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If you’re owning a website you must have heard about the terms like SEO, SEM, SMM, and SMO. Online marketing is all about visibility and awareness. The more you are aware of the new trends and technologies, the more you’ll be visible to the customers.

SEO and SMO playing a huge role are two of the bigger concerns for webmasters and bloggers. To make people aware of your business you need your company to come up with good search engine results. Also, making the proper use of social media you should keep your brand and business name high on the trends.





SEO (Search Engine Result) is a technique used for making strategies to increase the number of visitors by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results pages of search engines.

Helping you increase the quality of your website, it is a great way to make your website user-friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

Following certain rules and regulations, it is considered as a complete framework as it contains many stages and sets of controls. However, in order to direct more traffic to the site to produce organic results of a search, webmaster and content producers have to follow all its rules and regulations.





SMO (Social Media Optimization) was developed and designed to drive traffic to manage and grow the organization’s message and its online presence. Improving your SEO performance it helps you get traffic from both social site referrals and social sites.

It helps you increase the publicity and awareness of your product, brand or event using various social media types like social news, bookmarking sites, video sharing sites, blogging sites and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media optimization generating the web traffic optimizes websites and its content to encourage more users to use and further share links to the websites across all social media and networking sites.





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Do SEO and SMO Help One Another?


SEO mainly works on improving the ranking of your website. It is able to drive visitors with the likes of Google. While SMO, on the other hand, focuses on driving traffic through social media platforms. Although both SEO and SMO works on different spheres but for some way or the other they do impact one another. No matter how differently they work the important thing about them is that in the end, they serve the same goal purpose – driving maximum traffic.





Here’s a list of differences showing how SEO and SMO are different from one another –




SEO helps users to drive the content.SMO helps you drive content to the target audience.
Utilized on platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, etc. Utilized on platforms such as social news, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, video and blogging sites, as well as social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc.
The basic element needs to be focused on SEO is the site’s code and the proper use of keywords.Basic element needs to be focused in SMO is presentation and description of service or product. 
SEO is an on-site and off-site optimization strategy SMO is only off-site optimization strategy.


In SEO search engine can block the site if the content is repetitive or sameSMO has no issue with the repetition of content. 
In SEO keywords are given more importanceIn SMO importance is given on content. 
SEO takes time SMO shows you an immediate result.
SEO is a single activity that improves your rankings.SMO depends on others to increase the visibility of your content.



Why We Need Both SEO and SMO



Even after sharing all the dissimilarities, to make your website powerful you need both SEO and SMO. To attract traffic, get higher rankings and make your website popular you need to merge and use both SEO and SMO with one another.
SEO even though taking time brings your website lasting success. While SMO, on the other hand, shows its success in a short span of time. Thus to make any website popular it is essential to have a blend of both SEO and SMO.
The content playing the major role is an important factor for both SEO and SMO. It is required by both to crawl the search engines and gain traffic to hold visitors on your pages. SMO helps you build a relationship with the customers allows you a platform to answer their queries on a personal level. SEO bringing more visibility in the search engines helps you gain effective traffic value.
Thus to grow your business and website and make it popular amongst customers you need to use both SEO and SMO techniques. It is the blend of both SEO and SMO that makes online marketing plan successful.




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If you’re looking for any kind of help with search engine optimization or social media optimization, contact us. We at Nimap Infotech (IT outsourcing and digital marketing company) have a huge team of digital marketers and developers. Outsource SEO services to make your website popular and your products powerful amongst customers. Our marketers having complete online marketing knowledge knows everything that requires to make a website successful.

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How to make Chatbot using ML


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A chatbot is nothing but an Artificial Intelligence powered software inside a device. (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc) application website or other networks that try to gauge the customer’s needs and assist them in order to perform a particular task like a commercial transaction, hotel booking, submission and so on. Every company nowadays has deployed a chatbot on its website to help users as well as to engage with them. Some ways in which companies are using chatbots are as follows:

  • Delivering Flight Information
  • Connecting with customers and their finances
  • Assist and provide customer support


Inner workings of a Chatbot:

There are broadly two main types of chatbot variants: Rule-Based and Self Learning


In the rule-based approach, a bot answers questions on some rules that it is trained on. The rules can be made to be very simple or very complex. The bot can handle simple queries but often fails to manage complex ones.


Self-learning bot is those that use Machine learning-based approaches and are definitely more efficient than the rule-based bots, these bots are further subdivided into two types. Retrieval based or Generative.


In the Retrieval based models, a chatbot has the option to use heuristics to select a response from a library of predefined response. The chatbot can use the message as well as the context of the conversation for selecting the best response from a predefined list of bot messages. The content can include a previous message from the dialogue tree, all previous messages in the conversation, previously saved variables. The Heuristics for selecting a response can be engineered in a variety of ways, from rule-based conditional if-else logic to machine learning classifiers.


Generative bots are capable of generating the answers and not always replies with one of the answers from a set of answers. This makes them more intelligent as they take the word by word query and generate the answers.


You will require the following packages scikit library and NLTK


Downloading and installing NLTK
Install NLTK: run pip install nltk
Test installation: run python then type import nltk


Installing NLTK Packages


Import NLTK and run This will open the NLTK downloader from where you can choose the corpora and models to download. You can also download all packages at once.


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Importing the necessary libraries


import nltk
import numpy as np
import random
import string # to process standard python strings


Reading in the data


We will read in the corpus.txt file and convert the entire corpus into a list of sentences and a list of words for further pre-processing.


f=open(‘chatbot.txt’,’r’, errors = ‘ignore’)
raw=raw.lower()# converts to lowercase‘punkt’) # first-time use only‘wordnet’) # first-time use only

sent_tokens = nltk.sent_tokenize(raw)# converts to list of sentences
word_tokens = nltk.word_tokenize(raw)# converts to list of words



Let see an example of the sent_tokens and the word_tokens




[‘a chatbot (also known as a talkbot, chatterbot, bot, im bot, interactive agent, or artificial conversational entity) is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.’,
‘such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner, thereby passing the Turing test.’]




[‘a’, ‘chatbot’, ‘(‘, ‘also’, ‘known’]


Pre-processing the raw text


We shall now define a function called LemTokens which will take the tokens as an input and return normalized tokens.


lemmer = nltk.stem.WordNetLemmatizer()
#WordNet is a semantically-oriented dictionary of English included in NLTK.

def LemTokens(tokens):
return [lemmer.lemmatize(token) for token in tokens]
remove_punct_dict = dict((ord(punct), None) for punct in string.punctuation)
def LemNormalize(text):
return LemTokens(nltk.word_tokenize(text.lower().translate(remove_punct_dict)))



Keyword matching


Next, we shall use and create a function for a greeting by the bot i.e if a user’s input is a greeting, the created bot shall return a comforting greeting response. ELIZA uses a simple keyword matching for greetings. We will utilize the same concept here.

GREETING_INPUTS = (“hello”, “hi”, “greetings”, “sup”, “what’s up”,”hey”,)
GREETING_RESPONSES = [“hi”, “hey”, “*nods*”, “hi there”, “hello”, “I am glad! You are talking to me”]

def greeting(sentence):

for word in sentence.split():
if word.lower() in GREETING_INPUTS:
return random.choice(GREETING_RESPONSES)



Generating Response


To generate a response from our bot for input questions, the concept of document similarity will be used. So we begin by importing the necessary modules.

  • From scikit learn library, import the TFidf vectorizer to convert a collection of raw documents to a matrix of TF-IDF features.

from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import TfidfVectorizer

from sklearn.metrics.pairwise import cosine_similarity


This will be used to find the similarity between words entered by the user and the words in the corpus. This is the simplest possible implementation of a chatbot.


We define a function response which searches the user’s utterance for one or more known keywords and returns one of several possible responses. If it doesn’t find the input matching any of the keywords, it returns a response:” I am sorry! I don’t understand you”


def response(user_response):
TfidfVec = TfidfVectorizer(tokenizer=LemNormalize, stop_words=’english’)
tfidf = TfidfVec.fit_transform(sent_tokens)
vals = cosine_similarity(tfidf[-1], tfidf)
flat = vals.flatten()
req_tfidf = flat[-2]

robo_response=robo_response+”I am sorry! I don’t understand you”
return robo_response
robo_response = robo_response+sent_tokens[idx]
return robo_response


Finally, we will provide the lines that we want our bot to speak while starting and ending a conversation that depends on the user’s input.


print(“ROBO: My name is Robo. I will answer your queries about Chatbots. If you want to exit, type Bye!”)
user_response = input()
if(user_response==’thanks’ or user_response==’thank you’ ):

print(“ROBO: You are welcome..”)
print(“ROBO: “+greeting(user_response))
print(“ROBO: “,end=””)
print(“ROBO: Bye! take care..”)



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So that’s pretty much it. We have coded our first chatbot in NLTK. Now, let us see how it interacts with humans:






Though it is a very simple bot that does not have any cognitive skills, its a good way to get into NLP and get to know about chatbots.Though ‘ROBO’ responds to user input. It cannot fool your friends, and for a production system you’ll want to consider one of the existing bot platforms or frameworks, but this example should help you think through the design and challenge of creating a chatbot. The Internet has many resources and after reading this article we’re sure, you will want to create a chatbot of your own. So happy tinkering!! We hope with this article you would have some knowledge about AI and ML for creating a chatbot. If you liked this article please check out our other articles also.



If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning, then do check out our website You might be looking to pursue an artificial intelligence and machine learning course in Mumbai, in that case, check out the various training programs that we offer. You can also pursue an artificial intelligence developer course by contacting us at


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Technical Approach To Artificial Intelligence For Beginners


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Artificial Intelligence has given numerous advantages in this computer age. In this article, we will see what is artificial intelligence and what drives it. How it will impact the digital revolution ahead.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability given to any machine to perform cognitive functions such as perceiving, learning, solving problems as well as reasoning. These machines are said to have AI built into them.

Artificial Intelligence exists when a machine is said to have the cognitive ability. The proposed benchmark for a machine to have AI is the human level of reasoning, speech as well as vision.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Levels:


There are three basic levels for Artificial Intelligence:

1) Narrow AI: Artificial intelligence is said to be narrow when the machine is able to perform a particular task better than a human being. The current research of Artificial Intelligence is here now.


2) General AI: Artificial Intelligence reaches the general state when the machine is able to perform an intellectual task with the same accuracy level as a human would.


3) Strong AI: Artificial Intelligence is said to be strong when a machine can beat humans in many tasks.


Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost all industries and has been giving a technological advantage and edge to all the companies integrating AI at a scale. According to McKinsey, AI has the avid potential to create 600 billion dollars in value for the retail sector, bring 50% more incremental value in banking as compared with other analytical techniques. In the transportation and logistics sector, the potential revenue jump is 89% more.


Subsequently, if an organization uses AI for its marketing activities, it can very well automate many of the mundane as well as repetitive tasks, allowing sales representatives to focus on tasks like relationship building, lead nurturing, and many more such tasks. An organization named Gong provides a conversation intelligence service. Each time a sales representative makes a phone call the machine records transcribes and analyses the chat. The VP can use AI analytics and recommendations in order to formulate a winning strategy.


In short, AI provides a cutting edge technology to deal with complex data which can be impossible to handle by a human being. AI automates redundant jobs and allows a worker to focus on the high level, value-added tasks. When an organization implements AI on a scale, it leads to cost reduction and revenue increase.


History related to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword today, this term is not new. In 1956, experts from different backgrounds decided to organize a summer research project on AI. Four bright minds lead the project John McCarthy (Dartmouth College), Marvin Minsky (Harvard University), Nathaniel Rochester (IBM), and Claude Shannon (Bell Telephone Laboratories).


The primary purpose for this research project was to tackle and use “every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence that can in principle be so precisely described that a computer machine can be made to simulate it.”


The proposals of the summit included


  1. Automated computers
  2. How a computer can be programmed to use a language?
  3. Neuron nets
  4. Self-Improvement


It led to the birth of the idea that intelligent computers can be created. A new era began, that was full of hope- Artificial Intelligence.


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Types of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence can be divided into 3 sub fields.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is nothing but an art of study of algorithms that is able to learn from experiences and examples.

Machine Learning is based completely on the idea that there are some patterns that exist in the data that were identified and used for future predictions.

The difference shown in hard-coding rules is that the machine learns on its own to find such rules.


Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning. Deep learning does not mean that the machine learns from more in-depth knowledge. It means that the machine uses different layers to learn from the data. The depth of the model is represented by the number of layers in order to learn from the data. For example, Google LeNet model for image recognition counts 22 layers.

In deep learning, the learning phase is conducted by using a neural network. A neural network is nothing but an architecture where the layers are stacked on top of each other.


AI vs Machine Learning

Most of our smartphones, even daily use devices or even the Internet uses Artificial Intelligence.

Very often, AI and Machine Learning can be used interchangeably by big organizations that want to announce their latest innovations. However, Machine Learning and AI are different in many deemed ways


AI is the science of training and developing machines to perform human tasks. The term was invented in the 1950s when the scientists began exploring how computers could solve problems on their own.


Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a computer that is given human-like properties. Take our brain, for example, it works tirelessly and seamlessly to calculate the world around us. Artificial Intelligence is the concept that a computer can mimic human behaviour. It is said that AI is the largest science that is able to mimic human aptitudes.


Machine Learning is a different subset of AI that trains a machine on how to learn. A machine learning model looks for patterns in the data and tries to conclude. In a nutshell, the machine does not need to be explicitly programmed by the people. The computer is given some examples and the computer learns what to do from those samples.



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AI has broad applications-


  •     Artificial intelligence is used to reduce or avoid the repetitive task. For instance, AI can repeat a task continuously, and tirelessly. In fact, AI never rests, and it is indifferent to the task to carry out
  •     Artificial intelligence improves an existing product. Before the age of machine learning, core products were building upon hard-code rule. Firms have introduced artificial intelligence in order to enhance the functionality of the product instead of starting from scratch to design new products. You can think of a Facebook image. A few years ago, you needed to tag your friends manually in the photo. Nowadays, with the help of AI, Facebook gives you a friend’s recommendation.



AI will continue to dominate the world helping humans to solve the day to day challenging tasks with ease. AI is developed and is continuing to be developed for the sole purpose of augmenting our lives and amplifying our productivity and tasks multiple folds.

We hope you understood the sole purpose of Artificial intelligence and why it is being used to help human lives achieve their goals. If you want to hire Artificial intelligence Developer you can contact Nimap Infotech by sending an email at

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Steps to become iOS Developer


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The iOS app developer is one of the hottest jobs out there in the market. But how to become an iOS developer. Here is a detailed and step by step tutorial on how to become an iOS developer.


STEP 1) Always be passionate and curious about any iOS app development


Learning is a boring task and can get cumbersome, so arouse your passion for iOS app development. If you have passion towards the things being learned then you will find it easy enough to master it. In recent years the iOS app development job has always been one of the hottest jobs in the world. People who used the iPhone has always attracted towards its efficiency as well as simplicity, stable and smooth features. If you want to learn iOS app development then you must love this programming job first.


STEP 2) Get acquainted with the basic design principles


iOS app development is well-received with its elegant, consistent operation as well as the concise interface. Apple has released a concise document for the human-computer interaction called the human-interface guidelines to help developers design the app. ( This is a must-read tutorial for every iOS app developer. We have summarized the 7 iOS design rules and 5 design principles.


7 iOS design rules:
The operation should be easy and fluid
Navigation structure should be clear.
Ensure aesthetics integrity
Simple terms should be used
The primary function should be highlighted
Consider the direction (Users sometimes use the portrait mode, and sometimes use the horizontal mode)
The touchpoint should be suitable for the finger-tip size (44 X 44 pixels)


5 Design Principles
Special attention to be paid to the screen size and screen resolution
Four basic UI components (Navigation, Status bar, Content, Submenu)
Icon size should be kept consistent
Font-size should be made comfortable to read
Slicing should be focussed more upon (Slicing is an important part as far as app design is concerned It is related to the achievement of the APP interface with a variety of performance and adaptability.)



STEP 3) Get Yourself a Mac

You should get yourself an Apple computer or a MacBook Air. You will be able to learn the design philosophy using this machine. If you have enough money, you should get yourself a MacBook Pro. A MacBook Air will also suffice for a beginner. And Of course, iPod and iPhone are also important devices to get in order to test your App.



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STEP 4) Learn the basics of Programming: Swift and Cocoa Touch


This step is indeed the hardest one. Many programmers and developers are still using Objective-C, but we highly recommend learning Swift. It is simpler than Objective-C, Its syntax is concise, cleaner, as well as clearer and many programmers, love it. Using Swift, it is much easier to build an iOS app based on the Apple platform.

Swift is intuitive as well as a powerful programming language for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Writing Swift code is fun and interactive, the syntax is expressive and concise, and the language includes modern features that developers love. Swift code is safe by design, yet it produces software that runs lightning-fast.

Cocoa touch is one of the most important UI frameworks that is needed for iOS development. It is very powerful and gives a lot of basic tools and APIs which can be used directly. The unique and powerful interface of iOS justifies that Cocoa touch has the same unique design. Using UIKit you will be able to access special GUI controls, buttons as well as full-screen views on iOS. You can also control the application using multi-touch gestures and accelerometers. You should learn Cocoa touch while mastering the basic concepts of programming



STEP 5) Learn Source Code Control Management (We recommend using GIT)


SCCS is a very important part of software development. This allows users to get the original source code as well as make contributing changes to it. There are two common source code control management tools that are being used today, SVN and GIT. GIT is the most popular source code control management tools.


Here are the reasons why many developers use GIT:


GIT is a distributed code control system, while SVN is a centralized system
GIT is easy to manage without the usage of a server in the local library. SVN can only be used through the server in order to complete the code management.
GIT stores the code as metadata while SVN stores the code as a file
GIT is much faster than SVN
GIT needs to put .git file in the root directory while SVN uses .svn file in each and every directory



STEP 6) Learn how to use the iOS tool


Xcode(iOS development tool)

Xcode was developed by Apple and it the IDE that runs under the Macintosh Operating system. It provides an Integrated Development Environment in order to develop Mac OS X and iOS applications. Xcode supports source code for the programming languages C, C++, Swift, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java and AppleScript. You will find the compilation done by Xcode very fast. Every operation is quick and easy. Xcode can deploy your application to your iOS device. Xcode provides a friendly as well as convenient application development environment so that you can develop excellent iOS applications.


Mock plus (Prototype Design Tool)

The prototype design is an indispensable part of the development process of an iOS application. Perhaps you may think that this is the work of a designer. But prototype designing is a much-needed process for the developer so that you can communicate in a better way to the designer. Mock plus is the easiest to use prototyping tool.



STEP 7) Start making your iOS app


When you have done mastering the basics of programming and design principles, you can start making your first iOS app. It is normal that you won’t be able to make a killer app in the beginning, but over the course of time, you will discover what you are good at. Write concise as well as beautiful code to please and impress your employer.



STEP 8) Upload your App to GitHub


Github is a social platform to share code. Github is the most popular source code sharing tool available out there. It has rapidly become the most prominent way of managing software development as well as discovering existing code. What’s more, this is a good learning website, you can see other source code in there too.


STEP 9) Publish your app on the App Store


iOS developers should learn how to publish their app on the App Store (Whether it is your application or your Company’s application). The main purpose of this is not to get downloads or purchases but to learn how to publish and host your app on the App Store.



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There you have it, you have mastered yourself how to develop an app for the iOS platform. Now only you need to become proficient at it. This will take time but it eventually pays off in the long run. If you are finding all of these things to be tedious then you can think of hiring iOS developers for your project, you can contact us. You can also contact us if you require any kind of guidance for pursuing an app development course in Mumbai

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Is iOS app development a good career in 2019?

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Smartphone app development is a hot skill to acquire. There have been more people opting for this skill and there has been a demand to choose the highly used mobile technology. Looking at the increasing popularity of the iOS platform namely Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the macOS platform, it is safe to say that a career in iOS application development is a good bet. Many experienced, as well as newbies to programming, are entering the iOS application development field. There are immense job opportunities that provide good pay packages and even better career development or growth. A new survey conducted by Vision Mobile shows that iOS is the apt technology to spend your time as well as your money on.


Do you need more reasons to follow this rewarding career, read on to find out more!


iOS Skills demand

The word has a huge and never-ending appetite for better and more robust and reliable apps. Developers have many chances in order to showcase their skills by developing new and interesting apps that run on the iOS platform. With the ever-growing popularity of iOS apps, we can expect a steady demand for iOS developers who are willing to work out some magic when it comes to developing apps.


 Here are some predictions that have been done for the iOS market by Joe Conway, the founder of the Stable / Kernel and the author of  “iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide”.


As stated by Joe, the demand for iOS developers will remain high through 2015. He believes that this demand is because skilled programmers are essential for maintaining as well as improving existing applications. These applications need to be kept up-to-date with the release of newer devices and versions of the iOS operating system, and also must be able to compete with similar applications. He concludes that there is a lack of professionals with the ability to develop native applications for iOS this year. The existing shortage is mainly due to the rising demand for new apps, as mentioned above. 


Hue Jo, OS X, and iOS developer have mentioned on Quora that the number of growing iOS devices shipped, the number of startups focusing on mobile apps and the number of companies wanting to develop their own iOS apps, has resulted in the phenomenal need of iOS professionals.


Home automation, as well as Health, are the main industries that have witnessed a lot of demand. Other industries such as Travel, Transportation, Insurance, Retail, Banking, and Financial Markets, Telco and Law Enforcement, Energy and Utilities are just some sectors that require skilled iOS app developers.


Bigger compensation for iOS professionals:


With the rising demand for this wonderful skill comes a bigger pay package. According to Indeed, a popular job portal, the average salary of iOS professionals is 68% higher than the average salary for other job postings. Indeed, reports that iOS professionals draw about 98000 USD per annum. This compensation is not a short stint as the salary trends continue to grow upwards, indicating that this trend is expected to continue.


And Mondo, a company that recruits and places technology professionals report that iOS developer salary ranges from 105,000 USD to 155,000 USD per annum.



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iOS Related Job Titles and their Salaries:

LinkedIn examined over 259,000,000 in their database and concluded that the top position is occupied by the iOS developer Job title. There are many other job titles related to the iOS app developer or iOS professionals. Here are some of them and their related corresponding salaries.


iOS Related Job & their Salaries




Now that we know about the demand for iOS professionals, their salaries and different Job Titles, it is time to know what an iOS developer does actually and what kind of skills are required to become one, when it comes to a fresher or an experienced professional.


Job Responsibilities of an iOS developer.

iOS developers are responsible for building interactive,  intuitive and eye-catchy apps for the iOS platform of devices, which is powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. In many ways, iOS developers significantly contribute to the brand, as badly designed app results in the negative impact for the company. iOS developers are expected to work in a team comprised of other iOS developers, managers, designers and so on. Some other roles and responsibilities of iOS developers are as follows:


  • Build and design advanced native iOS apps  for the iOS platform
  • Work with cross-functional teams in order to design, define as well as ship new features
  • Unit test the code for determining sturdiness including usability, edge cases, and general reliability
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix the bugs
  • Continue to discover, evaluate and implement new technologies in order to maximize development efficiency
  • Help to maintain code quality, organization as well as the automation
  • Build sophisticated multithreaded apps


Tips for aspiring iOS developer professionals:

For those with little to no experience with programming or developing apps, starting a career in iOS development can be difficult. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Learn iOS development: There are numerous online resources as well as iOS courses to get you started with your iOS coding journey


  • Start making Apps right away: The best way to practice what you learn is by implementing the concepts in your apps that you develop. Start developing simple apps and make them available for free, or a nominal fee or at a low cost in the public. This will help you to get feedback as well as reviews.


  • Utilize any opportunity to create apps: You can increase your reputation by developing apps for small organizations at a low cost or for free. This will help you to get noticed.


        You may know more: Android vs. iOS


Essential Skills for an iOS developer


Here are a few of the must-have skills for an aspiring iOS developer:


  • Ability to develop a native and structurally sound application for iOS and the Mac OS X platform
  • Keep up with the current UI/UX trends and remain up-to-date with the new functionality exposed with the Apple SDKs
  • Ability to utilize project management software and version control systems and develop automated testing and deployment software.


Conclusion: There is a lot of demand for iOS Developers today. It is really a hot job that requires cutting edge skills to survive. It becomes imperative in order to determine where you want to invest your time and energy for growth as a developer. And investing your time and energy for learning iOS development is the best way forward for a rewarding career. If you’re looking to develop an iOS app for your company than do contact us, we have highly experienced developers waiting for onboard your project. 

 If you’re looking forward to getting iOS app development course done or getting trained in-house for iOS development course, then give us a call. We have world-class trainers available to guide you for iOS app development. We have the best iOS training company faculty ready to guide you in your endeavors

 You might also look at the possibility of getting an iOS app developed by a third party company, if you’re looking to hire iOS developers for your project then gives us a call, we are ready to help you deploy your project.

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What’s more Difficult, Web or Mobile App Development? Why?

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It is often believed by people that web and mobile application are the same things. But actually, they are poles apart from each other. Not only just for the users, but they even carry different procedures of development and deployment. 


You must have seen various websites running over the world wide web. Therefore, to put it in simple words, web apps are nothing but simply websites that are designed to respond and view on smartphones. There are various types of website you can see – static and rarely updated while others may be responsive representing great deals of interactivity.


Therefore, before going into more details, let’s discuss both web and mobile application individually.


Web Applications 


A web app is a computer program designed to perform specific functions using web browsers as its client’s. It can be as simple as a message board or contact form or can be complex like multiplayer mobile gaming app. 


How Web Apps Works?


Web applications generally get its program cod in browser-supported languages such as JavaScript and HTML. To render the execution process these programming languages requires a browser. Some web apps are highly dynamic which requires server-side processing while others are completely static with no processing at the server. 


Let’s take a look at the functions of the web apps or how the application of flow looks like – 


  • The user triggers the request to the web server over the Internet either through a web browser or through the application’s user interface.


  • Web server further forwards this request to the appropriate web application server. 

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Why developers have a better future?

  • Web application server after receiving the request generates a result of the requested data.


  • It then sends the results to the webserver with the requested information or processed data. 


  • Web server next response back to the client with the requested information which finally appears on the user’s display. 


Benefits of Web Application


  • As long as the browser is compatible web applications can run on multiple platforms regardless of the operating system. 


  • Web applications are successful in eliminating compatibility issues. 


  • Web apps are easy to maintain as they use common codeS across multiple mobile platforms. 


  • It helps you reduce software piracy in subscription-based web applications. 


  • Any device having a browser can be used for running web applications. Thus, without spending much money it delivers you more power. 

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What are the new trends in mobile development application

  • Web-based languages like HTML and CSS are easier to code and use therefore using web apps it is easy to build the majority of apps. 


  • Web application brings its users more improved security. 


  • Web application offers you the flexibility of access wherever you find internet.


  • People usually spend less time browsing and more time on apps connected to the web.


Mobile Applications


A mobile application is a type of application software specifically designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It provides users similar services to use on mobile devices which can be accessed on PCs. In comparison with the website, applications are generally small with individual software units and specific functions. 


Mobile apps further can be classified into three categories – 


Native Apps – 

They are specifically designed for a given or single operating system. 


Web apps –

are software applications that behave similarly like native applications. It uses the browser to run and usually coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


Hybrid Apps –

Hybrid apps carry the properties of both native and web apps. It is relatively fast and easy to develop in comparison with others. With low-cost maintenance and smooth updates it widely uses APIs like gyroscope, accelerometer, and geolocation 


Benefits of Using Mobile Applications


  • Mobile applications storing their data locally on the device runs faster than the websites.


  • Mobile applications allow users to clearly define and set their own choice of content preferences. Based on which you can customize and make your own personalized content to show on the mobile app. 


  • You can customize and make an app based on fixed parameters to handle and execute numbers of resources and processes. Thus, mobile apps are beneficial in offering high scalability.


  • To get complete command over the operation you can build and design a customized business app of your own choice. They are much easier to build and maintain.   


  • Though mobile applications require internet for performing functions like access payments and notifications they still can run and show its users basic content and functionality of the app even in the offline mode. 


  • Mobile applications carry the ability to send instant and non-intrusive notifications to its users.


  • Using mobile apps you can easily generate high profits by using it for the purpose of a company’s branding and designing. You can easily upgrade the app by changing its particular functions and layouts. 


  • Since it is easy for mobile app users to customize its content, you can easily use this feature to rank your products and services with good SEO to bring potential customers for your websites. 



After reading about both mobile and web app development you can easily differentiate their perks and disadvantages of using in your business. If looked closely both have their own benefits. Therefore, the decision is completely based upon your choice and requirement of use. 


If you’re looking to hire a good website developer or mobile application developer then contact us. We at Nimap Infotech have all kinds of developers, and we provide all kinds of IT and mobile development services. Our developers are ready to help you find solutions with good web and mobile development ideas. 


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Why developers have a better future?


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A developer is an individual that builds and creates software applications. He or she writes, debugs, and executes the source code of a software application. A developer is also the key individual behind all software applications. Also, they are the creative minds behind the computer program. Although the developer’s primary job is writing code, a developer also may gather requirements for software, design or overall software architecture, software documentation and other related software development processes. Hence, the developer has a better future due to these qualities and these are as follows:


8 technologies developers should explore now


1) Internet of things security-


After ten million connected devices were taken over last year, even causal observes could see that unprotected Internet of things devices create distributing security problems. Demand is high for engineers with the Internet of things security skills, especially those who understand the powerlessness of the hardware and software used by net-connected devices. The attack vectors on the Internet of things are largely similar to those of any other distributed network, like computers or cellphones, so the same security knowledge is relevant and critical.


2) Artificial Intelligence-


Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems artificial Intelligence can be categorized as weak and strong, that is designed and trained for a particular task. Because hardware, software and staffing costs for Artificial Intelligence be expensive.

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3) Machine Learning


A Form of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning can take a massive amount of data to very quickly find patterns- like facial recognition- and solve the problem, without being explicitly programmed to do so. Also, machine learning focuses on the development of a computer program that can access data and use it to learn for themselves. The primary aim is to allow the computer to learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and adjust accordingly. Machine learning is more pervasive than we think: there are numerous real-world applications- self-driving cars, speech and image recognition, text classification, web search, smart robots, etc.


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4) Data Science

Mining large amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify patterns can help an organization. Requirements can include experiments with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to take large amounts of data and shape it in a form that can be used to make business decisions.” Skilled data scientists are in short supply, period ” says Speeding. ”Especially, I see areas where technology can be designed ‘ assist ‘ decisions, such as cognitive bots and guided analytics, to be high value-added opportunity areas.


5) Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which simply means that a ledger is spread across the network among all peers in the network, and each peer holds a copy of the complete ledger. Blockchain works with Blocks, whereas spreadsheets work with ” rows” and ” columns”. A blockchain is also a very inefficient database most famously implemented as one of several parts required for the Bitcoin jigsaw puzzle to the work. Also, blockchain doesn’t exist. For Example, A bitcoins contains information about the sender, receiver, number of bitcoins to be transferred.


6) Mesh app and service architecture

The demand for Apps that seamlessly stay connected as we move through our home, commute, and work are increasingly in demand. The purpose of the mesh app network or app is that it will be high availability – everything connected to everything. We have seen this being used for examples with the Tile tracker devices, which has created a community of tracking devices, which has created a community of tracking devices, and bitcoins being a distributed ledger.


7) Digital Twins

Prepare to Fail- Software models tied to physical and virtual sensors can help predict product or service failures so that the organization is able to plan. Internet of things and machine learning systems allow the organization to ensure that is an asset isn’t randomly failing, and if they do fail, then the organization can optimize.



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8) Autonomous vehicles, Robots, and appliances

New opportunities are seen developing as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to smarten up a home device, industrial equipment, cars, and drones. Research firm Gartner estimates that by 2020, the auto maker will send 61 million data connected cars off production lines.




I’II will be considering these trends and more than I look into the future of programming. If you are seeing any to Hire mobile app developer. Then do contact us or drop a message. We have the most experienced backend team ready to develop and deploy your website.

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NLP for chatbot

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What is NLP?

NLP stands for natural language processing. It is the field of computer science and artificial intelligence that deals with the communication between a human and a machine. NLP helps machines to interpret the human language and extract the intent, context, and meaning of the message and come up with proper response based on analysis that is similar to a human being. Over a period of training, it can be used to personalize and enhance the user experience.


What is chatbot?

It is a program built using artificial intelligence that responds to the user using text or sound. Chatbots are generally used in customer support, seat reservation, product ordering and making appointments. The famous example of chatbots is Alexa, Siri, Google assistant. Chatbots provide 24×7 assistance to the user. Today almost every company has a chatbot to engage with its users.


How NLP works?

The first step in NLP is tokenization. Tokenization mean splitting sentences into words. We can just split the words where space occurs. For the example purposes, consider the following sentence “Delhi is the capital of India”. After tokenization, we get a set of words {“Delhi”, “is”, “the”, “capital”, “of”, “India”}


The next step is identifying the parts of speech of each token. For example, “Delhi” and “India” are proper nouns. Thus, the knowledge gained from this step is that Delhi and India are proper nouns so the sentence must be talking about them.


Next step is to identify the stop words. Stop word is nothing but a list of words that frequently occurs in a sentence. So NLP filters out these stop words. In the given above example “is”, “the”, “of” is primarily the stop words. Stop words can be identified by just by checking a hard-coded list of the available stop words.


The following step includes dependency parsing where the NLP determines how all the words are related to each other. Next step is NER (Named Entity Recognition) which detects and label these nouns with the real-world concepts that they represent. For example “Delhi” and “India” represents the location.


These above steps are just a short summary of how NPL extracts information from messages and uses it for further analysis.



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Why NLP is required in the chatbot?

The main reason why chatbots are developed is to provide human-like assistance to the user and help him to achieve his/her goal. NLP helps the chatbot to understand the user’s message and respond appropriately. For example, if you send a message “Hi”, it is the NLP that lets the chatbot understand, that the message is a standard greeting. Thus using AI functionality the chatbot will respond with a return greeting.


Many chatbots are of little or no value without NLP. Only with NLP the chatbots understand messages and respond appropriately. The system is powerful enough to make or break a chatbot’s success as well as make it popular. With NLP chatbots can connect to queries and identify entities as well as the sentiments to generate own intelligent responses. Without NLP a chatbot cannot meaningfully understand the context of the message. The message is just a text input for a chatbot. It’s the natural language processing that helps to extract the context and meaning of the message.


NLP empowers bots with personality. It enhances the functions of chatbots for all businesses. It elevates their scripted and sequential conversations of chatbots to that of humans. Assessing, analyzing and communicating skills of NLP based chatbots makes this possible.



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NLP understands and enables the needs of the customer with better clarity as well as the accuracy. It gains importance in the business world in order to provide better user experience across applications like chatbots, speech recognition, social media listening & texting, voice-enabled applications and devices. NLP with its translational and other features are the need of the hour. NLP based chatbots improve customer experience. You can fulfil the Expectations of today’s millennial business people around the globe with NLP’s business intelligence.



Want to build your own business app with cool development hacks? We at Nimap Infotech have experienced Python developers to take your business one step closer to your goals. Hire Python developers to experience the best full-stack python web development services. Contact us to offer you the most optimized solutions for web and mobile technologies. 


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Why Choose Startup as a Service?


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In everyone’s life after graduation, this phase comes where you need to decide your first company or business from which you want to start their career. And when it comes to the classic job-research it is obvious to you to look for big companies offering higher salaries.
On one hand, you have a high paying job level positions in big multi-storey buildings with a reputable brand name attached. While on the other hand there are these small startups just coming in the market. They come with ideas and products which are new and somewhere you even like and believe in their mission. But the thing which stops you moving with them is – risk, you aren’t sure if you’re ready to take those risks at the prime years of your career.

There is no doubt of not choosing the corporate job which offers you fixed hours of work. Whereas startups, on the other hand, comes with no fixed hours, it may ask you to work till late and may even cause you various overnights.
Corporate jobs fulfilling your ideal job location offers you good salaries to enjoy. While startups on another end, do not assure to provide good salaries and holidays especially at the beginning. In that, surely choosing the corporate jobs which offer multiple benefits would be the smart choice of anyone. But what people don’t discuss are the benefits offered by startups in the long run.

Choosing between the two completely depends on your choice of interest and where you want to move your career forward. Both MNC’s and startups are completely different ends of a scale. If you’re looking for a fixed structure of working with already formed teams following fixed work patterns then MNC would be the best choice.
However, if you’re thinking something off the track for yourself think of the startups. Maybe the corporates and MNC provides you the best training lessons but with startups, you’ll learn the real lessons of life and business. Giving you the chance to experiment with your creativity and thinking skills startups provides you the experience of managing real work in dynamic environments.
Providing you the mindset of a problem solver startups teaches you lessons of a career which are fruitful both now and later.


Let’s take a look at some advantages and key benefits of working with startups.



Engaged with more Responsibilities

Startups usually consist of small team members which mean you’re likely to handle more responsibilities. Startups expect you to handle and manage various things at one time. Other than just minding your own work it asks you involve into various other matters. Since startups are consists of some the team there is no other person to handle your work. Therefore, you cannot be absent on any random day you want.
With this, you learn to perform outside your job descriptions. Thus teaching you many new lessons it opens lots of opportunity gates for your career.



Since you start performing various new things you start learning more about yourself. You start recognizing your talents and skills you were unaware of. Also, it highlights you about things you need to improve. Describing and showcasing your potential it increases a kind of encouragement within you.
Learning about yourself is the most difficult thing, it grows you internally. Having this courage and enlightenment later if you go anywhere else you will definitely do wonders with your work.
In startups, since it is only who is performing your tasks you get recognized for your success and performances. You learn about new things and get training directly from the founders and innovators.


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Learn to be Patient

It prepares you for the worst ups and downs one can ever face. It teaches you to be more patient by making you internally strong. When you learn to make things good while experimenting your talent it teaches you to take life more positively.



Startups need to take the hustle and move fast in order to establish their business name. Which asks for lots of overnights and responsibilities that need to be handled. You’re asked to get recognize showcasing newer designs and concepts. It requires innovative skills to deliver results that capture consumers interest while handling the pressure on grounds.



