparing with other PHP frameworks it is mainly considered for its speed. It provides easy customization and configuration for your business websites. Its unique qualities of features help you enhance your business.

Some of the advantages of using Codeigniter are:

  • No restrictive coding rules
  • No need for template languages
  • User-friendly
  • Easy Customization
  • Develops rapid web frameworks
  • Exceptional Performance

Fat-Free Framework

Fat-Free is an open-source PHP framework used for combining full feature set code base.

Due to its light in weight feature property, it is highly recommended by professional website developers.

Providing a powerful framework it supports numerous plugins for compatibility. Supporting multilingual applications, URL router, and seamless support provides efficient development of the framework, something that people consider when looking at the strength of their Asus Router Logins as a factor. This lightweight PHP framework is used for developing robust and dynamic web applications. For augmenting online marketing needs lots of developers choose Fat-Free for its development purpose.

Some of the advantages of using Fat-Free are:

  • Lightweight Framework
  • Delivers good performance
  • Efficient Development
  • Compatibility
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Hassle-free Installation


Phalcon is another open-source extensively used PHP web development framework. Compared with other frameworks it uses very less memory. Therefore the time request used for Phalcon is very less. Its speed makes it very useful than other frameworks. Handling a greater number of HTTP requests Phalcone lowers resource usage.


Slim is also popularly famous with the name micro-framework. For developing small and medium size web applications this is a perfect choice. Using this framework you can also develop API’s and web services. It carries various features such as URL routing, client-side HTTP caching, session and cookie encryption, etc.

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It is one of the finest PHP frameworks that help you enable the development of the advanced plugin. Utilizing the namespaces to intricate a forceful plug-in planning. All the components of PHP framework are replaceable. Rendering various responses with different content-types it is incredibly useful and easy to extend.

It is a very good framework for building RESTful API. It is a more robust network structure development PHP framework for creating an effortless API and complex web applications.


The flight is a micro-framework utilized for developing a suitable website design for both the business and personal purposes. Using this framework you can always experience easy documentation. Recommended for small web application development it cannot handle large size applications. Flight web development framework is a compact forceful structure. This simple small web application is easy to learn and code.


Zikula is another open source free framework. Using this framework you can design any big or small size web project. Based on Doctrine and Symfony this framework provides advantages of being integrated with Font Awesome 4 and Bootstrap 3. This useful network structure comes packed with a much more receptive theme.


Nette is a free source software used for developing feature-rich applications. It is rated as the 3rd most renowned web development in the world. Putting the extra emphasis on productivity, clean code, and security this popular framework is globally used around the world.


Zend is a popular light-weight PHP framework. With the improved latest version of Zend, many new features got introduced. Providing you best designing and reliability it offers good consistency in design. Its flexible architecture with quick development quality makes it highly productive in use.


This OOP framework provides websites with incredible features. Using this anyone can easily include OOP functionality. Automatic class loading, overloading, and interfaces are the primary features of Kohana. Holding good experience it creates websites with dynamic functionality.


Founded in 2012 PHPixie is an amazing web development framework started as a micro-framework which later became the most popular full-stack PHP framework. High in performance, this strict architecture avoids common pitfalls.


From the above list of PHP frameworks, you can surely help your business achieve success. Therefore use this list of startup frameworks in the coming future of 2021 and add new experiences to your business projects.

If you want to create a PHP web framework for your business with an advanced list of features. Outsource PHP developers from Nimap Infotech (software development company). We have experienced team of PHP developers ready to provide you excellent web development services. You can also hire PHP developer in Dubai, UAE.

Hire PHP Developer

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How to outsource software developer for PHP application development?

Why PHP?

  • PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • PHP no licensing fees is a free language to use.
  • PHP is for server-side programming.
  • PHP can also run on Windows, Unix servers and Linux.
  • It is easy to set up and Create a Website using PHP.
  • PHP has very good online documentation with a good framework.
  • It can interact with many different database languages.
  • PHP useful for Website and Web Application Development

Features of PHP

  • Simple
  • Faster
  • Interpreted
  • Platform Independent
  • Error Reporting
  • Simplicity
  • Case Sensitive.
  • Platform Independent.
  • Efficiency
  • Open source scripting language.
  • Familiarity
  • Loosely Typed Language
  • Security

PHP Web Development Is Useful For?

  • Dynamic websites.
  • Customized E-commerce solutions.
  • CRM application development.
  • Redesigning of existing websites using PHP.
  • Classified portal and other required web portals.

What Platforms Make Use of PHP?


WordPress is an online free and 1 based on PHP. Features include a plugin design and a template system. To make a website in WordPress is easy to maintain. There are even options to use an integrated WordPress management services to maximise the benefits of the free service. It allows businesses to create and maintain a website relatively easy, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the business. Those wanting to create a website with relative ease could use these content management systems and also look at Wix alternatives for other software options.


Drupa just like WordPress is also an open source content management framework with a large supportive community. It is distributed under the General Public License. Drupal provides a back-end framework.


Joomla is a free and open-source content management system used to create and manage dynamic websites. Using model–view–controller it is used for creating powerful online applications


CakePHP is also an open source PHP web development framework that is widely used and time-tested. It helps you make your applications much faster by providing a clean and easy way to spin up projects without any hassle, using the MVC convention. Using this view you can read, delete and make any change in your data from the database.

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How To Hire PHP Developers?

There are many ways to hire PHP developers, choose the best one of them.

Steps to outsource PHP Developers

1) Learn PHP And Make Your Own:

If you have time to try and build a website on your own. If you are unaware about the programming then it may take some extra time to learn. Many free tutorials are easily available on the internet.

Cons: when you are going to develop your own its time consuming, If you have time then go ahead with learning your own and make it

Otherwise, choose the second option by finding a good website maker that makes website creation so much easier.

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In-House VS Outsourcing a PHP Developer in India

2) Find The Best PHP Developers with your owns:

When you are unaware about how to build a website and don’t want to spend much time to create it, the second way you can opt is hire the PHP developers using the simple steps. There are a few simple steps ahead to help you find the best among the rest.

You can post jobs at Naukri, indeed, LinkedIn, social media, quora PHP developer network.

Look Beyond CV:

  • Strong communication & interpersonal skill
  • Project management skill
  • Good understanding of framework & database concepts
  • Ask technical questions

Checklist To Hire PHP Developers / Tips To outsource software Developers For Web Development Process

Make sure your developer has at least 2+ years of experience with –

  • Development of rest web services
  • CMS WordPress and Magento.
  • At least one framework (Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Zend)
  • Payment Gateway Integration(Stripe, Paypal etc)

Should have knowledge of –

  • Database Designing
  • Jquery
  • Javascript (Angular JS)
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Do you know how much hectic when searching personally

Cons While Searching Personally

  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • Need to upload all the requirements.
  • Check one by one CVS or resume.
  • Contact them.
  • Taking interview and final selection.
  • if you are non-technical then fetching problems with to test knowledge

Did You Fetch Struggle To Hire PHP Developers?

Do you know? How to,

3) Hire Dedicated PHP Developers from a recognized company

It is simple to avoid all the above things, hire PHP developers directly from a recognized company to get your work done. Contact the company directly you want to hire a developer from and it will avoid all the unnecessary time you spend finding on your own

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers
Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Ways To Hire PHP Developers from Company

  • Check the website by searching to hire PHP developers.
  • Take a look at the portfolio of the company.
  • Check review or testimonial of that website.
  • Contact with company: As per your requirement draft the mail for inquiring about the company, no. of employees you need in your location. After sending all your requirements the company will contact you to answer all your doubts.

Thus by simply contacting the concerned company, you can easily hire developers. This process of hiring developers for a significant time and project is known as Outsourcing PHP developers.

