Which language is better for creating websites, HTML or HTML5 ?

Difference between HTML or HTML5

  [yasr_overall_rating] : Over 250 people have rated us [5/5]   HTML is also known as Hypertext markup language has come a long way. There are many new features introduced with the latest version of HTML that is HTML5. So in this article, we will discuss what are the newest features introduced with HTML5 and […]

10 Reasons to choose HTML5

10 Reasons to choose HTML5

[yasr_overall_rating] Rating 4.9/5 based on 149 Reviews from Clients Well, all know how daunting or hard it can be to learn a new language. All the concepts to be grasped can be difficult if you do not have the basic skills related to programming. When you go to learn a particular language, you shall encounter […]



Overview (PHP vs HTML5) When it comes to web technologies, it has been evident that there is a development spectrum going on. With each upcoming technology, the problems that it solves and the advantages that it brings to the table is big. Technologies are meant to function by replacement of older, more obsolete or legacy […]

HTML5 top Features

html5 features

[yasr_overall_rating] 495 People Voted [5/5] Top 18 HTML5 Features You Must Know HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is the language that All Internet Browsers understand. Most of the Internet Browsers support HTML 5 and its new features. The new HTML5 features have been geared towards a focus on multimedia technologies that provide interactive […]



[yasr_overall_rating] 470 People Voted 5/5 Recently there has been a major boom in developing technologies that serve to solve a particular computing problem. After the dot COM bubble, there has been a major outburst in emerging IT technologies that support Web Server as well as Desktop based application programming. Every Programming language solves a particular […]