Angular 5 Vs React JS

Angular 5

Angular Application Platform is typically an open-source typescript front-end web application framework. Being a newer version of Angular JS it is also developed Google. It is a complete JavaScript framework. Angular being a fully integrated framework allows you to quickly start your project without looking out for libraries.

After Angular, its team kept developing its newer versions. From Angular 1 it now has reached to Angular 6 where we even have the beta version of Angular 6 available. There’s no big change between them only that each new version comes with some new and better update than the previous one.

Including optimized build and faster compile time, it comes with a complete rewrite. with every new version, it continuously worked on every framework by adding new features, bug fixing, better optimization and many more.

Angular 5 is mainly focused to make Angular faster.  It allows AngularJS applications to smoothly migrate to Angular and vice versa. With this form, loading time to execution as well as optimization, everything gets improved.

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React JS

React JS an open-source library is mainly used for building single page user interface applications. With the help of React JS, we can instantly refer the older posts without consuming much time. It allows developers to create large web applications which can change the data without even reloading the page.

React JS is maintained by Facebook and such individual community of developers and companies. It is mainly developed to make the UI state more feasible and easy to handle. Introduction of React JS made the programming ecosystem better with active community resulting in high performance.

The bigger advantage of using React JS to developers is that it already has predefined and pre-written components available. It helps them save lots of time of developers as using this they have very less code to write.

Difference Between Angular 5 and React JS

Angular 5 Vs React Js

                                                                       Angular 5 Vs React Js


Angular 5 and React JS both are equally problem solving and important at their use. Although their working approaches are different, both are equally good and efficient while handling the queries. React JS however is more flexible, scalable and easy to learn as compared to Angular 5. While Angular on the other way is more efficient in organizing the workflow. Thus both are equally important and useful at their own place.

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AngularJS VS Node JS

AngularJS development is a modern day web application framework, helps you develop single-page applications. Being an open source web framework it is mainly maintained and worked by Google.

How Does It Work?

It first reads the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) page which already possesses some custom tag attributes in it. Which further interprets those attributes as directives to bind its input/output functions which finally represents it by standard JavaScript variables. AngularJS programming helps you design your codes in a much simpler way reducing all the complexities.

This full-featured JavaScript framework gets all the supportive ideas from Google and other wide community forums to keep it up to date. With the primary goal of simplification, it gives all the users a rich and responsive experience of use.

Node JS

Node JS, however, is an open source cross-platform, built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It’s easy building operation makes its network applications more fast and scalable. Similar to AngularJS language, code of Node JS is also very fast and easy to execute.

For building fast and scalable network applications Node JS uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O models. It makes it lightweight and more efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

Angular JS Vs Node JS


Angular and Node JS development both being the open-source tools are mainly used to build the server-side applications. Both the applications are built with the same language but are very different in their working procedure. Both AngularJS and Node JS app development languages are useful in their own way and help a lot to developers to implement their ideas into execution.


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In-House VS Outsourcing a PHP Developer in India

Uncertain  Budget:

         In-House PHP Developer:

There is the various hidden cost to consider when hiring or appointing in-house developer for the project.

The very first type of hidden cost to consider is the allocation rate. This amount includes indirect costs related to employees, such as payroll taxes, health insurance, paid time off, traveling, vacations and sick leaves, pension contributions, and more.

        Offshore PHP Developer:

Offshore Developer allows having a definite budget without any unwanted and unexpected cost. The pricing model is fixed.


Expert and Certified Developer:

       In-House PHP Developer:  

Developers hired for in-house projects are often required training and other experiences. The time period for project completion is non-predictable and requirement of other sources like software tester, front-end developer may arise.

       Offshore PHP Developer:

The team of experts would be ready to handle the load of your projects. They might have already experienced with your business niche and can give you good quality, expert guidance, and better exposure.

Analyze the day-to-day progress of work:

In-House PHP Developer:  

Time period may increase due to several factors including regional holidays, Leaves and unexpected absence of human resources.

Must ReadHow to Hire PHP Developer?

Offshore PHP Developer:

Due to the time zone difference between Asian and the Western countries, work can be completed while your business closes down in the evening that is your core competency and you get a complete report of your outsourced non-core tasks at a very next day.