Hiring permanent developers for small companies appears a bit expensive and tedious task. Outsourcing developers from other companies thus help a lot by being the best cost-effective solution.

Pros of Outsourcing PHP developers:

Professional PHP developers are expert in industrial knowledge do you know Benefits of Outsourcing IT developers.

Good communication:

to understand clients requirements PHP developers must have good communication skills and act accordingly. They should be a good listener and speaker also.

Time management:

If the project is not made in time then it seems like a failure to serve purpose time management. a professional PHP developer should capable to manage their time.

Cons Of Outsourcing developers :

  • While there are several advantages to outsourcing the web development there are equal drawbacks also. It is necessary to communicate with the provider first and make sure the provider you are using is not busy with other services.
  • Another problem that would crop up would be the delivery of the project due to the time difference. It is best to inform the outsourcing partner the actual period you want the project to be done. Choosing the right provider is also imperative so before one hires an outsourcing company, they should check for the reliability of the outsourcing company.

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Why Choose Nimap Infotech To Outsource software Developers for PHP?

Nimap Infotech is the solution for hiring PHP developers for offshore :

Hire PHP Developers - Nimap Infotech
Hire PHP Developers – Nimap Infotech
  1. Affordable Pricing – We don’t charge any unnecessary amount from our customers. We outsource our developers in a very budget-friendly way.
  2. Hassle Free Communication – Our developers are easy to contact and will do their best to help you resolve all your doubts.
  3. Qualified PHP developers – Nimap outsources the best and well-qualified PHP developers.
  4. Experienced – We outsource you the best-experienced developers to help you out with your websites.
  5. Experience on new technology – They carry the best of their knowledge for different technical aspects and latest technological trends.
  6. Ready to perceive Client requirement – They are always ready to perceive the requirements of client’s project to complete the website giving 100% complete satisfaction.
  7. Technical Expert – Our developers are expert in their work of HTML, CSS JavaScript and Web 2.0 technologies such as DOM programming, AJAX etc.
  8. Industrial Knowledge – Our developers understand the newest trends giving latest ideas to make your website best among all.
  9. Highly Skilled Professional – Our Developers are highly professional with their work.
  10. Help Support – Our developers are 24 *7 ready to help you out with your doubts and queries.

Hire PHP DevelopersNimap Infotech

Why Outsource PHP Development In India

Outsourcing PHP developers from India is a deal worth grabbing. India is a preferred offshore software development destination has extremely qualified PHP developers.

Here are some advantages of outsourcing PHP developers :

  1. Cost Reduction – Hiring PHP Developers from Indian companies would cost almost half the price of an in-house team. If compared their programmers are available for 1/3 the price in developed nations. Also, they provide highly efficient solutions as compared to any other country in the world.
  2. Huge Savings – Due to lower cost-cutting companies have to pay only a fraction of the cost of local manpower resources in their local area.
  3. Less Effort – A company can do away with responsibilities like an allotment, recruitment, staff maintenance etc. by outsourcing their work to a third party.
  4. Plenty Of Support- India is an emerging hub for IT Offshore Staffing companies. Thus Indian PHP developers are proving themselves as experts. Thus it’s a great profit to hire developers from India.
  5. Quality Oriented Work – Mostly Indian software outsourcing companies are ISO certified, thus giving you the peace of mind on quality of work done.
  6. 24/7 Availability – Indian offshore companies provide you with the option to recruit development teams on a 24/7 basis.
  7. Time Zone Preference – Most companies provide you with the freedom to choose the working time depending on the nation you are staying. Business with different time zones helps a lot in saving your time. It allows the project to be running 24*7 and thus save slots of time.


Thus after going through the complete guide of PHP, its uses, importance, and necessity we can easily conclude that hiring developers from India yields many benefits.

Looking to, Hire PHP Developers

Hire PHP developer in Dubai, UAE

Highly Skilled Professional, dedicated PHP Developers

Get free Quote Enquiry Now !!!

Hire PHP Developer

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