In addition, along with the perks and benefits Startups also comes with various risks and disadvantages –



Stability and Security
Risk of failure
Unhealthy work habits
Financial and emotional ups and downs
Lack of resources
More stress and tension
Reliability and Responsiveness


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Before joining any company make sure you know all the pros and cons of working there. Ask yourself what you really want to do in your career and in joining that firm will it get any benefit. And if not, think of the necessary steps you need to take.
If your wishes end up taking you to corporate jobs there’s nothing wrong in it but if you’re ready to challenge the world with your passion then take the desired risk. In the end, you will reach somewhere good in your career. Therefore, the decision is all up to you.

However, if you are wanting to pursue your business into web or application developments and wanted to learn or hire developers for temporary project basis contact us. We at Nimap Infotech have all kinds of developers ready to serve you providing their best of experience.

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What are the new trends in mobile development application

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A Mobile developer is a professional who is focused on developing software or system for mobile devices. Overall, the Internet of things is considered to be one of the game-changing technologies in the world of mobile application development.


Here are 11 Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Rule in 2019.


1. Soaring Blockchain Technology

Despite having transparency in market research, the blockchain technology market is anticipated to hit the $20 billion mark by 2024. This signifies that the trend is likely to make headlines in 2019 as a mobile application set to capitalize on the decentralized currency platform.


2. Artificial Intelligence and Machinery

Weak Artificial Intelligence is also known as narrow artificial intelligence is an artificial intelligence system that is designed and trained for a particular task. Virtual personal assistants such as Apple, are a form of weak Artificial Intelligence, also known as general artificial intelligence is an artificial intelligence system with generalized human cognitive abilities.


3. A surge of On-demand Apps.

Currently, there are bigwigs such as Uber and Taxi that have gained a lot of popularity thanks to the on-demand apps. According to Appinventiv, the on-demand platform has reached $106.83 million by 2017. That’s not all tech analysts project that this trend will be soaring in the coming years.


4. Integration of Wearable Apps-

In 2018, sectors such as medical facilities have made use of wearables apps on day to day basis. For instance, the app has been used to get the vitals including heart rate and blood sugar levels in patients.


5. Chatbots-

In 2019, chatbots will highly take over various communication aspects in the mobile app world. Part of this is attributed to the need to have a real-time interaction between the service providers and customers. That is why chatbots are anticipated to tackle this issue.


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6. Internet Of things-

If you look around major industries in the market, you will realize that the internet of things is already making its way to the operations. The popularity of this platform is fostered by the capacity to interlink various aspects of an organization.


7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-

The beauty with such applications is that they make the experience more interactive. This is given the estimations shared by Statistics indicating that the market will be at $209 billion in 2022.


8. Introduction of Instant Apps-

The other con spacious aspect of these apps is that they will be able to expand the user base.


9. Mobile Payments Service-

The banking platform will not be left behind, especially when it comes to mobile application development. That is why you will come across more mobile payment options in the coming year 2019.

The growth of e-commerce and other digital services will necessitate the bank to make payment methods are more convenient. The beauty of such an application is that the end-users will be saved the trouble of visiting the banking halls to get the money.


10. More cloud Storage Platform-

As stated earlier, there will be a significant increase in mobile application. This is increment possesses a challenge especially when it comes to the storage space. Come 2019, cloud storage is anticipated to become more popular to curb this hence. Moreover, cloud services will make it easier for you to accumulate more data in your business. It is also likely that the security measures and management will be made easy here.


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11. Enhancement of App Security-

As the number of mobile application increase in the market, app developers will be boosting the security feature. In the recent past, there have been cases where apps have been manipulated by hackers. This has adversely attributed to the losses incurred by companies and mistrust among users. Additionally, global companies will be looking forward to minimizing such incidences as it soils reputation.



Nearly every app you build will use services external to the mobile devices. Whether its form in the cloud or on-premise system, modern cross-platform mobiles rely on API’s, cloud processing. If you are seeing to Hire a mobile app developer. Then do contact us, or drop a message. We have the most experienced backend team ready to develop and deploy your website.


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11 Ways App Development Company Can Improve Your Business.


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Business is an organization where people work together. A business can earn a profit for the product and services it offers. Customers today are always on the move and prefer using mobile applications for everything they need and this is the reason why mobile apps are so much important in the market. Mobile apps allow the customer to keep all the information they need on their fingerprints. And hence growing your business can bring many benefits. For improving your business you should set your goals clear, you should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely. Your business should expand, export, import, go online, raise more capital, innovate, improve customer service.


So, here’s a look at the top 11 benefits for a company that uses a mobile application for business development.


1) Increase Support-

Having a mobile application for your business allows you to be connected with your customer at a moment’s notice. Increased support will give customers a feeling of safety, and they will be more aware of the concern a company takes in making sure they know how to use a product or that they will be in safe hands if they have a problem with the product.

2)More Mobility-

Mobile apps mean more mobility for a business. Being able to be with your customers wherever they are is another method of creating a deeper connection. Also, a business that focuses on mobile can see a major increase in revenue if a purchase option is available at any time.

3) More Engagement-

Engagement is a fault-finding factor in the success and brand awareness of a modern company. Also, many of the customers will leap at the chance of a promotion or discount and are able to be engaged with these customers is an added benefit of using mobile app technology.


4) Promotion benefits-

Mobile Application gives businesses the power to send promotional offers or discount offers directly to all of their consumers.


6) Personalized Marketing-

Mobile apps can be used for designing a loyalty rewards program where customers will be provided coupons or reward points on the basis of the frequency of their purchases. The loyalty program facilitates repeat sales and helps in customer retention.


7) New Customer type-

Customers are always less doubtful of a business that has a mobile application available for download. Also, having a mobile app will allow you to increase your customer base.


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8) Acquire more customers-

Doubtfully, they would appreciate a useful and engaging mobile app for your company. If your app helps them in an effective way, or as per them it’s just amazing, they would even refer you to their friends and family which would in-turn lead to acquiring more customers.

9) Build and Maintain Loyalty-

An app is a great way to build and maintain loyalty to your business. The fact that you can offer a loyalty program on your app, which gives a customer to come back again and again, but an app can also improve your customer service as per the changing technology.


10) Boost Brand Recognition-

If your business app is designed well and works fine, then you should be the first business that customer thinks of when they want to buy something that you sell. This is because the increased visibility will constantly be reminding them that you exist. Just make sure that you have your app tested by a mobile app testing group or company before you launch it.


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11) Connect with busy customers-

Shopping online is a lot more convenient than going to a store, but there are still customers out there that don’t have the time to sit down at a computer and go through a website. However, these people almost always have their smartphones with them. This means that, if you had an app, they could buy from you when they are at a gym, watching television, or on a break at work.



After attracting a new customer, urge them to download your app on their mobile devices. Create engagement by encouraging user review and interaction. Hence, these are some top 11 benefits for a company that uses a mobile application for business development. You may get in touch with Nimap Infotech which is a top leading app development company in Mumbai, to Hire mobile app developer. Then do contact us, or drop a message.

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UI vs UX – Knowing the Difference

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You must have heard about UI and UX, it is very common of people using these terms interchangeably. People, designers, and clients often use them in a combo like UI/UX design.

On the basic level, if you define, UI or user interface refers to the series of visual elements like screens, buttons, pages, and icons. Helping people to enable and interact with products and services you are offering.

UX or user experience, on the other hand, refers to the internal experience that people receive with the functioning of commands or services.

However, one thing you need to get clear with is that though both the terms are usually placed together, they are not the same.


What is UI Design?


User Interface refers to the graphical layout of an application or website. It tells you about the physical appearance of application or websites.

The user interface helps you interact with the products or services digitally. It consists of everything screens, keyboards, sounds, images, sliders, text entry fields, lights and everything the user interacts with.

It refers to space where humans and machines interact. Before designing any website or application developers first try and imagine its visual design. How is it gonna look or appear, accordingly everything else is designed like its content, buttons, videos, etc. All the types of visual element, interaction, and animations are designed.

Thus it all depends upon the graphic designers to make sure the application’s interface looks attractive and eye-catching. They need to make sure if all the elements are properly united and are serving the purpose or personality of the app.

A good and attractive UI design helps attract users to proceed further and experience pleasant product experience. The goal behind this interaction is to allow effective operation and control of the gadgets or machine from humans ended. It further feeds the input back to the operator to process decision making.


What is UX Design?


UX stands for user experience, it begins its process where the UI ends. Where UI designers work on the appearance and looks of the user interface, UX designers, on the other hand, decide how the user interface will operate. Therefore determining the structure and functionality of the interface it decides the functions and programming of the interface.

User experience is a process of researching, developing, and improving the aspects of user interaction with the company’s product or services to satisfy its users. Therefore for designing a perfect website or app, it is important for the designer to have a holistic understanding of how the users prefer to interact with the application.

Thus the main aim behind its working is to improve the customer’s relationship with the company and its products. Above all, improving the user’s experience with the functioning of the service helps you create a product which is useful, valuable and easy to obtain.


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Let’s take a look at things that helps you construct a good-looking UX design –


  • Good visual decision
  • User-friendly Approach
  • User Profiling
  • Consistency
  • It should guide, encourage, and educate
  • Your UX design should be more interactive
  • It should notify the user with extra features and connections

Why is it Important?



User experience was evolved to make improvements in UI. The popularity of the app depends on both its appearance and functionality. Thus if you’ve given appealing look to your app or website but not worked much on its navigation then its frightful functioning may end up its popularity. In order to make an app successful, you should focus on both of its appearance and functionality. It should be both friendly and smooth in functioning.


Difference Between UI and UX

UI stands for User InterfaceUX stands for User Experience
UI is what you see in front of youWhereas UX describes the whole experience
Focus on Visual DesignFocus on Interaction Design 
Requires more knowledge on technical, graphical and colors designsRequires more knowledge on Wireframes and Designs
The role is built more on Layouts and CreativityThe role is built more on User Research
UI makes interfaces attractive and beautifulUX makes interface useful
UI makes emotional connectionsUX helps you accomplish tasks and goals
UI is a second step, before designing the research process gets done.UX is done first to guide the development of the product. 
Tools mainly used by UI designers – Balsamiq, Sketch, Zeplin, etc. Tools mainly used by UX designers – Optimizely, Apptentive, UXPin, etc. 


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Since both the terms UI and UX are interchangeable it is often considered by people that both are same. Listening to this many designers may get upset. Both UI and UX are completely different in their functions of work however you can relate and use them one with the other. 

For mechanism, you need a layout and for running a layout design you need functions. Thus, you can very well understand their importance in each other’s work. 

Therefore you can say both UI and UX are different but are part of the same story. To popularise your website or application you need both UI and UX. 

If you’re thinking to hire UI/UX developer for designing your business website you can contact us. We at Nimap Infotech have experienced team of developers to hand you the best solutions for your projects. 

Our expert developers also provide UI/UX training lessons for keen learners who see their future in designing and development. 



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How can PPC ads help to grow your business

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Small businesses have many benefits to be gained from PPC ads. A successful PPC campaign can generate multitude of profits when done properly. When executed properly PPC ads can generate profits faster than any other online marketing method. It can also help a business grow dramatically. PPC is a great tool for reaching your target audience and also when they are ready to convert at the right moment. Let’s discuss the basics of PPC


What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a tool that any business can use for growing in the online world.

The PPC model works in a very simple way and this is the reason why it is so popular.

In simple words, you run your add on the online platform and you pay when someone clicks on your ad.

There are many PPC platforms that you can use for your advantage but the most popular ones are Google Ads and Bing Ads.

The purpose of this article is to help you to outline the benefits of PPC for any business that is done from a business perspective so that you can get to decide if this is something for your use for your search marketing strategy.

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Here are 10 benefits that you can get when you run a PPC ad for your business.


1) Fast Results:

Businesses need to get results faster and if they get them swiftly, the better for them. PPC is the fastest way of running an advertising campaign for getting instant results. In simple terms, if you have a website up and running you can quickly create an AdWords account and set up your ads as well as running them in the Google Search Network to generate traffic quickly and efficiently. This is a very simplified version of how the process works, for you to understand that PPC is a very efficient way when it comes to reaching your target audience in the fastest way possible.


2) Measurable Results:

Another important benefit that you can get is that everything that you do has a clear measurable target. You can get to measure anything that is related to a PPC campaign from the point of view of costs, profit, clicks, visits, views and many more things. From the time you have started a PPC campaign you get to know how much you have spent and whether you are gaining profit or loss. There are many metrics for reports and KPIs that is provided to you for getting all the information you need, data that is essential for marketing departments and CEOs


3) No dependency for SEO is involved and also for any Google Algorithm changes:

For any long term success, you need to have an SEO friendly website to comply with the best standards as well as practices. But one of the things that are nice about PPC is that you get to create profitable campaigns and you don’t need to worry about Google and the changes they are doing to their ranking algorithms.


4) Reach the right target audience:

When you are running a PPC campaign you get to choose where your ads will appear that is based on a number of different factors including location, keywords,  website, device, date, time and much more. This flexibility allows you to divide your market into different segments and bring your products and services in front of the right target audience.


5) Take advantage of the business opportunity:

Let’s say you sell web hosting platforms and services online and one of your competitors is down due to a technical problem.  This is a great opportunity that is presented to you for running a targeted campaign that gives the annoyed customers another viable option. This is only possible with PPC because it is capable of generating instant results and is easy to be implemented.


6) Brand Recognition:

You can use PPC effectively to target keywords that are related to your industry so that people who are searching for those keywords can see your ads. Although generalized keywords will not generate more sales, indirectly they help to increase your brand awareness as well as establish your business as an authority and a leader in your industry.


7) Open your doors to local customers:

PPC is very effective for local search. People that are searching through their mobiles for specific products and services can get to see your ads, click on them and get instructions on how to reach your store. Statistics show that  75% of the people are more likely to visit your store if they find it in the search results. If they don’t see your ad then most probably will click on your competitors ad and you most likely lost a customer.


8) Budget-Friendly:

When it comes to PPC ads, there are no budget restrictions. You get to choose how much you pay for a particular click as well as how much money to spend on an ad or a campaign. As already mentioned above because everything is measurable you can easily get to analyze what you are spending is creating a profit or a loss and then decide accordingly. As a rule of thumb if a campaign is profitable you can safely spend more money until to get to reach your maximum ROI.

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9) It’s a great tool to test your marketing campaigns and strategies for other mediums:

Let’s say you want to test which title and headline will work best for a campaign: What you can do is easily set up different ads in the Google Adwords platform, run them for a couple of weeks and analyze the results. The ads with the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) has probably the most attractive copy for users.


10) Rich Functionality and Reporting:

PPC platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads provide you with each of the tools you need for running your campaigns, collaborate with your teammates and analyze the data as well as the results. This is considered as a smart business advantage because of the right tools and a robust reporting system, is like you are swimming in the sea with your eyes and ears closed. The right tools with the right marketing strategy are bound to give you the right results.


What more do you need to know about PPC:


In order to take the advantage you need to make sure of the following:

  • You don’t spend more on the returns you can get
  • You optimize your campaigns — this may take time and effort
  • You get to test different scenarios and ad strategies until you find what works best for your business.
  • You check what your competition is doing in PPC –There are many tools to check what your competition is doing in PPC and you can use this to get ideas for using in your campaigns.



PPC has provided many benefits for businesses mainly because it can generate fast results by targeting the right people at the right time. PPC and SEO can work together in harmony for generating the best possible results as they are the two major components of Digital Marketing.

If you want to run pay per click ads but don’t know about the strategies and plans, then do contact us, we can help you out for planning your perfect PPC campaigns.

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How Android app development has revolutionized the world?

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There has recently been a boom in the development of mobile technologies. Over the years there has been emerged 3 different technologies that comprise of the dominant market for mobile phones. These are the Android Operating system from Google, The iOS operating system from Apple and the Windows Mobile operating system from Microsoft. In this article, we are going to have a look at the increasingly popular Android operating system that has captured millions of hearts worldwide and has become the No 1 Choice of the operating system for handset manufacturers. 

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Android has become increasingly popular for the mobile market these days. Statistics prove that Android has captured 80% of the market share in the previous years. And this mobile operating system is going to continue to be popular these days. The reasons for the popularity are its open-source nature and usage in mid-range priced smartphones. These phones have become popular among the masses and its usage is increasing day by day.

Any company that wants to market or sell their products and services needs to develop an app on the Android platform. This is because most of the users prefer to use their mobile phones for performing their day to day activities. Nowadays there have been developed an app for the slightest functionality, Because it is easy to develop and market an app for the android platform it becomes essential for organizations to follow this trend to leverage and capture their target audience as well as market their products and services.


Google introduced the Android operating system on September 23, 2008. And has become the go-to operating system for many handset manufacturers. This is because it is easy to implement the android functionality and manufacturers can easily use the source code to customize and provide their own functionality over the Android operating system. What’s more, is there is an app for any kind of functionality, You do not need to pay Google for using the android operating system. The handsets that use the Android operating system drives the technology behind it. Google Does not restrict the usage of their operating system to their own handset manufacturers such as the Google Pixel Devices or the older Nexus Phones, unlike Apple. Hence this is the main reason why Android’s popularity is increasing day by day. There has been a boom in the development of Android apps in the past years compared to any other mobile platform such as iOS from Apple or Windows Mobile from Microsoft. Android has emerged as the most popular operating system for mobile devices because of its easy to use and free to access nature.

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4 Ways Hiring Android Developers Offshore Increase Productivity

There have been many Android developers in the market. If you or your organization wants to implement and use a certain idea or functionality then you can hire an Android developer very easily. The rates of development of Android apps also have been very cheap and affordable for organizations.

Developing an Android app has many listed advantages that are listed below:

  • You can market your app to millions of consumers and have access to over 80% mobile users
  • You can take advantage of the native features and performance offered by the Android Operating System.
  • You can hire developers for cheap for developing your idea into an Android app of your choice
  • You don’t need to spend extra for developing or having access to the developmental features as compared to other mobile platforms
  • You don’t have upfront costs other than the development costs. That is there are no other hidden costs associated with developing Android apps.
  • Any newbie or beginner can easily learn how to develop an Android app. There is nothing to pay in order to learn how to develop an app for Android mobile phones.
  • Android applications have a plethora of features that any developer can take advantage of for developing their mobile apps.
  • Handset manufacturers do not need to shell out extra money or pay anything for the usage of the Android platform
  • New developers can take advantage of the well established, dominant and helpful community for solving any programming queries to implement certain custom functionality.

These are some of the advantages that make Android the GO-TO operating system for mobile handset manufacturers.

Conclusion: We have seen the advantages of what makes the Android operating system so popular among the masses of handset manufacturers. We have also seen why android emerged as the most popular operating system for many manufacturers. If you’re looking to hire android developers for any kind of development work for your upcoming mobile app project, then do give us a call or contact us. We have expert back end programmers and developers who are ready to onboard for your app development project. 


If you’re looking to get yourself trained for a full-fledged iOS app development course, then contact us We have expert trainers to help you with your mobile app development journey. You want to learn iOS app development or android app development it’s your choice. Looking for android app development course for beginners, well your search ends here. We have world-class trainers available to guide you for the Android course in Mumbai. We have the best iOS training company faculty ready to guide you in your endeavors. Learn from the best experts in the industry. Contact us now.  

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Artificial Intelligence

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In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is to make machines do what the human brain does for us. Learning, reasoning & correction. Quite simple, no?


It is said that a person learns from his mistakes. Everything around us that we see, smell, and hear is kind of data that our brain takes as an input and then learns something out of it. The process keeps on going until eternity, There’s no end to a learning process. We learn, we make mistakes and then we improve our decision making.


That’s what most AI experts are trying to achieve. When someone says AI, Robots are the first thing that comes in our mind, But that is not what AI is all about. The concept is broader than we think. 


If you are someone like me who is interested in learning Artificial Intelligence, then I am going to talk here about how you can approach learning AI.


How can you approach to learn Artificial Intelligence?


During recent time AI and ML field have evolved rapidly. Experts are daily working on new technologies to make the process simpler for you. 


Today it is easy to find packages and libraries that you can work with while developing your own AI.


Understanding the basics 


To get into any field, it is necessary to understand what the field is about and how things are going to work. Above given link is to understand the basic concepts of machine learning and how things are actually going to work. Being a subfield of Artificial intelligence it is strongly recommended to get hands-on many of algorithms of machine learning.

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Selecting a problem


As you go along with learning, You will find so many things like different algorithms, process and what not. As you explore more, things start getting more complicated. Hence it is necessary to have a predefined goal which will make it easier to select the options that are best for your problem. (It is also necessary to have prior knowledge about various different methods to solve the problem, at least introductory part.) Having a problem also engages you more into implementation and practicals rather than just reading. 


A common problem that most people face when starting is that they keep on collecting the information only while not understanding how the implementation is done for a real-world problem. 


Sometimes it is hard for us to come up with a problem to solve if you do not have prior experience with the domain. Sites like Kaggle ( ) provides a lot of problems and datasets to practice. 


Making your own solution.


Once you have a goal in your mind, you can start implementing various methods to achieve your goal. It is not necessary to come up with the perfect solution at the very first try. Hence start making a simple solution to the end while exploring various methods to approach a problem. 


However, a problem most people face in this process is that while selecting the method to solve the problem you spend much of your time with methods that you are already aware of and don’t move towards other methods. In such cases, cloud services like IBM Watson – Knowledge Discovery can help you a lot. By simply uploading your data into Watson, It can give insights about your data that you have not already thought about. 




Collecting data, cleaning data, training data and finding results from the data are the things that you can do while making your own solution.


Evaluating and Improving your solution.


Once you get to the solution, evaluate the results and check how accurate is your solution. As I mentioned earlier, It is not necessary to get the perfect solution at the very first try. Once you finish with the first phase of your solution you will start understanding difficulties that came in every step and flow of your entire project.

Try to Improve your solution.


Share your solution


In every project what you have done till the end can’t be always right. There can be so many things you might have done wrong. Hence you should always share what you have done with others and get their opinion about how you can improve our solution and what mistakes can be avoided. Kaggle is the best site to share your solution.


Extras –


As it is the most evolving technology in the market right now it is not just limited to computer technology but is also equally used in every sector like health, education, marketing, entertainment and so on. When it comes to AI there are many key terms used along with it such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Analytics, and Robotics.


Machine Learning carries the ability to learn from its experiences. ML an application of AI mostly deals with the thinking part of AI. Its analytics analyze data to provide an obvious output.


Here are some of the techniques that can be helpful for you for building and implementing Artificial Intelligence –


  • (Artificial) Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Heuristics
  • Vector machines
  • These are the commonly used techniques in AI. 


All these techniques are boarder term which can’t be explained in one line.


If you are really interested in learning AI, Here are the following sources you can follow –


Siraj Raval : 


Edureka : 


Following links are for beginners who want to get into AI. They can learn the basics from Edureka’s video. Siraj Raval is the best guy who can keep you updated with new information in AI and also keeps you motivated. Along with it, I strongly recommend you to follow machine learning and AI forums to connect with the community. 


Hope the above information about how to start with AI appears useful. And beginners find it easy indulging learning AI without facing any serious issues. 


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Angular 8.0 – What New to Expect

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Angular 8 was just released on May 2019, but it was originally planned to be released on March or April, it did not work out as planned. With the new release that has been made available, it is important to know what all has changed, so you can decide your approach to Angular 8. Since Angular 7 is going to be supported until April 2020, you can decide if it’s worth upgrading or not if Angular 7 already meets all your requirements.

Let’s us walk through all the new features presented in Angular 8


Ivy Renderer


For a long time, the Angular team has been talking about the new Ivy renderer that the team has been working on. The team has spoken as well as written about it on multiple occasions, we have not seen an official release. All that is about to change.

The Angular team has confirmed about the inclusion of the Ivy renderer in their opt-in preview. Many developers were hoping for a final release of Ivy but that is not what we are getting in this release. A preview is many times better than no view at all. Trying out the preview will allow you to see how well your current Angular applications work with the Ivy renderer.

If you are not that familiar with Ivy, it is something you should care about. If the user experience is important to you then definitely Ivy is something you should know. Although the framework has made huge improvements about the size as well as the runtime speed since the days of Angular 2, Angular apps often tend to be on the heavier side when it comes to filing size and memory usage.

Ivy attempts to change all of this when you compare with the current Angular View Engine, Ivy provides the following advantages

The code generated by the Angular compiler is now much easier to read and understand by humans.
Rebuild times have become significantly faster
Decreased payload size, so your browser will take less time to download and parse your Angular applications
Better Template Type Checking, so the developers can catch more errors at build time and prevent your users from encountering them at the runtime

Apart from all of this, the Angular applications aim to be fully compatible with the existing Angular applications, so ideally you will be able to get all the benefits of Ivy without changing your apps at all. There will be some bugs and hiccups though. That’s why it’s helpful to try and build your current Angular apps using Angular 8 and Ivy.

If you run into any errors, you can let the Angular team know so that they can either fix the issue or advise you on what to change to be Ivy compatible and ready. There are a couple of areas where Ivy is lacking- in particular for internationalization and Angular universal support are not fully compatible yet. So if your Angular app supports multiple languages and/or uses rendering on the server-side then don’t expect it to be ready to work with Ivy just yet.

One more drawback is that some users have encountered is the Angular Material. Apps that use Angular Material don’t seem to play well with Ivy, as of the latest Angular Beta, Please note this when experimenting with Angular 8 (Angular Material will be updated to work with Ivy eventually).

Outside of Ivy, there are a few changes to look forward to in Angular 8

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Angular 8 Additional Changes


One of the most important changes that the Angular team describes as the

“Differential Loading of Modern JavaScript”.

It simply means that the new apps generated by Angular CLI will now contain separate bundles for Legacy JavaScript (ES5) and modern JavaScript (ES2015+). This is wonderful news because modern browsers with ES2015 support will be able to download smaller, more efficient app bundles that render and load faster than ever before.

The Angular team is also adding a backward-compatible mode to the Angular router which will make it easier to upgrade legacy Angular apps to modern Angular. In the right world, we all would have been able to upgrade or Angular 1.X apps to Angular 2+ right away.

In the real world, this doesn’t always happen. To this day there have been massive legacy Angular apps happily chugging away serving businesses and making users happy. They have not been upgraded for a simple reason, there is not much ROI in doing a complete rewrite.

The end is near for Angular 1.X. It is not going to see any development and will only be receiving security patches until the end of its long term support period until June 30, 2021. For the teams working on large Angular 1.X apps, the time to finally make the transition is now. (And the changes to the Angular router will make the transition smoother). The router updates will make it smoother in order to lazy load the parts of Angular 1.X apps inside a modern Angular app using $route APIs.


Angular 8 Support for Web Workers


A small but welcoming new feature in Angular 8 is that it has improved support for building web workers with the Angular CLI. For readers unfamiliar with web workers, they are an important innovation for front end web development that will make it possible to group CPU intensive work in a separate hardware thread. This is indeed great news for front-end developers because prior to web workers the applications were limited to using a single thread.

However there is one catch with web workers, the code that runs in a worker should not be in the same JavaScript file as the rest of your Angular application. It has to be separate. This tends to work poorly with tools such as the Angular CLI that wants to bundle up the JavaScript into fewer files as possible. The Improvements to Angular CLI’s web worker bundling in Angular 8 will get rid of this awkwardness and put you on the path to fully parallelized web workers.

The Angular CLI will also be getting another feature- opt-in usage sharings. This will provide you the opportunity to opt-in to sharing telemetry about your Angular CLI usage with the Angular team. This is the right approach taken by the Angular team.

Some of the development tools have been known to share telemetry on an opt-out basis. They do it by default until you tell them not to. Some even share telemetry about how you use the tools without giving them any way to opt-out of this sharing. Asking for your consent is the right approach followed by the Angular team. Many of us will happily share our usage details in order for the development of the platform.


Support for TypeScript


Finally, Angular 8 is going to include updates to the latest and greatest versions of Angular dependencies which already includes tools such as RxJS and TypeScript. This seems to be a tiny improvement but is a welcoming one. Keeping up with TypeScript is great because the TypeScript team always seems to pack in useful features into every release.

Although there should be nothing to stop you from manually upgrading to the latest version of TypeScript in your projects, it is great to see the Angular team is keeping up with what TypeScript has to offer and the new apps that are generated from Angular CLI will also use the latest version of TypeScript by default.


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Angular 8 Conclusion


We have seen that the additions to Angular 8 are not huge outside Ivy. Although they have been nice to have, they are certainly not critical for most applications

With that in mind, you should upgrade to Angular 8 or stick with Angular 7. In nearly every case the answer is yes. You should consider upgrading to Angular 8, since there are not any large breaking changes, in most cases, your applications will work as-is without any changes. With the additions to enable differential loading, you shall notice performance gains for free.
We had a look at the Angular 8 new features and the performance difference. If you’re looking to hire Angular developers then do contact us, we have expert developers ready to onboard for your web development project.

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Xamarin VS Ionic

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Many a time it is seen that when developing mobile apps you need to write code for both popular mobile platforms namely Android as well as iOS. Android is a platform developed and supported by Google whereas iOS is a platform developed by Apple. Sometimes you also need to support another platform such as Windows Mobile but we shall focus on these two platforms Android and iOS only.


One of the proposed solutions would be to write and develop two completely different and separate applications one in Java or Kotlin for Android and the other in Swift or Objective-C for iOS. This approach has its own advantages, for example:

  •  You can use official tools that are designed for this platform. These tools will be supported for as long as the operating system itself stays in development. They tend to get the newer features first.
  • You get to use the Native UI and UX. By using the officially supported tools. It’s easy to follow the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). Each user gets familiar interacting with your application and its look and feels matches with the other applications designed for the platform.


However using this approach has some serious disadvantages: You have to write the same pieces of code twice, for each application. We can consider different programming languages (Java and Swift), different approaches to achieve the same thing on iOS and Android, different techniques to build the GUI, it’s difficult to do anything to avoid writing the same piece of code twice. The situation gets even worse if two different developers create two different iOS and Android applications because two people are likely to implement the same features slightly differently.

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Xamarin and Ionic addresses this issue and they provide powerful tools to reach one goal: to use a single code base or stack of technologies in order to develop both iOS and Android applications. The idea looks very simple and it unleashes a host of nice things.

  • The programmer or developer doesn’t need to know two different platform technologies. But they still need to know each of the platforms features as well as the restrictions. There is no need to write in two different languages and to design GUI in different tools anymore!
  • Shared code base eliminates the need for code to be duplicated. The code is common for both the applications for objectives such as networking and business logic, the code can be separated into its own modules, and you still don’t lose the opportunity to create the UI for each of the platforms, or even build the UI once using platform-specific traits.
  • Still, there can be two or more developers working on the same application. And the developer who knows iOS better can develop iOS-specific parts and the developer who knows Android better can develop the Android specific stuff, and any of them can do the common platform independent stuff. Because the common stuff is written only once, there is no chance to make any kind of inconsistencies between the platforms in the code.


However, what is the price to be paid for having all of these features? Let’s have a look at the frameworks mentioned above.


General Overview

Xamarin is based on the C# .NET framework whereas Ionic is based on the JavaScript/ TypeScript language.


Xamarin can be used in different types of ways. One option is to preserve as much as possible and only switch the language to C#. That is you can design XIBs, storyboards as well as the Android layout files using Xamarin Studio Tools and write the code in C# instead of Java or Swift

iOS XIBs, as well as storyboards, can be designed in XCode. All of the native frameworks can be easily accessed. The code that does not rely on the UI can be shared between iOS and Android projects. If you want to experience the power of Xamarin, there is another option, you can use cross-platform Xamarin. Forms to design the UI for two platforms at once.

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On the other hand, Ionic has chosen JavaScript-based languages.

The Ionic framework allows developers to create highly interactive, cross-platform mobile applications that can be deployed across iOS, Android as well as Windows Mobile devices. These hybrid applications have a range of native functionalities, exhaustive gestures as well as customizable tools to enhance user-friendliness, Those powerful capabilities have been brought to Ionic because it provides mobile responsive, user-friendly HTML, CSS,  and JS components to developers.


Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of Ionic:



  • Apps can be coded one and can be deployed across Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices
  • The use of AngularJS creates a powerful SDK for building any kind of robust applications that are rich and user-friendly
  • The framework focuses on HTML, CSS, and JS that enables quick development, low costs as well as minimal maintenance.



  • In-app performance may not be as swift as that offered by native apps that have been developed for each device
  • The use of AngularJS demands that developers should have a specific skill set for building complicated applications.
  • Building in-app navigation can be notably complex in structure as the UI-router is tricky to maneuver at present.


Ionic is a brilliant choice for creating basic native functionalities within an application that could be run on multiple devices and operating systems. The main ionic advantage surrounds the simplicity that arrives with developing an app once, rather than multiple times for separate devices. The nature of the framework also speeds up the development of apps as well as reducing the cost of the app and eliminates the need for maintenance.


However the main disadvantage is that ionic applications are not developed specifically for each device. Applications developed in Ionic may not perform as well as those developed natively so some developer can rely on natively developed apps for flawless performance and full use of native functionalities. 


Conclusion: We have seen the different frameworks as well as compared the advantages and disadvantages of these.  If you’re looking to hire Xamarin developers or looking to hire Ionic developers then do contact us, we are just a call away. We can provide you the best-experienced developers to onboard your mobile project. If you’ve found this article informative then do check out our other articles as well.


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Creating Chatbot with Deep Learning

Creating Chatbot with Deep Learning




The basic foundation of Chatbot is to giving responses to your queries. The best response will be providing the user with relevant information, asking follow-up questions and have a conversation with the user in a realistic way. Sometimes sentiments analysis is used to understand the behavior of the user based on the input user gives. 


In order to understand and execute the responses required by the user, the chatbot needs to understand their intentions. It is only then it can deliver the required result by following proper grammatical and lexical format.


Since chatbots mimic an actual person, Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are used to build them. One such technique within AI is Deep Learning which mimics the human brain.

We can categorize AI into three categories –


  1. Knowledge Base: It is a database used for knowledge sharing and management. It is not merely a space to store the data but it is an AI tool for delivering decisions. Through the use of the machine, the knowledge base uses sets of rules to make its decisions. 
  1. Machine Learning (ML): It overcomes the limitations of the straight up rules of knowledge base approach to AI. ML is able to extract the patterns from the data instead of relying on the rules. ML understands the knowledge in the real world and based on the correlation between the features the output is obtained.


  1. Representation Learning: When an ML model is created it must be able to learn the representation of data itself. Learned representation results in better performance than hand designed representation. Consider the example of face recognition, as humans, we can recognize faces from different viewing angles, different lighting conditions, different facial features such as spectacles or beard. 


This representation of data is abstract and can be thought of as a hierarchy of simple to complex concepts which allow us to make sense of different data that we encounter. 


However, this information is almost impossible to model because of the randomness. Deep Learning attempts to overcome this challenge by expressing complex representations in terms of simpler representations.




There are many types of chatbots based on different types of learning. Some of them are listed below:


  1. Rule-Based Chatbot: The creation of this kind of bots are pretty straight forward. The bot is trained on some limited data and the bot can answer the questions based on that data. But the bot is not efficient to answer the questions for which the bot is not trained. 


  1. Retrieval Based Chatbot: When given user input, the system uses heuristics to locate the best response from its database of predefined responses. Dialogue selection is a prediction problem, heuristics in which is used to identify the most appropriate response templates to involve simple algorithms like keywords matching or else it may require more complex processing with machine learning. Nevertheless, of the heuristic used, these systems regurgitate only predefined responses and do not generate new output.


  1. Generative Based Chatbot: This is an advanced kind of a chatbot which doesn’t use any pre-defined repository for any responses or the queries which the user asks to the machine. The chatbot learns everything from scratch using Deep Learning. Needless to say, a Generative chatbot is harder to be perfect. The generative model, however, does not guarantee to either appear human, however, they adapt better.


Google Assistant is using retrieval-based model. Which can help you by giving an idea of how it looks like.


Deep Learning


Artificial Neural Network(ANN) is a computational model just like a human brain which consists of multiple numbers of neurons. Deep Learning architecture is similar to ANN but with more hidden layers and consisting more neurons which allows us to model more complex functions like our brain. 


The architecture of chatbot using Deep Learning

In order to process the data, which in most cases are words, it is better to transform data into numbers, because this is how the machine will eventually need to process the data. There includes a number of processes to accomplish this. One way is by turning words into vectors to construct a new vocabulary. 


For example, the word2vec system learns vocabulary from training data (the existing chats) and then associates a vector to each word in the training data. Those vectors capture many linguistic properties, for example :


vector(‘Paris’) – vector(‘France’) + vector(‘Italy’) = vector(‘Rome’)


This is one of the most convenient and relatively simple options for converting your text into vectors that your bot will be able to read and digest. Others are Tensorflow, GloVe, etc. For Architecture, there are a plethora of architectures to build, and it will depend on the needs and preferences which one to go with.


One of them is Tensorflow which comes with seq2seq module which consists of two Recurrent Network (RNN): one is encoder which processes the input and other is decoder which generates the output.


Role of NLU, NLG and Dialogue Management in Conversational Artificial Intelligence


  1. Natural Language Understanding(NLU): NLU is responsible for transforming user’s utterance (which we can call as input to the machine) to a predefined semantic frame according to the system’s convention i.e. to format understood by the machine. 


For example, intents can be greeting under which the keywords would be Hi, Hello, Hey, etc. An LSTM-based recurrent neural network with a Conditional Random Field (CRF) layer is used on top of NLU as NLU has a sequence tagging problem. 


  1. Natural Language Generator(NLU): NLG is understandable as its name. It can be taken as the reverse of natural language understanding. It transforms the output of the machine which can be understood by the end user.


  1. Dialogue Management(DM): DM could be connected to any Database or any knowledge base from where it can produce some meaningful answers. 




To model longer-term dependencies LSTMs were introduced. Using a series of gates which determines whether a new input should be remembered, forgotten, or used as output. The error signal can now be fed back indefinitely into the gates of the LSTM unit. This helps overcome the vanishing and exploding gradient problems in standard RNNs, where the error gradients would otherwise decrease or increase at an exponential rate.

LSTM with dual-encoder working:

  1. Both the context and the answer are turned into vectors (vectors of words). This conversion occurs during the data processing phase.
  2. Both vectors (“embedded words”) are put into the RNN word-by-word. This gives other vectors which capture the meaning of the context and the answer (They are referred to as c for context and for an answer). You decide how large those vectors should be.
  3. Vector c after being multiplied with matrix M produce an answer. And matrix M cultivates during training (your weights).
  4. To measure the accuracy, predicted answer is compared with the actual answer.

The program applies regularisation functions (e.g., sigmoid) to convert the measurement into an actual probability.


