How to successfully outsource software development.

To outsource software development is a challenge even in the best of conditions. At the point when your organization is thinking about procuring an outside firm to do your development.

It is incumbent upon you and your staff members to make sure the project comes together without faltering over obstacles.
Key to any specialized undertaking is arranging and expert analysis of where a project is headed, and its development.

While management of the process holds significance, planning for all the future contingencies is likely to clear the way for success with outsourced software development company.


 Benefits Of Outsourcing


  • There are too many benefits to outsourced software development.
  • Not only can outsourcing deliver commercial benefits to a small and medium business.
  • But it also can deliver them with customized expertise to satisfy short- and long-term solution for their software development demands.
  • According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, the top motivation for business to outsource includes, cost-cutting and the abilities to focus on core business activities and solve capability issues.
  • Outsourcing software development offers business an increased return on their investment




Below are the tips to successfully outsource software development company

Implementing smart methods.


  • Agile or sharp methodologies allow firms to keep a close eye on production and swiftly execute work during a project’s life cycle with an outsourced software development company.
    They allow a business owner sitting at one end and a software developer at the other end to work together.
  • The product can then be assembled in weekly cycles called sprints as per technical and business revenue aspects.
  • Through agile or smart methodology, a business owner and the software development team members can fully understand the nature of the project, the target assigned and the goals to be achieved.


Decide your budget


  • Every outsourcing software development agency is unique. Some offer by packages, some charge as per hour. Just like defining goals, you should define your budget as well.
  • Then analyze the top software development companies to see what they can do for the sum.
  • Many businesses end up with making a mistake of choosing the cheapest solution for financial reasons.
  • The most economical solution is not every time a low quality one but you pay for one which stands true in the software development outsourcing space.
  • Sometimes price could be a factor,but it shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision making.

Instead, if you cannot stretch budget and can’t hire the best, search for a solution that brings you the correct balance of quality and cost.


Set realistic goals and track productivity.


  • What works better than creating the project’s schedule plan, setting its milestones? Making them measurable, traceable & realistic.
  • Your team should know that the results are achievable. This may be hard and take up a lot of time and effort but is feasible.
  • You may want to create the next Microsoft, but if the team fails to deliver it, is it really their fault?
  • If you don’t take time frames and the complexity of tasks into account, you risk not having anything done or a project that is done poorly.
  • Don’t be too pushy , demanding and negotiate pushily with your outsourcing software development agency. Milestones are definitely an important tool for tracking the team’s progress and productivity but use them carefully.

Check project updates and evaluate the completed tasks according to your standards. And always provide your feedback on the delivered results.


Assess the technical education level of developers carefully.


  • When opting to select an offshore or outsourcing software development company, thoroughly assess the technical background of developers.
  • Do research to check whether their technical expertise fits your requirements and overall standards & strategic goals.
  • If the number of Junior developers in outsourcing business is a lot bigger than Middle and Senior specialists, it means that the country offers profound education in the IT field and invests in its budding talents.
  • The IT outsourcing market in Eastern Europe is developing at a rapid speed. IT companies have increased demand for young specialists. Thus, they are looking for fresh blood and initiate opening of new programs at universities.
  • They set up innovative labs at universities and work alongside universities and government to stimulate the development of tech education.

Ukraine ranks 11th with an overall score 88,7 out of 100 among top 50 countries with the best developers in the world according to HackerRank.


Strive hard for outsourcing transparency.


  • Successful applications outsourcing requires communication between a customer and a provider.
  • Both parties need to agree on priorities and information requirements.
  • By choosing a software vendor with a clear and transparent approach, you will find a like-minded partner that will be fully committed to the quality of your software.
  • According to Deloitte’s report on outsourcing transparency evolution, taking a proactive approach of discussing mechanisms and requirements can enable software vendors to provide better information and more efficiency.
  • Transparent providers may offer opportunities for customers to involve them at more strategic levels where they can drive a higher value.

Learning how to use outsourcing transparency for risk management and leveraging provider capabilities can gain a competitive edge to both parties.




  • A person dedicated with the sole responsibility of looking after a project can do wonders for software development.
  • An outsourced software development project benefits from a dedicated project manager who is looking after everything all the time.
  • This way every person involved knows there is someone overseeing the whole undertaking and every update gets communicated on time.
  • Project Manager also proves to be a vital need in removing bumps and issues. No software project sails smoothly at first go; there are always some hiccups.

A Manager is in a better position to resolve issues since he or she has a clear picture of what’s going on and where the project needs to be.


Use a project management tool.


  • There are numerous digital applications available to make remind software developers of the tasks assigned to them.
  • When there are large numbers of tasks linked to a project, the nature of it can become complex.
  • Project management applications like Asana, Basecamp, and Trello can help software developers manage project tasks, calendars and conversation threads.


Run a trial period.


  • If the outsourced software development company works in a transparent model and is confident in their skills, they might be offering a free 2 weeks trial.
  • There is no better way to test the outsourcing team than simply start working together.

Prepare for Long-Term Cooperation.


  • Outsourcing software development involves a long-term relationship between a customer and a vendor.
  • In the automotive industry, you should look for longer cooperation. For Example, a bug in computer software can hardly cost you. But a bug in a vehicle’s autopilot can cost you heavily.
  • This means that you need to outsource software development company that understands the importance of thorough R&D and testing, skipping the ones that promise a fast and easy solution.