The requirement of associated resources:

In-House PHP Developer:  

Demand for resources may arise as per the requirement in In-House development.

Offshore PHP Developer:  

In Offshore Development hiring company is responsible for the completion of the project thus project deliveries on time are higher in it.

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Best Apple iOS 12 features

In the market of gizmos and mobile devices, Apple after beating Nokia and Android has become the most leading mobile device company over the globe. Users found it surprising but the quality and performances it offers are unbeatable. After a decade Apple iOS after beating Nokia has become the largest mobile selling company in the market of Asia.


Apple started its launch through iPod and after seeing its way of success it later offered the market its mobile devices, tablets such as iPad and with the recent time to save your valuable time it manufactured multi-featured smartwatches. Apple with its iOS 10 features has significantly taken over large shares of consumers in the market.


Apple is a product of pride and class where quality and performance are its major driving instruments. With every new iPhone update of the operating system, it surprises its users with a more better version of features. Apple with its uncompromising and rigid rules delivers great quality and security to its end users. Unlike other systems, Apple makes sure that its users get smooth working mobile applications with no chance of getting hanged or slow down in between.


With a new iPhone update, Apple due to its high usage took a fresh take by introducing a new iPhone Operating System 12. With this new iPhone update, Apple is promising another great reliability and faster performance than before.


Top 12 iOS features


  • Responsive and Delightful Performance


Apple introduced iOS 12 to make your iPhones and iPads much faster and better. It was made to speed up your devices by making it more faster than before. With new iOS 12 feature, Apple can run its applications by 50% faster system keyboard, 40% faster app launch and 70% faster camera opening. Fixing all the debugs of your system it helps your device run smoothly even when it is under heavy load. While enhancing your performance iOS 12 allows you to perform multiple tasks on your device without slowing your processing system. Improving all the previous issues iOS 12 app makes significant improvements delivering optimal performance to its users.


  • Make Moments With Memojis


With iOS 12 Apple iOS developer introduced a new comic feature called Memoji. With this new personalization, users can select any iPhone emoji and use it just like a face mask. To add your sense of personality and fun in your convo you can decorate your mask with different eye colors and hairstyles. The user can even add varieties of accessories to decorate your memojis. With its latest update, it brought Animoji characters like goat, koala, tiger, and tyrannosaurus who will detect your face and mimic when you will stick out your tongue.


  • Augmented Reality


iPhone latest version includes the world’s trending technology Augmented Reality in iOS 12. With this feature, you can create and share pieces of AR with real-world locations which can later be viewed by another person in the same place. Introducing another new functionality in ARKit2 you can recognize objects and play exciting multiplayer games. Using AR you can also make your content rich using USDZ file format. This will help you in tracking face and measure your app.


  • Refined and Orderly Notifications


Apple with its new iPhone update solved messy notification setting which earlier versions could not. With the new iOS app development you can manage your notification setting to the way you want them to pop. With new iOS 12, all the related notifications or notifications from the same app will be grouped together and form a stack so that the user doesn’t get confused. iPhones latest version helps you manage notification in real time from the lock screen and Siri with its intelligent suggestions is ready on how you interact with them. Apple iOS 12 brings you handy ways to manage your notifications fast in a 3D view.


  • FaceTime


New iOS update of iOS 12 brought us a new extraordinary thing. Our new iPhone update supports you to connect 32 people on audio and video call at once. It is showcased in a tiled interface where the person who is speaking automatically their tile will become larger. It will help you keep track of your conversation. To add more fun in your convo you can use Memojis and Animojis on your face. With an active participation, you can even use it for the official calls as it allows you to connect 32 people in one call.


  • Screen Time


Apple with its new iOS update brings you this amazing feature by which you can track and calculate how much time you’ve spent on each app and what work you did. Mentioning, the work you did was productive or just killed the time. It is way too beneficial for students to divide their time and more than that for our parents. It allows parents to keep track and check how much time their children are spending on mobile phones and what they are browsing. iOS developer added another quality feature to this app where you can set a limit and just like an alarm a reminder pop will be displayed on your screen mentioning your time limit to use the phone is over.