If you’re into business and looking for augmented reality developers to increase the effectivity of your business you’re at the right place. we at Nimap Infotech have creative content developers to help you to grow your Business.


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Why Content is King in Digital Marketing

Why Content is King in Digital Marketing

“Content is king”, a famous quote written and published by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the year 1996. Although the quote is not new but due to the increased focus on content marketing strategies it becomes exactly relevant.


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Before moving ahead with the importance of content in marketing let’s first define what do you mean by Content?

Content is a piece of information and experience or communication that helps people understand the concept for which it is shared. It directs users to reach the desired result which they were looking or searching for.

The digital marketing field is not new in the business but with the recent success, it is increasingly getting more popular day by day.

Content in Digital Marketing

Being the medium to deliver information and entertainment it ruled over numbers of industries. But with the rise of Internet definition of content became extremely wide.
As you can see today all the types of business industries success depend largely on its content. For all types of business, you need content to reach out to your customers.


Let’s take a basic and common living example of social media. Can you imagine Facebook, Instagram, and any of the other social media sites without content?

I don’t think you can, content being the heart of today’s marketing strategies plays an extremely important role to make your business website up. In order to bring more visitors to your website, you need to share your posts and blogs to different websites.


People today spend a large amount of time surfing social media and remains online on other websites. Where content playing the dominating role catches their attention to brands and products that are rolling.

Content being spinal of any business gives you the opportunity to communicate with your readers and customers. Spending most of the time being online on the internet they prefer doing all their activities online like reading, streaming, singing, bookings, etc.

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is referred to the marketing of business or brand by sharing relevant and valuable content to attract a large amount of audience that helps you drive large sum of profitability. With the use of the right content, it helps you solve the issues of many prospective customers.

Content marketing is also known as strategic marketing focusses to retain and bring new potential customers to increase the growth and profitability of the business.

It is a kind of long term strategy that is applied to increase visibility, encourage backlinks for SEO and to generate and increase new customers. To understand the concept and idea for which the information is shared this strategy helps marketers build strong relationships with their targeted audience.

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

Quality content helping you improve the conversion rate of your website not only builds trust to connect with your audience but also fuels your marketing techniques. Using this strategy you can promote your business website in numerous ways online. It allows you to connect your leads and customers.

Here’s a list of reasons why content is important for digital marketing

Educates Audience

Before making a purchase it is natural from the customer’s point of view to gather all the related information. You check the website of the brand, read its description to know how the product or service will be. You go through reviews and comments and educate yourself enough before you can come to any conclusion.

Content on the companies home page, it’s about page, related blogs and product pages are mainly considered as educational content. They provide all the related information about their products to educate their audience. It aims to teach the target audience about the business services and its offerings.

Therefore while designing any such content you have to think from the perspective of the users. While addressing the target audience try to focus on their problems and questions. It’s only then you’ll be able to answer and satisfy users by providing them correct educational content. Educational content should be helpful giving an appropriate solution to the customers.

Fuels SEO

Search engines are a go-to resource for just about any time someone has a question or concern. This means that optimizing your content to appear in relevant searches can help you attract new leads to your website. However, in order to fuel your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, you need to have strong content.

To make your website visible and appear in relevant searches you should use optimized content. And to charge SEO strategy you need strong quality content. Since SEO works after keywords and backlink you should create web pages with good quality content. If you have good quality content for your website that can engage customers it is easy to come up with good search ranking.

Social Media Strategies

Social media is the most used and important way to reach your customers. Today more than any website social media posts got the most viewers. Using the powerful tool you can easily start conversations with your audience and build a good relationship with them.

It provides you an easy medium to convince how your products and services are genuine and reliable. Thus, making your relationship with customers more strong it ultimately helps you increase your sales and business.

Benefits of Content Marketing

In order to survive and flourish your business in today’s fast-moving world, digital marketing services are very much important. In which concept of content marketing carries a vital role to rank your websites up.

Here’s a list of reasons informing the benefits of content marketing and how content is considered as the king of digital marketing.

Growing Website Traffic

Consistent delivery of quality content helps you increase visitors which helps you increase in the website traffic. Therefore, the more valuable and relevant content you’ll post the more traffic you will find for your website.

To rank your page to reach a good number of visitors you need to pay attention to keyword stuffing. With the practice of good quality content, it becomes much easier for Google to crawl your page and give better results than before.

Increased Leads

Customers after doing all the research plans to buy the product. By creating good quality educational content on your website you can influence more people. Above all, it is helping in bringing leads with good conversion rates.

Enhance Brand Image

Good content on your website forms a classic image of your services on customers. Some brands before even selling get a good reputation. Quality content helps you maintain your old business reputation.

Brand Authority

As you can see there’s so high competition you have in the market it takes really something unique and different to be on the top of everything. With the age of trends and digitalization, social media platforms provide you medium to easily convey and spread your brands and services.



Increased Sales

Good quality content helps you engage readers in your blogs and posts which easily benefits you with more conversions and sales leads. Thus improving your business it brings your business more growth and opportunities for success.
Improves customer relationships

For every business, it is important to keep good relations with your customers. Social media, in addition, provides you one such medium to be in constant touch with your customers. With good content, it is easy to address their requirements and respond to their feedback and reviews.


Content is and will always play an important and effective marketing tool in the business. No matter you choose videos, graphics or images content will be required everywhere. Therefore before you plan any marketing strategy or campaign make sure you think about the content you’ll going to require. Effective content attracts and helps you communicate with ideal customers that might be interested in your services to bring you more growth and success.

Therefore, if you’re into business and looking for a content writer to increase the effectivity of the business you’re at the right place. Contact us to hire talented and experienced content writer with good knowledge of keywords and SEO. we at Nimap Infotech have creative content writers to help you rank your website with good customer visibility.

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AngularJS VS jQuery


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In the digital world, it is very essential for any business conducting organization to be present digitally with the features that tend to engage their target audience. The digital market is nothing but a collection of websites which we see scattered across the Internet. Web development has become so complex and cumbersome with the arrival of new technologies in the market. This has made the jobs of web developers much more complex and challenging as the expectations from them has been increased in the terms of:

  • Building a richer User Interface
  • Codeless and provide additional functionality
  • Easy manipulation of the DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Usage of Dynamic templates
  • Providing Cross-functionality support
  • Animations
  • Features that are easily testable. 

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There are several platforms in the market that aims to achieve these objectives with user-centric functionality. To design your dream website, it is essential to incorporate these features into your project. In this blog we are going to discuss two of the most popular web designing technologies that have helped many people create awesome websites and integrate the core functionality inside them, these are AngularJS and the other is jQuery.


What is Angular?

AngularJS is a TypeScript based open source web application platform that is used to design the front end for deploying Single Page Applications (SPAs). Angular combines dependency injection, end to end tooling and declarative templates as well as integrated best practices to solve the development challenges faced by web developers.


What is jQuery?

jQuery is a fast and feature-rich JavaScript library that is easy to use as well as learn. It is cross-browser compatible and many modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, uses it


Before we can move ahead, we need to make things clear about some fundamental terms- Angular is designed to develop SPAs. So What exactly is a SPA?


SPA (Also known as Single Page Application) is the one in which a single page of HTML as well as JavaScript is downloaded from the HTTP server and it looks like it has multiple pages, the transition from one page to the other but in general is a substitution of the template elements in the DOM so that one page is a template and the other page is another template and so on.


Let’s compare AngularJS with jQuery:



Angular JS

jQuery was released on 26 August 2006.Angular’s latest version has a stable release date of 3rd May 2018.
jQuery is easy to understand and learn Angular can be tough to understand and is not beginner friendly
jQuery is able to provide a consistent DOM API which is consistent across all major browsers Angular enables first-class support to create web applications using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML 
  When the need arises to bind the data between UI elements and the codes (that is JavaScript), jQuery provides rich interactivity and functionality, jQuery is unidirectional, which means that the data flow between the models  Angular is bidirectional which means that UI field is bound to the model dynamically in such a way that whenever the UI field changes, the model field changes with it and vice versa 
jQuery components are jQuery UI which is nothing but a curated set of User Interface interactions, effects, widgets and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript libraryFor Angular, components are the building blocks for the UI in the application, it is a hierarchy of components. These components have a predefined template and  only one component can be initiated per element in the template 

-Cross Browser compatible

-CSS Manipulation

-Event Handling

-HTML/DOM Manipulation


-Ajax/ JSONP


-Angular directives which are an extension to HTML

-Dependency Injection

-Two-way Data Bindings

-MVC support

-Validation of forms

-Use of RestFul API


Key Differences between AngularJS and jQuery:


  • jQuery is a library for any kind of DOM manipulation whereas Angular is a Framework
  • jQuery has nothing to do with models. Angular is used to create SPA’s or single page applications
  • jQuery does not have 2-way data binding functionality whereas Angular has key features like routing, 2-way data binding, models, unit tests, directives, dependency injection and many more.
  • jQuery becomes complex and difficult to maintain as the size of the project increases but in the case of Angular, things are completely different as they are manageable at big project size
  • Many times it happens that one has to write more code in jQuery to achieve the same functionality whereas Angular reduces these criteria as the codes are generally not lengthy as compared to jQuery


The Conclusion- Angular VS jQuery


The conclusion is always the most challenging part as it should have some objectives for its readers. In this article, we have seen the phrase “LIBRARY” and “FRAMEWORK” many times. So let’s discuss what this terminology actually means.


FRAMEWORK:-Has a rule-based approach on which applications are designed. But here the user can customize the things as per his need. He can manipulate it by adding and deleting things, BootStrap is a framework.

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LIBRARY: Library is a collection of predefined components or models. It is a collection of behavior written in a specific language. It is used to execute functions and perform results. Example jQuery, Curl is a library


JQuery is the best option when you require a flexible and dynamic website. Angular offers everything you need to design your clients application and it is important for you to choose when you need to design a single page application. If you’re planning to get the best quality website that can attract clients with your single page application then you can opt for angular. There always remains a hustle between Angular and jQuery but it depends on what your client requires and what your clients project needs, as well as what would be the functionality to achieve the objectives. It also depends on the personal preference for implementing the functionality.


If you’re planning to hire JavaScript Developers or looking to hire AngularJS developers for your web designing project then do contact us, simply give us a call, and we will connect you with our best-experienced web designers who will solve your website problems.

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Difference Between SEO and SEM(SEO vs SEM)


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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing may appear confusing in the beginning. Many people still think both are the same. Are they? 

Their interchangeable terms often make it’s understanding confusing. 


In our previous blog, we have discussed SEO and how it is important. Let’s find out how it is different from SEM and what role both SEO and SEM plays in marketing. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used for optimizing your website so that it gets better ranking in the search results. As optimized sites are easily understood by search engine crawlers. Which is further benefitted by increasing the chances of getting higher rankings in SERPs. 


Search Engine Marketing(SEM), on the other hand, is internet marketing used for increasing the site’s visibility through advertising and organic search engine results. SEO thus becoming a part of SEM helps you increase the visibility in search engines. 


In order to get more search engine visitors, it can also use other methods like PPC advertising. 


SEM incorporates SEO which adjusts or rewrites the content of the website and its sites architecture to achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages. 


What are the Components of SEO?


The rules and algorithms after which SEO works keeps updating, however, the thing that remains constant are its two major components  – on-page and off-page. These are the two important activities SEO is comprised of. 


1. Off-page SEO (off-site SEO)


The off-page technique is used for improving the position of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs). It is used for promoting your website for the purpose of ranking it higher in the search results. 

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Off-page SEO includes link buildings to attract and acquire high-quality backlinks from other websites. It manages the local listings and directory profiles. When a particular brand’s website is linked with many other websites it reflects that brand’s website as trustworthy and reliable. Resulting, an increase in your search engine rankings. 


Off-page SEO helps you attract the attention for social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, etc. Using high-quality content which is helpful to target the audience like blog articles helps you establish your authority resulting in increased organic website traffic, chances for inbound links and more conversions. 


2. On-page SEO (on-site SEO)


On-page includes activities of optimizing individual web pages to get higher ranking and earn more relevant traffic. It helps you optimize individual pages of the website to target specific keywords. 


Unlike off-page which refers to links and other signals, it works on the content and HTML source codes of pages. Strategies on which on-page runs are keyword research, content creation, and keyword optimization. It helps search engines understand the content of the page to give it further ranking. 

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The search engine looks for signals to understand what the page is all about which includes website structure, SEO keywords, title optimizations, headings, internal links, image SEO, structured data markup and other techniques. All these help in improving the usability and credibility of a website.


Search Engine Marketing


SEM involves the process of getting traffic either from the free search engines else from the paid search ads. That is, there are two ways to attract attention either you do it organically else you have to do it using the paid campaigns. It works on two basic things – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising (PSA). 


Through paid advertisements, SEM can earn search visibility for websites. These advertisements in common terms are known as pay-per-click ads. You can also use other SEM activities like cost-per-click (CPC) ads, paid search ads and paid search advertising. Relevant ad copy and keywords help you target the potential customers and buyers. Giving your business extra opportunities to increase the visibility of web pages, landing pages, blog articles and more.


Why is SEM Important


Before moving ahead, let’s understand how it is beneficial for a website and for people doing online business. 


Let’s take an example, whenever you’re asked to search for anything or wants to find something the first thing you’ll do is look for it in search engine. Majority of the public use Google as a search engine. 


After clicking on the search button what you expect is either a particular answer to your question else a list of sources mentioned separately. 


Studying the general human tendency they’ll end up their search with the first five results. Search engines work hard to show up the content or material that is beneficial for users. 


However in order to detect and show you the best result search engines works hard. They develop numbers of complex algorithms to take variables into account before deciding which website to show in the top.  


Therefore, if you want your website to reach a maximum number of people out there you must focus on the ranking of your website. 


Benefits of SEM 


  • SEM search ads will generate traffic to your site, even when SEO and other marketing tactics fluctuate.
  • SEM offers brands and companies a chance to make more money from their marketing campaigns. 
  • It is an important conversion driver for marketing campaigns as the paid ads are commonly linked to conversion-focused landing pages. 
  • It helps you increase awareness about the brand. 
  • SEM helps greatly in finding the best result for local marketing.
  • SEM is fastest-to-launch traffic strategy which helps you generate immediate results for your campaigns.
  • With the help of search ads, it becomes easier to generate traffic even when SEO and other marketing tactics fluctuate. 
  • Ads are easy to appear in the top search lists.
  • It is great for doing mobile marketing.


Difference Between SEO and SEM


It is a part of SEM.Superset of SEO, it is used for traffic generation.
It optimizes a website page content and visibility to gain natural ranking on SERP.SEM promotes websites to increase visibility and traffic in SERPs.
SEO is an organic strategy.SEM is a paid strategy.
It is controllable.It is doubtful and uncertain.
SEO is inexpensiveSEM is expensive
Visible to anyone.Visible to select targeted audience.
SEO result takes time.Results are immediate.
Provides value to your website over time.Do not benefit you over time.
Higher click-through rate.Lower click-through rate.


SEO or SEM Which is Better?


In order to build a good online presence, it is necessary to practice effectual search engine optimization. SEM requires organic SEO to get enough success. It helps consumers drive to the specific products they were looking for. Therefore you can easily say SEO and SEM work hand in hand. 


If you want SEM to bring good investment for your business it is necessary you have good SEO running in place. 


No doubt PPC is a good option to bring immediate visibility but it would not be a good choice to strictly go with PPC and not opt SEO. 


It is a matter of personal choice, no matter where you are in the process of online business, be sure to use local SEO to fully optimize your website before making large investments in paid advertising.  




If you wish to guide yourself more into digital marketing and learn to process SEO and SEM for your website feel free to contact Nimap Infotech. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of digital marketers at our firm. With smart contact rank your business website using the most valuable means without spending too much. 

Learn more SEO here  

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Asp.NET vs Node JS

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Every single time, new technology enters the market and changes the way programmers develop applications. To solve different programming problems new technology has been introduced. Each technology focuses on solving a particular computing problem. In this article, we are going to compare as well as contrast two different computing platforms ASP.Net and Node JS. Let’s get to the basics of both Asp.Net and Node JS


What is Node JS?

Node JS is nothing but a server-side scripting language, which runs and executes scripts at the server side. Ryan Dahl is the inventor of Node JS. The language is open source as well as cross-platform. Node JS is a JavaScript runtime environment that is capable of executing JavaScript code at the server side. Earlier only JavaScript was used for any validation to be done at the client side only. With the advent of Node JS, it is possible to execute scripts for both the front end as well as the backend.

Node JS is a platform that has been built using Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine. It helps to develop scalable networked applications. It uses a nonblocking I/O Model that is event-driven and this makes it an ideal option to develop data-intensive applications. Node JS is capable of offering greater performance as well as speed. It is an ideal framework for the development of messaging or chatting applications. It is most useful for developing heavy load applications and e-commerce websites that depend on the speed of processing power.

Node JS makes the use of a single threaded model along with event looping. This type of event mechanism benefits the server to respond in a nonblocking fashion. Node JS is built on the V8 JavaScript engine that makes it the fastest code execution library. There is no buffering involved in Node JS as the application outputs the data in the form of pieces.


Know more: Laravel VS NodeJS

What is is a web application framework developed by Microsoft, using this we can develop new generation websites using web forms, MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, as well as templates, etc. It is nothing but a server-side scripting language that produces dynamic web pages. It enables web developers to produce dynamic attractive web pages.

It provides a very easy to use, drag and drop website framework IDE in order to build the website compared to other frameworks such as Java, etc. It was first released in 2002 by Microsoft with version 1. As time passed many upgradations were performed by Microsoft. It is a successor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages.

Web applications are built using Web Forms. is shipped with built-in web form controls which are responsible for developing the user interfaces. They can mirror typical HTML widgets such as text boxes and buttons. If these controls do not fit your needs, you are free to use your own custom user controls.


Programming models that are used to build the web applications provided by are as follows:


1) MVC- (Model View Controller): The MVC helps in the development of web applications where the view is nothing but the front end model for the business logic and the controller is responsible for the mapping between the view and the model
2) Web API: It is an application programming interface for building the API for a web application that runs on top of the .NET framework. A programmer or developer can develop according to the business requirements with the help of these API on top of the .NET framework in an efficient way.
3) Web pages are able to show the data dynamically in an HTML page and is very efficient for developing web applications. Its syntax is very easy as well as lightweight.
4)  ASP .net Web Forms- It can be helpful in developing modular web pages of different formats and components. UI events are executed on the server side.
5)  ASP .net WebHooks- It is used for subscribing and publishing events via the HTTP protocol. vs Node JS Comparison.


ASP .netNode JS
ASP .net is a web application framework developed by MicrosoftNode JS is an Open source, cross-platform JavaScript Runtime Engine, and environment that executes JavaScript code on the server side.
Can be used for generating and developing a website using web forms, HTML5, CSS as well as JavaScriptCan be used to develop server-side applications that run on the backend only.
ASP .net is very easy to understand compared to other programming languages. Development of a website is very easy using ASP.netNode JS is a server-side JavaScript environment. It uses an asynchronous as well as an event-driven model and is designed for the development of scalable internet applications notably web servers. Thus NodeJS is able to provide excellent performance based on the architecture of many internet applications.
Many websites existed in today’s world that has been developed using ASP.netNode JS is useful for the maintenance and handling large volumes of customer data
Its first release came in 2002Its first release came in 2009

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So we have seen the basic difference between the two language frameworks.
If you’re looking to hire asp dot net developers or looking out to hire node js developers then do contact us. We have expert developers ready to onboard for your project.

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Things To Consider Before You Outsource SEO

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While doing business there are numerous elements you should be aware of. One of which matters most among all is SEO. Receiving greater success rate SEO has become more popular and important than ever. For every technician, it is important to understand the potential SEO creates on every business. 


Search Engine Optimization 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method or a complete framework in itself with a number of rules, guidelines, control, and stages. SEO is used for increasing the search result of your web page on search engine result pages (SERPs) on sites such as Google, Bing, Apple, Yahoo, etc. 


Increasing the quality of your website, it is used to provide unbiased result based on what you look and search in an easy and faster way. Search engines are capable to identify all the online relevant information to rank them in order of quality and applicability. 


Analyzing multiple pieces of data online there are hundreds of factors involved when search engines rank websites through organic search. And the result you get in fractions of seconds is a direct result of SEO ranking. Components like tags, meta description, content, keyword density, links, and images are some of the important things used while improving SEO ranking. 

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Though important for business, it is time-consuming and asks for lots of patience to see the desired results. This complex process can be carried out in three ways – 


  • Do it yourself
  • Hire In-house SEO specialists
  • Outsource or hire SEO experts to work for you


Doing SEO by yourself is a dismaying task unless you’re an expert in it. The most likely thing you should opt is either hire and build your own in-house SEO team else outsource SEO service from any other organization.  

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Many times people opt to hire their own in-house SEO employees so that they can get on their business with complete transparency and no outsider to depend on. However, with the changing time, people nowadays started spending through outsourcing SEO employees as per the demands and necessity. As a specialist in SEO, outsourcing SEO safe, that are efficient in helping you increase your business. 


Benefits of outsourcing include – 


  • Frees up the internal resources
  • Reduces time to market
  • Completes your work in a lesser period of time
  • Improves your business
  • Increases customers focus
  • Improves productivity
  • Receives more ROI


Before you decide which way to choose, there are a few important things you should know before you outsource SEO.


Cost Effective


While thinking about the expenses of outsourcing SEO the first thing you should do is list out the difference in cost between both permanent hiring and outsourcing. Hiring an employee permanently and hiring someone for a period of time are both very different things. 


Some may prefer hiring in-house SEO employees while others can choose to pay and get the work done. In both cases, SEO is not something that is easily achievable. Both require time and more than that both needs to spend some expenses that benefit them. 


If you’re planning to expand your business and wants to make a team for your own self only then you should go for hiring in-house SEO employees. Otherwise, opt for outsourcing. It will save you spend your extra expenditures on employees whom you’ll have to pay even when they are not working under any project. 


Maybe the time period you’re spending to look for SEO experts appears daunting. As there are so many efficient companies promising you deals to complete your work. But sooner or later you’ll find a company offering good benefits at a lower price. Promising you everything that you require.


If cost is your factor to choose, opt to outsource as compared to hiring permanent SEO services. Outsourcing costs you less, providing great work benefits to increase the ranking of your brand.


Needs and Requirements


While designing and ranking the services of your websites up, the first thing you need to think about is your needs and requirements. What you actually want to do with your website and what are your real goals. You should be careful enough about your requirements and only then you can hire someone correctly. If your website just needs a few changes you don’t require someone to do all the work from scratch. 


If you are beginning from start then you can design the website as per your benefits of requirement. You can customize it as per your needs and make it more appealing providing easy and friendly user experience. Also in the case of outsourcing SEO, you can negotiate the price of the project. Whereas in case of hiring in-house SEO employees you are not provided with this choice. You have to pay them regardless of the type of projects they are involved in.


Identify Brands


When you outsource an SEO person they may be completely unfamiliar with your brands and services. Which challenges them to work using different techniques. They can choose to start with SEO content that represents your brand.


For that, you need to deliver them enough information about your business. You have to ask them to take a walk of your complete business to show your vision, mission, and goals. 


You should outsource people who are familiar with your brands and should understand your strategic goals. 


The Importance of SEO 


SEO is classified into three important factors – technical, content and backlinks. In order to rank a website, you will need experts to handle these three factors. You require proper coding to design your website structure, high-quality unique content, and a number of other website links to connect with. 


If your technical optimization is great with unique content quality and links that draw you back to your web pages, nobody can stop you making a success with your website. You need good content and backlinking for viewers to stay on your page. 


The main aim of SEO is to bring more traffic from different and diverse sources which helps you bring potential repetitive customers. 




Whether you hire in-house SEO employees or outsource SEO services the invested time and effort will be the same. It depends on their intelligence how they execute things. 


Other than the above-mentioned points there are various other uses and benefits of SEO. Digital marketing is a new future of business where SEO works as a new age tool to increase the productivity of your company. Hiring an SEO expert is a significant investment you need to be very careful about. 


To know more about SEO and outsourcing services you can contact and consult us at Nimap Infotech. We have a complete team of SEO experts who can guide you on any type of service and methods to improve your business. If you’re thinking of designing a website and requires an SEO expert to handle the same you can contact us

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4 Ways Hiring Android Developers Offshore Increase Productivity


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While living in the age of digitalization everyone here would be well aware of the differences between iOS and Android. You can hire Android developers for all your app requirements. Use of smartphones has successfully caught up everyone’s attention. To customize your digital life the progress of the brands have marked their success not only in smartphones but also in watches, cars, and television.
With the increased demand for developing mobile applications, especially for business purposes organizations are opting to recruit developers to level up and match their calls.

A website of the company plays a critical role as it is represented as the face of the company. Therefore, it becomes necessary for business owners to hire or outsource developers who are reliable and match up with their expectations.
Outsourcing, therefore, has become a superb choice for companies who have years of experience in application and website development. Hiring the right developers to design your Android website is a crucial aspect of the mobile app development process. You should look for the developers with some experience who understands and fulfill your needs. To deliver you a platform that is both scalable and robust to produce friendly, and highly responsive performance.

Before you move ahead and learn about the benefits offshore Android developers provide to increase the profitability and productivity of your business companies. Let’s read out what offshore means and how it is profitable.


Want to Know More: Android Q: Everything You Need To Know


What Do You Mean By Outsourcing?

Outsourcing also termed as ‘contracting out’ refers to a business practice in which a company hires another organization or its individuals to perform and handle tasks for their own company. The practice of outsourcing is conducted for a period of time by contracting with a third party service.

Initially, outsourcing was recognized as a business strategy during the year 1989. However, with time and use of service, it became increasingly popular and become an integral part of business economics. Moreover, outsourcing has provided a great way for startups, founders and entrepreneurs to search talented employees at a considerable amount. Businesses prefer outsourcing as it helps you provide efficient employees at a much-reduced cost.
Let’s take a look at many of the few advantages of how hiring Android developers offshore can help you increase your and your teams’ productivity.


1) Low Cost

When you hire in-house employees your company and work budget by-default rises and you couldn’t help it increasing more. While owning a company the first and the foremost fact for a businessman is to save money whenever it is possible. Even behind hiring people their main motto is to increase their company’s profit by investing less and making more. And to do so, instead of hiring employees for the full time you should go for hiring them on a contract or project basis.

Offshore employees are already much more experienced and knowledgeable. Which further save you spending your time and expenses on their training. While hiring companies or employees you will be paying them only when required (depending on your project). Thus hiring offshore developers from India improves the performance and efficiency of your services at relatively lower prices. Offshore developers from India to save both your time and money while improving the operations of your company.


2) Business Oriented Strategy

After working over multiple projects and websites for various different themes of subject and business industries programmers start recognizing the problems by simply seeing the application or website. It keeps you updated with all the latest tools and their updates. It makes you efficient enough to handle any phase of the challenge you face while working over the project. It efficiently manages your company and job of work.

It makes you build a strong team of developers to work over your project. Which further benefits you in cases where even if an employee gets sick or could not turn up for a day or two your project keep going without getting affected. Unavailability of one or two developers doesn’t affect you holding up your project.


3) More Focus on Business

Hiring professional or specialist developers increase the focus of your other team members. It moves your teammates to pay more focus on the project activities by developing their interest. By hiring developers specially for one particular project makes your other employees focus on the remaining project. They accordingly thus can fix and manage their duties of work.

4) Easy to Market and Handle

As compared to permanent workers, employees who are hired delivers you better quality projects. And that too using the least resources, saving both your time and budget. Therefore hire as many developers you want, they will end up giving you profits without making you fall into any losses.

Professional developers end up improving your business agility with their experience of developing high-quality web applications. Enhancing the growth and productivity of your company. By hiring developers you can set fixed limits of budget for each project to successfully count your profits.

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Hope this blog post about how Hiring Android Developers Offshore Increase Productivity helps you take better decisions for your projects. Offshore outsourcing playing an essential role in increasing the productivity of your business provides more privileges to IT and software companies. With minimized risk tenancies and maximum flexibility, offshoring helps developers offering custom solutions.

If you’re thinking of creating and hiring Android developers, you can discuss your ideas with our highly talented developers at Nimap Infotech. With good experience of knowledge, they will provide you the best solution for your projects.


  If you’re looking to get yourself trained for a full-fledged iOS app development course, then contact us We have expert trainers to help you with your mobile app development journey. You want to learn iOS app development or android app development it’s your choice. Looking for mobile app development training, well your search ends here. We have world-class trainers available to guide you for the android app development course. We have the best iOS training company faculty ready to guide you in your endeavors. Learn from the best experts in the industry. Contact us now.  

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Which language is better for creating websites, HTML or HTML5 ?


: Over 250 people have rated us [5/5]


HTML is also known as Hypertext markup language has come a long way. There are many new features introduced with the latest version of HTML that is HTML5. So in this article, we will discuss what are the newest features introduced with HTML5 and why should you stick with using HTML5 instead of the good old HTML.
HTML is the language used for the web. There was a need to share and display information in a properly formatted and structured way. With the introduction of the web by Tim Berners Lee, the web was created to display and structure information by the means of a Display Markup Language known as HTML. HTML enables information to be shared and displayed in a certain way.


HTML with the advent of HTML5 enables and provides many new features and techniques that can be used to display information in a more structured and distinct way. We are going to look at the features and benefits offered by HTML5 and we are also going to have a look at how far HTML5 has come compared to standard HTML version 1 HTML5 Has introduced a host of new features and elements which we are going to have a look at in this article.

New Features


1) New DocType:

With the advent of HTML5, a new doctype tag has been revisited. This doctype tag is shorter and easier to understand and can be used widely throughout many browsers that support them.

2) Figure Element:

With the introduction of the Figure and the FigureCaption element, we can now associate captions with their respective figures themselves. These make the images to be associated with captions easier. Earlier this was not possible but was used by using a paragraph tag.

3) The small tag is redefined:

Previously the Small tag referred to a font size that was smaller than the original one. Now it refers to the small print. And not a smaller font size. So this can be used whenever you want to display some text in small print.

4) The Type attribute is being deprecated:

The type attribute that was used for scripts and links is now being deprecated. With the advent of HTML5, it is completely fine if the type attribute is not used at all but for support of older browsers, it can be used and does not throw up an error.

5) Quotes usage is optional:

Previously it was mandatory to use quotes for use with attributes and values. Now starting from HTML5 use, it is completely optional to use quotes( single or double) for using with attributes and values.

6) Content can be made editable:

With the use of the new content editable attribute for unordered lists tag, content can be made editable right within the browser. This is especially beneficial when you want to include the feature similar to to-do lists in your website for any browsers.

7) Email Validation:

HTML5 introduces new email validation facility that provides an

inbuilt function to validate email addresses. You can use the new email validation facility by using the type=” email” attribute in the input tag.


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8) PlaceHolders:

Before HTML5, placeholders were created using complex JavaScript Code. Following HTML5, the placeholder attribute has been created to facilitate the use of placeholders for input boxes.

9) Local Storage:

In HTML5, advanced browsers can remember what the users type even after the browser has been closed. This functionality has not been offered by older browsers and needs to be tested before the functionality is used and implemented.

10) Header and Footer:

There are separate header and footer tags that can be used in place of div id=” header” and div id=” footer” tags. These tags are more convenient than their corresponding DIV tags. These tags should not be confused with the header and footer of the website.

11) Required Attribute:

Whenever a particular element’s input is required, we can use the required attribute to specify compulsion for the element input. This was not present in the older HTML standard and has been introduced newly.

12) AutoFocus Attribute:

HTML5 removes the need for JavaScript solutions. If a particular input should be selected or given focus by default then we can now use the autofocus attribute for providing focus to a particular input element

13) Audio Support:

Now with the advent of HTML5, we no longer have to rely on third party plugins in order to render audio. HTML5 now has got its very own audio tag which can be used to render and play audio files.

14) Video Support:

We also have video support with the new HTML5 standard. We now can embed videos inside webpages for the user. This increases the level of engagement with the user.


We have a host of new features that have been introduced in the new HTML 5 standard. So to take advantage of these new HTML5 features we have to start using HTML5 code for our web pages. If you’re looking to hire HTML5 developers then do contact us, or drop us a message. We have the most experienced backend team ready to develop and deploy your website.


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What are the benefits of using Laravel over plain PHP?

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PHP has been around for quite some time now. It has been used over a multitude of facades for programming. Studies show that PHP is the most favorable programming language that is used for Web Programming. You can use PHP for many kinds of web applications. in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using a robust framework such as Laravel over just using plain PHP for web programming.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of using plain PHP

  • PHP being a robust language requires you to have some amount of experience when using it for web programming
  • It is easy to use and understand web programming language
  •  It is fast and secure.
  • It is an interpreted language, it does not require a compiler for running and executing PHP
    PHP is well suited for any kind of web applications.
  • PHP is well suited for developing e-commerce applications.


If you’re planning to use plain PHP for any kind of web programming applications, do remember that you require some amount of experience for web programming.

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Why use a Framework over Plain PHP?


  • A framework gives you more controls over the web application
  • You do not have to write code or logic for the applications, most of the logic or code is built in.
  • It encourages reuse of code
  • You get all the benefits of using a framework for web applications such as robustness and security
  • Most of the frameworks use PHP as their primary programming language, therefore the benefits of PHP are passed on to the framework.


There are many more benefits that are obtained when using a framework over PHP

In this article, we are going to discuss a popular framework such as Laravel benefits over plain PHP


1) High Security:

There have been cases of numerous cyber attacks that have been taken place on web applications. In such situations, you need a robust framework to safeguard your web applications

One of the most important benefits of selecting Laravel over any other framework over PHP is its capability to provide high-class security. Laravel itself is a very secure framework that does not allow malware to run inside its environment. Malware cannot enter its web apps space. This

means that your web apps are secure and safe. If you choose Laravel you are free from  unintended or hidden SQL injections


2) Enhanced Performance:

Another strong reason to choose Laravel is because of its capability to provide excellent performance of web applications. There have been times where excellent features and functionality have affected the performance of the sites. But in this case, Laravel has come up with tools to boost the performance of these applications. The tools such as Memcached and Redis should be integrated with the Laravel framework while developing the web apps and they have been making the things easier for the developers to enhance the web app performance


3) Powerful Authentication:

The Laravel PHP framework was developed by Taylor Otwell with the sole purpose to help the web developers. He wanted that the developers create the web apps in a much faster way having better functionality. And one of the most challenging functionalities for web developers is to develop the authentication for these web apps. Laravel makes it easy for web developers to develop the logic behind providing access to authorized users.


4) Open Source and Powerful community:

Another benefit of choosing Laravel is that it is open source. But this is enough for you to choose Laravel over other frameworks. Laravel has a powerful community of developers and development companies that constantly as well as continuously provide support to make it even more flexible as well as scalable.


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So if your developer wants to bring onboard some complex functionality, he/she is always open to take expert advise from the community and develop the app as per your needs. In short, your app development does not stop despite the functionalities being complex and you get what you desire.


5) Blade Templating:

One of the main and beneficial features of Laravel is the blade templating engine. This engine allows the web developers to use the predefined templates to write a certain amount of code. These templates do not restrict the developers to write their own simple and plain PHP codes. These templates are intuitive, lightweight as well as dynamic that allows the developers to write code quickly as well as easily. The major benefit of using the templating engine is that it makes your website lightweight without compromising on the performance of the same.


6) Database Migration:

There is one more advantage of using the Laravel framework is Migrations of databases. These migrations easily allow the developers to undo the changes made to the database. Using migrations the developers can easily share the database with other developers within the team easily and smoothly. This was not possible earlier but various Laravel developers came up with such facility. The pairing of these migrations ensures that the database is created and maintained appropriately without the need to recreate it. This saves a lot of development time for your development of web apps.


7) MVC Architecture:

The Laravel framework makes use of the MVC architecture. Because of this, it is said to be the best framework for web development. MVC provides built-in functionality, which the developers can make the best use of while developing your web app. The MVC architecture provides better documentation.

Conclusion: So you see the benefits of using a framework like Laravel clearly outways the scenario of using plain PHP. The advantages are plentiful. And This proves that it is easier to program using a Laravel framework than it is to use plain PHP to program any web application. If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers or are looking to find PHP developers for your web project then do contact us. Or if you’re looking to hire PHP programmers then do contact us. We are here to solve all your queries about bespoke web development.


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Popular Twitter Hashtags List

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Every once in a while there seems to be a particular word that insanely gets popular.
These words get you organic reaches and enables your creative or post to be seen by all
These words that helps you to get organic searches as well as reaches are called hashtags, and these hashtags can increase the view count or impressions for your particular posts and could be a good way to get free followers on social media platforms such as Instagram. These hashtags seem to be increasing popular. In this article we are going to discuss some hashtags that you can use in order to increase the reach and visibility of your post and also help you to get your posts or creatives to be viewed by all.

We will explain to you where to use these hashtags:



This hashtag is insanely popular, the statistics show that it has 388 unique tweets per hour, 70 retweets per hour and 2666196 views per hour. You will get to see all the tweets from the technology sector and also be able to view any new news that you want to hear about the technology sector.


This is another popular hashtag, this tag will show you the news from the science and innovation stream. This hashtag gets 829 unique tweets per hour, 429 retweets per hour, and 4274538 views or impressions per hour.


This hashtag is similar to the technology hashtag and will provide you with similar results. This hashtag gets 154 unique tweets per hour, 84 retweets per hour, and 666862 views or impressions per hour


This hashtag will provide you results from emerging or updating platforms. This is a very popular hashtag and will give you results if you publish tweets related to platform developments. This hashtag gets 21 unique tweets per hour, 17 retweets per hour, and 110825 views or impressions per hour.


The recent developments in the field of education can be viewed by using this hashtag. Another popular hashtag that has come to light in recent times. This hashtag gets 350 unique tweets per hour, 100 retweets per hour, and 4666996 views or impressions per hour.


We never know what the future holds for us, but the recent or upcoming developments in the future technologies can be seen by using this hashtag. This hashtag gets 62 unique tweets per hour, 13 retweets per hour, and 242200 views or impressions per hour.


Any latest developments in the cloud environments can be seen by using this popular hashtag. This hashtag gets 150 unique tweets per hour, 71 retweets per hour, and 1014850 views or impressions per hour.


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This hashtag will enable you to see the latest developments happening to Microsoft’s Edge Browser. This hashtag gets 12 unique tweets per hour, 9 retweets per hour, and 14812 views or impressions per hour.