You also wouldn’t want your team members to leave, so track employee turnover of outsourcing vendor you choose.

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React Native Vs Ionic Framework

React Native

React native is a free, open-source, and JavaScript programming language mainly used for building native mobile apps. React Native offering large amount of inbuilt components and API’s provides a fast track to app completion.

Learn more about React Native

Top 15 Strong reasons to Choose React Native

Ionic Framework

Ionic framework created by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co. in 2013 is a highly useful programming language.

Ionic like Native React is an open source cross-platform framework used to build hybrid mobile applications. Hybrid applications are based or coded in HTML5 are basically small websites that have access to the native platform layer. In comparison to pure native applications, hybrid apps have many plus points like platform support, the speed of development, access to 3rd party code and many more.

Use of Ionic Framework

Whenever an application is developed developer has to frame two code of sets – one for Android and other for iOS. Which again is used by two different sets of the audience, causing both the wastage of time and money as it covers only limited audience. To avoid this conflict of Android, iOS or any other window system new programming was designed called Ionic. Since it is developed to cover both the operating systems it is developed above HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thus you need to have a basic idea about all of these as it is built on the top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova.

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Advantages Of The Ionic Framework

  • Ionic Framework helps you build your applications and progressive web applications as it offers you the best web and native app components.
  • Ionic Framework is a free and open source project that can be used by anyone.
  • Its cross-platform feature allows you to frame only one codebase for both web and mobile apps.
  • They use a mix of native code, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an easy app that runs anywhere.
  • Ionic provides you appropriate behaviors like navigation, gestures and even styling to have a look and feel your mobile applications.
  • The Ionic framework uses premier native plugins.
  • Documentation of the Ionic framework is first class built with real components, examples, and guides.
  • It is very easy to customize while using the Ionic framework

Difference Between Ionic and React Native

React Native-vs-IonicWhile developing an application it is important to choose the one which matches perfectly with your end result thoughts. As we all know both Ionic and React Native is good with its code of conduct let’s find out the difference between both of them.


After going through the above differentiation it is clear that both Ionic and React Native framework are completely different as they offer completely different mobile and web app solutions. Thus it is better to plan out what are your applications requirement to decide which among the two are going to be helpful for you. React Native is very good with its development speed and similarly, Ionic framework too is keep growing over the years to make itself more in demand.

So if you are curious to develop your next project with React Native frameworks, then this is the right time to start with. You can also hire React Native developers from a reliable app development company like Nimap Infotech.

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Java Vs Python


Java is a computer programming language, most popularly used in the development of Android smartphone applications. It was first released by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in the year 1995 and later acquired by Oracle Corporation. It is the most fundamental language that produces software for multiple programs. Initially, it was designed to have a feel of C++ but later with its multiple use and extra benefits, it became much simpler and popular than C++.

If you follow the basic definition, Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is class-based object-oriented and concurrent in use. Meaning, with the use of Java you can execute many statements at the same time instead of sequentially executing it. Using Java, computation can be advanced without waiting for all the other computations to complete. It is also an independent programming language following the logic of “Write once, Run anywhere” i.e. the compiled Java code can run on all the platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation Python.


Angular 5 vs React JS

Angular JS vs Node JS

Python, on the other hand, is another great general-purpose programming language used for a variety of wide applications. Python’s high-level built-in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development. This feature of Python makes you construct and enable clear programming on both the simple as well as the most complex applications and website. With no lot of syntax and easy readability quality, Python code is much easier than the other programming languages. Which on the subsidiary makes its maintenance and development cost of programming very less.

Python code of programming supports all the use of modules and packages. This feature of Python give its program the vulnerability to design in modular style and can be reused across a variety of projects. Being an interpreted language unlike other programming languages its written code does not get translated in the computer-readable format at runtime.

Difference Between Java and Python.

Java vs Python - Nimap Infotech

                                                                   Java Vs Python


Thus after going through the above conversation, we can say, both Java and Python are rich programming languages. According to the need of your application, choose the language you find best features with for your desired application. Compare the features of both Java and Python from above accordingly to choose the best programming language for your application.

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Introduction to Yii Framework

What is Yii Framework?

Yii is a high-performance, component or module based PHP framework that is used for developing large scale Web applications swiftly. It enables the highest amount of reusability in Web Programming and can easily accelerate your web development process. The name Yii (pronounced Yee or [ji]) is an abbreviation for “Yes it is” This is often accurate, and the most compact response to inquires for those new to Yii. Is it fast? Is it safe? Is it professional? Is it adequate for my next project? Yes, it is!

1. Requirements

In order to run a Yii-powered Web program, you require a web server that runs on PHP 5.1.0

For programmers who want to use Yii, you need to apprehend object-oriented programming (OOP) which is very helpful, since Yii is a pure OOP framework.

2. What is Yii Best for?

Yii is a generic Web development framework that is generally used to program virtually any type of Web application. Since it is lightweight and is able to cache using sophisticated mechanisms, it is especially used for high bandwidth applications such as portals, forums, content management systems (CMS), online-shopping systems, and so on.

3. How does Yii Compare with Other Frameworks?

Similar to most PHP frameworks, Yii is an MVC framework.