  • Personalized Siri Responses


New iOS 12 update made Siri better and smarter. Previously it was only used to take users commands and answer their questions accordingly, but with iOS 12 Siri can perform many more important things. For say, if you follow a fix patter in your weekdays to start your work and daily routine, with the help of Siri shortcuts you can custom and make a single command involving all the other apps. All you need to do is download the Siri shortcut app from App store then scratch by clicking on create a shortcut and then scroll to select the task action you like to add. Open your gallery to select the shortcuts and customize your own Siri command.


  • Siri Suggestions

Siri just like a human reminder will timely help you remind what things you are forgetting to do. It will help you get a reminder about your meetings schedules, to wish your friend on the birthday or any work you fixed at a particular time to do. iOS 12 added 40 different languages in Siri for users exploring different parts of the world.


  • iBooks to Apple Books


If you are a reader and reading is your favorite thing to do then this feature of iOS 12 is made only for you. This new iPhone update of iOS 12 not only enhances your knowledge but also allows its users to read, discover and listen all your favorite books and audio books. It comes with a “Reading Now” tab to let you offer an enormous number of books to read without carrying their weight physically. It is greatly helpful during your traveling trips. With this smart iOS 12 feature, you can summarise your class lectures and prepare yourself for exams.


  • Do Not Disturb


Do not Disturb app in iOS 12 simply means you don’t want to be disturbed. With this iPhone update, you can stop anyone from calling you without switching off your phone. You can use this app for various purposes like if you are in a meeting or in an event and does not want to be bothered. Manier times people even use it at night so that their sleep don’t break by unnecessary calls and messages. With this new app you can get rid of all the unwanted calls you don’t need by allowing only specific important calls as long as you want.


With an update of iOS 11, a lot of vagueness and bugs got created making our phone processing slow. Apple’s new iOS update resolved all such bad occurring, bringing their best devices back in the market. With the improved search in Apple’s photo app to new camera effects, Apple brought many more advanced features. With more personalization, enhanced security, improved quality, and better connection iPhone app developers again hiked up its worth in the market. 

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Facts about Global Internet Shutdown 2018

Every user must be wondering what internet shutdown means as there has been a trending headline “The next 48 hours may be tough for internet users as for maintenance reason Internet will be shut down.”


  • As per the latest news from Russia Today, under next 48 hour, some users may experience network failure in the browser or in a mobile application.
    As per Gulshan Rai, National Cyber Security Coordinator there will be no internet disturbance in India.


  • The report of ANI due to maintenance Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will change the cryptographic key that helps protect the internet’s address book or the Domain Name System (DNS). As incidents of cyber attacks are rising, the countermeasure has been taken and will be implemented in the next 48 hours.
  • As per ICANN, 98% of user will be unaffected with this updation in Internet protocol.
    The impact of the updation has been resolved and there have been minor issues experienced by users.
    The ANI report quoted Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) saying that the global internet shutdown was necessary for establishing a secure, stable and resilient Domain Name System. “To further clarify, some internet users might be affected if their network operators or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not prepared for this change. However, this impact can be avoided by enabling the appropriate system security extensions,” it said.

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Benefits of outsourcing IT services

Benefit of outsourcing IT services

Hire Dedicated Developers in Mumbai

  • Outsourcing IT services and Benefits of outsourcing is becoming beneficial and more rewarding because third-party vendors can now offer services that are adaptable to a company’s needs without huge infrastructure investments.
  • There are various Software outsourcing companies in India through which developers can be hired However Outsourcing benefits of IT technology has its own advantages and disadvantages listed below-
  • The growth of the IT Industry in Software Development India has changed the scenario of the country worldwide.
  • The impact of this rapid growth of Offshore Outsourcing in the country, especially in the field of Information Technology has empowered the strength and reputation of India worldwide.
  • Today the situation is totally different for the demand of the country which was there almost a decade back. Previously software outsourcing was neglected. But now the situation is totally different today and most of the overseas companies and countries prefer India for most of their IT services and requirements.
  • According to the experts in Information Technology, software services are rapidly becoming like any other manufacturing industry and overseas development of software project is on the boom.
  • Initially, companies used to outsource only secondary services but now the core development services are also crossing the boundaries.