Any fresh news in the field of News sector can be seen by using this hashtag. This hashtag gets 1442 unique tweets per hour, 1150 retweets per hour, and 8911500 views or impressions per hour.


Any industry related news and tweets can be seen by using this hashtag.
This hashtag gets 46 unique tweets per hour, 12 retweets per hour, and 17954 views or impressions per hour


Any security/ Cyber-security related developments can be seen by using this hashtag. This hashtag gets 188 unique tweets per hour, 50 retweets per hour, and 1858062 views or impressions per hour


This hashtag has similar results compared to the technology hashtag we’ve seen earlier. This hashtag gets 546 unique tweets per hour, 166 retweets per hour, and 3743862 views or impressions per hour


Any business related news will be seen by this hashtag. This is another popular hashtag that provides news related to business dealings and acquisitions.
This hashtag gets 792 unique tweets per hour, 125 retweets per hour, and 6194988 views or impressions per hour


Any new company related news will be seen by using this hashtag.
This hashtag gets 21 unique tweets per hour, 4 retweets per hour, and 33342 views or impressions per hour.


Any new information related to the information technology sector can be seen by using this hashtag.This hashtag gets 196 unique tweets per hour, 16 retweets per hour, and 8081204 views or impressions per hour


Any new development news will be seen by using this hashtag. This hashtag gets 100 unique tweets per hour, 29 retweets per hour, and 174488 views or impressions per hour


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Google related news and happenings will be seen by using this hashtag.
This hashtag gets 279 unique tweets per hour, 109 retweets per hour, and 7208821 views or impressions per hour


Software development news is seen by using this hashtag: This hashtag gets 129 unique tweets per hour, 33 retweets per hour, and 576238 views or impressions per hour


Facebook related news and the latest developments can be seen by utilizing this hashtag. This hashtag gets 312 unique tweets per hour, 121 retweets per hour, and 576238 views or impressions per hour


Any news related to IOT will be seen by using this hashtag. This hashtag gets 304 unique tweets per hour, 204 retweets per hour, and 5454792 views or impressions per hour

These hashtags are increasingly popular and when used wisely, can get you a huge number of views and impressions for you posts and creatives. These hashtags can literally make your post go viral. We have shared with you some of the most creative and innovative hashtags that will help you to get huge number of views for your twitter tweets.


In this article we have shared with you the most popular hashtags that you can use to promoting tweets. These hashtags have a wide range of audience reach and will surely help you in making your tweet go viral and trending.

If you’re thinking for Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services you can contact us.

We have a complete Digital Marketing team with experts in all aspects of Digital Marketing. Nimap Infotech (web development company) has expert hands with Digital marketing services as well. For further details, you can check our online website. And can also refer our works, read more informative digital marketing blogs and services.


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Basic difference in Web Development with Core PHP and PHP Frameworks

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There has been an existence of several PHP frameworks that help with programming. PHP has been used for quite a while now and that is the language that most of the web is composed of. 

PHP has effectively lead to the development of server-side applications that are scalable and deployed to handle a huge amount of traffic at any given time. In this article, we are going to have a look at the difference of web development done using raw PHP language and the ones done using a particular PHP framework. We are going to compare and contrast the two techniques of web development and suggest which one works better in which situation and what are the drawbacks and advantages of each of these approaches.


Web Development is done using Core PHP:

This type of development is done by expert audiences who already have a strong grasp on the PHP programming language and know the ins and outs of the language. This type of programming approach demands precision and expertise at its best. This approach provides greater control between the modules being programmed and thus you have a higher degree of command on the modules. PHP programming using this approach can lead to a greater degree of command and that requires coding the programming logic that was previously not present.

The coding may also take time since most of the programming logic is built from the ground up and there is no concept of code reuse since the code is being developed from scratch. This type of programming is left for experts programmers who know how to program and code the basic programming logic inside their applications. Everything from the server side programming logic to the rendering of the HTML page to the user’s browser needs to be hardcoded using a combination of PHP and HTML code snippets. This requires to be ascertained what the functionality is supposed to be and look like when using this approach.

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This approach is generally useful when certain functionality is supposed to be implemented or when a team of programmers is trying to achieve certain functionality. This approach is useful when trying to implement a certain kind of functionality such as an e-commerce shopping cart or an auction web software is being implemented. PHP programming is easy to learn and grasp, the functionality can be implemented without much complexity and the desired task can be done.

This approach demands coding precision and expertise such that each individual modules are programmed and implemented by each team member. This approach is beneficial if the coding logic is clear and the functionality to be achieved is distinct. Expert knowledge is tested and implemented in this approach and the reliance on pre-made code is kept to a minimum. This approach is used when the functionality to be achieved is simple and easy to implement. PHP being easy to understand and grasp, it becomes quite easy to implement user required features in the program.PHP is essential for any kind of  Web development.


Web Development using PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks provide a backbone for web development. There is n number of frameworks that can be used for implementing user-specific functionality or any kind of custom functionality be it an e-commerce application or an auction web platform. PHP framework encourages reusability of code. Using PHP frameworks, the functionality can be easily called and implemented. It does not require the user to hard code the functionality because it is already present. PHP frameworks make it a lot easier to implement custom functionality because the provisions are already in place. And they can be implemented as simply as a function call.

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There are many frameworks that make use of and encourage reusability of existing code. The framework works as a skeleton on which different modules can be designed on created for having custom functionality. Compared to using core PHP for developing functionality, the modules and functions are already present in the PHP framework, it is just a matter of using them as and when required. 

Conclusion: We have seen the major differences in web development using Just Core PHP and web development using PHP frameworks. The differences are subtle and noticeable. If you are thinking for Hire PHP Programmers then feel free to contact. However, there are their own benefits and advantages of using each approach. It all depends on the personal preference of the team as well as individual programmer.

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Codeigniter or Laravel?

Which PHP framework is better for CRM?

CodeIgniter or Laravel

270 users voted 05/05

CRM is a suite of software applications that helps take customer management to the next level. CRM integrates many applications that help businesses to manage their customer data and present a portfolio of applications to help manage their customer relationships better.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the two best frameworks for CRM management Codeigniter and Laravel. Let’s get into the basics of these software web application frameworks.


Frameworks consist of an integrated set of tools that combine together to form a compact solution for open source web development. PHP is the most famous name in the field of open source web development and it enables developers to build customized web applications. PHP offers you the maximum about of flexibility when choosing any of the open source development frameworks. Let’s dig deeper into the practical capabilities to understand the potential in the development of custom CRM web-based applications.


Codeigniter Web Development

The CodeIgniter framework was introduced in 2006, It had recently become a popular PHP based framework due to its striking originality. Despite having some setbacks in its development,  it bounced back with a 3.X version in 2015. This framework is greatly used in Asian continents. Codeigniter is expected to upgrade in advance with version 4. Its key offerings are as follows:


Updates and Structural Form:

Codeigniter is built on an MVC structure and is completely based on object-oriented programming. It provides ease of getting onboard. It has been a little less flexible to developers and until version 3.x which is strict in its approach to CodeIgniter application development in order to compete with posteriors like Laravel, Phalcon, Yi and more.

The main setback for Codeigniter is that it lacks support for Middleware and Composer.



The CodeIgniter website provides useful guides and libraries that offer plenty of built-in functionality. However speaking generally, it lacks in the same amount of support as third-party libraries compared to what other frameworks are capable of producing even though version 3.x now has stronger coding support.



Many web developers prefer CodeIgniter because it is mainly and simply easy to use. However, the paradox is that even though there are a lot of websites built in CodeIgniter, many apps have not to be updated beyond 2.x. New users often prefer frameworks like Phalcon or Laravel. Because of this reason, the popularity of this framework has relatively faded.


Database Solution:

Codeigniter offers MySQL as well as PostgreSQL by default. It does not have a default composer that makes the integration of third-party databases a challenging task, and it requires that you test the functionality before you copy the files. Not only this but also the database support is pretty limited. Codeigniter has its own ORM tool, but still, you don’t have the same database tools as available in other frameworks.


API Support:

Codeigniter does not provide any built-in API support in its early version. It still lacks the concept of having a middleware which means that CodeIgniter apps will miss out on the latest programming practices as utilized by other frameworks.


Development Cost:

The main advantage is that CodeIgniter application development comes with a generous pool of PHP developers which makes it easy to access as well as hire Codeigniter developers or companies who would work at affordable rates.


Laravel Web Development:

The Laravel framework was launched in 2011 and it is relatively new, yet it is very popular. The current version is 5.4 but there are still many websites that are running on version 4 because the migration involves the manual process of porting efforts of coding. Laravel has effectively dominated the space of customized PHP applications especially in countries such as the USA, Europe, and Canada.


Updates and Structural Forms:

The framework has an MVC structure and it enjoys recurring updates. What attracts the developers the most is its command line tool that is called the Artisan that offers a range of dazzling features. Artisan enables you to create custom models, set up controlled tasks and commands. Users can even interact with the database and customize the methods to retrieve the data using the Eloquent tool



The best part is that  Laravel has an elaborate list of resources and documentation which can be a great aid to developers as well as to Laravel development companies. gets you more help. You have ample standard Laravel libraries that you can use for your development projects. You can also resort to StackOverflow for additional technical support.



Laravel is the primary choice for experienced developers, and it is a highly popular framework due to its expressive coding. To any Web Developer, the framework appears dependable and is trusted by a lot of freelance professionals


Database Solution:

Laravel is equipped with its own ORM tool and it enables ease of migration for database porting. The framework also has a seeder tool that is used to introduce test data and is prepacked with the Redis key, value store and solution for every database


API support:

A Laravel development company will be blessed to know that the framework offers excellent support for APIs and for REST with API routes. Lumen is Laravel’s small framework that has the capability to boost the process. There is Middleware for authentication as well as a built-in Passport service for oAuth 2 functionality.


Development cost:

In comparison with other leading frameworks, Laravel services levy a bit more cost. But it is worthwhile as the Laravel projects boast strong MVC structure, which cuts down the maintenance in the future. With that said, the development rates are attributed to the experience of a Laravel professional.


When it comes to custom development for CRM projects which are going to be web-based. It all boils down to personal preference. For complicated projects that offer customer assistance and provides a robust lead generation application, Laravel is the way to go. As well as for other minor CRM based projects, it’s okay to use CodeIgniter. It all comes down to the features offered as well as the benefits gained for development of the software application. If you’re looking to develop a new web application using CodeIgniter or laravel, and need any assistance. Or if you’re looking to hire Laravel Developers or Hire Codeigniter developers then do contact us.

We have an expert backend team that will solve all your development queries. 

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10 Reasons to choose HTML5

Rating 4.9/5 based on 149 Reviews from Clients

Well, all know how daunting or hard it can be to learn a new language. All the concepts to be grasped can be difficult if you do not have the basic skills related to programming. When you go to learn a particular language, you shall encounter concepts such as polymorphism, inheritance, objects, classes, boxing, unboxing, etc. You need to make sure that your basic concepts are firm till the ground up a level. Learning HTML5 can open up a plethora of different possibilities for you especially if you are keenly looking to make Web designing as a career (check out quality web design services in horsham) or is simply looking to make your basics stronger by learning HTML5 and CSS3. You can get started off with your web designing career by learning the basics of HTML, how tags are used, what are the main tags, what elements make up a web page and how is it structured and formatted. How to embed multimedia features into a web page and make it readable and assimilation.

In this article, we are going to learn the main reasons that you need to learn HTML. Why is it so important to learn HTML.


What is HTML?


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, in which elements are coded using tags and these tags represent the information in a certain structure and format. Whenever a browser or a client computer requests a web page, the request is passed on to the server, the server processes the request and an HTML file is returned to the browser or the client’s computer. This file is read by the browser and then it is rendered depending on the HTML code inside it. Any browser can easily understand HTML. With its introduction in the 1990s, HTML has stood the test of time and has emerged as the de-facto language of the web. Nearly all of the world’s websites are created and structured using Hypertext Markup Language, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Thereby increasing chances of the Website you’re visiting mostly has been coded in HTML.


Let’s have a look at the 10 reasons why anybody should learn HTML. What makes HTML so compulsive and what are the benefits of learning this new language.


1) It is the language of the Web

HTML is the primary language that browsers can understand and communicate with the servers. There is no other language that browsers can understand. By learning HTML, you expose yourself to how the web works and communicates with the servers and with each other. HTML can teach you web server communication. HTML is nothing but a format where a web document is structured. HTML can help you to understand the basics of web programming and web designing. By learning HTML and CSS together you shall equip yourself to create modern and beautiful web pages that can communicate with the end user through dynamic forms. HTML can help you to simplify and understand the web concept easily. The entire web is coded using HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS languages. Thereby learning HTML provides you with a foundational base that you can use to learn the other languages


2) Better Understand the Web

Since HTML is primarily used to communicate with web browsers, by learning this versatile language you get to understand how the Internet and Web work. Knowing the basics of HTML and CSS is a skill that will help you to develop creative and interactive web pages. Whether you go into any field, designing, marketing, social media or any other field, this newly acquired skill will help you to master and create awesome web pages as well as creative landing pages to attract and engage consumers

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Marketers should learn HTML because it will help them to create attractive landing pages that can engage consumers. By learning HTML, you will be able to better understand how the web works and communicates with users. Imagine the web as a highway of information that is properly organized and routed to. You can use this information to convey messages, information structured in a certain way or format intended for reading and assimilation for users.


3) It is easy to understand and implement

Compared to any other languages such as C, C++, Perl or PHP, HTML is the simplest language to understand and implement. It basic tag-based structure helps web designers to create awesome and interactive web pages that you can use to attract customers and readers to your website. Users tend to learn the concepts and implement tags faster and easier. If you compare with the features offered by HTML5, there are many features such as video, audio, multimedia, that you can use and implement for creating awesome websites for anyone.


4) It helps you to make your web concepts firm

Learning HTML will make your web concepts firm, you will be able to understand how the browser or users communicate with the servers to request web pages that are served by servers. You will understand how the web actually works and how interactivity can be added to static web pages thereby making them dynamic. You will be able to visualize the entire structure of the world wide web in general as well as learn how a request is understood by a web server.


5) HTML enables you to learn the language of the web

HTML is the primary language used for communication. It is a markup language that helps to structure documents in a certain format. HTML helps to provide structure and format to a particular web document, therefore to understand how a web document is formatted, you need to learn HTML


6) HTML teaches you to format a document for the web

HTML can teach you how to put elements and tags to structure a web document. You can create interactive documents crafted for providing user interactivity and engagement. You will be able to create attractive landing pages for any kind of marketing tasks. You will also be able to learn game development using flash and animation through using HTML. There are many different things that you can do and achieve using HTML5. You can use and provide interactive videos, slide shows, animation graphics as well as multimedia uses for your web documents.


7) You can start a career in web designing

If you learn the basics of HTML, and if you are well versed with how coding the web document works, then you can look forward towards making a career as a web designer and developer. You can create stunningly awesome websites by leveraging the full uses of HTML and CSS to structure your web documents. You can create websites for a living and can easily grow up the ladder.


Do you know? PHP vs HTML5


8) Learn another language with greater ease

After learning and mastering HTML and CSS, you can rest assured that learning any other language where difficult concepts such as objects, classes, polymorphism, and the inheritance will be very easy to understand. You can grasp the concepts easily since they are interlinked with each other and it helps, in general, to grasp other concepts as well. It provides you with a building block foundation on which you can lay on top of it the various concepts that you will learn and encounter.


9) Create your own Website

You can also create your own website to showcase your web designing skills and let the world know that you are a master of HTML and CSS. Putting up a website for yourself will be very easy for you since you are well aware of how the web works and communicates with servers in general. You will have a portfolio that you can showcase to your clients. And having a website for your own can impress your clients as well as it can earn you potential projects which you can get your hands dirty with.


10) Earn Money.

You can start to earn money by working as a Web designer and developer. This is also a creative and lucrative option for earning money since there is a demand for web developers and designers in the market right now. It is a viable option now because there has been a rising demand for web developers and designers now in the industry.




We have seen the major advantages or benefits of what learning HTML offers to its users

We can assume that HTML is going to be continued to be used as the language of communication for the web. Therefore it is important for anyone to be well versed in the HTML language. We have also seen why HTML is used worldwide for Browser documents. Therefore it is pivotal that every designer and developer of web pages should know how to code web pages in HTML. If you’re looking to hire web developers or hire HTML developers for designing your website project then do contact us with your requirements, our highly experienced web development designers will get in touch with you to solve all your designing problems. We will provide you with a stunning website that will attract users to it.

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PHP Vs Asp.Net: Difference in Beginners Prospective

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Often there is a time when technologies are created to solve simple and complex problems.

These technologies solve a particular computational problem but in the process, multiple drawbacks are created. And the race to develop a technology that overcomes these drawbacks happens. In the computational world there exist many technologies that solve complex server-side web programming problems. Each of these technologies helps achieve a particular objective.

  In this article, we are going to compare and contrast two server-side technologies that have been existing for many years now. These are PHP and ASP.Net. We shall discuss in detail about their features and benefits as well as their disadvantages or their cons, as what are the alternative solutions to these disadvantages or cons.


Let us first discuss some basics about these server-side technologies.


PHP basics:


PHP stands for HyperText Preprocessor, it is also known as Personalized Home Pages. Its files contain PHP statements, HTML code, CSS statements as well as JavaScript code. A user first sends a request to the server in order to fetch a web page. This request is passed to the PHP server who in return executes the PHP page and it equivalent HTML output is created. This HTML output is passed as a response to the User request. The PHP files are executed on the server. PHP files have a the.PHP  extension. It is an interpreted language so there is no need for a compiler to execute PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language, It is faster than most other scripting languages such as Java Servlet Pages (JSP) and Active Server Pages (ASP).


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PHP is an open source language, and anyone well versed with PHP programming is welcomed to add and contribute to its code repository. PHP is the most popular web programming language, it is widely used all over the world.


PHP Features:


The main feature of PHP is that it is an open source language. Anyone and everyone are allowed to freely download and use PHP as they require. Here are some of the features of PHP programming language:


    • It is simple and easy to learn the language: Anyone with little to no programming language can easily learn PHP and use it.
    • Simplicity: The PHP syntax is simplified and has a high readability rate. Anyone can easily or logically understand what the code is doing.


  • Error Reporting: PHP has a built-in error reporting and debugging feature. Bugs can be easily identified and corrected in the code.
  • Interpreted Language: PHP is an interpreted language which means that the code is not compiled. The use of a compiler is not required.
  • Open Source: Php is an open source language which means that it is developed and maintained by many developers around the globe. Anyone with programming knowledge can contribute to PHP’s code repository.
  • Case Sensitive: PHP syntax and variables are case sensitive, this means that a variable declared and used should match its declaration type and alphabet case.
  • Efficiency: PHP is a code efficient language and that means that more tasks can be achieved using fewer lines of code.
  • Platform Independence: PHP code can be executed on multiple platforms that is Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. The code is not dependent on a single platform.
  • Flexibility:  PHP code is very flexible. The developer can use the code as they require.
  • Familiarity: PHP code is similar in syntax to most programming languages. Programmers can easily get acquainted with the code 
  • More Faster: PHP is faster in execution that most server-side programming languages hence it takes less time to render and execute a PHP code request on the web browser
  • Loosely Typed Language: Php is a loosely typed language which means that the data types of a variable declared can be interchanged with another type as required.
  • Real-Time Access Monitoring: PHP provides access by logging all the server requests. It creates a summary of all the recent accesses to the server, this data is beneficial for debugging the server in case of any failures.


Let’s see the basics of

Related: PHP vs HTML5 is Microsoft’s answer to server-side programming. We all know how .NET architecture has been popular and attempts to bridge the gap in server-side programming


ASP.Net Features:


    • Strongly Typed Language: has strict data type rules that every programmer has to adhere to. The data Types are not interchangeable with its variables.
    • Bundling and Minification Feature: This feature helps you to bundle as well as minimize the size of the script in your programming code.
    • Strongly Typed Data Controls:  The data controls that are used in the language are now strongly typed, and this means that the types are not interchangeable
    • Robust IDE: provides a robust IDE (Integrated Development Environment) support with built-in error and bug correction features. 
    • Support for GUI and Code Behind: The .Net architecture provides support for drag and drops Elements feature that makes programming and designing very easy. Elements could be coded with its respective GUI forms and can be easily coded to run along with its business logic.
    • Support for MVC: ASP. net now provides full support for Model View Controller architecture where the model and view (GUI elements)  can be separated from each other in different files.


  • Enhanced support for Asynchronous Programming: now provides enhanced support for asynchronous programming. You can read and write


  • Support for Web Sockets: HTML 5 WebSockets allow you to perform duplex communication between the web server and the client’s browser. It now provides support for Web socket protocols.


Let’s compare PHP and Side by side and see where they stand:


It is a popular server-side scripting is also a server-side scripting language
PHP is open is proprietary since it is a Microsoft Technology
There is no GUI support as compared to ASP.netThere is GUI support built in the IDE
You can contribute to the code developmentYou cannot contribute to the code development
PHP is a loosely typed is a strongly typed language
PHP is a free is a paid platform


Conclusion: We have seen and discussed the various features of these two platforms. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. 

If you are looking to develop any kind of PHP or application or looking to hire PHP developers or to hire developers for solving your business needs, do contact us. We at Nimap Infotech will get you in touch with our highly experienced back end development team who will design your web applications as per your requirements.


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Android Q: Everything You Need To Know

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There is the new kid on the block, the newest Android version has entered the public beta mode, It comes with a smarter AI, more privacy and a new dark mode


Google recently unveiled its newest Android platform update, the next version of the Android operating system, Android 10 Q at its IO developer conference. Google introduced a whole new range of new features such as AI advances, gestures and Privacy advances.


Google has not yet named the new update but it marks a new shift in the way how things should function in a smartphone.


When can I get it?

Google has released the third Public beta of Android Q this month and if you own a Google Pixel phone, you can try it right now. Remember the development is still an on-going process so be prepared to not expect much stability on the new version. Be warned, not everything is complete and works perfectly.


Google has also worked with many third-party device manufacturers such as Huawei, OnePlus, LG, Xiaomi, Nokia, covering 21 devices in total.


When will it be released in final form?

Google has predicted that it will finish its development for Android Q in the third quarter of 2019, which means that it has some meantime until August. At this point, people who have Google Pixel Phones can update to the latest version, for other Phones, people will have to wait till their manufacturer releases an update for supporting their phones


What will it be called:


Up till now, Google has been using the names of sweets or desserts as the codename for the versions of Android, including KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmello, Nougat, and the recent one being Pie. What will be called for Android Q, quince may be!


How much it will cost?

The update will be free of cost. It is meant to be a free update. People having Google Pixel will update sooner. If someone asks money for the update, it is probably going to be a scam.

We have yet to see how many older devices get the Android Q update.


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Gesture Navigation is Revamped:

Android Pie had introduced new features such as the new pill button, and a new swiping feature that had replaced the traditional back, home, and recently used the app, software keys. This feature was loved by all, and other manufacturers had decided to go their own route.


Android Q Beta 3 takes these features to the next level, they have embraced the back gesture that had been used by Huawei and Honor devices, swipe in from either the right or the left edge of the screen to go back: It works wonderfully.


Android Q also added an Apple-style gesture bar at the bottom of the display screen. Swipe up on it to go back to the home, hold on it to go to the recently used apps, or across it left or right to immediately go to the next or previous app in the recently used app stack.


You can also use the swipe up and over either right or left to immediately switch to the next app, this is a gesture used by OnePlus.


These gestures may change by the time Android Q has finished development, but it has been clear that the navigation buttons are out and the new gestures to control the functions are in.


Smart replies are now available for more apps:

Smart Replies have been available for a very limited number of apps that includes mainly Google Apps for a while that includes Gmail and Message. From Now on using Android Q, the number of apps will include this feature of smart replies straight from the notification shade, using on-device machine learning to predict what do you want to say using one tap feature.

The system will also identify which notifications do you want to answer and which ones can safely be ignored.

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A new Dark Mode:

Night or Dark modes are being used and loved by all. These modes offer to display a black background using white colored text on it. Because this mode consumes less power, it is known to save battery life. While other manufacturers have implemented their own versions, Google has lagged behind. With Android Q, a system-wide dark theme has been implemented, which can be enabled all the time or just at night.

If you like dark colored themes then this is for you. Your phone’s battery may thank you if you’re using an OLED screen, as the pixels that only light up consumes power, while the black color background, turns the pixels off.


Faster Updates While You’re Using Your Phone:

App updates can be annoying, and OS updates can be frustrating even more so. Google’s Project MainLine aims to aid software updates by taking direct responsibility for software updates and backend updates for Android, and delivering them via the Play Store instead of a full system update at it is now. Google says that this will speed up updates from third-party manufacturers and be less disruptive to users as the phone will not be needed to be rebooted to install them.

In the Meantime, the new in-App updates API will, in theory, allow the developers to update their apps while you’re using them, instead of having to quit the app, install the update, and resume where you left off.


Death of Android Beam:

Android Beam which is used to share Files, Photos and other phone data between smartphones is being killed off with Android Q, It’s possible that you may have never used it, but if you placed two phones back to back you can share files without using the Internet.


Improved Privacy:

Google has talked a lot about their privacy of user data at the Google IO. They are committed to making a series of changes to the Android System. To allow users to exhibit greater control on permissions, sensors and other bits.


The first feature to get improved is additional controls for things like location access, Following Apple’s footsteps, Android Q will limit location access to apps that are being used currently, never all the time.


Scoped storage will give controls to apps over which apps can access which files and other sensitive data. Apps shall be blocked for taking over the screen from the background. Sometimes malicious apps to steal your password or data. Access to more sensitive parts of the phone such as device identifiers will be limited too. While you will be able to disable your phone’s sensors if you’re not using them and access more apps in an incognito mode, which includes Google Maps and Browsers.


Finally, Google is taking great strides in making a stronger on-device AI, which includes voice understanding, this removes the need to transmit the voice to Google servers to interpret. This improves privacy and speeds up things tremendously.


Live Captions:

Live captions do what it says, provides in screen captioning capabilities to videos being watched, puts subtitles on audio and videos being watched in real-time. It does so using AI to transcribe the audio or video in real-time without using internet access. It also works with the things you record yourself.


Google designed the feature with the hard of hearing in mind, but given the number of people who watch videos with the sound muted, this feature can prove to be increasingly popular.


Parental Controls:

Google is heavily investing in parental controls on Android using its Family Link feature. This will now be built into the settings App on Android Q. Parents can now set up a new phone or a device for their child,  link it to their account as well as take control over the screen time limits and app installs, track their child’s usage as well as set things such as bedtime when the phone shuts off


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Artificial Intelligence on smartphones – why it’s important

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We often wonder what machines can do for us. How machines work and accomplish and what we with our day to day tasks. Machines are being around us to augment and amplify our lives for doing tasks that seem to be difficult.

For example, using artificial intelligence Robots can understand and interpret human voice.

AI has been a hot topic of debate right from its implementation in Computer games. It has now made its way into smartphones and can accomplish a lot of tasks such as interpreting and understanding voice commands, Identifying photographs taken and naming places according to pictures taken. AI has also made the smartphone software sophisticated. Because of this, it can process and analyze the optimum settings required to take photographs under extreme lighting conditions such as low light and night photographs.

It also helps you automate daily tasks such as identifying photographs, automating communication with messages and boosting performance in games.


AI has been so much better at identifying and analyzing pictures that, now it can sort and organize memories such as Vacation photographs and tourist places. It’s a technology that can automate daily tasks and augment our lives for the sole purpose of simplification.


Let us discuss some Basics about AI


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, AI for short is not a new concept in the world of technology. It has given the ability to think like humans. Using the system of programs and information or applications AI became a new concept in the world of technology. 


Using AI machines are able to perform a variety of different tasks which are mostly observed through human intuition such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and gathering knowledge among others. It is like making the machines think smartly and basically giving them a human touch and in a way more human-like.

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AI has been a part of many devices in the past few years from smart homes to app inside your phone. Companies like Google and Amazon have come up with smart home devices that assist people with the day to day tasks with products like Alexa and Google Assistant.


Businesses having an online presence through company websites have also integrated chat boxes and online answering bots to automatically answer any customer queries depending on the given information.


How AI found its way into smartphones?


In order to perform human-like functions at a much faster and more efficient rate that has been heavily portrayed in the mainstream media. Creation of robots is associated with Artificial Intelligence. Because of AI, these machines learn things about the environment they’re in and carefully adjust and adapt to the situation to meet the needs of the users. Such a process is called machine learning.

With the process of development, machine learning has now not only just limited to AI robots. But it has branched out to what people are thinking, inquiring about and saying to other people. Because of the primary reason, that is Internet AI has made its way to other devices and is much more accessible to us. 


Machine Learning has now been incorporated into many home devices. Websites such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have used ML into their algorithms. The technology behind AI constantly learns about people and their behavior, their interests and day to day activities.


The newest devices that have AI integrated into them are smartphones. Companies such as Google and Apple have also looked into integrating AI into the processors of their newest flagship smartphones, namely the iPhone and the Pixel series of phones. In 2019, many brands of smartphone manufacturers have integrated AI into their phones. With the view of enhancing the user experience even further. Huawei and Asus have used AI into their smartphone cameras for smarter responses to the environment around the user.


It has been quite possible that the smartphones could also lead the transition of devices towards Machine Learning. And also using Artificial Intelligence in the near future.


What do we get from AI smartphones

Artificial Intelligence opens up a host of new possibilities for technologies. LIke humans in terms of processing insights and thoughts. What AI does is that it allows machines to learn more about humans. Such as that it tailor fits the processes and capabilities to match us, from smart applications to search engines. When treated properly AI can actually deliver better results and outputs. In a more efficient way of dealing with problems which people face almost every single day.

The only disadvantage is that in order to learn about the behavior of the user, AI gets access to all the data stored inside smartphones. It can lead and invade your privacy.

Since people access their smartphones at every chance they get. People who have knowledge about how AI works have the potential to abuse what they know. And can also use it for their own personal gain. Either through illegal activities such as cyberstalking, cyberbullying or online attacks such as hacking and phishing.


The Future of AI

2019 is looking like the year of AI technology with the unveiling of smartphones and revamped smart devices in order to upgrade the user experience. Artificial Intelligence provides you wide usage of possibilities across varieties of platforms.


For example, the use of intelligent cameras in smartphone prevents you from the hassle of adjusting the camera settings. It prevents you to change and adjust your settings for clicking the perfect picture shot. Sometime in the near future, AI could also exist on game controllers or mirrorless cameras to adjust according to your needs. Considering all the benefits that AI promises to offer we should be aware of the dangers of using AI to the fullest. As it can also lead to our careless actions.


Indeed the future is bright for Artificial intelligence- as long as we use it for the right reasons.


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Five Software Development Trends For 2019

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We all know that change is the only thing that takes place constantly on this planet. There has been no industry that can resist the change to take place. Each and Every sector welcomes change that is going to take place in the  Software development Industry.

There is also a similar case with the software design and IT development trends as well. In fact, the software industry is one of those sectors that witnesses a constant change in its practices and this is because of the growing trends and changes in the growing software technologies.

Custom software developers need to keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in the IT and software development industry. This is the same case with the business that gets the software development services from the software development industry.

Let us speak about the main point- what will the top IT trends be like in the software development industry in 2019? Undoubtedly 2018 was a year where the latest happenings were concentrated upon emerging software technologies from Artificial Intelligence to the BlockChain technology.

The IT sector and industry has seen some tremendous growth in the sector since recent years.

In a report presented by Gartner in 2018, it was predicted that the IT industry will have a growth of 8.3% in 2019. More findings are given below.

These figures are nothing but the outcomes of constant innovation and research as well as the introduction of different innovations by full-stack developers. This dramatic growth is motivating and inspiring the developers in order to put in more hard work and to bring out some amazing trends to the software development industry. 

Every year new advancements, as well as some restructuring in the software development product technologies, is changing existing trends. The businesses of new software development technologies such as cross-platform app development, BlockChain app development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are getting enhanced worldwide constantly.


Here are the top software development trends that every developer needs to focus upon in 2019. Let’s explore them.


  1. The Mixed Reality:

Mixed reality is nothing but a combination of 2 different technologies that is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Statista has predicted the market size of the Mixed reality for 2017, 2018 and 2025. Here are their findings

AR has already won a huge amount of growth and the credit for this solely goes to its integration for smartphone apps.

Popularity is the only reason why companies are scrambling to invest in their own AR application. These companies are also hiring AR developers into huge numbers. Unlike its twin technology VR, AR does not require hardware with the latest specifications.

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Many people have already assumed that the scope of development for AR technologies is limited to gaming and entertainment.  But the effective utilization of these technologies by Walmart and the US army does not hold this belief true.

The people who lost belief and hope in VR technologies have started to understand the true benefits of mixed reality. Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality tech is used by the US Army for their military training purposes. Apart from that, Walmart is planning to use VR technology for training their employees in customer compliance and service.


2) Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has cause to replace human tasks by automation. The machines are programmed to conduct tasks that were restricted to the human mind. Artificial Intelligence based software is programmed to think like the human mind. They can think intelligently like humans.

The subset areas of artificial intelligence such as machine learning and deep learning are gaining constant popularity amongst company businesses. Now more and more companies are using machine learning development services as a necessity.

Artificial intelligence has proven to improve business tasks as well as making them simple. It has provided web application developers a brilliant platform to experiment.

This has made AI reach banking, healthcare, mathematics, and education.


3) Internet Of Things:

Internet of Things covers the broad category of devices that stays connected to the Internet. These applications have been spread to both the consumer as well as Industrial domains. IoT has witnessed exponential demands in the areas of safety and customer experience. According to David Evan calculations, every second over 127 devices will be connected to the Internet. This gives an idea about the constantly increasing reach of IoT.


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 Over 90% of automobiles will be IoT enabled as per PWC estimates. Moreover, according to the data found by Statista, there were around 23.14 billion devices in 2018 and the number is expected to rise to 26.66 billion by 2019.


4) Progressive Web Applications:

The combination of hybrid and web applications are called progressive web applications. They are entirely different from mobile applications. Their script which is called as service worker is an integral part on which they majorly work.


When to use Progressive Web Apps.

  • When we are seeking easy distribution of our apps
  • We are on a tight budget
  • We are unsure of any business idea
  • We need to market the app as quickly as possible
  • Wish to reach many people in billions.


When to use Native Apps:

  • The app should have the highest level of performance
  • Want to create a reliable image
  • Need to interact with the other apps
  • Have a strong focus on the app security
  • Need to fetch consumer data


These kind of apps are easier to develop and maintain and has attracted a lot of mobile app development companies to a primary focus on them from the past few years.

These applications can load very swiftly even with low internet speed.


5) Language Trends:

With the introduction of different kinds of software technologies, different languages and frameworks are introduced simultaneously to program them. Today JavaScript and its various frameworks are widely used by FullStack developers. It provides excellent adaptability for hybrid applications.

For avoiding the repercussions faced at the end of the software development project, a company should select the most optimum language to program in at an initial or starting phase.

We can look at the popularity and benefits of various languages through statistical data.

From the survey conducted by the StackOverflow website that takes the input data from developers to find the popularity of the programming language is a good source for this purpose. In their latest survey, Node.JS was found to be increasingly popular and followed by Angular and React,

These are the frameworks of JavaScript that clearly depicts the performance.

 Another survey by StackOverflow found the popularity of programming languages, JavaScript topped the list giving it one more piece of evidence of its amazing popularity.

 You can easily make out which language is gaining a vast market and you can use them according to your needs. Businesses can utilize this information to   


plan out their annual custom software development projects.


These evolving and changing software development technologies are the things that will take up the trends in 2019. In this article, we have covered the 5 most emerging technologies that are going to take the IT software development world by storm. We hope you liked this article and enjoyed reading it as well as found the article to be informative.

10 Ways Cloud Computing Can Change Web App Development

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10 Reasons why SEO is important for your online success

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Setting up a business is easy. However, to get customers, it is an entirely different concept. Gaining customers is not an easy task. With everything now going online, you need to market your products and services to consumers. You should ensure that customers can find you via any online methods. For this very purpose, SEO Omaha is important.

Because it not only help customers find your business but bring customers to your table. Ranking no. 1 is now the norm that is taking place with business companies.

In this article, we have enlisted 10 reasons why SEO is important for your business and every company should do SEO for their website.

1) Organic Search is the Main Source of Web Traffic For Your Business

Organic Search is the largest part where customers and consumers can find you. If a consumer wants to buy a product but it is not available in the online store, the natural tendency is to try and find the product online. Here is where SEO comes into play. If proper SEO is done, your website can easily rank on number one. Doing this, the customer can locate you and your product online. And the tendency is that if you have an online presence the customer can purchase from you.

Google has a huge presence in the online search market and you can easily tap into Google’s Traffic to gain customers for your online business.

Many companies follow the SEO practice in order to rank No. 1 for their online business.

Search engines like Google easily contribute to your brand’s visibility. Since Google owns 75% of the search market, it is pivotal to tap into Google’s traffic for gaining leads and turning them into customers.

Ultimately, search engines consider links as votes to determine whether your site is valuable and worth promoting. But what exactly does this mean and What is Google Link Juice all about? To further your knowledge of the importance of link building for your business, click the linked article.

2) SEO can build credibility and trust for your Brand or Company

The goal of any SEO expert is to build a strong foundation for a stunning website with a neat and clean, effective user experience that is easily discoverable in search engines. This can be because of the brand’s properties like trust and credibility that have existed over the years. Trust and credibility are some of the most important factors that go into a law firm which makes tailored marketing for this industry very effective – Lawyer Marketing Experts can provide you with great advice on how to best market your legal practice.

Many elements that can go into establishing an online authority regarding search engines like Google. In addition to the above-mentioned factors, authority is build up over time as a result of elements such as :

  • Quality Backlinks
  • User Behavior which is positive
  • Machine learning
  • Optimized On page elements and content

But establishing that kind of authority will definitely do more for a brand than most, if not all, other digital optimizations. The problem is to establish this level of authority takes years of consistent hard work and cannot be created over-night just like real life, authority is earned and build over time.

Any brand to establish a level of authority takes patience and efforts as well as the highest level of commitment. It also relies on offering a valuable product or service to customers in order for a customer to trust a brand.

3) Good SEO Usually Means Better Experience

Every company or business strives for a better organic ranking as well as maximum visibility. Very few realize that any optimal user experience is a major part of achieving these results.