Yii surpasses others amongst being efficient, feature-rich and well documented. Yii is meticulously designed from zero to be fit for high-performance web application programming. It is neither byproduct of some project nor a conglomerate of some other work. It is the result of the authors’ rich expertise with web application programming experience and their investigation of the most famous web programming framework and applications.

Reasons to choose Yii Framework:

  • Easy to Install

For web engineers, time is cash, and nobody needs to invest their valuable energy in a complicated installation and setup process

  • Utilizes Modern Technologies

    Yii is a pure OOP framework, and it utilizes the advantages of some of PHP’s more advanced features, that includes late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.

All classes are namespaced, which allows you to take advantage of their PSR-4 compliant autoloader.

  • Highly Customizable

    Yii is like a suit that looks great off of the rack but is also very easy to tailor to fit your needs. Virtually every component of the framework is customizable

  • Encourages Testing

    Yii is highly integrated along with Codeception. Codeception is an awesome PHP testing framework that is used to simplify the process of creating unit, functional and acceptance tests for your web applications. You can also write automated tests for your web applications. The integration with Codeception makes it simple to set up and configure your application when you are testing


  • Simplifies Security

    Security is a pivotal piece of any web application, and luckily Yii has some extraordinary highlights to help ease your mind.

Yii accompanies a Security application component that opens a few methods to help with making an increasingly secure application.

  • Shortens Development time

Most projects include a specific measure of redundant tasks that nobody needs to sit idle with. Yii gives us a couple of tools to enable you to invest less energy in those tasks, and additional time modifying your application to suit your customers’ needs.

  • Easy to Tune for Better Performance

Everyone realizes that a slow website creates disappointed clients, so Yii gives you a few tools to enable you to press more speed out of your application.


Like any great framework, Yii encourages you to make present-day web applications rapidly, and ensure they perform well. It pushes you to make secure and testable websites by completing a great deal of the truly difficult work for you. You can without much of a stretch utilize the greater part of its highlights precisely as they are given, or you can adjust everyone to suit your requirements.

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React Native vs Flutter 2019

Mobile applications today is the leading factor for many of the business companies. In today’s business, the world of competition has become online. With a good mobile application, you can reach your business to a large number of customers. And that’s the reason why there’s a large number of competition running in the world of mobile applications. With the continuous development in the world of business every day many people come carrying new ideas with them.

If someday you come up with a new idea which you think can bring a change in your business the first thing you’ll think of is developing a splendid mobile application. To share your ideas with the public and get them to buy your products and services. Since there’s a huge competition running across the world every day we come up with one or the other new application. We really need to think about its development, time and budget on which an app is created. Where programming language plays the most basic role it is the ultimate successor of applications.

React Native

React Native being an open source framework released in 2015 is a cross-platform. For developing real and native rendering mobile applications React Native was created. With the development of this, it became easy for web developers to design mobile applications.

Earlier due to different mobile operating systems we have to build separate teams for designing separate application programs for both Android and iOS. However, the development of React Native introduced cross-platform. Meaning we can use more than one language for our programming code. React Native applications are a mixture of JavaScript and XML-esque markup, known as JSX. Supporting both Android and iOS it carries the potential to expand to the future platforms. Use of react native makes the coding language easy to understand while it also reduces its complex structure of size.  

These programming languages playing the role of business solutions give the business solution to your companies. And the greatest advantage they provide is, with a single team and single code base it allows you to manage both the iOS and Android applications.


On the other hand with the recent invention, our techno world is surprised by another new programming language called Flutter. It is a technology app designed by Google, recently launched in May 2017. Written in the ‘Dart’ programming language, it makes relatively very easy for programmers if they want to move completely towards Android or iOS apps. Giving advanced features to the programming by making use of many of the languages.  

Flutter’s mobile SDK is meant for designing high-performance mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single code.

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What Actually Flutter Is

What’s special and unique with Flutter is that it does not make use of any text tag that is popular with the internet. React native uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript, however, flutter based on a single code base is going to produce both iOS and Android apps. Being an open source UI framework it lets mobile app developers build native apps on both Android as well as on iOS. It helps make Flutter become fast and very quick in building apps. For this, they are not using any popular language like JavaScript, C++, etc.  

The Most Important Features And Benefits Of Using Flutter:

High Performance

For writing mobile applications code Flutter uses Google’s own language called Dart. Dart being an object-oriented language helps you contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of any app development flow. Like other languages, Dart includes features like async-await, generics, strong typing and a rich library supporting effective development. With its exceptional “tree shaking” compiler, it records only the code which is required for your app. its high-performance activity apps designed by flutter can be shared across the web as well as mobile platforms.

Hot Reloading  

With this feature in the flutter, any changes made by the designers will be instantly visible to the developers. It helps you bridge the gap between developers and designers to help them collaborate better. It further helps in improving the rate at which the app is developed. It helps developers quickly build UI’s, add new features and fix bugs if any.

Expressive and Flexible Designs

Flutter comes with a modern reactive framework along with many rich sets of widgets, animation libraries, and layered, extensible architecture.

Access Native features and SDK’s

It makes your app livelier with platform API’s, 3rd party SDK’s, and native code. It allows you to reuse your existing Java, Swift and Object C code and access native features and SDK’s on iOS and Android.