Companies are looking at the major factor and that is the cost because competition in the global market is increasing rapidly and overseas development is the best possible alternative for all the problems.


Most of the companies  outsource DEVELOPERS for cost-cutting but there are extra benefits they get:

Benefits of outsourcing:

1) Get experts: Team of experts would be ready to handle the load of your projects. They might have already experienced with your business niche and can give you good quality, expert guidance, and better exposure.

2) Release burden: If you outsource most of the tasks, you don’t have to worry about many employees separate desks, computers, life insurance, vacation, personal problems, sickness, 15 plus holidays, retirement etc.

3) Pay on Deliveries: You don’t have to pay monthly wages similar to your onsite employees – you can pay them after work! (it is briefly defined below)

4) Analyze day-to-day progress of work: Because of the time zone difference between Asian and the Western countries, you can get your work done while your business closes down in the evening that is your core competency and you get a complete report of your outsourced non-core tasks at a very next day.

5) Improving customer service: Through outsourcing, you can service your customer’s faster, satisfaction, reliability, better quality and decrease turnaround time.


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How to develop an app for android?

To answer this question the first thing one needs to know is what does an app mean? Obviously, everyone knows this today, but how many of us know what is the procedure to create it and on what all tools or functions does it work upon!

Not many, reason being teens are fascinated by its visual impacts and features which makes them think using it with the world will make them look cool, and adults are just happy with its arrival as it is allowing them to make their work appear simple and easier.

But hardly anyone will get interested in knowing its way of creation other than the ones who are looking to move forward their business ideas to pursue a new layer in the digital field.


In recent times, along with the businessmen and infotech companies, this information is being googled more often and more actively. To run with a smart world one needs to sustain himself that smart and for that emerging of new business ideas is must which can be executed well enough.


With the emerging new traditions everything old got renewed, small black and white handsets converted into smartphones, applications used to run only in computers and laptops shifted their way towards mobile phones and digitalization reached its peak. Today instead of loading any application in personal computers we can easily install them in our phones through one single click. Its increased demand thus significantly gave fuel to its availability and charged it up with an add-on of great reliability.


If one goes in detail, apps are categorized into three types :

Native which includes –  iOS, Android and window phones.

Hybrid applications consist –  Xamarin based platforms, React Native, Ionic, Angular Mobile Sencha Touch etc and lastly

Web applications as responsive versions of the website to work on any mobile device.

Native apps are used for a single mobile operating system exclusively, therefore they are “native” for a particular platform or device. Application developed for systems like iOS, Android, Windows phone, cannot be run on a platform other than their own. In other words, you won’t be able to use an iOS app on any Android phone.

Android app development course for beginners

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If we take a survey, Android among all is the most widely used application running all over the globe. Main reasons lying behind this include mobility, variety, ease of updates, notifications, multitasking, easy to access and most importantly it provides all the features and advantages in a quite easy and achievable price.

Due to the increased demand, productivity and various innovative creations this race of mobile applications got very high where only the best can lead overall.

So if you think you are intelligible enough with your ideas and wants to enter into the world of marketing through this phase then along with the idea you need to work upon its execution as well.

To begin the journey first and foremost step one need to put on is –

Be precisely ready with the idea. Next according to the based idea do the needful market research and list out all the other companies following the same trend and see their market growth and observe what all inputs they are lacking to which you can work upon and can come up as a strong competitor to them.

Developing an app doesn’t mean create it at first go and face all its consequences later but a smart developer first keeps all the coming pros and cons in mind and then function as an analyst.

After doing all the research, take the next important step and start executing your plan practically. Master the computerized or code languages as our machines totally understand a different language than us and if you want to communicate with them you should be thoroughly ready with its language.

It is important to familiarize yourself with good automation tools and integrated development environment. You can use Android app studio IDE or the Eclipse tools or can use app-builders as they will make you learn the basics and will help in improving your codes. You can even go with Apache Maven, Apache Ant, and Gradle as they provide powerful sets of tools in helping and managing your builds.

At this point, it’s time to sign up for the stores. Create an account with Google Play so that you can get your app on market.