Google has learned over the years how to interpret a favorable or unfavorable user experience, and positive user experience has already become very important for achieving success. Customers know what they want and if they cannot find it, there is going to be a problem. And performance will suffer.

A clear example of building a robust user experience is that Google has become more and more of an answers search engine that offers the sought-after data directly through the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for users. The intention is to offer the users the information that they are looking for in a matter of few clicks, quickly, and easily.

4) Local SEO Means Increased Engagement Conversions and Traffic

There has been considerable growth and rise of mobile traffic, local search has become a primary part of the small and medium-sized company businesses success.

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Local SEO aims at optimizing your digital properties for a fixed location. So that people can find you quickly and easily. This puts them one step closer towards making a transaction.

Local optimizations focus on specific areas and towns, cities, regions and even states to establish a viable medium over a brands presence on a local level.

SEO experts do this by optimizing the brand’s website and its content including local citations and backlinks. Local listing is also optimized that is relevant to a location or a business sector a brand belongs to.

To promote a brand on a local level, SEO experts optimize the local listings on SERPs for that brand through the brand’s knowledge graph, it’s Google My Business Listings, as well as the companies social media profiles.

There should be a strong emphasis for user reviews on Google, as well as on other review websites like Home Advisor, Yelp, Angie’s list, etc.

5) SEO Impacts the Customers Buying Cycle

Customers do their research thoroughly, this is the biggest advantage in the internet industry.

If you look at the buyers perspective, You can use SEO tactics to relay your messaging for good deals, phenomenal products and services and the importance and dependability of what you can offer to your customers can become a game changer.

This undoubtedly impacts the buying cycle if it is done right. Brands must be visible to places where people need them in order to make a worthy connection amongst them.

Local SEO can enhance your presence and visibility, Google helps to find answers and businesses can answer the queries posed by the customer.

6) SEO Best Practices Are Constantly Being Updated

It’s always great to have implemented SEO tactics on a company’s or a brand’s website across its digital marketing properties, If it is a short term engagement and the companies website is not evaluated consistently over time, then it will reach a threshold where further improvements would not be possible.

The way the search world evolves, it is at the sole discretion of Google. It requires one to constantly monitor itself and to keep oneself updated with the latest information in order to stay ahead of the competition and hope to stay on Page 1.

Becoming proactive and constantly monitoring for algorithm changes are going to benefit the companies brand.

We know that Google makes 1000’s of algorithm changes every year. If you fall too behind, it will be difficult in order to catch up with the changes. SEO experts can ensure that this is avoided.

7) Understanding SEO Can Help You Understand the Web Environment

With the constantly changing web environment, it can be difficult to stay on top of the changes as and when they happen.

But staying on top of the SEO strategy includes being in the loop for any kind of major changes that takes place for the search engine.

Knowing the environment of the web, you need to keep a tab on the tactics used by your competitors, which can always benefit your brand.

8) SEO Is Comparatively Cheap

SEO can be relatively cheap in order to implement. But when it is compared to other methods of gaining traffic, it can be super cost effective. So every good thing comes at a cost, right? When you compare the cost with the results that you get, it is a good payoff, in terms of brands benefit and the bottom line.

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It can be a true business investment but not a marketing cost.

Good SEO investment will bear fruits that may last for years. And like most other things, it will only be better with more time and attention it gets.

9) SEO is a Long Term Strategy

SEO can (and hopefully has) an attention-grabbing impact, within the first few years of implementation, or action being taken. And many of those actions will have an impact that will last for years.

As the market keeps evolving, it is best to follow the trends as well as changes carefully.

But even a website that has not had a boatload of intensive SEO recommendations, will perform well by implementing best SEO practices being employed on an honest website with decent user experience.

And with more time and effort that is put into improving the SEO recommendations on a website, the better it will perform at gaining a users trust and the longer it will stand to be the worthy contender in its market segment.

10) SEO is Quantifiable

SEO does not offer easy to recognize or quantifiable metrics that can calculate return on investments like paid search, but you can measure almost anything with proper tracking and analytics.

However, in those cases connecting the dost at the back end becomes a bit difficult. As there’s also no proper way to understand the correlations between the taken actions.

SEO is worthwhile as it helps you understand the supposed actions that will affect growth and performance.

Any good SEO is going to be aiming at making those improvements so connecting the dots should not pose a challenge.

Brands would always want to know where they are, and where they have reached, and where they are headed to in terms of performance, especially for SEO where they have a person/company that is being paid to execute on their behalf.

There is no other way that is better to show the success of SEO, either. We know that data never lies.


Implementing strong quality SEO on a brands website and its digital properties is always going to be beneficial for the company and its marketing efforts. This comes under a new age marketing technique. Making good brands presence on the web in today’s days is critical. Especially as available data and the rival competition continues to grow and increase.

If you’re thinking to hire someone for improving the SEO of your website you can contact us.

We have a complete Digital Marketing team with experts sitting in our groups. Nimap Infotech ( web development company) has expert hands with Outsourcing Digital marketing services as well. For further details, you can check our online website. And can also refer our works, read more informative digital marketing blogs and services.

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pros and cons of laravel

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There have been many web frameworks developed since recent time in order to make web development simpler and easier. Each web framework comes with its own benefits that cater to one aspect of web development. These frameworks are designed to simplify backend and UI development as well as its architecture is designed to handle a large number of user requests. We are going to discuss one such framework that has become recently popular for web development, this is the Laravel framework.


Before we dig deep into the framework, let’s clear out the basics of the framework.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework that provides an expressive and elegant syntax. The developers of Laravel believe that web development is a creative and innovative process and must remain fulfilling and satisfying. Laravel attempts to ease the development process by attempting to remove out the pain in web development. It easies out common development tasks that are used in the majority of web development projects like routing, caching, authentication and sessions.

The aim of Laravel is to make the developer experience a pleasing one without sacrificing the application functionality. Laravel believes that happy developers make the best code.

Laravel is an accessible, yet powerful, and provides powerful tools to design robust and large applications. Laravel provides a super inversion of control container and an expressive migration system as well as a tightly integrated unit testing support that provides you all the required tools for you to build any kind of web application that is desired.


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There is no framework which is designed to be perfect. Each framework comes with its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Any web programming task can be achieved in any of the modern frameworks. Every framework provides some alternatives for its set of cons which could be worked around to minimize the effect of its cons.


Laravel Pros

    • If you are a web developer and love to code using the PHP language then this framework is for you.
    • Laravel is the best PHP framework with an abundance of different tools available
    • The main feature of the framework is that it is easy to learn. The user documentation is thorough and is in its simplest form. PHP screencasts make it convenient enough to grasp.
    • Provides an MVC or Model View Controller structure. It avoids any kind of silly architectural forms in which all PHP code, as well as HTML code, is written in the same file
    • Elegant ORM or Object Relational Mapping support– This is another service that is provided to automate and abstract the model part. Mapping, as well as Relationships with the database with the application, is done to express a simple convention over configuration technique. The ORM engine makes it easy to create any kind of relational databases.
    • The blade template engine provides an easy experience to add any kind of logic into the HTML file. It has become so easy to add new features into applications without hacking the core.
    • Routing: It has become very easy to manage as well as abstract the Routing process. It has just made every process hassle free and the provided abstraction takes out each and every complexity level out. The framework also includes the reverse routing feature.
    • Queue management– Laravel provides an excellent abstraction process in order to abstract the unnecessary tasks and getting them queued behind the scenes making the user response time much faster.
    • Laravel provides built-in support for Redis application and it can also be extended to Memcached.
    • Dependency Injection– Laravel provides a simplified way for any kind of dependency injection. It gives an easy testing environment and can also be automated for loading dependencies.
  • Don’t forget to Read: Laravel VS NodeJS


  • Artisan– Developing command line apps can be a breeze. It provides an outstanding Artisan CLI  that comprises of advanced tools which enable you to do tasks and migrations.


  • Bundles and Composer provides a number of bundles for a modular packaging system as well as its dependencies. The bundled modularity makes code reuse without much hassle.
  • The web applications to be executed are fast 
  • Laravel fulfills the requirements of major web applications.


Laravel Cons:

  • Laravel is a lightweight framework so it has less inbuilt support when compared to Django and Ruby on Rails. This problem can be solved by integrating third-party tools but for large or custom websites, the tasks can become tedious and complicated.
  • All of the Laravel’s core files are within the Laravel namespace and not all of the core files use a namespace slash (\) in the front of a call to another core file, and this can make extending classes a bit trickier. This is not a huge issue and many developers will not worry about it.
  • Laravel being a new framework, it is not as mature as many other frameworks. The composer is not so strong as compared to npm (for node.js) or ruby gems and pip (python)
  • The development is not as fast compared to ruby on rails
  • It is quite slow and a new platform for developers to deal with
  • Ameture developers face problems when extending codes and classes.
  • Community support is not widespread compared to other platforms
  • Many methods included in the reverse routing process are complex.
  • It is not easy for legacy systems to get transferred to Laravel

Conclusion: We have discussed the various advantages as well as disadvantages of using the Laravel framework. We hope you found this article informative and useful. If You found this article useful, do check out our other articles. If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers for your next web application, do contact us. We will get you in touch with our high expertise backend development team, who will guide you in developing your web application.

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Languages Use for iOS App development

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I often hear the question that which languages are most suited for developing an iOS App that can run on the latest iPhones, iPads and the Macintosh Operating System in general. When developing an iOS app, you need to consider the features being offered by the language and how you will use it to your advantage. When it comes to developing an iOS Apps there are only two viable options available, Objective-C and Swift for the iOS platform.

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Let’s get into the Basics:


What is swift?

Swift is a multi-paradigm, general purpose, compiled programming language developed by Apple. The language supports all kinds of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is built using OpenSource LLVM compiler and has been included in Xcode since version 6. It uses the Objective C runtime library which allows C, Objective-C, C++ and Swift code to be run under one platform and within one program.

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Importance Of Developing iOS Application For Your Business


What is Objective-C?

Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language which is used for general purposes. The language adds a Smalltalk style messaging feature to the C programming language. It was the main programming language supported by  Apple for their iOS, and macOS operating systems until the introduction of Swift.


Let’s compare the two languages side by side.




Objective C was introduced in the late 1980sSwift was introduced in 2014.
Before Swift, Objective C was the language of choice for development on iOS and macOS platforms.After Swift’s introduction, it quickly rose to become the language of choice for iOS and macOS platforms.
Objective C has a clunkier syntax.Swift has a smoother syntax.
Objective C can be a bit hard to learn.Swift is easier to learn and understand.
Objective C is not as fast as SwiftSwift is faster than objective C
Programmers need to maintain 2 files for compilation and running applicationsProgrammers can run and maintain only a single file of code in order to run applications.
Objective C does not offer LLVM featuresSwift offers LLVM features to programmers
Objective C does not offer better memory managementSwift offers better memory management.
Objective C does not support Dynamic librariesSwift supports dynamic libraries
Objective C is not as safe and secure as SwiftSwift is much more safe and secure than Objective C
Objective C does not have a proper format for namespacesSwift has a proper format for namespaces.
Objective C code is not as readable than SwiftSwift code is much more readable than Objective C




We have seen the features of both languages. We have also compared the features of these languages side by side. If you’re looking to hire iOS developers then you can contact us and we will get you in touch with our highly experienced back end team.

If you’re looking to get yourself trained for a full-fledged iOS app development course, then contact We have expert trainers to help you with your iOS learning journey.   Looking for an iOS development course in Mumbai, well your search ends here. Learn from the best experts in the industry. Contact us now

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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Definition – Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a type of outsourcing processing where a company’s employees transfer all or part of the company’s recruitment functions to other service providers.


It is much more than just filling out the open job positions. More about improving the complete organization’s recruiting process. It then becomes the job of a third party expert to drive cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability benefits. Managing and doing this well, third-party experts make RPO reduce their time to hire by 40%.


Use of RPO –

It is mainly used by medium or large size companies where involvements are more. More primarily needed by employers for talent acquisition in specialized areas. Attracting new potential employees to your firms it saves the time of the HR to focus more on internal issues and tasks.


How Does RPO Process Work?


Outlining the scope of the project, timing, cost, and many more other things, RPO typically starts with recruitment processing outsourcing. Finding a good fit for your company it focuses on delivering high-quality candidates. Divided into further steps to explain you in a better way –


Source – When networking helps you bring job positions, deep sourcing expertise becomes an essential component for recruitment strategy. RPO providers then develop the targeted sourcing strategies to address the needs of specific industries.


Screen –

This process of screening helps in creating a pool of candidates who are a good fit for the position. Ensuring that clients receive only candidates who fit well with the culture of the company.


Recruit –

RPO firms make sure they find the best person for the job. Acting as a brand representative they promote your brands consistently. Accordingly, they plan, message, schedule interviews, handle salary negotiations and maintains tight quality control.   


Report –

They then further keep reporting their clients to provide all the data details like time, retention rates and productivity.


With all these processes it has become the fastest growing recruiting service model. Big companies who are running in competitions with other industry fellows require services from RPO. Using their ability to find the best they fill the gap that requires talent.


RPO Services


  • Candidates Research
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Helps employee stands out
  • Hiring Manager Training
  • Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Process Mapping
  • Technology Consulting


Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


RPO solutions bridging the gap between traditional recruiting methods and current hiring demands helps you hire the skillful candidates for demanding positions.


Here, are some of the few benefits RPO services provide you are :


Reduce Costs Per Hire – RPO helps you save your budget by lowering the hiring costs. Unlike traditional recruiting methods it does not maintain full-time recruiters.  


Takes Less Time to Hire – Utilizing the best recruitment technologies, industry expertise and referral networks, RPO takes much lesser time to fill out the open positions.


Focuses on your Needs – It doesn’t matter how much number of employees you ask them. They’ll make sure they meet your needs by finding the best candidate for each position.


Hires Improved and Talented Candidates – Big organizations require highly-qualified talented employees for their organizations. RPO recruiters will help you find the suiter depending on your organization.


Gain Transparency through Reporting – Regular reporting of employees performances helps you keep track of their actions.


Company’s Demands – RPO solutions customize their services depending on the needs and requirements. Depending on your want to hire or outsource the employee.


Difference Between RPO and Traditional Recruiting


The biggest advantage that you receive while working with recruitment processes is that they just don’t pay attention to fulfilling the vacant positions. They work for your organization’s recruiting process as a whole. They look over and manages your company’s overall turnover rates, technology, scalability, and many others.


Unlike traditional recruitment methods who use traditional ways like printing the ads on newspapers, distributing pamphlets, campus visiting or by asking the existing employees to bring suitable candidates.


Modern recruitment includes more of in-person contact. RPO tries and makes searches of potential employees online. They use all the social networking sites, make calls, meets and take in-person interviews to choose the best.


Traditional ways were merely concerned about filling the vacant positions. While modern recruiters, on the other hand, manage and perform all the functions to bring employees who appear helpful in bringing productivity to your business.


Pros and Cons of RPO


Recruitment process outsourcing is majorly tied up with companies offering larger services. Based on the performance factor RPO and other companies file a contract between the two. This saves companies time and effort in finding people of their own. And gives clarity and time to focuses more on internal things.

The con it includes is that it costs your money by paying to third-party service providers.




Modern recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) offers more easy and reliable ways of finding potential employees. Where traditional processes, on the other hand, are vague and unclear. RPO’s are more professional and takes their work seriously. Focussing on the accountability, resources, and expertise they make sure you receive result-oriented employees.


Wants to outsource or hire potential employees for your work? Connect with good RPO services to choose the best for your firm.


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Flutter vs Xamarin: A Developer’s Perspective

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For the past few years, the mobile industry has gone under some tremendous changes and outstanding growth especially when it comes to software development. As pointed out by Statista Reports, at any given point in time there were more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world, and this number has been estimated to be increased to over 5 billion by the end of 2022. Out of these smartphones, almost 100% of the devices run on 3 platforms, Android developed by Google, iOS developed by Apple and Windows Mobile developed by Microsoft.

For some time being, mobile application developers depended on the platform-specific tools in order to develop native applications, these applications could run only on a single platform. For example, Kotlin or Java is used for developing Android Native apps, while Objective-C, as well as Swift, is used for developing iOS specific apps.


Native Mobile App Development ShortComings.

Traditional mobile app development has always been slow and expensive because the business has to develop a separate app for each individual platform and has different development teams each with individual skills for each toolkit. Today we have the availability of cross-platform mobile development toolkits that help the companies businesses reduce the time taken to develop, the maintenance costs as well as to reach more users. In simple words, cross-platform mobile development simply means creating mobile applications that run on more than one platform. There have been several cross-platform frameworks available to programmers and developers today including the Intel XDK, Cordova, Xamarin and Flutter to name a few. By comparing the features being offered, the strengths, and the drawbacks of each, we can help to decide which framework is best suited for the job, and when to use one over the other.


Overview of the Flutter and Xamarin Frameworks

Xamarin has been one of the leading open source cross-platform development technologies that are run by Microsoft. It makes use of the C# language to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms. Xamarin allows developers to access native Android and iOS APIs and provides a shared C# code base as well as app testing across the devices via the Xamarin Testing Cloud. Xamarin was invented way back in 2011 by the developers behind the Mono which used CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) as well as the Common Language Specification known as Microsoft .NET. Microsoft later acquired Xamarin in 2016 and made Xamarin SDK an open source platform, which then became an integral part of the Xamarin Visual Studio IDE. Developers also need knowledge of iOS and Android besides C#.


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Flutter is also an Open Source as well as a free cross-platform tool that has been developed by Google that allows developers to create high performance native mobile applications for Android as well as iOS. The framework makes use of the Dart programming language as well as the light C++ engine. It provides a single code base similar to Xamarin. The framework offers API’s. The framework also offers APIs and SDKs for 2D rendering, painting as well as simulation gestures, and allows the use of existing Swift, Objective C, and Java Code. It comes equipped with Machine Design Widgets that is a Google Product.


Xamarin and Flutter Comparison:

Even though Flutter is relatively new in the mobile development with its beta version launched in January 2018, the Flutter Cross Development Framework has triggered some discussions across the mobile development community. Compared with Xamarin, different experts have contrasting opinions on the two popular frameworks.


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Currently, Xamarin is more popular among developers as 7.2% Stack OverFlow 2018 survey respondents said that they use Xamarin, and Microsoft claims to have around 1.4 million Xamarin Engineers while Flutter has not made it to the list at all. The Flutter community is not yet large enough yet compared to Xamarin. However, engineers do recognize Flutter as a budding alternative to Xamarin



Flutter is aimed at iOS and Android development, on the other hand, Xamarin is aimed at Android, iOS, Windows platforms as well as macOS apps. Xamarin’s bigger ecosystem gives it an advantage over Flutter. The fact that Flutter apps are not portable to the Windows Platform is not a large shortcoming as Statista recent survey claims that approximately 98.5 % of Smartphones today run either Android or iOS. Xamarin can be a one size fits all framework when you want to develop apps for Windows Mobile.


Flutter is not compatible with 32 bit OS devices, so if you’re planning to develop apps for the older phones such as the iPhone 5, Xamarin could be a better choice.

Let’s Compare Xamarin and Flutter Side By Side:

Flutter Vs Xamarian

Flutter Vs Xamarian


We have seen the features and benefits of each of the cross-platform. We have also analyzed which Framework works best for which situation as well as the pros and cons of each. If you are looking to hire Xamarin developers to develop your mobile app or if you’re looking to hire Flutter developers to develop your mobile app, do contact us. We shall be glad to assist you in your mobile software development task.

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9 Reasons Why AngularJS is the Most Popular Framework

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AngularJS has been around for quite some time now and it has gained huge popularity in the Web development industry. The days of cluttered websites, broken links, as well as unresponsive websites, are gone. It is time to embrace the modern web development era. The websites that are faster, more responsive, interactive, and has been impeccably created. These days there have been a lot of variables that make a website efficient. The ways in which the website displays the data is of utmost importance. This is where JavaScript steps in.

There has been an invention of many web frameworks developed to solve computing and web designing problems. Over the years these frameworks grew and developed popularity among the audience. In this article, we are going to have a look at one such framework. It is the Angular JS framework.

AngularJS is an advanced Web development framework introduced by Google. The intent behind developing this framework is to simplify the process of web development. In Spite of the abundance of web development frameworks available in the market, web developers and owners prefer to use the AngularJS development services. In this article, we will familiarize you with the reasons behind the popularity of AngularJS technology. Here are 9 reasons why AngularJS is highly popular within the web development community.


1) Ease of Use:

AngularJS has been developed from the ground up and the developers have added some rich features that make it easy for developing web applications using the AngularJS framework. Web developers can create user-friendly websites by writing the least amount of code. There is absolutely no need for writing setters and getters for applying different data models. And since the integral part of the app code does not have any directives, it becomes easy for the team working on it parallelly to manage them. Code writing mitigations means saving a lot of time and development effort.


2) The MVC Architecture:

Most of the frameworks that are available in the market are able to develop a web application. But the biggest limitation of these kinds of frameworks is that they are unable to bifurcate them into the MVC architecture. MVC is the shortened form for Model View Controller. When you go for the AngularJS app development, you can make the most out of this feature. This is because it comes equipped with the potential to string or join the application code together. It saves a lot of time required for development and it reduces the app’s time to market.


Don’t forget to Read: Benefits of Web Development


3) Enhanced Community Support:

Since Google has developed AngularJS, it boasts of a large community of active developers around the world who are ready to solve all your doubt and queries, as well as help budding developers, implement their solutions into web applications. These developers have expertise in making improvements with the open source framework. They also organize regular conferences for Angular JS and invite IT companies from all over the world to know about the latest developments in the technology. Hence when it comes to finding web application development services for AngularJS, you shall never fall short of options.


4) Works on Client Side:

AngularJS is a Front end web development framework that can be used to generate the user interface for web applications or web pages. It works well on the client side. And hence it works on both the mobile as well as desktop devices. It is also versatile which means developers can use it to develop the front end of any kind of applications without making backend modifications. Developers can use it for developing any kind of web applications.


5) Offers Modularity in Coding:

Modularity is one of the prime reasons why AngularJS is popular among web developers. It allows and enables web developers to create multiple modules for a single web application. All these modules are dependent on one another and developers can easily combine them to create a single running application. AngularJS recognizes the need to create an additional module so that it can be combined with other developed application modules.


6) Comes with Filters:

AngularJS’s filters are of big help when it comes to transforming the stored data in AngularJS responsive designs. The AngularJS directory offers programmers and developers with different kinds of filters for numbers, lowercase, uppercase, currency, orderby, date, and much more. It also provides options to create a custom filter by registering a new filter factory.


Do You Know: HTML5 Top Features


7) Two-way Data Binding:

The two-way data binding functionality in AngularJS is quite good. As a part of the functionality, any changes that will happen to the application will have an effect on the user interface and vice versa. With AngularJS the user’s actions, as well as the module changes, happen simultaneously.


8) Easy Testing:

When it comes to the AngularJS framework, testing your angular application can be extremely easy. This is because it is easy to manipulate different parts of the application that are placed inside AngularJS. The module separation feature allows the developers to load the needed services as well as implement the automated testing with a lot of ease.


9) The SPA Features:

AngularJS is known for its Single Page Application implementation. AngularJS has been closely associated with the SPA. They also offer validation capacity. Which means that if the page makes use of the forms, the form controller can take note of their states. With the help of this data, the developers or programmers can change the conduct of the HTML elements in the user interface. AngularJS comes equipped with a built-in validator that helps to validate the HTML elements, it also helps in error handling. However, you are free to create your own validator. You can show error messages for the entire form or just for some selected fields, or for separate fields also.

The preceding points must have given you an ample amount of idea for why AngularJS is the most sought after web development application. When it comes to working along with web development using JavaScript framework, there’s nothing like AngularJs. Also, it is beneficial when it comes to making single page applications for businesses. If you’re looking to hire AngularJS Developers or designers for your next cutting edge application, Do contact us so that we can assist you with your development venture.

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Ultimate Guide to Attain Excellent UX Design for Small Business

Online customers have grown in terms of wants and needs, especially in the wake of User Experience (UX) trends and their development. Whether you work as a web developer, a digital marketing consultant or a content creator, the UX aspect of a website can effectively make or break a business.

According to Top Tal, 88% of customers are not likely to return to a website after a bad UX, with 62% ready to outright abandon a brand with poor UX altogether. This poses a lucrative possibility for small businesses with online storefronts to stand out from the competition. ECommerce Design could be the way forward in making a user-friendly UX for small businesses. If this is what you’re hoping to create for your online business, make sure you choose a specialist agency to build your e-commerce website.

However, finding the right UX mix for your target audience can be challenging without the proper know-how. With that in mind, let’s take a look at guidelines on how to attain excellent UX design for your small business in order to grow in both lead and revenue generation.

What UX Stands For

Before we get into the how of attaining excellent UX design for your small business, it’s worth noting why the goal is worth pursuing. In short, UX represents the entire journey a single customer goes through from the moment they hit your landing page to the moment they purchase an item or convert into a subscriber. It is a combination of well-designed UI, relevant content, SEO optimization, and timely user interaction.

As the name suggests, the “user’s experience†will always determine whether or not they will advocate for your small business and share your products and services with their social circles. As such, UX cannot be defined in an objective, right-or-wrong way like most web design and content creation trends can.

Its shape will always depend on the type of business you run, what kinds of stakeholders you work with, as well as what your long-term goals are. It is a complex process well-worth investing time and resources into since it can bring great RoI over time once it’s clearly defined. Attaining excellent UX design can also bring a plethora of advantages to your business in contrast to your industry competition.

Benefits of Excellent UX Design

Higher Engagement & Conversion Rates
Just as you are looking for reliable customers and clients, so do they look for professional businesses to work with. Reaching the level of excellent UX design on your website will increase your chances at conversion dramatically. Social media reach and word of mouth can do wonders for your overall engagement once people start sharing positive comments about your website’s UX.

Better Industry Authority & Brand Reputation

For better or worse, your business is one of many when it comes to the global market and specific industry you operate in. Having a professional UX present on your website will ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. Other businesses will start looking toward your website for guidance, reach out to you with collaboration opportunities and engage in B2B networking with your business more frequently.

Easier Lead Nurturing & Customer Retention

Lastly, the easiest way to retain customers and ensure that they come back for more products and services is to simply create an environment for that to take place organically. Investing in UX will ensure that you have a stable and reliable web outlet for people to use indefinitely without worrying about constant changes to your formula. Targeted sales campaigns, paid advertisement and push strategies will never reach the same level of success as excellent UX design will be able to.

How to Attain Excellent UX Design for your Small Business

  • Research your Competition
    The first order of business in terms of evaluating and redefining your UX design is to explore what your industry’s standards are. Whether you work in digital marketing, eCommerce sales, business consulting or something else entirely doesn’t matter – what matters is that each niche has its own trends and standards.
  • Check out several industry leaders and their websites. You can always refer to web app development professionals for guidance in terms of UX design, web solutions and related trends. Browse their websites and pay attention to details such as sitemap, load times, ad placement, calls to action, popups, etc.
  • Take notes on what you like and dislike about each website before jumping into your own site’s UX design. Use the opportunity to learn from other business’ mistakes instead of repeating what customers and clients might dislike.

Develop a Customer Profile

  • You should always develop a customer profile before going into drastic UX design changes on your small business website. Depending on your product portfolio, different demographics and customer profiles will approach your site with the intent to make a purchase. However, millennials and elderly stay-at-home customers will react to the same UX and content marketing efforts in drastically different ways.
  • Create a customer profile based on your perfect stakeholder with factors such as age, gender, professional background, lifestyle, income, and others in consideration. This will give you a much better idea of who your website’s UX should be tailored for in order to achieve a much better customer’s journey and engagement rates down the line.
    Small Change, Big Impact
  • It’s worth noting that UX design doesn’t necessarily involve a total website redesign. Your site may already have highly functional elements which offer perfect UX for your target audience. All your site might really need is a small change here and there in order for the experience to be streamlined.
    For example, placing your navigation bar in an accessible spot at the header of your homepage is a logical choice. However, the same should be said about your categories’ naming scheme and sitemap. You should use professional outsource digital marketing services in order to get an outsider’s perspective on your UX and content writing style. This will give you a much better idea of the current state of your website without making large changes to your UX design which may not even be necessary.

Original Content Matters

Original content is an integral part of UX design, no matter how well-made your UI might be. In that respect, it’s good practice to blog about your industry, create marketing materials for ongoing campaigns and sales, as well as to integrate user-generated content into your publishing calendar. Tools such as Evernote, Trust My Paper and Hemingway can add a lot of credibility and quality to your UX if you choose to write about your business.

Sharing how-to guides, opinion pieces, discussion articles and news posts on your website will illustrate to the public that you are a professional small business worth working with. Make sure to always rely on original content instead of repeating what your competitors said or copying people’s content outright. This will have a negative effect on your UX and won’t help you attract more customers – be professional and the customer base will return the favor.

Optimize for SEO

While it won’t affect your website’s navigation directly, SEO will increase the likelihood of attracting new leads and traffic to your small business.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of website optimization and UX from a technical standpoint. Elements such as multimedia optimization, keyword density, content formatting, load speeds, and others affect a user’s browsing experience in a significant way.
  • Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SEM Rush are designed to help you find the best optimization methods for your website by analyzing your industry’s trends thoroughly. Make sure to apply the latest SEO trends to your UX design in order to achieve the best lead generation and organic traffic numbers.


Mobile-Friendly Matters

  • Your website’s mobile optimization plays a major role in its UX design. This is especially true for small businesses which rely on eCommerce and international sales since many customers order items through their smartphone devices.
  • In this regard, you should always feature responsive web design optimization and ensure that your content is fully functional on mobile.
    You can refer to a mobile commerce development service to assist you in the process of optimizing your UX design for mobile-friendly viewing if you don’t have a web developer or designer in-house. Failing to provide proper mobile support for your audience will result in very poor UX design reception and it will lower your traffic and revenue significantly – make sure to take responsive UX into consideration.

Personalization-Oriented User Experience

  • When it comes to page-to-page browsing, your website’s visitors will want to have a distraction-free experience. Sales tactics that rely on frequent popups, flashy banner ads and other distractions should be left out of your UX design.
  • Instead, you should rely on subtle calls to action, native advertisement, sponsored content and collaborations to drive your sales. You can always hire a professional UI/UX designer if you don’t have a dedicated developer in your small business.
    Make the sales a natural part of your website instead of tacked-on content that your visitors won’t appreciate. For example, running a blog on your eCommerce website is a great way to promote your products in the content you create rather than to bombard visitors with sales popups. Create a personalization-oriented UX design environment for your customers and your revenue stream will reflect those efforts.

Engage your Audience

One of the best ways to enhance your small business’s UX design is to simply engage your audience on a regular basis. Answer any comments that might pop up on your blog or storefront, send follow-up emails to new customers, conduct surveys and polls to find out what customers think of your business.

Make sure that your customers have a way of expressing their thoughts and wishes in terms of your products or services. This is an affordable and quick way of gathering relevant feedback in regards to your UX design and business as a whole. Don’t use a one-way policy where your customers’ opinions don’t matter – this will only lead to negative UX and poor brand reputation.

UX Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we have a clearer understanding of how UX design can affect your small business’ development, let’s point out several noteworthy mistakes in UX. These can hinder your performance considerably so it’s important to keep them in mind in order to eliminate their effects on your business early on.

Poor Landing Page UX

Your landing page is arguably the most important part of having an excellent UX design present on your website. If your landing page is of poor quality, customers will likely seek other businesses to purchase products and services from. Work on your landing page’s UX design and ensure that it offers a good overview of your business, product portfolio, latest news as well as ongoing sales offers.

Lack of UX Research

It’s always a bad idea to make UX design decisions without proper research. Make sure that you are aware of your industry’s trends, popular design decisions as well as content types which might be interesting to your customers. Don’t redesign crucial elements of your small business based on internal meetings – conduct thorough research.

Difficult Conversion Process

Once a customer decides to make a purchase on your website or application, the process of doing so should be as simple as possible. Avoid multiple identity checks, mandatory login, captcha, verifications and similar hoops in your UX design. Make the process straightforward and your revenue will significantly increase as a result.

Lack of Innovation

Lastly, you should always look for new ways to improve your small business for new and existing customers. Don’t settle for “good†and try to fight to the top of your industry at all times. Collect customer feedback and analyze any data that comes from your sales and income. Eliminate bottlenecks and innovate in the product and service department to remain relevant as a small business even years down the line.

In Summary

There is no right or wrong way to approach UX design and achieve excellence for your small business – it’s all a matter of what your customers expect to see. Evaluate the current state of your website or application before moving on to radical changes to the way your UX design currently works. Most importantly, implement your brand standards into the UX so that your business stands out to potential stakeholders as much as possible. Before you know it, the right customers and clients will reach out to you with purchases, subscriptions, and feedback for future UX development.

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5 Ways to Optimize eCommerce

In an age where brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to compete with online retail, eCommerce has become a major player in the market. Optimizing eCommerce sales should be at the forefront of any business’s to-do list, seeing as online sales are outpacing physical stores.

The online eCommerce environment has become incredibly crowded, with big digital retailers like Amazon taking up large shares of the market. However, by focusing on certain key aspects of your online store, you can build a more competitive business. Implementing five key concepts can help you in e-commerce optimization and boost your success in the online marketplace.

Loyalty Programs

  • Loyalty programs are a simple and straightforward way to build brand engagement and boost online sales. By having site visitors sign up for a points or tier program, you can not only have a contact list of names and emails to reach out to with promotions and content but also derive other benefits.
  • A set of purchases tied to user identity can be incredibly useful, giving you data to determine to buy patterns. A user logged in through a loyalty program can also provide data on which products they view and what they look at but decide not to buy. This sort of “ghost data” can help you see what products could be redesigned or repriced to increase the rate of closure.
  • But the primary reason for starting a loyalty program is to drive more sales. By offering incentives like free shipping, percentages off, and even small bonus gifts, you can convince consumers to spend more and buy more frequently than they otherwise would. These loyalty program incentives more than pay for themselves in the increased revenue they lead to and are a must for any company looking to optimize eCommerce.
  • User Experience

This one may seem obvious: make it as painless as possible to buy, and people are more likely to. As obvious as aiming for a good user experience should be, many businesses don’t consider all the factors in play and the magnitude of effects they can have. Not only does a good experience lead to more sales, but it can also be a way to set yourself apart from other eCommerce sites with similar products but a worse interface.

  • Speed is a major issue, especially for mobile optimization and the modern attention span. Two extra seconds of loading time can lead to a 17% increase in people abandoning their online shopping carts. Many companies look to the technological trends powering online stores to help with the optimization their user experience.
  • Make sure to test your website’s speed on both desktop and mobile browsers, and determine whether it’s worth it to pay for higher hosting speeds or a different platform. Ensuring a good user experience also comes down to offering options like quick guest checkout (with an option to create an account later), retaining a cart when the page is refreshed or accessed later, and simple and clean navigation around the site. Weigh the cost of improvements in all of these areas against the potential gains in sales, and you’ll see that it’s worth it to invest in user experience.
  • Basket Abandonment

  • To get a little more specific, basket abandonment is actually a key problem that, if solved, can boost your sales greatly.
  • You’re much more likely to sell to a customer who’s already added to their cart but left, than to someone who’s just visiting your site. By using cookies and tracking, you can send targeted emails to people who have left an empty cart reminding them to check out. Another cart-related strategy to optimize your eCommerce returns is to have a constant push notification or reminder that the cart has items in it. This will leave the customer more invested and more likely to take the actual step of completing a purchase, which is the main goal.
  • The Human Touch

You’re selling to real people; try using real people in your advertising. Good photos are crucial to selling your products online. Instead of simply including a picture of a shirt, accessory, etc, try hiring a real person to model the article for you.

  • Promo models are not hard to find and will give your online marketplace a more personable experience.
  • In 2019, the focus is on the consumer, not the product or the company. By including people in your messaging, consumers can see themselves in your product better and feel a closer connection to what you’re selling.
  • Another option is using brand ambassadors to lead traffic to your eCommerce site. By partnering with people who have a large social media following, you can direct people straight to your platform with integrated social media purchasing links, bypassing the potential competition.
  • Flash Sales

Lastly, a tried and true way to e-commerce optimization productivity is to utilize flash sales. Sending emails about sales that are limited time or only open to a certain number of people builds pressure to buy. You can also integrate sales into banners on your website itself. When people don’t have a timeline to buy something, they may keep putting it off and never get around to it.

  • A flash sale can change that, offering a better deal that needs to be acted on immediately.
  • Flash sales can take the form of dated sales, timers and countdowns, or even single-day sales.
  • Use them to lead to a higher closure rate and to offload products that aren’t being purchased at their regular price.



  • With eCommerce marketplaces surpassing physical stores at every turn, every business has to get good at digital.
  • Online stores are no longer a bonus experience, they’re a mainstay.
  • By utilizing loyalty programs effectively, you can both analyze more customer data and boost sales at the same time.
  • Faster and more enjoyable user experience can help you beat out the competition, and a focus on fixing basket abandonment has been shown to be an incredibly effective way to increase revenue.
  • Lastly, giving your site a human touch by using promo models and social media influencers, as well as putting pressure on consumers to buy using flash sales can contribute to eCommerce success.
  • Of course, there are plenty of other factors to consider when trying to e-commerce optimization for the platform, but these five big ideas are the place to start.
  • For more tips on eCommerce and other digital marketing topics, check out Nimap Infotech’s website and facebook page!

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Flutter in Mobile App Development – Pros & Cons for App Owners

Often it happens that technology is invented to overcome the programming and platform limitations that exist in a certain technology. There have been many technological advances each having its own pros and con for superseding the platform limitations that exist for a certain technology.