Creates High-Quality Experiences

Flutter creates superior experiences across devices and platforms with portable GPU-accelerated renderer and high performance, native ARM code runtime.

Difference Between React Native and Flutter

React Native VS Flutter

React Native VS Flutter


Both React Native and Flutter have their own plus and minus’ but both are actively good if looked at the features they’re providing. However, React Native being an older framework is quite popular with its stability and developing time. Flutter on the flip is good with the start-ups due to its easy UI and performance. However with the coming time flutter with its new features too will be more popular in the world of mobile app development.

So if you are curious to develop your next project with React Native frameworks, then this is the right time to start with. You can also hire React Native developers from a reliable app development company like Nimap Infotech.

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Top 15 Advantages Of Angular JS

AngularJS (also written as Angular.js) was first originated by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009. However, after the long years, it is now mainly maintained by Google. Being an open-source web application framework, It lets you use HTML as your template language. It also helps you extend its HTML syntax to express your application components clearly and succinctly to use it further.

AngularJS is a structural framework used for dynamic web applications, it helps greatly in creating and developing single-page applications. Using single page HTML we can easily declare many dynamic views in the web-apps. In order to express and represent the components of your application precisely it stretches HTML’s syntax.

Since AngularJS is made up of the structural framework it provides you with a large choice of tools for designing today’s modern-day web applications. It is capable of automatically handling the JavaScript codes that suites each browser. Thus it can be said that applications written in AngularJS are cross-browser compliant.

Here are some of the important features of AngularJS are :

 Great MVC/MVVM design pattern As AngularJS framework is a cross-browser applicant it aims to provide you with both the development as well as testing by providing a framework client-side MVC (mobile-view-controller) and MVVM (model-view-ViewModel). It helps you segregate and signify the designed patterns into many sections. MVC is a concept of modern web applications. It helps designers to view and use each different segment as per their need and creativity.

Built by Google Since AngularJS structural framework has been developed by a group of developers from Google and community of individuals and corporations. It helps you make rich internet applications.

We can find this open-source language completely free. It was licensed under the  Apache license version 2.0. Its latest version available today is 1.2.21.

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Since the framework is designed by Google it provides advantages to the developers in a larger context solving many of their difficulties.

Angular JS

Advantages Of Angular JS

Advantages of AngularJS

1. Data Binding – One of the features that helps you tackle the biggest challenge is data binding. It helps you do the automatic synchronization of data between the model and view components. It helps you eliminate the large part of the codes, making it much simpler and easier to read and understand.

2. HTML User Interface – AngularJS build the user interface using the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). With the use of  HTML language, it provides us much simpler, easier and organized user interface. Instead of full complete sentences, we started using short tags. In comparison with JavaScript, HTML is less complicated and easy to work with.

3. Directives – these are the extended sets of inbuilt attributes using the HTML. The major function on these directives is that they enhance the functionality of HTML in the most basic way. This function of directives helps users make dynamic client-side applications. In AngularJS all the in-built directives begin with the prefix ‘ng’. Angular users can even make their own custom directives. For that, you’ll have to use the .directive function. Once the directive is created you can invoke and use its name as HTML element, attribute, class or comment.

4. Modules – In AngularJS number of module defines the number of applications within the area of that module where all the different elements of the application exist. Filters – It helps you filter data for fitting view. Using these filters you can change the data into an appropriate format of currency, date, time, etc. In order to carry out various different purposes, there are numbers of other inbuilt filters in AngularJS. These filters will work exactly like the inbuilt filters in the application.

5. Simple Architecture: AngularJS provides our developers with simpler architecture with a bundle of advanced features to help your designs and projects. It easily manages your heavy web applications containing complex elements and components.

6. Minimal Code: Use of AngularJS reduces code in your applications.

7. Fewer Errors: Since AngularJS is an open source structural framework you expect the number of errors or issues to be minimal.

8. Code Reusability: AngularJS provides its users the facility to reuse its code. It helps users save their time and energy from designing new code.

9. Directives: Marker on a DOM element such as attribute, element name, comment, CSS which attach to specific behavior.

10. Dependency Injection: AngularJS has a dependency injection mechanism for making applications develop, understand, and test.

11. Two Way Data Binding: AngularJS helps you synchronize the data between the model and view component. It will help you eliminate JavaScript code to keep your HTML data code in sync. AngularJS will automatically do that for you.

12. Templating: It is a plain HTML which is parsed by the browser into the DOM.

13. Testing Support: With the use of AngularJS developers are free with the code of testing. JavaScript AngularJS supports both Unit Testing and Integration Testing.

14. Good for large and Complex Projects: Building large projects with the help of AngularJS is easy to develop.it most useful when multiple forms in the web application.

15. Faster Application Development: AngularJS is an extremely powerful javascript framework to develop web applications. The Process of custom web app development makes the more easy task for the enterprise.

Disadvantages of AngularJS

Along with the advantages each platform has its own disadvantages too.

Complicity in understanding: As the users are allowed to use different styles of coding it may complicate things, making your application complex and difficult to understand. Link and compilations are not spontaneous in case of specific cases.

Complicity: AngularJS is vast and complicated. As it offers multiple ways to accomplish your tasks it is hard to know which way is best for doing a particular task.

Poor Scalability: With poor scalability as the project grows AngularJS can be        more problematic and difficult to understand and work with.