Make sure you make your application be potential enough that whosoever go over it surely download it. Your work is not over yet, after being downloaded, it must be smart and strong enough that it satisfies all the needs of the customer or the person using it. It should be filled with fascination that once after using this customer should not think of deleting or trying any other application.

Send your application for feedbacks, as you may think your app to be perfect but you need to know about your customer’s requirements at the same end so that you and your users can go hand in hand and make changes accordingly to balance and raise up the requirement.

After feeding enough feedbacks you will surely start getting some likes and subscribes to your app from people who are using it and that is the perfect timing for your application to get more promotions and advertisement.

Another last important step you need to follow is starting updating your application with new features at least once or twice in a month and make users know about it by sending notifications so that they open your application more often which makes them start trusting you and think you are a successful app maker.

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How Do You Milk Your Mobile App

Hire Mobile App Developer

So, going digital seems to be no big deal nowadays for any business, be it a local florist or a retail major. Your potential clientele wants and expects the virtual presence of your brand. Rightly so! That leaves you with no choice, but to develop the wonderful android application for your company.

When you decide to hire a mobile app development company in India, you will need to ensure that the final app is quite set to give you the business that you need. After all, you are spending all the money and efforts for business growth. An app that looks good but doesn’t translate into money is of little use, isn’t it?

You need to get out to planning and approving the design and approach. It will be start when you hire an Android app developer or maybe even before that. Be mindful of what can hit right with your users. You don’t want to get lost in the millions of apps floating on AppStore, would you? Take a cue or two from below:

Nothing fanciful, really!

Simplicity touches and connects in unbeatable ways – always. A simple app design is what grabs the attention. Complex and lots of technical mumbo-jumbo looks good on paper, but remember your users may not be that tech-savvy! Check out by wearing the shoes of the users. Simple. Intuitive. Direct. Period.

Buzz it up, create an aura!

You need to have a trend and make your users ask for more. Easier said than done. Tease a little, give a few features first like a trailer. Give your audience a sneak peek, scratch their curiosity buds, and then draw them towards your new versions with more!

Is it really what they want?

One of the first things you will need to check is what the market wants. Is your USP ‘good’ enough? This is what will make or break your work. So, get it right before you start. You need to scour the entire virtual zone, look for competitors’ offerings from around the globe. The world has shrunk a lot after all, hasn’t it? If you can, get insight about trends and what can be expected to come soon. Make lists, brainstorm, and redo it all over again – and yet again. This exercise will make your app design lean and fit!

Dip in hot water!

Take a dip in boiling water, just a bit! Not, really! The parallel drawn in the app development world means that you need to release your app idea or prototype to a small section of your target users. There is nothing that works better than live feedback. Let it be a freely flowing feedback. Encourage direct and honest opinion. Time spent now is huge money saved later.

Close the loop. Start from the drawing board, go to the user. Then, go back to the beginning with the inputs from the field. Involve UX/UI experts, strategists, marketers, business users, advisors – et all! Be transparent, welcome tangent ideas and criticism. At this stage, this is the litmus test that your app needs.

When you burnt the midnight oil, bask in the aroma! The new age oil is all flavoured to smell right and intoxicate after all. Your app will have that aromatic edge and do the wonders that you seek.

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A Successful App Is The One That Resonates With Your Users

So, you have a fabulous looking app, right? It looks good, captures your business essence well, and is the showcase of your products! You marketed it well.

Hey, but when it went out to the market, everything turned topsy-turvy! After a month of sitting out there, people just didn’t use it enough! Why? What could have possibly gone wrong?

A lot many things perhaps! Let’s take it from the beginning!

When you decide to outsource your mobile app development in India, here is what you should ask for:

Understand your target audience like the back of your hand

You are not going about to paint the whole world blue. Find a niche target and focus there. Once you know who, get into what they want. Get their likes and dislikes on to your mind. Be on top of their needs. Go over this info again and again in different ways, looking for newer insights. Talk to them, formally and informally. Time spent now will be cost saved.

Register first, use later – a big mistake

Does your app ask users to register first and use later? You will turn away more users than you can possibly imagine! People want to see the app, get a feel of it and then register if they like it. Use this mobile app strategy.