In this article, we are going to have a look at such a technology that has been invented to overcome cross-platform limitations as well as cost restrictions that exist when developing apps that are compatible across many platforms.
We are going to have a look at the technology named Flutter that allows developers to develop mobile apps across cross-platform devices namely iOS and Android devices that have a single code base and framework. This is the latest technology being introduced by Google at the Google IO developer conference 2018.
Let’s get to the introduction of Flutter. Then we will discuss the benefits, its pros and cons as well as further developments

Introduction to Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile application development kit that can be used to develop mobile apps that run on cross-platform devices such as iOS, Android as well as Google Fuchsia devices. Google Fuchsia is a new platform being developed by Google.
There have been many programming hours being put into the development of Flutter
It is capable of the following features:
Major parts of the engine to improve performance
Full support for development on the Windows Platform
Tooling support for the Android Studio and Visual Studio code
Support is provided for Firebase APIs
Support for inline videos, adds, and charts

Lets us go through some more features:

Flutter is a free and open source
It uses the C++ rendering engine
It is based on the Dart Programming Language
Provides its own widgets
Architecture is based on reactive programming

Let us see how

Flutter succeeds at cross-platform development:
Google Development kit allows developers to develop 2D mobile apps. It can be used to develop full-featured mobile apps including support for cameras, geolocation, storage, network and more. If at all you need to build impressive branded designs or stock platform apps, then a cross-platform framework like Flutter is well suited for the task.

Mobile Application development using Flutter:

Currently, there are few mobile app development use cases that actually use Flutter to develop apps.
Google has itself used Flutter to develop the Adwords app which assists advertisers and keeps track of ad buys. The Alibaba mobile app is also built using this toolkit. Alibaba is China’s biggest E-commerce company and resembles Amazon.

There have also been some mobile apps that have been developed using Flutter but are not as popular as Google’s Adwords or Alibaba. For example, the official mobile app for Hamilton, the Broadway Musical. The Hamilton mobile app features daily lotteries, exclusive videos and news, a merchandise store, a trivia game, and more. Coach Yourself, a meditation app that has been developed for the German Market. One more mobile app is the Abbey Roads Studio’s Topline app (a recording service that captures song ideas) is also built using Flutter.

We have seen flutter as being a lot of value for the developer community as well as to app owners who want to streamline the development process. Let’s discuss the pro’s and con’s of this framework

Pro’s / Advantages

Flutter has a number of advantages that gives it an edge in the development of apps.
Let us take a look at the advantages offered by the Flutter framework to mobile app developers and business owners.

Hot Reload:

One of the greatest thing about Flutter is its capability to Hot Reload. Developers can see all the changes they have made to the code right away in the app. It takes just seconds to see the changes, teams can quickly add new features, fix bugs and experiment. Hot reload facilitates better collaboration between designers and developers when they want to improve how the app looks and check the effects immediately.

Cross Platform Development:

Using cross-platform capabilities, there is no need to build separate mobile apps for different platforms. You can just build one mobile app, use the same code base for two mobile applications. Besides cross-platform development, Flutter gives you a head start in developing for the Fuchsia platform also. Fuchsia is an experimental platform in development at Google. This is a new platform that experts tout that it is going to be a replacement for the Android platform

Perfect for an MVP

If you want to show your product or mobile app to investors as soon as possible, you can build the Flutter mobile application that would give a native look on both the Android and iOS Application.
Thus you can give your investors a clear idea of how your MVP would look like. Developing two separate apps would take much more time and money.

Less Code:

The programming language that Flutter uses is Dart. Dart is a language that is object-oriented and is strongly typed. Flutter resembles a lot like React Native, its programming style is similar to reactive and declarative Flutter does not use JavaScript bridge, so this improves app startup times and overall performance. Dart is able to achieve this thanks to AOT or ahead of time compilation.
Dart also makes use of Just in time compilation. JIT compilation with Flutter improves the development workflow by allowing for a hot reload capability in order to refresh the UI during development. It eliminates the need for an entirely new build.
Flutter is designed from the ground up to code less for any functionality. When there is less code means there will be fewer bugs.


Widgets are necessary for any app’s view and an interface. They must have a natural look and feel irrespective of the screen size. They also must be fast, customizable and extensible. Flutter takes everything’s-a-widget approach. It has a rich set of widgets and extensive capabilities for creating complex widgets. In Flutter, widgets are not only used for views but used for entire screens as well as for the app itself.

Access to Native Features:

Some of the platform-specific features such as access to camera and geolocation require access to native features. These functions need to be implemented by means of native language, and Flutter provides you with the feel of developing on the native language. Flutter allows developers to use their existing Java, Objective-C or Swift code to access native features and SDKs on Android and iOS

Official Support:

Because Flutter is developed by Google, there is a big name associated with it. These are awesome support from the Materials Design Team and a community of over 1000 developers willing to contribute to the growth of this framework

Easy to setup:

Flutter is easy to set up and to start coding on low-end machines. Developers need not worry about the operating system not being able to handle Flutter. On the contrary, Flutter doesn’t require a power machine.


The framework is relatively young, and it is still growing and developing. The toolkit has its limitations. Let’s look at them.

Mobile only:

Flutter only caters to mobile apps, web browsers are still not supported by Flutter. When you get to choose the technology stack you want to work with, this can influence your decision. If you’re looking for Maximum Device Flexibility, then Flutter may not be for you.


Limited Libraries:

Google supports Flutter and there are many helpful libraries. However, the framework is relatively new, and you won’t find every functionality you are looking for. Native apps, on the other hand, have everything under their belt, including Stripe and Twilio and most streaming services such as Wowza and UStream, with Flutter developers would have to build these libraries themselves, which is time-consuming.


Continuous Integration:

There are ready-made solutions that are available for Native Android and iOS apps that allow them to work with CI platforms like Travis and Jenkins. There are also ready-made Flutter solutions for most popular CI platforms such as Travis and Circle. However, you need to set up the toolkit for these kinds of platforms. Travis can be used in a number of Repos.


Limited TV Support:

If you were thinking of building an app with this framework can run on Android TV or Apple TV, then the answer is more no then yes. There is practically no support for this kind of apps on Android TV or Apple TV


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How much does it cost to build an app with Flutter?

It takes about 250 hours to develop an average app in Flutter that will work on both iOS and Android, whereas it takes about 400 hours to develop such an app for iOS and about 250 hours to build an average app for Android. To find out how much it costs to build an app with Flutter, you can multiply the number of hours by the hourly rate of your developers. You will be able to see that developing for both the platforms separately is timely and requires lots of resources. If you want to build an app with Flutter quickly and swiftly as well as save money, then you need to choose cross-platform development rather than choosing to develop two native apps.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Python for Big Data

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Choosing a particular programming language for use over the other in the Big Data Field is very much project specific and highly depends on the project goal. However, whatever be the goal you need to achieve, python and Big Data is an inseparable combination when we consider a programming language for the Big Data development phase.

It is an important decision that needs to be made because once you start developing your project in a particular language, it can be difficult to migrate to another language. Moreover, not all Big data project has similar goals. For example, in a particular project, the goal might be to simply manipulate the data or building the analytics whereas for others it may simply be the Internet of Things.(IoT)

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Furthermore, python is not only limited to big data only but is widely used in other fields as well as for its usefulness. IEEE spectrum has already ranked Python as the number one programming language. In this article we are going to discuss few reasons why python and big data is killer choice for big data professionals.

A Perfect Combination: Big Data and Python

Python is a general purpose programming language which allows programmers to write fewer lines of code as well as making it more readable. The language has scripting features and not only this but the language has many advanced libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib that makes it useful for scientific computing.

Python is an excellent tool and that makes it a perfect fit for python big data combination for data analysis for the below reasons:

Open Source

Python is an Open Source programming language that has been developed using a community based model. It can also be run on Windows and Linux environments. Not only this but it can also be ported to other platforms as it supports multiple platforms.

Library Support

Python is widely used for scientific computing in both academic as well as multiple industry fields. Python consists of a number of well tested analytics libraries that includes packages such as:

  • Numerical computing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Visualisation


Because python is a high level language, it has many benefits which can substantially accelerate the code development process. It allows prototyping ideas that in turn makes coding faster while maintaining greater degree of transparency between code and its execution.
As a result the process of adding additional code to the code base in a multiuser development environment becomes easy.


Python is an Object-Oriented Language that supports advanced data structures for example lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries and more. It is supported by many scientific operations such as operations, dataframes, etc. These are the abilities within the Python language that enhance the scope to simplify and speedup the data operations.

Data Processing Support

Python provides advanced support for voice data and images due to the built in features of data processing for unstructured and unconventional data that is a common need in Big Data when analysing social media data. This is one more reason to club Python and Big Data together because it is useful to each other.

5 reasons why the Python language is Perfect-fit for Big Data

Python is considered as one of the best data science tool for big data job. Python and Big data are a perfect fit whenever there is a need for integration between data analysis and web apps or statistical code with the production database. Using its advanced library support it helps to implement the machine learning algorithms. Hence in many Big Data Aspects, Big Data and Python compliment each other.

It has many scientific packages included inside it:

Python Big Data combination has been supported by its robust library packages that fulfils analytical and data science needs. Thus making it a popular choice in big data applications.

Some of its popular libraries that makes Python and Big data useful together are


Pandas is a library used in data analysis. Not only this, it provides the required data structure and operations for data manipulation on numerical tables as well as time series


NumPy is the fundamental package of Python that makes scientific computing possible. It provides support for random number crunching, linear algebra, Fourier transforms. Also it supports multidimensional arrays, matrices with its extensive library of high level mathematical functions.


It is a widely used library for scientific and technical computing. Scipy contains different modules for linear algebra, integration,, Optimization, special functions, FFT, ODE solvers, interpolation, Signal and image processing, as well as other tasks common in scientific engineering.


Mlpy is a machine learning library which works on the top of NumPy/SciPy. Providing many machine learning methods for problems. IT also helps you find a reasonable compromise between modularity, maintainability, reproducibility, usability and efficiency


It is a python library which helps in 2D Plotting for hardcopy publication formats with an interactive environment provided on platforms. Matplotlib allows generating plots, bar charts, histograms, error charts, power spectra, scatter plots and more.


Theano is a python library for numerical computation. It allows optimizing, defining and makes it possible to evaluate mathematical expressions which could involve, multi dimensional arrays also


NetworkX is a library for studying graphs which helps the user to create, manipulate and study the structure, dynamics and functions of complex networks.


SymPy is an effective library that offers symbolic computation and provides features such as:
Basic symbolic arithmetic, calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, quantum physics and more


Dask is a Python big data library which helps in flexible parallel computing for analytics purpose. From the big data perspective, it works with big data collections such as lists, data frames, parallel arrays or with python iterators for larger than the memory in a distributed environment.


Dmelt or DataMelt is a Python-based library. Used big data analysis for numeric computation and statistical analysis of big data.


scikit-learn is a machine learning library which complements NumPy and SciPy libraries. It has various features like –
Clustering algorithms for vector machines, gradient boosting, random forests-means and DBSCAN,
It Interoperates with Python libraries such as NumPy and SciPy.


TensorFlow is an open source software library. For a range of tasks it gets support by Python for machine learning. The library is capable of building and training neural networks to

  • Detect patterns
  • Decipher patterns
  • Correlations
  • Analogous for the purpose of learning and reasoning.


  1. Python with the libraries mentioned above makes big data scientists’ life easy. For example, with Python library integration with Spark and Scikit-learn data scientists can write code and test with small data sets before it is implemented on Spark cluster. Once the code is verified and works with its desired functionality, they can implement the same on the Spark cluster with a large set of data. This helps to escape them from repetitive code cycles and accelerate business decision.

2. Compatible with Hadoop

As Python is big data compatible, similarly Hadoop and big data are synonymous with each other. Python is inherently compatible with Hadoop to work with big data. Python consists of Pydoop package which helps in accessing HDFS API and also writing Hadoop MapReduce programming. Apart from that Pydoop enables MapReduce programming to solve complex big data problems with minimal effort.

3. Easy to Learn

Python is easy to learn as it abstracts many things with its features. As a result, user needs to code fewer lines of code. Besides that it has scripting feature as well. Python is coupled with features that are user-friendly like code readability, simple syntax, auto identification, association of data types and easy implementation.

4. Scalability

Scalability matters a lot when you are dealing with massive data. Unlike other data science languages like Stata, R, Matlab, Python is much faster. Though there was initial complain about its speed, however, with Anaconda its speed performance has enhanced a lot. This makes the Python language and big data compatible with each other with a greater scale of flexibility

5. Large Community Support

Big data analysis often deals with complex problems that requires community support for solutions. Python as a language has a large and active community which helps data scientist and programmer with expert support on coding related issues.This is another reason for its popularity.
Preparing for a Big Data interview? Just follow this Big Data Interview Preparation guide and be confident to crack the interview.


To conclude, Python as well as big data together provide a strong computational capability in big data analysis platform. If you are a first-time big data programmer, no doubt it is easy to learn for you than Java or other similar programming languages. If you are looking to hire Python Developers you can contact us at Nimap Infotech. We have a team of experts who have years of experience to solve and guide your queries.

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CSS3 vs CSS1

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Before the invention of CSS, the web was filled with static content. There was no way for the static documents to be formatted in a certain way. The formatting was used to be accomplished by using font attributes such as style and color. In this article, we shall see what all features CSS provides us as well as how does it compare it with the latest version of CSS that is CSS3. We will have a look at the features CSS 1 offers and how CSS 3 Supersedes CSS1 in terms of functionality in applying styles.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document markup language such as HTML. CSS is one of the most cornering stone technologies alongside JavaScript and HTML for describing how styles are implemented. It has been designed in order to separate the presentation format from the content. The CSS styles are defined in a single file that is separated from the content (HTML) and is linked externally to the content. Layouts, colors, and fonts are separated from the HTML content in order to organize how web pages are systematically created and managed. Separating the content from the view stylesheet enables developers to make website-wide changes to an appearance by modifying a single file instead of multiple files. The separation can improve content accessibility, and can provide more accessibility and control over the specification of presentation characteristics. The separation of these characteristics also enables web developers to not repeat structural CSS elements for providing the same style throughout the webpage. Separation of formatting and content makes it feasible for presenting the markup in different styles and different rendering methods such as on-screen, in print, by voice,

Let’s compare the features side by side:


CSS1 isn’t compatible with CSS3. Its main focus was on providing varied data format options. They additionally added positioning capabilities for texts and objects.

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CSS3 is backward compatible with CSS1. It’ll not create any code written in CSS1 as invalid. It makes the user interface of an online page even higher. They load quicker and therefore the time needed to make a page is even less.

Modular code

One of the major developments is that CSS3 is divided into modules. All of the recent CSS specifications are migrated over to the new edition and divided into smaller items (with some new modules addition as well).

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Selectors: Developers will edit components by name, class, type, attribute, and more.

The Box Model module: This describes an  approach to making consistency between HTML components on a page, or “boxes.” By applying margins, borders, and artifact to a box’s content, developers will clear space around a part, provides it borders, and more.

Backgrounds and borders: With higher management of the treatments of component borders and page backgrounds, CSS3 additionally allows rounded corners on boxes and drop shadows. Before CSS3, backgrounds had to be achieved with pictures, that added up to a page’s file size and rendering time.

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Web Fonts

Web font support offers designers access to far more than simply internet safe fonts

Before CSS3, designers might solely use internet safe fonts. This makes it certain that the fonts would perpetually show constantly on everyone’s machine.

Designers will currently run internet fonts in CSS3, special fonts like those offered via Google Fonts and Typecast. These fonts will either be downloaded onto a server and run through the CSS code, or accessed directly from its supply via a script, that is termed right at intervals the CSS code. This has detached a world of potentialities for designers.

Transformations, animations, and transitions

The animations and 3D transformations square measure higher in CSS3. Components will be affected on the screen with the assistance of flash and javascript. All types of transitions, transformations, and animations will be done in CSS3. Animation in CSS was written in JS or jQuery. CSS didn’t have any feature to animate text. CSS doesn’t offer 3D animation and transformations.

Multiple Backgrounds

In CSS for multiple backgrounds, we want to use roundabout hacks. Whereas in CSS3 we are able to directly add multiple backgrounds world organization CSS


CSS3 is the newest version of cascading style sheets.   CSS3 supports the newest features such as the border box property, media queries, and responsive design. If you’re looking to hire html5 Developers or looking to hire UI UX designer, contact us and we will get you in touch with our expert back end programming team to solve all your website problems.



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11 Reasons Why Outsourcing Digital Marketing Is Effective

Progressive growth of your business is the only agenda any company runs with. However, the only way you can achieve it is keep looking for the opportunities. Never miss a chance to market and advertise your business. In order to maintain the leading marketing positions, you should always be ready with the new digital marketing strategies. Companies similar to Ram Digital Ltd should be able to provide some insight on digital marketing strategies outside of this article if you’re interested in learning more.


However, as business owners, you can plan, strategize, manage your payrolls, can also design your website and file its taxes. Still, there would arise the situations where your services will lack in specific areas. In those situations, you need experts who can do the best for your business.


To get it in simple terms if you need any medical help you approach doctor, for legal advice you visit lawyers, for handling accounts you go to accountants. One individual cannot encounter all the traits and thus have to approach professionals for making their task done.

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How Much Outsourcing Software App Development Costs


With the revolution of digital marketing tricks and trends process of reaching to customers have become so much easier. Since traditional ways have lost all its effectiveness, online internet is the only medium left for your growth.


In order to increase the profitability of your business, you can choose the following two options – either hire the employees or services internally or else you can outsource them for a period of time. Choosing the best among the two is based on the work situation, type of business and the kind of results you want from your work.

To Know More About Outsourcing – How to successfully Outsource Software Development

Before hiring an employee or services on a permanent basis, let’s just take the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing.

More About Web Development – Benefits of Web Development For Business

Saves Your Time

Digital marketing service is something you cannot teach or learn in a few days. It’s a practice which should be preached. However, if you hire any member for handling or marketing your business you have to keep a continuous check on their work. Especially if you’re hiring any fresher you’ll have to invest your time for training and teaching the necessary actions to implement the right things for your business. However, all these actions consume a lot of your time.

While outsourcing a marketer who is already experienced brings much more benefits. Social media is something which is never on rest and runs 24/7. Therefore you should always look for a person who is well-trained and know how to handle things without taking much time. Experts are aware of the channels they should strategize and bring benefits.

Cost Effective

Cost is another major beneficial reason for choosing outsourcing digital marketing service. Hiring an employee for a period basis or project basis costs you much lesser than hiring staff on a permanent basis. For outsourced staff members, you don’t need to think about their salary, benefits, salary taxes or any other additional expenses.

You set fixed prices depending on the project and after its completion, you need to pay no extra expense to them. Also, with outsourced employees, there is no money spent on overtime. It solely depends on the completion of the project and nothing else. Thus, hiring in-house staff costs you more than hiring or outsourcing.

Works With Experts

Hiring or outsource marketing means you are working with employees who are specialized in a niche marketing area. In order to increase the graph of your productivity, you need skilled employees. It needs to cover everything you require like content, market research, analysis, graphics, designs, SEO, production, and all the other things.

With experts, you don’t need to worry about all these issues. It all becomes their need to think upon and how they get it done. Thus, when you outsource an employee you pay him or her based upon the result. They will do all the research and planning to increase your graph results by applying a successful strategy.

Keep Up with Trends

Google keeps changing its algorithms and so do other social networking sites. You should outsource digital marketing people who are well aware of what’s going around. Keeping yourself up with all the latest trends is one of the major steps for building your reach to the customers.

Lesser Risks Involved

It is your outsourced marketer’s job to return your investment you’ve put into your project. They know very well that if they’ll be unable to increase the search result volume their client will not pay them. Thus, they put their hundred percent knowledge of experience and do all the hard work to increase your productivity.

While in-house employees, on the other hand, knows at the end of the month their salary will get credit into their account. It gives them some leverage while performing their activities. Also, outsourced marketing employees are much experienced and know very well what they are doing.

They don’t perform any kind of experimentation with your business. Thus, you can easily say working with outsourced employees involves lesser risks as compared to working with in-house staff.

Learn From Others

With outsourcing staff, you get to learn about many different new things. By the time they work with your team members, they can tell and teach many new methods and ways of working. This makes each employee of your team more advanced than before.

Increasing their knowledge about work-related things makes them more efficient in working. With this, next time if you’ll not have any expert their shared knowledge can help you crack the situations.

Outsider Perspective

Sometimes as you are so much into your things you can’t actually see how it is appearing to users. Outsourcing marketing employees will give your business plans a new direction, they will show you the customer’s perspective. Also, they are the best people to know about making improvements in the things you are lacking.

Focus On Your Business

Outsourcing digital marketing service means you can focus more on the core activities of your business. They will make your head free from all other internal issues and you can focus on what you are good at. The only thing you need to make sure is to have complete trust over the person whom you are outsourcing.

Also, be sure to ask for live reports and results to get yourself updated. With all these, you’ll get complete rest over your long work schedules, allowing you to think upon and focus on the core things.

Latest Tools and Technologies

Working as digital marketers gives you access to all the latest tools and technologies. You can have access to all the special tools and software for making your work smoother and faster. Giving you optimum results it helps you achieve your goals more easily. You get to learn about new technologies and faster ways of completing your tasks.

Reporting and Analysis

While working as a digital marketer figuring out and generating the result is more difficult. You need to understand the growth from all the social networking sites. Daily reporting and analysis is a must for understanding if you are moving in the right direction. Therefore, it is a very importing step to analyze and make further improvements.

Guaranteed ROI

Being experts in their area of work they ensure that all the funds should invest in the right places. They make sure you get your desired results by focusing on their conversion.


Thus after reading all the outsourcing marketing benefits one thing you get sure about is that – your investment will never fail. With minimal risk amount, it ensures you complete benefit with increased ROI.

Increasing the productivity of your business, it makes you free from all the other aspects. Thus, outsourcing digital employees are much more beneficial than hiring anyone on a permanent basis. Since digital marketing is the new future of business if you are thinking of hiring any marketer for your products or services you can contact us.

We at Nimap Infotech have a complete digital marketing team. You can contact, consult and ask for our guidelines and suggestions to make your business research effective and improved.


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What’s new in Node.Js v12

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In this blog post, we are going to discuss what is new with Node JS v 12 and discuss the new features that have been implemented with this version of Node JS. We are also going to compare this version with all the older versions and see how the latest version is the best one to go forward with.


Node JS continues to go forward with the yearly release cycle V 12. Since this is an even-numbered release, it will go into the LTS support option beginning October 2019 and is expected to reach its end of life on April 2022.


Node JS is packed with great trustworthy features and notable upgrades to the runtime, In addition to this, because the Node JS  makes use of the Google Chrome’s V8 Engine, it is going to receive all the latest updates from that as well.


Import Export statements are going to be supported (no bundler will be required)

With this version, Node JS enters the third phase for the ECMAScript modules. This corresponds to the path to the stability amongst modules inside the NODE. For the time being, it will still be behind the –experimental-modules flag, and the current plan among the developers of Node is to remove the flag by the time Node 12 goes into LTS in October.

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The import/export syntax has become the most preferred module syntax for JavaScript developers since its standardization is ES6 and the backend node team has been working diligently in order to enable it natively. Experimental support had begun for Node 8.0 at phase 0 and is about to take the major step with the newest Node release. All major Browsers gave their support to ECMAScript modules via the <script type=” module”> so this is indeed a huge update for Node


Phase 3 is going to add support for the 3 types of import from ES modules files, and it works with all the built-in Node Packages.


// default exports

import module from ‘module’


// named exports

import { namedExport } from ‘module’


// namespace exports

import * as a module from ‘module’


If you’re going to import from a CommonJS package, you can only import using the default export syntax import module from ‘cjs-library’


You can also use the import() expression to load any files at runtime. The import syntax returns a promise object and works with both ES modules and CommonJS libraries


V8 Engine


Node 12 is slated to initially run on the 7.4 version of the V8 engine and is going to eventually upgrade to version 7.6 during its lifetime. The V8 Team has agreed to provide Application Binary Interface (ABI) stability for this range of versions. Notable improvements for the 7.4 version of V8 include performance updates for providing faster execution of  JavaScript, better memory management as well as broadened ECMAScript syntax support


Here are some more features that the V8 engine provides:


  • Asynchronous stack traces
  • The JavaScript parsing is done swiftly
  • Argument mismatch calls are done faster
  • Faster await


Private Class Fields

It is reported that Node 12 will ship with private class fields, this is enabled by the V8 Engine. Private class field variables are only accessible only within the class itself and not from outside the class or exposed externally. A private class field variable is declared by using the # symbol before the variable name


class Greet {

 #name = ‘World’;

 get name() {

   return this.#name;


 set name(name) {

   this.#name = name;


 sayHello() {

   console.log(`Hello, ${this.#name}`);




In the above example if you try to access the #name variable outside the class you will receive the following syntax error.


const greet = new Greet()

greet.#name = ‘NewName’;

// -> SyntaxError


// -> SyntaxError


Improved Startup Performance

It is expected that Node 12 will have a code cache mechanism built into itself. Node 12 will build a code cache for built-in libraries before build time and embed it as a binary. The main thread is expected to use this code cache and improve startup time by 30%


TLS and Security

The node will now support TLS 1.3 which offers increased and heightened security and reduces latency. TLS 1.3 has been a huge update to the protocol and is actively being integrated across the web. By implementing TLS 1.3, Node apps will have increased end-user privacy while also improving the performance of requests by reducing the time required for the HTTPS handshake. In addition, TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have been disabled by default, and the crypto library has removed deprecated functions.


Heap Size Improvements

Previously the default V8 heap sizes were used which corresponded to 700MB (32-bit systems) or 1400MB (64-bit systems). The node will now determine the heap sizes based on the available memory which will ensure it does not use more than the resources allowed.


Heap Dump Functionality

Node 12 provides the ability to generate a heap dump making it easier to investigate memory issues.


Experimental Diagnostic Reports

Node offers improved ability to diagnose issues (performance, CPU usage, memory, crashes, etc) within applications by providing an experimental diagnostic report feature.


Native Modules N-API Improvements

The goal of N-API was to provide a stable native Node Module system. This system would prevent libraries from breaking on every release by providing an ABI-stable abstraction over native JavaScript APIs. Node 12 offers improved support for N-API in combination with worker threads.


Other Notable Improvements

  • Worker Threads no longer require a flag
  • http has updated its default parser to be llhttp
  • assert validates required arguments and adjusts loose assertions
  • buffer improvements to make it more stable and secure
  • async_hooks removes deprecated functionality
  • Make global. process, global.Buffer getters to improve the process
  • A new welcome message for repl


The Node team works very hard to provide yearly updates with huge improvements to the Node and the overall JS ecosystem, and version 12 does not disappoint.


2019 has been a big year for the Node application with the Node.js Foundation merging with the JS Foundation to form the OpenJS Foundation. We will wait for the Node JS to become mainstream in October 2019


If you are looking to hire NodeJS developers to design your new website or business Idea, do give us a call, we will be glad to assist you.

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Hapi Vs Express: Node JS Framework Comparison

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In this article, we are going to compare two of the newest frameworks. Hapi and Express. 

Let us discuss the basics of Hapi and then we will move on to Express.

What is Hapi?

Hapi is an open-source and a rich framework built on Node.JS maintained as well as created by Eran Hammer. Hapi is a rich framework used for building services and applications. The framework enables developers to focus on writing reusable application logic. The focus is shifted towards business logic code for building applications instead of spending time building the required infrastructure. The framework encourages reusability of existing code.

There are several organizations that use Hapi which includes PayPal, Clarify, Vendigo, Npm, Pling. These organizations already use Hapi in production. Hapi is a framework that is designed from the ground up to give programmers greater flexibility when compared to any other Node.JS frameworks. The framework’s architecture makes it perfect for ground-up development. There is detailed documentation available and there is an enthusiastic community of users. Furthermore, there are dozens of software plugins available to provide any kind of feature you are trying to build inside of your application.

I suggest reading the post where I have discussed: Angular Js Vs Node JS

Hapi Features

Hapi is a simple and easy to use configuration centric framework that happens to provide an amazing set of built-in functionality.  This functionality allows developers and programmers to build web applications as well as services quickly and effectively using JavaScript. Let’s discuss some of the features that make it worthy enough for your next project.

  1. Authorization and Authentication: Hapi ships with built-in authorization and authentication schemes and strategies. Anonymous, cookie-based, basic-auth, as well as token-based authentication schemes,  are already provided in the Node.js framework.
  2. Caching: Hapi provides powerful server side as well as client-side caching schemes via catbox and makes the usage of cache very convenient.
  3. Routing: Hapi has a built-in router facility that allows you to express how your API routes or your web application should look
  4. Validation: Using JOI, object schema validation is very easy and efficient in Hapi
  5. Cookies: Hapi provides developers with several configuration options that make dealing with cookies very flexible, safe as well as simple.
  6. Logging:  Logging is the key when it comes to developing quality software. Hapi comes with built-in logging methods.
  7. Simple Error handling: Boom provides a collection of utilities that returns HTTP friendly error objects.
  8. Process monitoring: Good is a Hapi plugin that is used to monitor and report on a variety of server events as well as to provide Ops information from the host machine.

What is Express?

Express is a widely used and very popular Node.JS framework.  Express is a very minimal framework.  You need to add more packages in order to provide several functionalities. Hapi, on the other hand, provides many functionalities right out of the box using a robustly built API

Express is a fast, essential, assertive, modern framework that is built using Node.JS. You can assume Express to be a layer of the framework that is built on top of Node JS. The framework is able to manage the server and its routes. Express provides a robust set of features that helps to develop mobile and web applications.
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Express Features:

  1. It is asynchronous and therefore used for its single threaded applications
  2. It provides developers with an MVC like structure
  3. Express provides a robust API that makes routing easy and is efficient at it.
  4. Express encourages developers to write fewer lines of code in order to accomplish a certain programming task
  5. It provides an Ultrafast Input-Output system to developers
  6. Using Express you can build Restful APIs faster
  7. Express provides support for NoSQL databases right out of the box


Let’s compare Hapi and Express side by side.

Hapi vs Express

Hapi vs Express


We accomplished the following things

  • Compared the two frameworks side by side
  • Saw which framework works best in which scenario
  • Discussed the merits and demerits of the frameworks

If you’re keen to develop your next web application using Hapi or Express, do give us a call.

If you’re looking to hire Node js developers for your next web application, contact us and we will get you in touch with our expert back end team who will help you to design your next application.

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javascript vs typescript

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JavaScript is a high-level scripting and programming language. Commonly got popularized for making your websites alive and interacting. Helping you make dynamic web pages it allows client-side scripts or programming to interact with the users.


JavaScript was first invented and introduced as LiveScript in 1995. However, Netscape changed its name to JavaScript. The general purpose of the language is been embedded in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers. This web language after years of improvement has widely become popular for making your web pages alive.


Light in weight with object-oriented skills, JavaScripts can give motion to your web pages. Rather than creating just a static page you can add and display various current updates, interactive maps, 2D or 3D objects, videos, and many more other things. Thus, now if you encounter any such non-ideal web page you can easily identify it as JavaScript page.


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Programming in JavaScript is mainly known as scripts. Provided and executed as plain text, it does not need any compilation for running any program. Thus, in other words, you can simply know JavaScript is different from other languages called Java.




TypeScript, designed and developed by Anders Hejlsberg is a strongly typed, object-oriented, compiled language. It is a type of superset of JavaScript primarily used for providing optional static typing, classes, and interfaces.


Being an open-source programming language maintained by Microsoft, TypeScript helps you in the development of large applications. It helps you develop JavaScript applications for both the client-side and server-side execution. Another big advantage provided by TypeScript is that while you type the code by enabling the IDEs it provides you a richer environment for spotting common errors.


Benefits of JavaScript


Speed – JavaScript does not require any need to be compiled on client-side. Hence, it offers great speed advantages to the developers. Due to its great speed, it immediately runs on the client-side browsers.


Popularity – JavaScript has a huge active community of developers which makes it easier to find people who develop projects. JavaScript running everywhere on the web has numerous resources present.


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Easy to Learn – JavaScript codes syntax is easy to learn and understand. Using the DOM Model, JavaScript provides plenty of predefined functionalities to objects on pages.


Flexibility – JavaScript offers its developers great flexibility features. Using JavaScript developers can create their own JavaScript app on front-end.


No Compilation – JavaScript does not require any need of compilation process. Using its HTML tags browser can interpret the JavaScript.


Simplicity – JavaScript is easy to learn, understand, and implement.


Benefits of TypeScript


Static Typing – TypeScript provides its users with a major benefit of using optional Static typing. Using this, developers are allowed to add functions, variables, properties, objects and can play with their codes in various ways. Also, static typing provides its users with a great deal of detecting and rectifying bugs. Using the latest tools within seconds they can detect the bugs and clear them, no matter how big your app is. Thus, providing great stability in your work TypeScript provides you easy support and maintenance.


Saves Time – As a developer, it provides your talent and knowledge of work extra capabilities. Easy debugging with no silly errors make your work done in less time. Thus, saving your time and efforts it makes your job easier.


Browser Compatibility – TypeScript transforms its code and makes the compilation process very smooth. Spilling out the ES5-compliant process modern browsers can add great flavors in their work. It makes its users forget all other problems.

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Productivity – Features such as easy debugging, auto-compilation, code scalability, and Interface oriented development, etc helps its developers boost their productivity.


Differences Between JavaScript and TypeScript

Javascript vs Typescript

   Javascript vs Typescript


Which is Better?


Based on the above-discussed differences, we can conclude that both TypeScript and JavaScript has its own benefits and limitations. JavaScript is a dynamic language, especially used for enhancing HTML Pages. However, is not a fully fledged programming hence, for coding small coding projects it is more preferable to use JavaScript.

TypeScript is an object-oriented language, makes your code clean, simple, and reusable. Therefore, for developing large projects it is more feasible to use TypeScript. Providing extra features it is getting more and more popularity with every new project release.


If you find this blog about JavaScript Vs Typescript useful, do check our other IT development blogs. However, if you do not have much experience with programming languages like JavaScript and TypeScript you can consult our developers at Nimap Infotech. You can also hire our web developers on a project basis for designing or improving your projects. The web development team at Nimap Infotech are always ready to help their clients.

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JavaScript vs jQuery

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JavaScript is a programming language that was invented for the web. It has the capability to provide certain web functionality using programming code. For example, web user validation, data user validation, and user input validation can all be provided using JavaScript.


It can also inform the user of certain actions taken on user data, for example, sending the data to the web server for processing, and certain animation features, all can be accomplished using JavaScript. It has been around for quite a while and web programmers have been using this language since day one for performing and implementing certain functionality.



JavaScript frameworks 2019


However, there comes a new kid on the block, jQuery. jQuery is nothing but a simplified form of JavaScript that is pretty much able to do all the tasks that JavaScript can accomplish. And that too using less code also. So to say the existence of JavaScript seems to be threatened by jQuery. So to say, jQuery is a mini-formed version of JavaScript that seems to achieve all the things that JavaScript can do. In this article, we shall see and compare the major differences between JavaScript and jQuery and see which one prevails better and in what conditions and scenarios.

JavaScript VS jQuery


Lets us compare the two languages JavaScript and jQuery side by side:

jQuery is well suited for most of the applications, especially the ones which need rapid and swift development. jQuery takes care of the common browser errors by ironing the fixes right into the library, so developers tend to make fewer mistakes. jQuery also takes care of browser compatibility issues which can become a developer’s nightmare during deployment.


Some more jQuery Features

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Which one to Use?

Using JavaScript or jQuery really depends on your need and other factors. Most of the web development projects will work perfectly fine using jQuery. But there will be a small percentage that does require JavaScript, it all depends on the situation and the type of functionality required.

Since pure JavaScript is the best performing method for deploying client-side development, there is a reason to use it. But a library like jQuery will help you to get to market faster and cheaper. So, it is better to depend heavily on jQuery for the initial versions of your product. 



JavaScript is the former language of development of web applications and the newer trend is that jQuery is the language of development of modern web applications. To use JavaScript or jQuery all boils down to one factor. What functionality you are trying to achieve and implement here. For some scenarios, it may seem that JavaScript performs better, and for some other scenarios, jQuery is the best-suited choice. It all comes down to personal preference.


If you’re looking to Hire Javascript Programmers or are looking to hire jQuery Developers, do contact us, we will get you in touch with our highly experienced team of developers who will solve all your web designing problems.

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CSS 3 vs CSS 2

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Cascading Style Sheets or CSS manage the complete computing machine designing with one-click changes. the latest version of CSS is that the CSS3 version that primarily differs from CSS2 at intervals the incorporation of Modules and completely different changes. Modules modify the look to be tired a lesser time with further ease whereas modification individual choices and specifications. The CSS3 version supports a lot of browsers than CSS2, but check that to ascertain it on all operating systems and browsers.

Other major changes/additions include:


The Following features are new:

  • Combinator
  • CSS Selectors
  • Pseudo-elements
  • Style properties




The new addition of General relation Combinator is completed to match relation parts of a given component through diacritic (~) Combinator.


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CSS Selectors

While CSS2 had ‘simple selectors’, the refashion calls them the elements as ‘a sequence of simple selectors’.



Many Pseudo parts are another that enable in-depth however straightforward styling and a replacement convention of double colons ‘::’ has been introduced.


Style Properties:

New Background style Properties

Multiple Background pictures will be bedded within the box victimization completely different parts like background image, position, and repeat.


Border style

Styling of borders has been extended to pictures and rounded styles which incorporates making an image of the borders then mechanically apply the image to the borders through CSS.


Differences between CSS3 and CSS2:


  • CSS3 is split into many various documents known as Modules. each module adds new capability or extends options outlined in CSS2 over conserving backward compatibility. Work on CSS3 started around the time of publication of the initial CSS2 recommendation.
  • The CSS3 version supports more browsers than CSS2.
  • CSS3 introduces several new selectors. Those new selectors square measure largely in an exceeding type of pseudo-elements and pseudo-categories.
  • The new addition of General relation Combinator that will be wont to match relation parts of a given part through diacritic (~) combinator.


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  • CSS3 introduces several properties attended with new values and units. It facilitates styling of backgrounds, borders, boxes, etc…, that permits the USA to stay most of the styling at intervals the computer network and HTML standards and our document, while not a necessity for all those proprietary third-party package packages.
  • New values and new units square measure introduced to support all those new properties. for example, Angle units deg, grad, rad, and switch or Time units s and ms.


Here are the major differences between CSS 2 and CSS 3:






CSS3 is the latest version of CSS. It is only compatible with IE9 and not with older versions of browsers. The more you code, the more you will learn about CSS3.  You cannot master CSS3 unless you know about CSS.


CSS3 took the properties of CSS and developed them to include new features to provide ease of use to the designers. CSS3 is capable of supporting responsive designs. It can also handle media queries as compared to CSS, which does not support responsive design and is not capable of handling media queries.


CSS3 is very important for web designers. Because it provides a vast range of options and it helps in creating more enhanced opportunities for designing a webpage. Through web designing, marketers can increase their product awareness in the market easily.