Security: Since AngularJS runs on JavaScript framework your application is not secured completely. In case your server stops supporting JavaScript the user would not be able to access the website and will only see the basic page. This doesn’t happen with plain HTML web.

Require more time for rendering: Also because of the JavaScript framework if the user will overload the apps the browser may take extra time in rendering the websites and applications.



Every platform on which we perform our tasks carries both the outcomes – positive and negative. It is up to you to decide what choice you make to create and design your business websites.

Looking to,

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Top 10 Best Practices in Website Development Process

Published by: Pradnya Rath, UI Developer

  1. Make website Speed should be an Absolute Priority

It’s most likely one amongst the least debated facts that speed is very important. Analysis has shown that it influences everything from bounce rate over user satisfaction to conversions and revenue.

A website which may load quickly on all devices and platforms even with slower web connections is ideal. you’ll be able to use tools like Pingdom or Page Insights to check whether or not your web site loading time is as per standards or not and more improve the speed if needed.

2 Design for the small screens first

Designing with the mobile (smartphone) layout initial can assist you to separate the essential components from the secondary ones. Adding as you rescale is way easier than cutting as you scale down.

For the past few years, mobile traffic to websites has been boosting and today mobile guests frame the most of the proportion of traffic for several websites. you ought to take the “Mobile First” approach.
Write down all the content classes,

Write down all the content kinds,

Rank them in terms of preference,

Then lay them at the tiniest viewport earliest.

Add components as necessary once you move to larger viewports (like tablet or desktop). for instance, if you’re using the collaborative design app UXPin, that means which means making your 1st model on the 320px  breakpoint. Consider larger screen sizes also, and conjointly the sizes between popular breakpoints.

3 Make usage of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs)

SVGs are mandatory for any responsive design that is utilizing illustrations like icons. in distinction to image files (jpg/png), SVGs are infinitely scalable.
What this suggests is that you just will simply rest simple knowing that any icon or graphic can stay ultra-sharp across all experiences whereas not having to ever worry regarding resolution.
This ends up in a systematically polished look notwithstanding however the web site is being viewed.
Furthermore, SVGs are typically a way smaller file size than their image cousins, in order that they will save your electronic computer some load time, that on mobile expertise will mean the distinction between somebody stick around or leave

4 Homogenize Clickable Areas/Buttons

On mobile, buttons and links will be touched by an individual’s finger, not by an actual mouse click.

That being said, we have to take into consideration that buttons and links ought to have larger interactive areas to contain this distinction.

on average it’s suggested that any clickable on a mobile device be a minimum 45 pixels in height.

This will facilitate to ensure that there are fewer errors in navigation through your website, successively minimizing potential frustration, and keeping the viewer engaged and ideally, converting.

5. Effortless Navigation

People expect loading time to be the lowest possible and navigation to be easy. You’ll additionally wish to make sure that your most vital pages have the very best accessibility.

6. Prioritize and Withhold content appropriately

Desktop screen sizes offer elbow room that smartphone screens don’t. Take advantage of hidden controls like navigation drawers. There are times where removing content on the mobile screen is simply out of the question.
You can additionally hide content behind tappable areas.
Pull the foremost vital things to mobile users to the top. That way, they’ll have possibly seen the foremost vital factor you’re attempting to indicate or tell them.

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For example, rather than of showing a whole section with its body text, you’ll show simply the title, with a little supporting graphic that we are able to build them interactive/clickable.

When this is clicked the complete body text can appear, we can associate it with an overlay or with some form of attention-grabbing animation. This can help shorten what would otherwise be an intensely long page, and with correct visual style be a awfully participating expertise for the viewer.

7. Take Leverage of Device Features

On smartphones, you have got the power to try to do a variety of diverse tasks.  we could directly  make calls, send messages, and open apps,  from the browser

For example, whereas on a desktop web site, you will list the phone number/ On the mobile version of that web site, you will need to list the signal within a button or clickable space so it’ll mechanically prompt a decision once clicked.

Social media icons also can be coded in such the simplest way that once clicked if put in thereon person’s phone, it’ll open directly within the app as against a mobile browser.

This idea also can be applied to email addresses, gap a brand new message in AN email app and auto-fill that email because the recipient, once clicked.

8. Typography

When selecting a typeface(fonts), make sure that your choice works well and maintains the general feel you would like whether or not you scale it larger or smaller.

Some typefaces with thin letter forms may work fine at larger or maybe medium sizes, however, those letterforms lack clarity once they area  sized down too little. this may have an effect on the site’s readability, that isn’t acceptable.
If you need to use a specific type with thin letters, check that that it’s clear even at its smallest size or contemplate work a special font for those smallest sizes.

The wider a column of text is, the additional line-height (vertical height of every line of text) is needed to assist users to notice the beginning of succeeding line.

16px font size is the default on most browsers and a good place to start for all screen sizes.

9. SEO Friendly

It doesn’t matter however engaging your website is. If your web site isn’t found in prime ten results of SERPs, you may not deliver the goods desired results.