Long load time – a complete no-no

You got to be quick, nimble, and bug-free. Users lose patience with instability and app crashes can quash your app’s chances completely.

Consider the human gestures

Taps, pinches, and clicks on their smartphone screens – humans tend to do these a lot with the apps. Does your app react to these? When you hire a web developer, capture every gesture and respond quickly to engage better.

Attractive packaging never fails

Have you thought of a catchy and relatable name? Don’t be fancy, rather focus on one that can be remembered easily. The app icon, app logo and the app name, all three concepts work as entrance gates to your app welcoming users. If your icon can strike a chord, there is bound to be a higher click rate,

Keyword for an app? Yes, really

Move over the SEO concept from the web! An app’s data for its keywords will pull up its rank in searches. Meta-data for your app must contain these which can pull high traffic. Research well for these crucial keywords.

Visual screenshots are the poster-boys of your app

Capture screenshots from Google Play or Apple App Store. Use these in ads, banners, and marketing campaigns. Your app icon can have these shots as its neighbour when you want to say your story. People tend to recall images more, so use visuals from actual app for maximum realistic effect.

Test, test, and test

It is wonderful to be agile and send out your app for live feedback. But did you test it enough? If you didn’t and your app crashes on the first load, you can say bye-bye to a happy user acquisition! Strike a balance between being early and being thorough.

Life term or short-term verdict

Don’t be over judgemental and emotional about your app. Each app is there to serve a purpose. The life of an app may be short-term or it may be longer. Once you have got this straight, plan your app accordingly.

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Micro Apps Are The New Kids On The App Development Block

micro app development

The world of apps is now a huge ocean of digital programs. Here app development has mostly delivered end-to-end functionality and a holistic experience. This concept stems from enterprise software legacy that businesses were always used to. These legacy software solutions focus on ‘completeness’ of an entire function or process. Apps were till now the mobile counterpart of such desktop/laptop applications.

Such apps take a lot of time to plan, design, develop and deliver. At times, the dynamically changing requirements may actually lose their relevance. This can happen when the app for the problem at hand is delivered too late. Also, app development is a time-consuming and costly affair in such a case.

Move over and make place for a new avatar – the micro app! If you are thinking of engaging with a mobile application development company in India, read this. Look for one that allows you to hire android programmers with experience of micro app development.

What is a micro app?

A micro app is essentially a target oriented application. It aims to deliver a specific functionality to a limited set of users. It is a great strategy for businesses for their mobility plans. It allows users to engage in a small role-based interaction. It also performs the relevant task, gives the output, and exits the interaction.

These mean that micro apps are very efficient and very small software programs. These are like the desktop utilities that assisted system administrators to indicate specific report. For instance, the free memory or disk capacity at a given time is a report.

The world of micro apps can enthuse a fresh energy when you want to hire Android programmers. These developers have the skill to bring out a micro app in a very short span for you.

The micro app can be ready in such a short time due to a host of support tools available in the market. These tools aim to improve efficiency, quality, and productivity of android application development companies. This is possible due to the availability of cloud-based application development tools. Such virtual environments are high on functionalities and low on cost. Thus, micro apps can be built quickly and are not too expensive.

How can it fit into an organizations strategy?

An enterprise should perhaps break a standard standalone application use-case into smaller target based micro app. Each micros app can address different types of users with different types of services. When one wants to hire android developers for a micro app, one must ask if they have experience in using these tools.

Rapid Mobile App Development is a technique that uses code-free application development for mobiles.  Many RMAD tools are now available as friendly GUI web-based models. This means that developers need not have deep technical knowledge. Rather, a deeper understanding of the app design and expected behaviour is needed. It is more important to focus on UX rather than pure coding experience.

Micro apps are best suited for internal staff as well as target customers. On-demand data is the growing ask of employees and end-users. Micro apps are thus the best quick wins that can help enterprises to tap into single purpose solutions. They can address specific problems by digging into their back-end systems, applying limited intelligence and replying back with the desired information. It has far-reaching benefits into higher employee and customer satisfaction levels. This is an underlying but important factor that builds trust and thus stronger relationships.

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