If you’re looking to hire UI UX designers or to hire HTML5 Developers, simply give us a call and we will get you in touch with our highly expert backend team to solve all your web designing and programming problems









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Laravel VS NodeJS

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Many technologies have been invented in the 21st century. These technologies solve the basic problem of coding.

In this article we are going to compare side by side two new technologies designed to make computing and problem solving easy, these are Laravel and NodeJS.


Laravel Introduction:


So what is Laravel? Laravel is a PHP based framework built for designing high-end Web Applications.  Laravel comes with a strong collection of tools and provides an elegant application architecture for designing web applications. Moreover, Laravel combines all of the significant characteristics found in major frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, etc. The Laravel framework is developed using Open Source standards. This framework is capable of saving huge development time by avoiding the developers to think and plan the entire website architecture from scratch. Laravel is also able to take care of the security of the application. All of these features can boost the development pace for creating a Website from scratch. If any developer is familiar with PHP syntax and features, Laravel can speed up the learning time for developers. Laravel enables you to craft your work more easily.


Here are some facts and features about Laravel:


  • Laravel was developed by Tailor Otwell in July 2011 and is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks right after CodeIgniter.
  • It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern architecturally
  • It is nothing but a web-based framework using PHP

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Why Laravel Is Perfect for Web Development

  • Its goal is to make certain parts of the Web-Development process easier
  • It provides various tools for MVC applications, database interactions, HTML templates, routing, testing and much more
  • It makes the web development process far easier for web designers and developers.




NodeJS Introduction


NodeJS is a server-side platform that is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime libraries. Node JS is built using Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine (V8 Engine). Using NodeJS, developers can create cross-platform, server side, networking applications easily. Ryan Dahl invented Node JS in 2009.

Characteristics of Node JS

  • Makes the use of an event-driven, Non-blocking IO model and therefore makes it lightweight and an efficient platform to build applications on.
  • Is perfect for designing data-intensive real-time applications that can be deployed across distributed devices.
  • Provides developers with a rich library of various JavaScript modules that simplify the development of web-based applications to a great extent.


Following are some of the Node JS Features that you might want to have a look at.


  1. It is a JavaScript Runtime
  2. It uses a non-blocking IO model that is both event-driven and efficient
  3. Npm is a NodeJS package library which is both open source and the largest in the world
  4. Node JS is designed to build scalable networked applications using open source technologies.

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  1. Node JS’s connection handling mechanism is super efficient than the classic thread based model
  2. Users of NodeJS are free from the worries of deadlocking the process since there is no lock concept here.
  3. Scalable systems can easily be developed using Node JS


Let us compare Laravel and NodeJs side by side as table looking at their pro’s and con’s

Difference Between laravel and Node js

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you found this article useful, do check out our other posts. If you’re looking to hire NodeJS developers or to hire Laravel developers, just get in contact with us and we will hook you up to our most experienced back end team, to solve your programming problems or to develop a website from scratch.


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JavaScript frameworks 2019

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JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports functional, event-driven, imperative including prototype based and object-oriented programming styles. Its been awhile since JavaScript had been invented. It has been long enough time for many frameworks to be developed on top of JavaScript which enables many functionalities and solves various complicated problems of web designing and computing in general. Previously JavaScript was used only to provide certain client-side functionality. However, it was invented to facilitate modern interaction between web pages and to provide user input validation and overall providing a good and satisfying user experience when browsing the Internet.

Today many frameworks have been built on top of JavaScript to enable certain functionality, not only this but JavaScript has also been used to develop certain Server-Side Frameworks for developing seamless scalable multithreaded server-side applications. Simply put, JavaScript is the language of the web.


What is a JavaScript Framework? Why should we use a JavaScript Framework?

A JavaScript Framework is nothing but a software-based abstraction that provides a software-based generic functionality that can be extended or modified to a user-specific functionality using the additional user-written code. A JavaScript Framework is just an application framework that is written or coded using JavaScript where the developers or programmers can manipulate the functions and use them for their convenience.


Frameworks are more convenient and adaptable for designing any websites and because of this reason they are preferred by most of the web designers and developers. JavaScript Frameworks is just a type of specific tool that web developers use to make working with JavaScript easier, convenient and more smoother to use. These frameworks make it possible for the web programmers to code the application as the device responds. This responsiveness is yet another factor why programmers prefer to use JavaScript. The responsiveness is also a reason why JavaScript Frameworks are so popular when it comes to dealing with a high-level machine language. In this article, we shall have a look at the 10 best JavaScript frameworks to be used in 2019 for providing seamless web experience and enable advanced computing technologies.


1) Angular


Angular is one of the most powerful, efficient and open source frameworks that is used for web development. This framework is developed by Google and is used in designing mostly Single Page Applications (SPAs) It extends the HTML coding into the web applications and it interprets the attributes in order to perform the data binding.


2) React:

Developed by Facebook, React is been able to achieve huge popularity in just a short period of time. React is basically used to develop as well as operate the dynamic UI of web pages that has high incoming traffic. Its make use of a specialized virtual DOM (Document Object Model), and because of this, the integration with any application becomes easy.


3) Vue.js

This framework was developed in the year 2019. Making a mark in the market it has already proved its worth by offering a multitude of features to programmers and developers.

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Its dual-mode integration is one of the most attractive features used by developers to create single page applications or SPAs. For developing cross-platform applications, it is a much more reliable framework.


4) Ember.js

The Ember.js framework was first introduced into the market at the start of 2015 and has been growing in popularity since then because of its wide application area. The main feature of Ember.js is that it supports two-way data binding. It has established itself as a highly reliable platform for handling complex User Interfaces. Popular websites such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Nordstrom and many more makes use of the Ember.js framework for their websites


5) Meteor

Meteor is best suited for software development as it covers a major area of web application development spectrum. Management of the database, back end interface development, rendering of the front end part of web applications or websites, as well as the business logic are the major areas where Meteor framework is used.



6)  Mithril

Mithril is basically a client-side JavaScript, that is basically used to majorly develop Single page applications or SPAs. The implementation of the framework is designed to be easy since the framework functions are not derived from a single base class. The framework’s overall size is designed to be small (around 8 KB using compression), it is fast and provides routing and XHR utilities right out of the box. It has a few features that are similar to React.

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7) Node.js

Node.js is an open source server-side JavaScript runtime environment. that runs on many platforms. and is designed to be open source. The framework is designed to be capable of driving asynchronous Input-Output along with its event-driven architecture. It works just like the JavaScript runtime environment. Hence, this shows properties similar to the JAVA language like packages, threading, forming of loops, etc.


8) Polymer

Developed by Google Polymer is another open source JavaScript Library. Without making websites complicated Polymer is able to create its basic elements. Also, it supports both one-way as well as two-way data binding thus making the application development area wide enough for developers.


9) Aurelia

The Aurelia framework was developed using the latest version of JavaScript. Using Aurelia any kind of UI interface can be get implement. It’s actually the next generation frameworks for developing complex and more robust websites. The framework for Aurelia can extend the HTML markup for various purposes that includes data binding. The modern architecture of Aurelia makes sure that its tools get rightly interpret for both the client side and server side applications.


10) Backbone.js

Backbone.js is one of the most popular frameworks available. For the average programmer, it is very easy to understand and learn. Backbone.js is capable to create single page applications.  All the server side functions must flow through an API. This helps programmers to achieve a certain functionality by writing less code.







Thus, after going through all the above 10 frameworks it is easy to say JavaScript is the backbone of all majorly used application programs. We hope you gained some useful insights from this article. If you’re looking to hire JavaScript developers or to hire web developers for developing any kind of web applications then do give us a call. We will be glad to assist you in developing web solutions for your business needs.


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  • Recently there has been a boom in the web development spectrum. There has been the invention of many web development technologies.
  • There have been various server-side technological inventions to support and adapt server-side programming.
  • Both front end and back end development is possible nowadays and each supports many different features. Each technology comes with its own pros and cons. This is the deciding factor when choosing a particular programming language.
  • When choosing a particular technology, we have to keep in mind if the tech is able to fit our needs and solves a particular programming problem.


What is PHP?


PHP stands for Personalized Home Pages. (now known as Hypertext PreProcessor)  This is a server-side web programming language. PHP is used to create server-side programming for providing web pages to clients (browsers). It supports an open-source programming framework developed mainly for designing server-side programming logic.

It is a coding standard that has been used by most web developers.

I suggest reading the post where I have discussed:

HTML5 top Features


Think of Web Development as a car, PHP being the engine of the car that facilitates server programming capabilities and HTML being the tire wheels to accelerate the car and provide motion to it.


PHP supports modern web development. 



What is HTML5?


HTML5 is the newest revision to HTML markup language. 

HTML5 brings the following types of new tags:

  • Videos that can be used to display videos inside web-pages,
  • Figures which can be used to display visual content like images or photographs, diagrams, illustrations, code snippets, etc,
  • Nav elements work similar to ordered or unordered lists that can be used to link to parts of the webpage or can be linked to other web pages,

I would also recommend you to check out my popular post: Difference between HTML5 VS JAVA 


  • Section tags that can be grouped into particular sections
  • The header tag which can be used to provide introductory elements to web pages such as logos, navigation or a form to be searched for.
  • The footer tag which can be used to provide social media links, copyright information or additional site navigation items

Let’s compare both the languages:

PHP vs html5

PHP vs html5

Conclusion: We have seen the differences between the PHP vs HTML5 technologies.

In general sense, PHP and HTML are the most widely used languages as far as web programming is concerned.

We hope you liked this article and have found informative for you. Do check out our other posts as well. If you’re willing to hire PHP Developers or Hire HTML5 Designer for any kind of Web Designing work, do give us a call and we will get you in touch with our expert back end team to help you with your website


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Nest JS Features

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What is Nest JS?

In this article, we are going to have a look at what are the Nest JS Features and uses. Let’s check out the official definition of Nest JS. Nest JS is a framework for building effective Node JS scalable applications. The framework uses progressive JavaScript to code applications. It obviously fully supports TypeScript.

The main feature of NestJS is that it still allows developers to fully code using pure JavaScript.
Nest JS combines the features of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming (FP) as well as Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). It provides the same benefits as Angular provides. It is built for both smaller and larger teams.

Inside the architecture of Nest JS, it makes use of robust HTTP server frameworks such as Express (the Default) and Fastify. Nest JS can provide a decent layer of abstraction above these frameworks, it also exposes these frameworks API to the developers, So that the developers can use myriad third-party modules which are available to each platform.

Nest JS provides an out of the box application architecture that allows developers and teams to create highly scalable, testable, loosely coupled and easily maintainable applications.

The Problem Statement

Nest JS is invented with the sole purpose of solving one problem- how to simplify the architecture. Many frameworks existed to create loosely coupled server scalable applications, however in spite of robust libraries that existed to manage application architecture, they all lacked the simplicity to interact with the application architecture. This is where Nest JS wins.
Nest JS is able to provide an application architecture that is robust, highly scalable, loosely coupled, as well as easily maintainable, to create modern NODE JS applications.
In short Nest JS is a progressive NODE JS framework that is used to build and create scalable and efficient server-side applications that run on top of TypeScript and JavaScript.

Nest JS provides a server-side environment that allows creating backend applications that are developer friendly and eases the task of programming. This framework supports many advanced engineering concepts like Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing, Microservices Architecture, and many others.

Check out our other blog articles: Why Laravel is Perfect for Web Development.

The birth of Nest JS

Node.JS along with its package manager NPM delivers a fully functional server-side environment that is flexible, runs super fast, and provides huge flexibility to the developers, allowing to reduce the development time to merely hours and not days.
However, with all the greatness presented, Node.JS doesn’t have the  “Architectural Flexibility”.
Well someone might say that it is not up the framework to deal with the project’s architecture. I agree with that, but there are some well-known patterns and concepts that we see in almost every project. And In my opinion, it is a good thing if the framework pushes developers towards good architectural decisions.

So What exactly is Nest JS?

According to Nest JS’s website;

Here is the definition:

Nest JS is a framework for building Efficient Scalable NodeJS Server-side applications.

The same is true for Node.JS, So here is the difference:

Nest JS uses classic JavaScript, and is built with TypeScript ( It also preserves compatibility with Pure JavaScript) and the elements of OOP, FP and FRP are combined.

Nest JS Framework in a very active way encourages the developers to try, learn and use some of our well-known software engineering paradigms.

The Nest JS Framework is here, a framework which is fully developed using TypeScript as the base, but it supports JavaScript too and it brings in all the necessary stuff every developer can think about. But don’t know what to choose.

Here are some well-known features of Nest JS

Dependency Injection Container: NestJS comes with its own Dependency Injection Container. It is a utility that seems to be forgotten in JavaScript world but cannot be left out. Of Course, there are other solutions such as Inversify or Bottle. Nest JS seems to have its own solution in place, and it supports factory injection too
Modularization: In Nest JS, every logical part of the application which lives in the same domain boundary is called a module, and it heavily encourages encapsulation.
Testability: Due to the introduction of the Dependency Injection Container, and modularization, you can pretty much build your application using these services, and isolating your controller’s thing, This makes the application easier to test.
Written in TypeScript: TypeScript is good, they allow you to stop thinking that the thing you are assigning to the variable is the one you need.

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Following are some more features about Nest JS

  • Nest JS is a splendid tool for Angular developers because of its familiarity.
  • Nest JS provides structural development approach, which helps large teams build complex backends more consistently. This is important when using Express or any other minimalistic frameworks.
  • In many ways, Nest JS is also similar to Spring and .NET. So developers familiar with these technologies can use the hard-learned patterns and best practices when using Nest JS.
  • Nest JS is platform agnostic and supports REST, GraphQL, Websockets, gRPC, etc.
  • Nest JS promotes code reusability.


So here we are, Nest JS can be suited for and is intended to develop small or big server-side scalable applications that are robust, highly testable and extensible. We have seen the features of Nest JS and wish you will use the framework in your next project. If you’re looking to hire Node JS developers or are looking to hire Nest JS Developers, you have come into the right spot. Simply contact us or post us your requirements and we will connect you with our highly experienced backend team who will assist you in your server-side application development project.

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CSS3 Features

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CSS stands for cascading style sheets and CSS is used to add visual appearance to any HTML page. Think of Web development as a human body, if HTML and JavaScript form the bones and guts of the body then CSS is the Clothes and Makeup that goes on the body. There are many changes done on CSS 3. This article describes the basic changes done to CSS in order to make it to the CSS 3 standards. We have listed down the basic  CSS3 features that any UI/ UX programmer can use to enhance the visual appearance of Web pages.

Let us start with the basic introduction to CSS 3

What is CSS 3?

CSS 3 is an extension to CSS 2 and CSS 1 that defines how a particular element can be styled.
Let us analyze some CSS basics first. Within a website’s code, CSS works in coordination with HTML and JavaScript to bring forth the visual appearance that is both eye-pleasing and is elegant to view. For example, if a section within a webpage is marked

then applying CSS will tell the Web Browser that the section marked should be displayed in a certain blue color and must be styled in a certain font and size. Even though CSS and HTML work in tandem with together. It is best if both are kept in separate files. This allows developers to make changes to the visual appearance without disturbing the structure of the website’s information. It allows designers to make changes to the look and feel of the website without touching the information.

Basics of CSS:

First, let’s take a look at some of the CSS basics. CSS works alongside HTML in a website architecture to give it structure, style, and an elegant visual appearance. HTML is used to define what elements can appear on a web page, and CSS is used to define how those elements appear visually.

The Cascading aspect is the key here, storing the files as Cascading Style Sheets allows web developers to globally update these sheets for changes in design for multiple pages at once.
This is important because it reduces the complexity of having to update multiple sheets rather than updating a single sheet. You don’t have to change the font, color, and style for each and every sheet, changes to a single sheet of CSS would do the trick. CSS reduces this down to making changes in one externally linked layered file.

So let us see what features are new with CSS version 3

CSS 3 is the latest and newest standard for CSS under development from 2005. It is completely backward compatible with the older versions of CSS namely CSS 1 and CSS 2. CSS3 has new properties that have been set up for debugging previous quirks and extending CSS 2 features, and it has also got some JavaScript like built-in capabilities. CSS 3 also has addressed some concerns that were raised during web-page development for mobile devices. Such as Responsive Designing for mobile devices and it also addresses the incompatibility issues encountered for Adobe Flash elements for Mobile Devices. CSS has now incorporated into itself a lot of flash-now animations and has built-in features for adding interactivity into pages.

You can have a look at my other blog topic: Top HTML 5 Features

Here are 7 different features list that makes CSS3 superior to its predecessors.

1) Mobile First Preference:

CSS now supports responsive designing, it is well equipped to handle any and all types of media queries. Media queries are nothing but calls made by the website’s code to query which type of device, and the screen size the user is viewing the web-page on. This feature adds a whole new outlook and responsive design capability to the existing CSS feature list

2) Module based Coding:

One of the major features that have been incorporated into CSS is the module based coding feature. The CSS code is now split across modules. All the old CSS specification has now been merged with the new CSS version and is also divided into smaller more manageable pieces.
New modules are also added to it.

Here are some of the other CSS modules:

Selectors: Web Developers can now pinpoint elements or address elements by name, class, attribute, type, and more.

The Box Model Module: This module describes an approach to create consistency among the HTML elements on a given webpage. Each element is now addressed as boxes. We can now apply margins, border, padding, background, and more to these boxes. This enables web developers to clear an area around an element, and apply different styles to it.

Borders and Backgrounds: We now have better control over the treatment of page backgrounds and element borders. CSS3 now enables rounded corners on boxes and drop shadows. Before CSS3, Backgrounds could only be achieved by images and this caused the page file size to be increased, and had an increased effect on the load time of the webpage

Text Effects: CSS now includes text effects such as shadow effects, text overflow (This can hide text that can get too long for an element), word breaking ( automatically breaks the text so that the text can easily fit inside a box). And text wrapping all the thing that could save a lot of development time for Web Developers

3) Web Fonts give developers access to way more than just web safe fonts.

Before CSS3 web developers could only use web safe fonts to be 100% sure that the fonts would display the same on everyone’s machine. Web Safe fonts are the fonts that every single computer machine has installed and easily recognizes. If the web developer used common fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial, they would easily be able to guarantee that any user would view their website as it was intended to. However, if they wished to use a rarer font and it wasn’t supported by the user’s machine then the machine would default back to a web safe font.

Web Developers could now use web fonts in CSS3, these special fonts are available through Google Fonts and Typecast. These fonts can either be downloaded on a server and run through the CSS code or accessed directly via a source through a CSS script which is called right within the webpage code. This has opened a new world of possibilities for Web Developers.

4) CSS enables faster development and quicker load times.

CSS previously used to require background images, this has now been achieved through visual enhancements. Which saves development time in production. This saves time required to call and load background images because these features have been built into the code. Also, the page load speed is increased because of fewer calls to code and resources, as well as smaller file sizes.

5) We can now create 2D and 3D animations, as well as transitions and transformations.

These new effects allow elements on a webpage to rotate, flip grow or shrink and well as change into a different color. For the very first-time elements created in CSS can move on a screen which was otherwise able to be done through JavaScript or Flash code. Along with transitions, elements can now seamlessly change color or size. You can now set a time duration for the transition effect, for example, creating a button that changes color and slowly expands when you hover your mouse over it. This is the best CSS 3 feature of all.

Check out our other topics: HTML 5 VS Java

6) New colors and image effects

CSS 3 Now supports new colors (RGBA, HSL, and HSLA) as well as gradient colors for allowing adjustments to opacity. Another big feature is that it supports rounded edge corners. This is an effect that previously required a lot of formatting and Photoshop work to be achieved before.

7) Box-sizing has now fixed some annoying alignment problems

Box-sizing now allows web designers to get the sizing of the elements right. This can be done without having to subtract the dimensions of the padding and borders. With the addition of the Box-Sizing property, the padding and borders are included in the height and width

CSS is a foundational web development technology that remains at the heart of how everything on the web looks visually. With the latest version, it is proving to be capable of so much more,

Do you need to hire a web or UI/UX Designer well versed in CSS3,? Give a call to us and we will connect you with our highly talented back end team.

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HTML5 top Features

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Top 18 HTML5 Features You Must Know

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is the language that All Internet Browsers understand. Most of the Internet Browsers support HTML 5 and its new features. The new HTML5 features have been geared towards a focus on multimedia technologies that provide interactive video and photos as well as interactive slideshows, etc.


HTML was invented to display text in a certain manner with the use of Internet Browsers.

Internet browsers request a certain page from the Internet, the server gets the request from the browser and in response sends HTML formatted document to the browser running on the client computer.


HTML is a standard language designed for Web browsers to Interpret and display information on the World Wide Web.


Let us have a look at what are the features provided by HTML5, what new things have been brought to the table and how these features can be used in programming Web Pages for the Internet.


We will demonstrate these features through coding examples or code snippets. Feel free to use these snippets in your Web Development Projects.

  1. New Doctype Tag: We have now got the new reduced or cut down version of the DOCTYPE tag


Instead of:


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”



We can use:


<!DOCTYPE html >


The new DOCTYPE tag is now compact and can now be easily used to denote the document type to the Web browser.


2) The <figure> tag:


Consider the following code markup for an image


<img src=”path/to/image” alt=”About image” />

<p>Image of Mars. </p>


There is no simpler way to embed a caption in an image without using the paragraph tag. The FIGURE tag addresses this problem. When combined with the FIGCAPTION element, we can now associate figures along with its respective captions as shown in the following example.


  <img src=”path/to/image” alt=”About image” />


      <p>This is an image of something interesting. </p>




3) The <small> tag has now been redefined. It now refers to the small print. Such as copyright information, or anything you require to be displayed in small print.

Here is its usage:


Eg  <small>This will be displayed in small print. </small>


4) The TYPE attribute is optional now for scripts and links.

For example, consider the following code snippet.


Instead of this:


<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”path/to/stylesheet.css” type=”text/css” />

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”path/to/script.js”></script>


The usage of the type attribute is now not necessary. We can now remove the type attribute altogether


You can use:


<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”path/to/stylesheet.css” />

<script src=”path/to/script.js”></script>


5) Quotes and Closing tags are now optional


You don’t have to wrap your attributes in quotes (“ ”). You also don’t have to use the closing tag. In HTML5, these things are optional now.  You can still use quotes and closing tags, but it is up to you.



<p class=myClass id=someId> Start the reactor.


If you follow one rule, stick to it. You can either use both or not use them.

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6) You can edit your content using the contenteditable attribute.


Using contenteditable you can edit your items now.


The new browsers now have a nifty new feature. The contenteditable attribute now can be applied to elements such as the UL tag. This feature allows users to edit any text contained within an element, including the child elements.


For example:


<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang=”en”>


  <meta charset=”utf-8″>




  <h2> To-Do List </h2>

   <ul contenteditable=”true”>

      <li> Break mechanical cab driver. </li>

      <li> Drive to abandoned factory

      <li> Watch video of self </li>







We can also use the short form without using quotes as we learned from the previous tip.


7) Now email validation has been built into the browser using the type=”email” attribute.


If we apply the type=”email” to form inputs, we can command the browser to only accept strings that comply with a valid email structure.


<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang=”en”>


  <meta charset=”utf-8″>




  <form action=”” method=”get”>

      <label for=”email”>Email:</label>

      <input id=”email” name=”email” type=”email” />

      <button type=”submit”> Submit Form </button>







It should be noted that this feature support is still wonky in few browsers. Opera seems to support this feature as long as the name attribute is used. Conclusion, don’t depend on this type of form validation just yet, you can still use this feature.

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8) Placeholders


Before using placeholders, we needed to use JavaScript to enable adding placeholder information for text boxes. Obviously, we can use the value attribute to display initial value information but the user seems to delete it afterward and then clicks away, the input will blank again. In order to provide a solution, we can use the placeholder attribute as follows


<input name=”email” type=”email” placeholder=”” />


As with newer tag attributes, the support is a bit shady across modern browsers. This will improve with time. Use this attribute but don’t depend on it.


9) The Header and Footer tag introduction


HTML5 Now has new tags to define the header and footer page elements.


Instead of:


<div id=”header”>



<div id=”footer”>




DIV’s by nature have no semantic structure even though an ID attribute is applied

With HTML5 we now have access to the header and footer elements


It is fine if you have multiple headers and footers in your projects.


Do not get confused with the header and footer sections of your website.

The container is referred over here. It makes sense to put META information at the bottom of a blog post inside the footer section of your website.


10) We have 2 new data types within the input tag now.


These are the URL and the EMAIL types.


Using these types of data we can easily use the built-in validation feature.


For ex:





Another HTML Form Tutorial





       <input type=”text” name=”firstname” placeholder=”John” />

        <input type=”text” name=”lastname”  autofocus />

<input type=”url”  name=”url” />

          <input type=”email” name=”email” />

<input type=”submit” name=”submit” />





In the above code example, we can add a placeholder attribute to any input tag for showing the type of data to be entered.

We now have two different data types such as the URL and the EMAIL type which can be used to initiate the validation in input text boxes

We also have a new attribute called AUTOFOCUS in order to provide focus to the text box for getting the user input.


11) The required Attribute


Now with the advent of HTML 5, Forms now allow a new attribute called the required attribute.

This attribute specifies whether a particular input is required or not.


We can use this attribute in two different ways as listed below:


<input type=”text” name=”someInput” required>


Or used in a more structured approach:


<input type=”text” name=”someInput” required=”required”>


Both methods are valid. Using this attribute we can specify if an input to a required textbox is required or not. A form cannot be submitted if the user has left the input blank.


Here is an example:


<form method=”post” action=””>

  <label for=”someInput”> Your Name: </label>

  <input type=”text” id=”someInput” name=”someInput” placeholder=”Douglas Quaid” required>

  <button type=”submit”>Go</button>





If the input is black and the user submits the form, then the textbox is highlighted.


12) Auto Focus attribute:


HTML5 avoids the need for solutions provided by JavaScript. If a particular input box needs to be selected or focussed by default then we can do so with the autofocus attribute.




<input type=”text” name=”someInput” placeholder=”Douglas Quaid” required autofocus>


13) Audio support:


HTML5 has now added audio support to its list of tags. We now have the <audio></audio> elements or tags. Previous to this support to audio was through plugins.




<audio autoplay=”autoplay” controls=”controls”>

  <source src=”file.ogg” />

  <source src=”file.mp3″ />

  <a>Download this file.</a>


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14) We now have Video support in browsers. We can now use the video tag to be allowed to play in browsers. Although HTML spec does not allow which codec to be specified, it’s up to the browsers to decide.


Here is the coding example:


<video controls preload>

  <source src=”cohagenPhoneCall.ogv” type=”video/ogg; codecs=’vorbis, theora'” />

  <source src=”cohagenPhoneCall.mp4″ type=”video/mp4; codecs=’avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2′” />

  <p> Your browser is old. <a href=”cohagenPhoneCall.mp4″>Download this video instead.</a> </p>



15) Video Preload:

The PRELOAD attribute does exactly what it reads. It preloads the video keeping video ready for the user to watch. Videos can be preloaded by simply adding preload=”preload” or by simply using preload


For ex:


<video preload>


16) Display controls;


If you use the video preload tag, you would notice that the only an image is displayed as a video, there are no video controls visible.

To correct this we must use the controls attribute with <video preload>  tag


For Ex:


<video preload controls>


17) Regular Expressions:


We can now use regular expression in between our HTML tags. This is possible because of the pattern attribute.




<form action=”” method=”post”>

  <label for=”username”>Create a Username: </label>

  <input type=”text”



     placeholder=”4 <> 10″




  <button type=”submit”>Go </button>



The pattern [A-Za-z]{4,10} only accepts uppercase and lowercase letters. The {4, 10} specifies that the input string must have a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 10.


18) Mark Element.


HTML5 provides a new highlighter option. Using this tag we can highlight certain key phrases.


The following example demonstrates this:


<h3> Search Results </h3>

<p> They were interrupted, just after Quato said, <mark>”Open your Mind”</mark>. </p>


Conclusion: We have listed down 18 most used features that any web programmer can use for implementing in their web projects. We hope you liked this article and have found this article informative. If you’re thinking to

hire HTML5 developers, do contact us. We have a very strong backend team who would guide you through the project, and assist you to solve complex web programming problems.


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  • Recently there has been a major boom in developing technologies that serve to solve a particular computing problem.
  • After the dot COM bubble, there has been a major outburst in emerging IT technologies that support Web Server as well as Desktop based application programming. Every Programming language solves a particular computing problem
  • Here in this article, we will have a look at the distinct features of two of the most popular Desktop application programming as well as Web Programming languages available to us today.


What is Java?

It is a General Purpose Language. It is also a class-based programming language that supports Object-Oriented Programming. And is also a platform independent language which means it can run on any platform.

Java requires a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for running applications. Because of JVM, Java gets its platform Independency feature. It has minimal dependencies to run. It is a compile-once-run-anywhere language, and this means that you don’t have to recompile the language again and again.


Java runs on an Object-based model and encourages code reusability and extensibility.


The main problem addressed by the Java language is platform independence. How to bring the feature of platform independence and implement it in a programming language. The inventors did this by bringing the concept of Java Virtual Machines (JVM). 

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Let us have a look at the different features of Java. What makes Java the language that it is today?


  1. Java is simple and easy to learn. Users with little or no programming background can easily learn the language concepts and start implementing it in their programs.
  2. It is platform independent which means that Java programs can be run and executed on any platform.
  3. It is a secure language. Java has secured memory accessibility structure. 
  4. Java is portable.
  5. It is an architecturally neutral language, this means that Java does not know the details of the architecture of the platform it is running on.
  6. Java programs are multi-threaded. This feature allows developers to design programs that can run uninterrupted and smoothly
  7. The Just in Time compiler enables Java to provide high-performance applications.
  8. It is considered to be a much more dynamic language than any other language such as C or C++.
  9. It is a distributed language. Java is made for the Internet.


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What is HTML5?


HTML5 is the newest revision to HTML markup language. Web browsers support HTML5. Browsers can only understand HTML. Browsers receive the HTML code in response to a server web page request.

HTML5 brings the following types of content:

  • Videos that can be used to display videos inside web-pages,
  • Figures which can be used to display visual content like images or photographs, diagrams, illustrations, code snippets, etc,
  • Nav elements work similar to ordered or unordered lists that can be used to link to parts of the webpage or can be linked to other web pages,
  • Section tags that can be grouped into particular sections
  • The header tag which can be used to provide introductory elements to web pages such as logos, navigation or a form to be searched for.
  • The footer tag which can be used to provide social media links, copyright information or additional site navigation items

HTML adds structure to a web document. Along with the CSS to style the document and JavaScript to add user and document interactivity to it

To sum up, HTML5 is a Browsers language.  Any Internet browser can understand HTML. There are many technologies that provide server-side processing as a result of input for the user’s data and provides HTML as an output of processing.




Here is a raw comparison between the programming capabilities of these two languages.






  • We have seen and understood the major differences between these languages. We have also seen the features of these languages.
  • Although these languages are used for different applications altogether, it is worthwhile knowing where to use which language.
  • Since there may be different environmental applications that may be suited for each language. And a different environment would demand a different language.
  • We hope you liked this article and have enjoyed reading it. If you have found this article informative, do check out our other posts.
  • If you are thinking to Hire HTML developers, or to Hire Java developers, do contact us, we have a strong back end team that will assist you in designing and solving your computing problems.

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Codeigniter HMVC:

CodeIgniter is an open source PHP MVC framework used for building dynamic web applications. Providing the benefit of extended libraries and tools, it allows you to connect to your databases which further helps you perform various tasks. Easy to customize the CodeIgniter framework provides your business websites easy configuration.


Codeigniter HMVC known for its speed, its goal is to complete your projects in much lesser time. Minimizing the amount of the code its main aim is to focus on the creativity of your website. Use of CodeIgniter benefits its users with simple, elegant, lightweight, and easy to use quality features. Using HMVC you can easily integrate CodeIgniter form validation into your webpages.


Model-View-Controller System


MVC is a Model View Controller (MVC) system. Where Model here refers to the data, View refers to the presentation layer and Controller to the application logic. MVC breaking the development process of applications isolates business logic from UI. Due to its advantages, many software frameworks prefer using this.  


Integrating with your own existing scripts it helps your developers build core libraries for the system. CodeIgniter allows its users to follow the MVC route instead of other procedural ways.  Using MVC architecture, CodeIgniter development can easily build and manage large applications.


CodeIgniter HMVC


CodeIgniter is loosely based and works on MVC (Model-View-Development) pattern. It can also use the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC). Added as an extra benefit it helps your applications with lots of modular functions.


In CodeIgniter hmvc, HMVC stands for Hierarchical Model View Controller. It is a further new version of MVC pattern used for web applications. Providing solutions to many problems it helps you solve the scalability of applications.


Here are some of the Advantages of HMVC developers can use while developing their application.


Modularization – This helps in reducing the dependencies between the disparate parts of the application.


Organization – It helps you organize your work folder-wise to make your workload lesser.


Reusability – This feature of HMVC gives you the benefit to reuse your code multiple times. Also as per the creativity of developers they can use different code for the same kind of work design.


Extendibility – It makes your application more extensible without sacrificing the ease of maintenance.


HMVC architecture was developed with one thing in mind. It was developed to solve one problem that the MVC architecture had. The HMVC architecture falls short when it comes to controlling the GUI elements or components. HMVC cannot handle the following complexities:

Management of Data, Management of events and the overall flow of data in the applications.


The HMVC architecture groups each MVC module into a triad and enables communication between the controllers of each triad.



In the above diagram, each MVC component or triad can communicate externally between the controllers of other MVC triads. Thus enabling a parent-child relationship between the modules.

Also, a programmer can incorporate up to n number of modules and enables communication between each of them using the above architecture.


When it comes to addressing individual elements, HMVC scales the MVC architecture by providing a powerful yet easy to grasp and understand, hierarchical or layered design methodology that helps to develop a complete presentation layer.


Here are some of the key features of a responsibility based on layered architecture :


  1. The user gets to define the multi-tiered or intra layered communication as well as isolate the individual layers from the higher layers.
  2. One can easily define interlayer communication with minimum coupling or dependency.
  3. Easily localize your exposure to any third party code.


Using HMVC the interlayered controller enables communication between each layered module, thus enabling inter layered communication.

This enables communication between the modules that define parent-child communication.


The following advantages are provided by HMVC over MVC –


  1. Reduces interdependency between disparate parts of the software program
  2. Encourages reuse of modules or components or any part of the code
  3. The architecture increases extensibility while encourages maintainability.
  4. You get to organize your code into modules and each module can perform a different assigned task.
  5. Provides a robust and scalable pattern that reduces risk.
  6. Provides a readymade design foundation on which you can build software.


You can use HMVC to create a client-tier framework or architecture. The HMVC pattern clearly provides a definition of responsibility among the predefined layers or components.


  1. HMVC architecture enables web applications to be standardized.
  2. The framework devices a visual entity into different panes or blocks and helps each block to define consistent functions, responsibilities, and functionalities.
  3. The interaction between the subcomponents is clearly defined and it provides a customizable base class.




  • The MVC architecture had some shortcomings which were overcome by the Hierarchical-MVC or HMVC extension.
  • The architecture defines the communication between each interlayered module and enables a parent-child relationship between them. It also reduces the interdependency between the modules or layers.


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  • We have well-experienced developers who can transform any of your web idea into reality. Hence, hire the best CodeIgniter developer as per the needs and demands of your project and save the cost and time by availing the best web application development services from us.


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Why Laravel Is Perfect for Web Development

Top 15 Reasons Why Laravel Is Perfect for Web Development


There are a number of development platforms available in the market. However, choosing the best PHP development framework for designing a website is very important. In our previous blog, we discussed the top fifteen PHP frameworks with their features and capabilities. We also talked about Laravel and Codeigniter in detail and showed differences between them. Our company uses Laravel and Codeigniter both the frameworks on a regular basis. It is after testing and working over each framework platform we tell you why Laravel is the best PHP framework.  




Laravel is a famously used open source PHP framework. It is one of the most renowned web development frameworks used by businesses to intricate rich web applications. Laravel developers help you deliver crisp web applications. Helping you customize the applications as per the user’s requirements it is highly fit for the development of robust web apps.

Below are the reasons to show you why Laravel is the best PHP framework for web development.


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Best PHP Frameworks For Startup Your Business in 2019


  1. Authorization and Coding Technique


While developing any application code its authentication part plays the major role. Determining the time required to create coding for developing an app. Laravel possess a technique that helps you in the processing of authorization logic.


Using Laravel, developers get free from a large part of coding. Laravel’s coding style is much more expressive and easy in understanding. Providing great flexibility and freedom to the Laravel developers it allows you to build any type of website.


2.Blade Template Engine


Laravel is popularly famous with its template engine called Blade template engine. With this in-built lightweight template, it is easy to create layouts that use dynamic content seeding. It is highly intuitive and works effectively with PHP/HTML. Using multiple widgets Laravel developers provides you a solid structure for your website.


It is specially designed in a way to provide its users with a unique and simple layout with distinctive sections. Blade Template Engine provides its users with various options to explore with its development like defines sections, Extend views, Echo & escaping conditional statements. Laravel framework designs are simple and effective in use.


3 MVC Architecture


Laravel supporting MVC architecture has become the best PHP framework. It helps Laravel improve its general performance with better documentation and multiple functionalities. Enhancing the code execution process MVC architecture makes Laravel development more appealing including several other functions.




Security of application is one of the major concerns while developing any web application. In order to provide enough security to your web apps, developers have to hit their heads while coding. Everyone has to find some or the other way to make their application protected. While Laravel, on the other hand, has its own security feature within its framework.


Possessing a CSRF token within the framework it takes care of all the online threats. Along with this use of ‘Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm’ and SQL statements Laravel developers provides its users with enough ways to secure their web applications.


5.Unit Testing


Laravel framework of PHP web development facilitates unit testing. Using this developer can easily write unit-tests in their own code. Due to this reason, Laravel is liked by many web developers. Capable of running many tests Laravel ensures that new changes done by programmers do not unexpectedly break anything in the web application.


6.Database Migration


Migration of Databases is another important benefit provided by the Laravel. Using this feature of Laravel developers can easily share their databases with other developers. Saving their time it helps in making the processing of the app more easy and swift. Using this Laravel developer gets the benefit of expanding the structure of the database without recreating it in the web application. This process of migration in Laravel makes its development fast and secure.