Ensure that the content of your web site is compelling and fascinating for your guests. Also, you wish to execute correct meta tags, alt tags, heading tags, schema, XML sitemaps, and different on-page efforts for search engines to rank your web site.
Sizing pictures for quicker load times

Internal linking to keep users engaged & on the site

Properly labeling pictures for search engines and users

10. Create Strong CTAs

Strong CTAs ought to be a part of the initial B2B net style, not AN afterthought. they must be positioned in an applicable place within the layout that creates a sense for the target market. as an example, a “Learn More” button is also placed higher within the style, whereas a “Contact Us” type is also placed towards rock bottom of the planning once the traveler is additional educated a couple of complete or company.

Some of the other good practices are as follows

1. Use consistent branding throughout the site

2. Email Marketing

3. Social Media

4. Add breadcrumbs

5. Strong Security

6. Reduce the quantity of selections you supply your  visitors

7. Compress pictures the maximum amount as potential

8. Animate top bars and popups

9. Use individuals in photos (But Avoid Stock Photos)

10. Create distinct landing pages for SEO and paid ads

11. Avoid using sliders and carousels

12. Direct Attention with Visual Cues

10 most common web design mistakes to avoid

  1. Uneven layout

Always use the grid. It splits your layout into sections with series of vertical and/or horizontal guides. you utilize these guides for putting components and equalization the page.

Not modifying the Color of Visited Links

A good grasp of past navigation helps you understand your current location since it’s the completion of your journey. Knowing your past and present locations successively make to choose wherever to go next. Links are a key factor in this navigation website development process.

2. Non-Scannable Text

A wall of text is deadly for an interactive experience. Intimidating. Boring. Painful to read.

Write for online, not print. To draw users into the text and support scannability, use well-documented tricks:


2. Bulleted lists

3. Highlighted Keywords

4. Short Paragraphs

3 Incomplete Input Validation

Remember that almost all front-end development frameworks give out-of-the-box validation rules that area unit implausibly easy to use. in addition, most major back-end website development process platforms use easy annotations to assure that submitted knowledge area unit adhering to expected rules. Implementing validation could be time overwhelming, however, it ought to be a part of your normal secret writing observe and ne’er put aside.

Validating user input on client and server side is mandatory. We are all alert to the sage advice “do not trust user input” but, nevertheless, mistakes stemming from validation happen all too often.

One of the most common consequences of this error is SQL Injection which is in OWASP Top 10 year after year.

4. Wrong or Missing SEO

The root reason for incorrect or missing SEO best practices on websites is misinformed “SEO specialists.” several web developers believe that they grasp enough regarding SEO which it’s not particularly complicated, however that’s simply not true. SEO mastery needs vital time spent researching best practices and therefore the dynamics rules regarding however Google, Bing, and Yahoo index the online. Unless you perpetually experiment and have correct pursuit + analysis, you’re not an SEO specialist, and you ought to not claim to be one.

5. Not Optimizing Bandwidth Usage

Most development and testing take place in an exceedingly native network atmosphere. thus once you are downloading five background pictures every being 3MB or a lot of, you may not determine a difficulty with 1Gbit connection speed in your development atmosphere. however, once your users begin loading a 15MB home page over 3G connections on their smartphones, you ought to prepare yourself for an inventory of complaints and issues.
Optimizing your information measure usage may provide you with an excellent performance boost, and to achieve this boost you most likely solely want a few tricks. There area unit few things that a lot of sensible internet developers handle default, including:

1. Minification of all JavaScript
2. Minification of all CSS
3. Server facet protocol compression
4. Optimization of image size and resolution

6. Not Planning for Portability

An assumption is that the mother of all problems! When it involves movableness, this language is a lot of true than ever. what number times have you ever seen problems in internet development like hard-coded file methods, information connection strings, or assumptions that a precise library is out there on the server? assumptive that the assembly atmosphere can match your native development pc is sorely wrong.

Ideal application setup ought to be maintenance-free:

Make sure that your application will scale and run on a load-balanced multiple server atmosphere.

Allow easy and clear configuration–possibly in an exceedingly single configuration file.

Handle exceptions once internet server configuration isn’t obviously.

Failing to use responsive design

Poor use of headers, sidebars, and footers

People typically assume that heading areas, footers, and sidebars are designed solely for advertisements. However, it’s an enormous red flag once a webpage displays a high number of ads and banners, particularly once there’s very little content to go along with it. These areas is far better used for extra navigation at intervals the website.

7. Not capturing customer information

While some sites might have several ad placements, alternative domains may pay incalculable hours and advertising dollars driving customers to their website, solely to fail at capturing a buying deal or maybe a lead. the percentages are powerfully against that lost client returning on their own, which suggests that even a lot of revenue must be endowed in retargeting campaigns or alternative ways to get back the client.

8. Not paying attention to analytics Finally, a crucial mistake in website development process style isn’t properly fixing the site’s analytics through Google Webmaster Tools or an identical program, or not using the analytics once it’s properly put in.

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Collections Class in Java

Content writer: Suman Chauhan

Collections in Java

A Collection in simple terms means when a group of similar things, often a group created by someone is known as a collection. A collection when collected works like a container – it groups multiple similar elements into a single unit. Forming a natural group they can be stored, modify, redeem, recover and communicate aggregate data.

Java provides a collection framework defining several groups and interfaces to represent groups of objects as a single unit. Collection framework is one of the central and fundamental parts of Java programming language.

What Is Collection In Java

Collection in Java represents a single unit of the group. Using Java collection you can perform all the operations on the data like searching, sorting, inserting, manipulation, deletion, etc.

What is a framework in Java

A framework or software framework is the platform used for developing software applications. They are the large collected bodies of prewritten codes to which you add your own code in specific domains. It helps you dictate the structure of your application, by calling its methods, and inheritance.

Framework specializes classes to invoke the single method or procedures. It employs an inverted flow of control between itself and its clients. Using framework one can implement the call back functions, specialized classes, and interfaces.

What Is Collection Framework?

Java collection framework provides you with the complete architecture of objects. Java frameworks group of objects includes  – classes, interfaces, and algorithm.

Java Collections
Java Collections

Class – Everything in Java is associated with classes and objects. Being a user-defined blueprint, a class in simple terms represents the data structure which is used again and again. It helps in creating objects. A class represents the common attributes and properties to the objects of one type.

Interface – Interface is the blueprint of class, specifying what a class should do. The interface in Java refers to an abstract “class” that is used to group related methods with “empty” bodies.

Algorithm – Algorithm refers to the process and the set of rules used to perform the operations such as searching and sorting.

Methods Of Collection Interface

Before learning about the methods of collection interface, you should first know what Collection Interface means. Collection Interface defines the most common methods that are applicable to any collection of the object.

There come various methods of Collection Interface, which are:

Methods of Collection Interface
Methods of Collection Interface

Iterator Interface in Java

Iterators are one of the predefined interfaces that are present in the java.util.*package. Iterator Interface’ main purpose is to provide the facility of iterating or extracting the elements of the collection in the only forward direction.

It Java collection it takes the place of Enumerations. By default, an object of the iterator is pointed out just before the first collection of any framework collection variable.

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Methods of Iterator Interface

Public boolean hasNext()

This method returns the true value if iteration has more elements in it, otherwise, false.

Public object next()

It helps you retrieve the next element of any collection framework.


This method helps you remove the last element returned by the iterator.

List Interface

It is a child interface of Collection, possessing an index-based method to insert and delete elements in it. It is helpful in declaring the behavior of a collection which stores a sequence of elements.

In its ordered collection of objects, it can store the duplicate values. List Interface is implemented by Array List, Linked List, Vector and Stack classes.

Java ArrayList

Array List being a part of collection framework helps you provide dynamic arrays in Java. It is slower than the other standard arrays but is very helpful in programs, where lots of manipulation in the array is required.

As the Java ArrayList class is non-synchronized, it is helpful in maintaining the insertion order.

Java LinkedList

LinkedList is way too different than the ArrayLists. Their structure of elements is not stored in contiguous locations. Each element of LinkedList is a separate object with a data part and address part. Due to this quality, they are preferred more than the Arrays.

Java LinkedList class is used as a list, stack or queue. However, Java LinkedList manipulation is fast because it requires no shifting needs.

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How to outsource software developer for PHP application development?

Why PHP?

  • PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • PHP no licensing fees is a free language to use.
  • PHP is for server-side programming.
  • PHP can also run on Windows, Unix servers and Linux.
  • It is easy to set up and Create a Website using PHP.
  • PHP has very good online documentation with a good framework.
  • It can interact with many different database languages.
  • PHP useful for Website and Web Application Development

Features of PHP

  • Simple
  • Faster
  • Interpreted
  • Platform Independent
  • Error Reporting
  • Simplicity
  • Case Sensitive.
  • Platform Independent.
  • Efficiency
  • Open source scripting language.
  • Familiarity
  • Loosely Typed Language
  • Security

PHP Web Development Is Useful For?

  • Dynamic websites.
  • Customized E-commerce solutions.
  • CRM application development.
  • Redesigning of existing websites using PHP.
  • Classified portal and other required web portals.

What Platforms Make Use of PHP?


WordPress is an online free and 1 based on PHP. Features include a plugin design and a template system. To make a website in WordPress is easy to maintain.


Drupa just like WordPress is also an open source content management framework with a large supportive community. It is distributed under the General Public License. Drupal provides a back-end framework.


Joomla is a free and open-source content management system used to create and manage dynamic websites. Using model–view–controller it is used for creating powerful online applications


CakePHP is also an open source PHP web development framework that is widely used and time-tested. It helps you make your applications much faster by providing a clean and easy way to spin up projects without any hassle, using the MVC convention. Using this view you can read, delete and make any change in your data from the database.

How To Hire PHP Developers?

There are many ways to hire PHP developers, choose the best one of them.

Steps to outsource PHP Developers

1) Learn PHP And Make Your Own:

If you have time to try and build a website on your own. If you are unaware about the programming then it may take some extra time to learn. Many free tutorials are easily available on the internet.

Cons: when you are going to develop your owns its time consuming, If you have time then go ahead with learning your own and make it

Otherwise, choose the second option by finding PHP developers

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In-House VS Outsourcing a PHP Developer in India


2) Find The Best PHP Developers with your owns:

When you are unaware about how to build a website and don’t want to spend much time to create it, the second way you can opt is hire the PHP developers using the simple steps. There are a few simple steps ahead to help you find the best among the rest.

You can post jobs at Naukri, indeed, LinkedIn, social media, quora PHP developer network.

Look Beyond CV:

  • Strong communication & interpersonal skill
  • Project management skill
  • Good understanding of framework & database concepts
  • Ask technical questions

Checklist To Hire PHP Developers /  Tips To outsource software Developers For Web Development Process

Make sure your developer has at least 2+ years of experience with –

  • Development of rest web services
  • CMS WordPress and Magento.
  • At least one framework (Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Zend)
  • Payment Gateway Integration(Stripe, Paypal etc)

Should have knowledge of –

  • Database Designing
  • Jquery
  • Javascript (Angular JS)
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Do you know how much hectic when searching personally

Cons While Searching Personally

  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • Need to upload all the requirements.
  • Check one by one CVS or resume.
  • Contact them.
  • Taking interview and final selection.
  • if you are non-technical then fetching problems with to test knowledge

Did You Fetch Struggle To Hire PHP Developers?

Do you know? How to,

3) Hire Dedicated PHP Developers from a recognized company

It is simple to avoid all the above things, hire PHP developers directly from a recognized company to get your work done. Contact the company directly you want to hire a developer from and it will avoid all the unnecessary time you spend finding on your own

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers
Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Ways To Hire PHP Developers from Company

  • Check the website by searching to hire PHP developers.
  • Take a look at the portfolio of the company.
  • Check review or testimonial of that website.
  • Contact with company: As per your requirement draft the mail for inquiring about the company, no. of employees you need in your location. After sending all your requirements the company will contact you to answer all your doubts.

Thus by simply contacting the concerned company, you can easily hire developers. This process of hiring developers for a significant time and project is known as Outsourcing PHP developers.

Hiring permanent developers for small companies appears a bit expensive and tedious task. Outsourcing developers from other companies thus help a lot by being the best cost-effective solution.

Pros of Outsourcing PHP developers:

Professional PHP developers are expert in industrial knowledge do you know Benefits of Outsourcing IT developers.

Good communication:

to understand clients requirements PHP developers must have good communication skills and act accordingly. They should be a good listener and speaker also.

Time management:

If the project is not made in time then it seems like a failure to serve purpose time management. a professional PHP developer should capable to manage their time.

Cons Of Outsourcing developers :

  • While there are several advantages to outsourcing the web development there are equal drawbacks also.  It is necessary to communicate with the provider first and make sure the provider you are using is not busy with other services.
  • Another problem that would crop up would be the delivery of the project due to the time difference. It is best to inform the outsourcing partner the actual period you want the project to be done. Choosing the right provider is also imperative so before one hires an outsourcing company, they should check for the reliability of the outsourcing company.

Why Choose Nimap Infotech To Outsource software Developers for PHP?

Nimap Infotech is the solution for hiring PHP developers for offshore :

Hire PHP Developers - Nimap Infotech
Hire PHP Developers – Nimap Infotech
  1. Affordable Pricing – We don’t charge any unnecessary amount from our customers. We outsource our developers in a very budget-friendly way.
  2. Hassle Free Communication – Our developers are easy to contact and will do their best to help you resolve all your doubts.
  3. Qualified PHP developers – Nimap outsources the best and well-qualified PHP developers.
  4. Experienced – We outsource you the best-experienced developers to help you out with your websites.
  5. Experience on new technology – They carry the best of their knowledge for different technical aspects and latest technological trends.
  6. Ready to perceive Client requirement –  They are always ready to perceive the requirements of client’s project to complete the website giving 100% complete satisfaction.
  7. Technical Expert – Our developers are expert in their work of HTML, CSS  JavaScript and Web 2.0 technologies such as DOM programming, AJAX etc.
  8. Industrial Knowledge – Our developers understand the newest trends giving latest ideas to make your website best among all.
  9. Highly Skilled Professional – Our Developers are highly professional with their work.
  10. Help Support – Our developers are 24 *7 ready to help you out with your doubts and queries.

Hire PHP DevelopersNimap Infotech

Why Outsource PHP Development In India

Outsourcing PHP developers from India is a deal worth grabbing. India is a preferred offshore software development destination has extremely qualified PHP developers.

Here are some advantages of outsourcing PHP developers :

  1. Cost Reduction – Hiring PHP Developers from Indian companies would cost almost half the price of an in-house team. If compared their programmers are available for 1/3 the price in developed nations. Also, they provide highly efficient solutions as compared to any other country in the world.
  2. Huge Savings – Due to lower cost-cutting companies have to pay only a  fraction of the cost of local manpower resources in their local area.
  3. Less Effort – A company can do away with responsibilities like an allotment, recruitment, staff maintenance etc. by outsourcing their work to a third party.
  4. Plenty Of Support- India is an emerging hub for IT Offshore Staffing companies. Thus Indian PHP developers are proving themselves as experts. Thus it’s a great profit to hire developers from India.
  5. Quality Oriented Work – Mostly Indian software outsourcing companies are ISO certified, thus giving you the peace of mind on quality of work done.
  6. 24/7 Availability – Indian offshore companies provide you with the option to recruit development teams on a 24/7 basis.
  7. Time Zone Preference – Most companies provide you with the freedom to choose the working time depending on the nation you are staying. Business with different time zones helps a lot in saving your time. It allows the project to be running 24*7 and thus save slots of time.


Thus after going through the complete guide of PHP, its uses, importance, and necessity we can easily conclude that hiring developers from India yields many benefits.

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