Laravel provides its users an important in-built command line tool called Artisan. While programming developers need to repeat many tasks which becomes a little tedious for developers. With the use of Laravel developers will no longer need to put their extra efforts in repeating the programming tasks.


Artisan helps you manage your databases easily. Using Laravel you can easily create your own database structure, skeleton code, models, migrations and can also generate boilerplate code for new controllers. Thus increasing the functionalities and capabilities of Artisan it helps you implement new custom commands.


8.Object-Relational Mapping


Another important advantage Laravel provides to its users is its built-in ORM implementation. It allows developers to issue the database queries using the most expressive PHP syntax. As compared to other frameworks ORM is much faster than other models of the PHP framework.



Strong Features of CodeIgniter: Powerful PHP Framework




This is another important advantage provided by Laravel. Using this feature of Laravel you can expand your business across any country. According to the need and demand of your business, you can develop your website into many different languages. Laravel framework provides its users the benefit to easily reach the maximum number of people around all over the globe.


10.User-friendly Code


Laravel framework provides its users with abundant libraries, tools, and templates. Using these tools and templates development of web apps becomes more easy and flexible. Also, use of the Laravel framework makes the coding and functioning of your app more easy and manageable.


11. Laracasts


Laracasts are a mixture of free and paid videos for guiding the use of Laravel effectively. Using this developer can easily get ideas about its use and functions. Made by Jeffery Way, a well experienced and professional trainer. Lessons and videos provided by him are well useful and informative. Any new feature or information can be easily added in the videos, making its users aware of the latest information.


12.Cloud Storage


Cloud computing is another feature provided by Laravel. It provides you an in-built cloud storage system like Amazon S3 and Rack space Cloud Storage. You can even switch between the two storage options as their API remains the same for both the storage options. You can even use both the systems in one application to serve files from multiple locations.


13. Easily Available


As the demand for Laravel development is so high in the market finding a good Laravel developer for designing a web app is not difficult. You can even find readily-made apps available at amazing rates. Making the use of Laravel development developers get various features to explore their ideas.


14. Package Discovery


Laravel is composed of multiple in-built packages. Instead of installing any new package Laravel automatically detects and installs it as per the needs of the user. Dealing with multiple support software it automates processing to help web applications. Using composer as a dependency manager it helps you manage all the information provided.


15. Good Performance


It is a strong reason to choose Laravel over other frameworks. At the end of the development, it is all about how good and performative your output is. Easy in use, Laravel makes the customization and error handling process easier. Providing abundant tools it helps developers boost their website performance.




After going through all the above features it will be easy for you to choose the best PHP framework. Due to its popularity and functioning Laravel is highly in demand. If you have any idea of developing an application or website in Laravel hire Laravel developers from Nimap Infotech. Our developers having the best of their experiences will help you provide the best business website.


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Benefits Of Web Development For Business

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With the increased technology and its development, anyone who is into online business must be well aware of the importance of the internet. It not only helps you promote your business but also equally benefits you with the good conversion of sales.


Today while bringing any business online the first thing that comes to your mind is web development. Without a well-developed website exposing your products all around the globe is impossible. While promoting any website, development of a creative website is a must thing.


Web Development


Web programming also known as web development is the process of developing, creating, and maintaining any website. It includes many aspects within it like –  web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.


The best part about web development services is that it is not very hard to learn. With easy programming and coding, anyone who is willing to can easily crack the codes.


Importance of Web Development Services


Website is the first impression of your business given by you. Based on that people start forming their opinions and approach you. The important thing about the website is that it is 24/7 approachable.

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Since it provides you the facility to access it anytime it has the capacity to attract many visitors. Further converting them into customers it helps your company increase the product knowledge by maintaining the communication between you and potential customers. Generating the leads it helps you increase the popularity of your brand and much more.


Here is a list of some of the benefits provided by the web development services are:


Less Expensive


While advertising your business using different mediums like print media, radio, television, banners, etc turns out to be very expensive. Marketing of your products needs advertisement but it takes a lot of investment. With web development services, you get the chance to advertise your brands freely.


With the use of offline advertisements available on the internet, you get various other options of marketing. It helps you improve your business form purchasing robust hardware and software. Also, offline advertising which is freely available on the internet helps you save your operational and labor cost budget.


Easy Installation and Maintenance


Web development services are much easier to install and maintain. Also, the use of online web app services are less complicated in use. Once the new version is installed on the host server all the users using it will require no other need to upgrade their systems.

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Keeping your browsers and plugins up to date you can easily upgrade your software. Using the web app development services user can easily update and maintain their software directly from a server.




Online web development services make your business more popular. With the use of good services, you can easily link your websites with different social networks. It helps your clients and followers to share and advertise your business at different platforms.


You can also build strong partnerships with people who are already well known for their sites in the market.  This interlinking of websites will help bring more people to visit your content. Improving the SEO it makes the ranking of your website high and popular among your users.


Builds Relationships


Web development services help you build good relationships with your clients and customers. You can directly contact them and send messages or email to inform them about your new products or services. Also, customers can instantly review your products and give ratings to your services online at your website.


It helps you maintain a good relationship between clients and customers. It further helps you bring new customers through the references of your old clients.


Target Market


When you establish your business you need to decide your target audience. It tells you about the group of people you will concentrate to focus. Depending on the target you further set your marketing strategies. Your overall business result is thus dependent on the market strategy you plan through your web development service.


Using web services you can understand and fulfill the customer’s needs in a better way. For planning and marketing money on the right choice of people, hire a web developer who helps your business earn more profitability.


Access Information


Web development services provide easy access to customers. With the use of web services, customers can easily track the location of their products. Online marketing even helps you see at what position your website is ranking. How many people visit your site on a daily basis and depending on that you can immediately take further actions to improve your business. Seeing the online productivity business owners can easily view the progress reports of their website, emails or suggestions from customers.




Using good web development service companies can easily target their audience with increased profit margins. Hire a web developer to design a user-centric website for your business. Utilizing their skills in the best form they will hand over your website including useful features and tools.


Hire web development services from Nimap Infotech (Mobile Application Development and IT Sourcing Company). We have a team of dedicated web developers who are well experienced in their skills. They have served 500+ clients successfully providing the best of solutions.


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Live Data – Life cycle Aware Component

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Live Data – Lifecycle Aware Component

  • In 2017 Google introduced Lifecycle aware jetpack library. This library handles the memory leaks and solving common android lifecycle challenges like screen orientation, activity destroyed.
  • In Android, views (Activity, Fragments, etc) can be destroyed at any time, so reference to these may lead to a memory leak or results in NullPointerException.
  • In the same way LiveData is designed to communicate between the UI(Usually View Model as its a lifecycle aware component) and View Controller (Activity, Fragment) With LiveData, this communication is SAFE as the data will only be received when the View is Active.

What is LiveData?

  • Similarly, Observable Data Holder => which means it observes the data and if any changes have been made or new data has been added the owner who holds this object will get notified.
  • It is Lifecycle Aware => well aware about activity and fragment or you can say the owner or components lifecycle which holds this object. That means it will only notify UI which has active state of lifecycle.
  • Usually works best with View Model class
  • It is one of the components in Android Jetpack library.


NOTE: This document contains LiveData + RoomDatabase

Priority has been given to LiveData not to room db that much.

LiveData basic concepts have been covered


LiveData Setup


Live Data – Lifecycle Aware Component

Live Data – Lifecycle Aware Component


Refer :


Design Pattern to be followed – MVVM (MODEL – VIEW – VIEWMODEL)


Steps to Add Live Data Component

Add Dependencies in Gradle.


// Room components

implementation “”

annotationProcessor “”

androidTestImplementation “”

// Lifecycle components

implementation “android.arch.lifecycle:extensions:1.1.1”

annotationProcessor “android.arch.lifecycle:compiler:1.1.1”

Setup the Room Database

Room Database – Another android jetpack library component , lifecycle aware

– Furthermore provides compile time verification for sql queries

As your schema changes, you need to update the affected SQL queries manually in Sqlite. Room solves this problem.

– supports LiveData efficiently

Add a DataModel class which will define the schema of the database.


Room persistent library provide us annotation to define the database table schema

@Entity(tableName = “word_table”)  => Mention Database Name

public class WordModel {

   @PrimaryKey(autoGenerate = true) => Autogenerated primary key not null , specify column name


   @ColumnInfo(name = “word_id”)

   private int id;


   @ColumnInfo(name = “word_name”)

   private String word;

   public WordModel(String word)


       this.word = word;


   public int getId() {

       return id;


   public String getWord() {

       return word;


   public void setId(int id) { = id;




Add database DAO interface

– The DAO  be an interface or abstract class.

– Equally the room uses  DAO to create a new clean API for your code.

– By default, all queries (@Query) must be executed on a thread other than the main thread.


– For operations such as inserting or deleting, if you use the provided convenience annotations, Room takes care of thread management for you.


public interface WordDAO {

   @Insert(onConflict = OnConflictStrategy.IGNORE)

   void insert(WordModel word);

   @Query(“DELETE FROM word_table”)

   void deleteAll();

   //ordering the words is not strictly necessary. However, by default, return order is not guaranteed, and ordering makes testing straightforward.

   @Query(“SELECT * from word_table ORDER BY word_name ASC”)

   LiveData<List<WordModel>> getAllWords();


Add RoomDatabase class

//Room is a database layer on top of an SQLite database.

// Room takes care of tasks that you used to handle with a database helper class such as SQLiteOpenHelper.

@Database(entities = {WordModel.class} , version = 1, exportSchema = false)

//set exportschema to false, export schema keeps a history of schema versions.

//For this practical, you can disable it, since you are not migrating the database

public abstract class WordRoomDatabase extends RoomDatabase {

   //Room uses the DAO to issue queries to its database.

   //By default, to avoid poor UI performance, Room doesn’t allow you to issue database queries on the main thread.

   //LiveData applies this rule by automatically running the query asynchronously on a background thread when needed.

   //Room provides compile-time checks of SQLite statements.

   //Room class must be abstract and extend RoomDatabase.

   //Usually, only need one instance of the Room database for the whole app.

   public abstract WordDAO wordDao();

   private static WordRoomDatabase INSTANCE;

   //Create the WordRoomDatabase as a singleton to prevent having multiple instances of the database opened at the same time.

   public static WordRoomDatabase getDatabase(final Context mContext)


       if(INSTANCE == null)


           synchronized (WordRoomDatabase.class)


               if(INSTANCE == null)


                   //Create database here

                   INSTANCE = Room.databaseBuilder(mContext.getApplicationContext() ,

                           WordRoomDatabase.class ,


                           // Wipes and rebuilds instead of migrating

                           // if no Migration object.

                           // Migration is not part of this practical.


                           .addCallback(sRoomDatabaseCallback) //callback to delete and insert new records in db





       return INSTANCE;




   protected SupportSQLiteOpenHelper createOpenHelper(DatabaseConfiguration config) {

       return null;




   protected InvalidationTracker createInvalidationTracker() {

       return null;



   public void clearAllTables() {


   //To delete content and repopulate the database whenever the app restarted,

   // you create a RoomDatabase.Callback and override the onOpen() method.

   // you cannot do Room database operations on the UI thread,

   // onOpen() creates and executes an AsyncTask to add content to the database

   private static RoomDatabase.Callback sRoomDatabaseCallback =

           new RoomDatabase.Callback(){


               public void onOpen (@NonNull SupportSQLiteDatabase db){


                   new PopulateDbAsync(INSTANCE).execute();



   private static class PopulateDbAsync extends AsyncTask<Void ,Void, Void> {

       private WordDAO mDao;

       String[] words = {“dolphin”, “crocodile”, “cobra”};

       public PopulateDbAsync(WordRoomDatabase db) {

           mDao = db.wordDao();



       protected Void doInBackground(Void… voids) {

           // Start an app with a clean database every time.

           // Not needed if you only populate the database

           // when it is first created



           for (int i = 0; i <= words.length 1; i++) {

               WordModel word = new WordModel(words[i]);




           return null;




Add Repository

Repository implements the logic for deciding whether to fetch data from a network or use results cached in the local database.

public class WordRepository {

   private WordDAO wordDao;

   private LiveData<List<WordModel>> mWordList;

   //to initialize the database and member variable

   public WordRepository(Application application)


       WordRoomDatabase db = WordRoomDatabase.getDatabase(application);

       wordDao = db.wordDao();

       mWordList = wordDao.getAllWords();


   //A wrapper method , returns the cached words as LiveData

   //Room executes all queries on seperate thread

   //Observed LiveData notified the observer when the data changes

   public LiveData<List<WordModel>> getAllWords()


       return mWordList;


   //Wrapper for insert

   //Use an asynctask to call insert , on non UI thread , or your app will crash

   public void insert(WordModel wordModel)


       new InsertAsynkTask(wordDao).execute(wordModel);


   private static class InsertAsynkTask extends AsyncTask<WordModel , Void, Void>


       private WordDAO wordDao;

       InsertAsynkTask(WordDAO wordDAO)


           this.wordDao = wordDAO;



       protected Void doInBackground(WordModel… wordModels) {

           for (WordModel word : wordModels)


           return null;




Add ViewModel class to handle the UI data across the configuration change

– provide data to UI and survive configuration changes acts as mediator between repository and UI


public class WordViewModel extends AndroidViewModel {

   //Never pass context into ViewModel instances.

   //Do not store Activity, Fragment, or View instances or their Context in the ViewModel.

   private WordRepository wordRepository;

   private LiveData<List<WordModel>> mWordList;

   //to get the reference of the word repository

   //to get the list of words from word repository

   public WordViewModel(@NonNull Application application)



       wordRepository = new WordRepository(application);

       mWordList = wordRepository.getAllWords();


   //get all the list of words

   //hides the implementation from the ui

   public LiveData<List<WordModel>> getAllWords()


       return mWordList;


   //wrapper method that calls the repository insert()

   //hides the implementation from UI

   public void insert(WordModel wordModel)





 Create XML , MainActivity , Adapters



<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>











public class WordListAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter<WordListAdapter.ViewHolder> {

   private LayoutInflater mInflater = null;

   private List<WordModel> mWords; // Cached copy of words

   public WordListAdapter(Context context) { mInflater = LayoutInflater.from(context); }



   public WordListAdapter.ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(@NonNull ViewGroup viewGroup, int i) {

       View itemView = mInflater.inflate(R.layout.recyclerview_item, viewGroup, false);

       return new ViewHolder(itemView);



   public void onBindViewHolder(@NonNull WordListAdapter.ViewHolder viewHolder, int position) {

       if (mWords != null) {

           WordModel current = mWords.get(position);



       } else {

           // Covers the case of data not being ready yet.

           viewHolder.wordItemView.setText(“No Word”);



   public void setWords(List<WordModel> words){

       mWords = words;



   // getItemCount() is called many times, and when it is first called,

   // mWords has not been updated (means initially, it’s null, and we can’t return null).


   public int getItemCount() {

       if (mWords != null)


           return mWords.size();


       else return 0;


   class ViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder {

       private final TextView wordItemView;

       private ViewHolder(View itemView) {


           wordItemView = itemView.findViewById(;






<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>























       android:layout_margin=“16dp” />



public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements View.OnClickListener {

   private RecyclerView recyclerView;

   //all the activity’s interactions are with the WordViewModel only.

   private WordViewModel mWordViewModel;

   private WordListAdapter adapter;

   private FloatingActionButton mAddNewWord;


   private ApiInterface apiInterface;

   private List<CityModel> mCityList;

   public static final int NEW_WORD_ACTIVITY_REQUEST_CODE = 1;


   protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {







   private void callToApi() {

       apiInterface = ApiClient.getClient().create(ApiInterface.class);

       Call<List<CityModel>> call = apiInterface.getAllCities();

       call.enqueue(new Callback<List<CityModel>>() {


           public void onResponse(Call<List<CityModel>> call, Response<List<CityModel>> response) {




           public void onFailure(Call<List<CityModel>> call, Throwable t) {




   private void loadLocalView() {

       recyclerView = findViewById(;

       mAddNewWord = findViewById(;

       //Use ViewModelProviders to associate your ViewModel with your UI controller.

       // When your app first starts, the ViewModelProviders class creates the ViewModel.

       // When the activity is destroyed, for example through a configuration change, the ViewModel persists.

       // When the activity is re-created, the ViewModelProviders return the existing ViewModel

       mWordViewModel = ViewModelProviders.of(this).get(WordViewModel.class);

       //When the observed data changes while the activity is in the foreground, the onChanged() method is invoked and updates the data cached in the adapter.

       mWordViewModel.getAllWords().observe(this, new Observer<List<WordModel>>() {


           public void onChanged(@Nullable List<WordModel> wordModels) {

               // Update the cached copy of the words in the adapter.






   private void loadRecyclerView() {

       adapter = new WordListAdapter(this);


       recyclerView.setLayoutManager(new LinearLayoutManager(this));



   public void onClick(View v) {

       switch (v.getId())



               Intent intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, AddWordActivity.class);

               startActivityForResult(intent, NEW_WORD_ACTIVITY_REQUEST_CODE);




   public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {

       super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);

       if (requestCode == NEW_WORD_ACTIVITY_REQUEST_CODE && resultCode == RESULT_OK) {

           WordModel word = new WordModel(data.getStringExtra(AddWordActivity.EXTRA_REPLY));


       } else {









Outsource Android Developer: HIRE ANDROID DEVELOPER

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JavaScript Trends in 2019 for Modern Web Applications

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JavaScript solves a problem. How to bring modern interactivity among web pages on browsers. Till the year 1995, the modern web worked with the exchange of static information among web browsers. HTML Code uses static information for communication. Web Programmers used to hard code HTML for showing information to users. There were only static web pages that used to exist. All this happened before the invention of JavaScript. With its invention, JavaScript brought dynamic interaction among web pages. This marked a boom in the creation of web pages that could communicate with the user dynamically.

JavaScript brought modern UI designing, user interaction and user data validation to the table. This sparked the development of modern web applications. These web applications had improved user interface and added advanced user data validation techniques.

Till today JavaScript is still the backbone of many modern web applications. 

Here we will have a look at the reasons why JavaScript is Still popular till today.  What makes JavaScript the modern de-facto web programming language today.

Let us talk about the benefits that JavaScript brings to modern web development.

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Features of JavaScript

  1. Any web programmer can reduce the server interaction between modern web browsers and servers using JavaScript. JavaScript validates user data. 
  2. If the user has forgotten to input a particular piece of data then you can inform him about this without having a trip back to the server.
  3. JavaScript speeds out Front End Development that marks a hallmark in the creation of modern web applications.
  4. JavaScript is a Compile independent language. This means there is an instant result of the code processed on the web browser without a compiler.
  5. JavaScript is an Event Driven language which means that it is language to validate user input and perform certain actions based on the user input
  6. It is easy to extend a certain functionality of a webpage using JavaScript. If you want to a certain feature to a webpage then JavaScript is your go-to Language
  7. JavaScript is a platform independent language. 
  8. Many Modern Day Browsers support JavaScript, so you can take advantage of the functionality offered by JavaScript in your webpages
  9. Although JavaScript is widely being used to support modern web application programming, it is the backbone of many frameworks that have been developed till today.

Let us have a look at the modern day frameworks that have been developed using JavaScript as the backbone

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Popular JavaScript Frameworks


Vue.JS is a JavaScript framework with various tools for building user interfaces.

The reason this framework is so popular is because of its size. It is just over 18 KB in size. This framework being simple and easy to understand, there can be small and large templates created based on user functionality. This framework has reusable templates which save a lot of time. This enables UI developers to easily focus on other aspects of UI integration.  All this is because of the simple structure that this framework provides


FaceBook developed ReactJS in coordination with individual developers and organizations around the world. React is simple and easy to learn thus making it the most used framework. The component-based approach, richly defined lifecycle, and the use of plain JavaScript make it very easy to grasp for the average web programmer.

Using React is based on Native approach, using which we can create an Android, an iOS and a web application at the same time.

Angular JS

 Google developed the Angular JS framework. Angular comprises of an MVC structure that allows web programmers to build individual model, view and controller objects that can be controlled and used to develop Single page web applications.

Node JS

Node JS is a JavaScript Runtime and framework library. Using NodeJs the development of web applications is simplified. It is a server-side development language. This supports the development of networking applications. It is an asynchronous and event-driven framework. Node JS speeds up the development and deployment. Single threaded applications which are massively scaleable are built using Node JS. There is no buffering involved. These are some of the highlights of the framework


GraphQL is a JavaScript-based framework. Developed to design a query language, GraphQL is used to build query APIs.


So we have seen the features offered by JavaScript. These features enable JavaScript to dominate the web development industry. JavaScript has quickly risen to become the de-facto language when it comes to developing modern web applications. 

If you’re looking to hire JavaScript developers for any kind of web development work. You’re at the right place.

Simply get in touch with us. We will assist you to build modern web applications that will solve your problems.

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Strong Features of CodeIgniter: Powerful PHP Framework

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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language for developing websites and applications. Since the time it was released it is highly evolved with time. As the complexity of creating a website has increased massively developers had to write more than a hundred lines of codes.


Introduction of PHP thus converted this tedious and time-consuming task into a much simpler form. Reducing the complexity of coding PHP became highly popular with its stable and secure feature. PHP offering the developers sufficient solutions for work offers a variety of PHP development tools. It makes efficient use of the programming language.


In our previous blog, we have put forward 10 best PHP frameworks offering the developers the ability to build more complex, secure and well-rounded web applications. All of the frameworks are highly good with their workings however among all the one which is unique with its feature is CodeIgniter. Focussing on CodeIgniter framework this blog will thoroughly give you details about CodeIgniter features.




CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework.  Providing a simple and elegant toolkit it is used for creating full-featured web applications.


Due to its versatile feature of nature, there’s a huge demand of CodeIgniter framework in the market. Web application developed on CodeIgniter framework provides its users effective result with its simple, elegant, lightweight, and easy to use quality. This open source PHP framework provides a rich set of functionalities to its developers and users.


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Let us look out some of the main benefits and features provided by CodeIgniter –


Model-View-Controller System


CodeIgniter works behind the idea of Model View Controller (MVC). In MVC, Model refers to data, View refers to the presentation layer and Controller to the application logic. MVC breaking the development process of applications isolates business logic from UI.


Integrating with your own existing scripts it helps developers to build core libraries for the system. CodeIgniter allows its users to follow the MVC route instead of other procedural ways.  Using MVC architecture CodeIgniter development can easily build and manage large applications.


Error Handling


CodeIgniter development helps you create error-free applications. Providing user-friendly interfaces it helps you detect the error functions. It has an error-logging class which further provides you the facility to save errors as text files.


Providing an error function – error_reporting at the top of your index.php file it provides you easy detection of errors to give you error free application.




Another important benefit Codeigniter framework provides is that it contains many in-built security tools. For securing your web applications the features it includes are – XSS Filtering, CSRF protection, Password handling, and Input data validation.

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Codeigniter possessing the security features helps you secure from password in many ways. With many default security actions present in the framework it gives you the choice of how and in what level you want to protect your app.


Simpler and Easy to Use


Providing an easy interface CodeIgniter development is simpler in use. Easy to expand, CodeIgniter framework is more reliable, light in weight, and efficient in use. With CodeIgniter framework creating new libraries you can easily change its features. Also, CodeIgniter coding is easier to understand as compared with other frameworks. As per your requirements, you can easily change its features.


CodeIgniter development provides you the benefit of database abstraction layers. With CodeIgniter, it is easy to modify the database in different ways like adding and removing columns creating new and removing old from tables through its database.


SEO-Friendly URLs


CodeIgniter PHP development generates clean, tidy, and search-engine friendly URLs. Rather than using a standard query, it is more into the use of the segment-based approach. Providing enough flexibility to web developers it provides them the benefit of presenting their web page in a more advanced way. It allows visitors to convert their normal URL into SEO friendly.




Validation features provide you the benefit of writing your app in a single line. Ensuring various control structures it helps you generate codes without any errors.




CodeIgniter providing support to its users helps them grow their user community. Improving the CodeIgniter forums it helps you grow the number of members. CodeIgniter also supports other types of frameworks included in its documentation. Other than CodeIgniter framework no other framework provides these features.


Advantages provided by CodeIgniter Developer are –


  • CodeIgniter development provides easy and hassle-free migration from the server hosting to server hosting
  • Without affecting the customization it helps you add new functionalities
  • CodeIgniter development provides straightforward solutions for solving errors.
  • Structure and development of CodeIgniter development is simple  
  • CodeIgniter development offers flexibility and easy management
  • Provides easy configuration of files
  • CodeIgniter development is easy to understand and extend
  • It has a large and active user community
  • CodeIgniter is easy in handling and customizing
  • CodeIgniter framework is good for startup
  • It is light in weight


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Disadvantages of CodeIgniter –


  • It is a PHP based framework
  • Do not provide you the facility of predefined database migrations
  • CodeIgniter development is a company driven framework




CodeIgniter being a popularly famous PHP framework helps you accomplish your tasks in a better way. Enhancing the functionality of your websites, CodeIgniter offers better quality and performance than other frameworks.


Selecting a perfect CodeIgniter developer is a crucial step to form your website. Make the use of CodeIgniter development in the right way after going through the above advantages. Hire CodeIgniter developer from Nimap Infotech to build a feature-rich application. Our experienced developers will help you customize your application in a new and innovative way.


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iOS Vs Android: Which One is better

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While buying any smartphone the first thing that needs to get decide is which OS phone you want to buy. The two most popular choices that lie in everyone’s head is – Android and iOS. Both are equally useful and plays an important role in your life.

There is nothing like choosing the perfect among the two as both are equally perfect with their work of operations. There are many chances the first OS you use ends up liking that only.

Though both are perfectly good with their features and performs all the actions required. But if you’ll take a closer look from the business perspective you’ll end up noticing the differences between them.


iOS is a mobile operating system specially invented for the use of Apple manufactured products. Devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV everything runs on iOS. Invented in the year 2007 iOS is based upon direct manipulation. iOS interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons and interaction includes gestures like tap, pinch, swipe, and reverse pinch.

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Android is a mobile operating system based on the modified version of the Linux kernel. Developed by Google, it is primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices.

Do you know – Top 5 benefits of Hiring Android Developers Offshore

Difference between iOS and Android


The first point through which we’ll show you the difference between Android and iOS is its hardware. As you all know Google’s Android software is used by nearly all the mobile phone companies like LG, Samsung, HTC, etc. However, on the other side, you’ll find iPhones are launched only by Apple. And only iPhones can make use of iOS software and hardware. It shows Apple’s restrictions, protection, and control over its operating system.

Android phones are commonly used by a large number of public because of its price, features, and quality. Providing good quality features and services they are much cheaper than iPhones. But since they are so readily available their hardware is more prone to problems.


iOS and Android both using the touch interfaces have lots of things in common. Like swiping, tapping, zooming and pinch. Just like computer desktop both iOS and Android operating systems boots to a home screen. Android using the feature of widgets auto-updates information such as weather and email. While the iOS home screen contains only rows of app icons. Both iOS and Android displays their status bar on the top of the screen showing information like time, WiFi, cell signal, and battery life.


If you will compare you’ll see the App Store offers very few applications than Google’s Play Store. Also, Apple is much more strict with its apps. On the contrary Android apps are easy to install and download. It is also seen that it is easy to put any fake app in Google’s Play Store. It is a major potential security threat for users. Apple goes through all the points before putting any app in the App Store – offering complete security. Thus development costs of Apple apps are costlier than Google apps.


Apple products in terms of pricing always run high in the market. If you’ll go and check the newest model of Apple that is iPhone X is available at Rs. 94, 845. Similarly, the starting price of the iPhone XR is Rs. 63, 699 and iPhone XS Max is Rs. 1,24,900. Buying such a high-cost mobile phone with an average income is not at all possible. Repairs can be expensive on iPhones so you should choose the best case for your iphone xr if you do decide to buy one!

On the other hand, if you’ll choose the latest model of Android smartphones that is Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Google’s Pixel 3 XL their prices are quite low and affordable. Even if you buy the best Android mobile phone of 2019 that is One Plus 6T is also very less in price as compared to Apple.

Thus one can clearly see the huge choice of a good and low-cost variety of Android phones as compared to Apple. And the features and services provided by them are not less in any mode of comparison. Also, the apps provided by Android are free and offers much more variety. Therefore choosing Android over Apple is always a choice of benefit in terms of cost.

Battery Life

Battery usage is another important factor which matters the most when you start using any cell phone. Since both the platforms share no common hardware it is tough to mention their differences.

If you see them together both the Apple and Android allows its users to check the amount of battery they’ve used. Also, both offer the power-saving modes which can be used to extend the life of your mobile battery.

Both Apple and Android provides you the functions of limiting performance and connectivity including many other features and options. However, if you’ll give a close look you’ll see Android has the ability to customize its power-saving modes. Many Android phones possess the power of fast-charging capabilities or even wireless charging. In that case, you’ll have to look for a fast-charging adapter which is usually already provided in the Android box. Thus after comparing both the one you can trust more in terms of battery is Android.

Here are some of the other characteristics possessed by iOS are –

  • iOS is a powerful platform providing clean and up-to-date menu system.
  • The interface of iOS is not a headache.
  • However, it possesses a lack of optimization
  • iOS provides you top-quality third-party applications.
  • Provides great reliability to its users
  • Works in a professional way.
  • Applications on iOS cannot access the operating system. Android applications, on the other hand, can directly access its operating system. Which means if the Android application crashed it would take down the entire system of your phone.
  • iOS is more secured to come into contact with viruses or malware.
  • Development of an app is more easy in Android as compared to iOS.
  • iOS is more easy to update with new versions as compared to Android.
  • iOS provided with integrated theft prevention software helps you track your phone if lost or stolen.
  • Without entering your password it is impossible to turn the GPS off.

Characteristics possessed by Android are –

  • Android is much more flexible and easy in use.
  • Android interface is much real in use. It gives you the exact look of icons and fonts as compared to iOS.
  • Providing access to the operating system, Android allows you to install any app from its Play Store.
  • Android provides you to use its features in more fun ways.
  • Apple introduces its features in a very slow process however Apple, on the other hand, is more frequent in launching new features.
  • Android smartphones provide you more hardware capabilities and features as compared to Apple.
  • Home Screens of Android can not only be filled with apps but also with widgets which allows you to stay connected.
  • Android smartphones are less costly than iOS.


After going through their differences it is very clear that both Android and iOS are equally good and important in their places. Choosing one among the two operating systems is completely based on your choice of work. Different categories are liked by different peoples. Some prefer hardware while some prefer security.

If you want your smartphone provides you good battery capacity and customization techniques choose Android. Or else if you want a more professional platform for your work then choose iOS.

Both iOS and Android are good with their features and performs their tasks very efficiently.

You can even start your e-commerce business using Android and iOS services. If you’re looking to design your website in Android and iOS contact us. Hire Android developers and dedicated iOS developers from Nimap Infotech. Our company outsources IT developers on a timely or project basis.

Our Android and iOS developers are well experienced in their work and had served more than 500 clients.


If you’re looking forward to getting iOS app development course done or getting trained in-house for iPhone app development course, then give us a call. We have world-class trainers available to guide you for the Android course in Mumbai. We have the best iOS training company faculty ready to guide you in your endeavors

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What Role Does PHP Play In E-commerce Websites?

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E-commerce (Also Read: Importance of Ecommerce)

Bringing your business into popularity is something every company holder wants to do. But how? is the question that remains. One of the easiest ways to reach among people and make your business 24/7 available is online commerce. E-commerce sales making your business worldwide allows you to conduct your business online.


E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the process of buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. It is a sale of physical products executed through online processing. This commercial transaction hitting the boards of billions of people online took commerce business to a new height.  


Using this mode of online commerce you can buy and sell any product you want including books, music, appliances, electronics, financial services such as stock investing and online banking. Saving your time, money and efforts online marketing of products brings you better results in the shortest period of time possible.


PHP (Also Read: Best PHP Framework for Startup )


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general-purpose scripting language. It is used for the development of web pages. Using the web-based software applications it creates dynamic content that interacts with databases. Using the command line interface it can be used with various web template systems, web content management systems and web frameworks. Considered as one of the most friendly languages it easily lets you connect with MySQL, Oracle, and many other databases. Due to the easy coding language, it is very easy to deploy any e-commerce website within a short period of time.

CMS and E-commerce (Also Read: M-commerce Advantage in Business)

Today every popular website you will come across will be made of PHP taking advantage over the development of its language. Due to its open source language feature, it allows you to fetch a number of forums, discussions, and blogs. Using this technology developer can look out for guidance and troubleshooting.


Another highly useful advantage it provides is that using PHP you do not need any special app to write its code. Instead, you can use any text editor for it.  Using PHP you can create any customized website for your business without compromising any security alert. You can also run it on any other platform like Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows platform.


Therefore if you’re new into business and just starting up with your idea you can take complete advantage of PHP. For example content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla or e-commerce solutions like Magento, Ubercart, and Zen Cart. The beauty of using PHP is that it provides a wide array of ready-made solutions.


Simple and Flexible


PHP coding is very simple to integrate. Components made using this software can be reused. Using PHP it is very easy to meet the client’s requirements. While you develop any project if there occur any changes it will suitably meet all the advancements. Thus providing great flexibility PHP helps you achieve better results after including all the customizations.


Cost Efficient ( Also Read: Outsourcing software development cost)


Since PHP is a widely used language it doesn’t ask you to spend much on the developers. Being an open-source language you can save a lot of money by not spending much on the subscription costs.




PHP is faster as compared to the other programming languages. With the introduction of its latest version PHP 7, it is much faster than its previous version PHP 5.6. Consuming less percent of memory, loading time of PHP is very less. E-commerce platforms like Magento include many improved features. In order to improve the performance rate of PHP several extensions have been developed. PHP e-commerce providing easy transactions while shopping gave people differing options at one single place. Thus reducing the amount of work its improved features provides great speed in the process of execution.




PHP providing the right tools offers loads of advantages to its developers. Making the use of a wide variety of tools developers can create any good architecture website. Use of cloud infrastructure provides PHP NoSQL database. Scalability is not only related to the programming language but is also very much connected with server infrastructure. This approach of PHP handles large issues of security.




Execution process of PHP is very reliable and fast as compared to the other programming languages. You can easily run them on platforms like Microsoft, MacOS, Linux distributions, and UNIX. Integrating with other technologies like Mongo dB it can further operate many other tools.




The open-source programming code of PHP makes it much more secure than other scripting languages. Providing great security to e-commerce business it is good to outsource payments to dedicated providers. Providing enough security to your customer’s accounts it protects them from breaching. Thus PHP is the least targeted option when it comes to security.


Other advantages PHP e-commerce provides are:


  • On the basis of the purchased experience, customers can easily provide their feedbacks and reviews.
  • Online business provides customers easy access to check the owner’s website. It helps owners in increasing their sales and promoting their online business.
  • Building a PHP website for e-commerce business provides a great advantage to its owners. PHP websites are the most convenient and easy in use.  
  • Utilizing the benefits of PHP websites customers can save their lots of time and efforts by finding all the products at one site.
  • PHP e-commerce websites are the most common, popular and accessible over the internet.
  • Providing the benefit of easy accessibility over the internet you can promote your online business all over the globe.
  • PHP has in-built error reporting constants to detect and warn error reports before proceeding.


PHP providing the great leveraging factors offers excellent opportunities to run your business in the market. Keeping the track of your activities it helps you generate reports for improving your business in a better way. Thus simplifying the job of developers it offers excellent opportunities for both the owners and customers  




We have seen abundant benefits and advantages of PHP focussing on the e-commerce business. If you are planning to start your own e-commerce idea of the website and still confused about it, there’s no need to worry more about it.

At Nimap Infotech we have a large team of developers who have successfully delivered big projects to their clients. If you still have any doubts about PHP and its working or need to consult for your website you can easily talk with our dedicated team of PHP developers.




Hire Laravel Developer

M-commerce vs E-commerce


Custom-bespoke software development

Importance Of Developing iOS Application For Your Business


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10 Ways Cloud Computing Can Change Web App Development

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What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the use of remote servers on the internet to store, manage and process data rather than a local server or your personal computer. Using clouding computing as a web app development tool users can access any software, applications, images or any kind of data from wherever they are. Offering much faster innovation and flexible resources it can deliver all the computing services over the internet.

The benefits cloud computing provides to web app development is that while using cloud computing user will not have to worry about the storage space.

For sharing any kind of data in the previous day’s online services used to take lots of time. Cloud computing, on the contrary, is very quick with its sharing process. Cloud here refers to ‘Internet’ therefore here it means internet computing.

If you’d like to learn about cloud computing in detail you’ll learn cloud computing further has two models:

Service Models – It includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Deployment Models – It includes the ways of how you can upload your application – Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Private Cloud.

With the use of cloud computing, businesses started finding their own ways of benefits. If you think cloud computing may benefit your business, check out New York IT services provider. Today if you’ll look in the corporate sectors you’ll see nearly every IT activity is performed using this technology. Improving the productivity of your business it performs business operations faster, quicker and in the most economical way.

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Progressive Web App (PWA) – Ideas and Importance

Web Development

The process of developing a website is termed as web development. It can be simply forming a single page text or a complex website offering loads of web pages. Web app development includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration with the use of the internet.

With the developed use of web technologies, you develop applications which the client himself can operate and maintain. With the Use of online applications, users can directly access any service available using the Internet.

Cloud Computing Using Web App Development

The benefits cloud computing provides with the use of web app development is something could not be neglected. Benefitting the IT sector it offers an abundance of Advantages to web app developers increasing their business.


Scalability is an important factor provided by cloud computing. While your company grows in terms of team or expand to other locations it can easily add users and services. Without purchasing any new software you can easily scale up to the next level of services. Providing an apt platform any part of the application can be scaled.

Using cloud computing you can strategize a planned growth for the improvement of your business. The more your application is scaled the number of users it can handle.

Cost Effective

Cloud computing helps you save your cost budget. While investment you may have to add money however, in the long run, it helps your business save lots of money. With lesser maintenance and less installation of equipment, you can reduce a large amount of operational cost. The advent of cloud services builds applications in a very feasible manner.

Data Security

Cloud computing provides you various security techniques such as data encryption, automation, and device security. With the increased speed of work, it helps you balance proper stability and durability of application.

Data security helps you protect your data from loss and inappropriate access. Cloud computing offers you a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls to strengthen your security posture. Thus cloud computing helps you protect web app development from potential threats.

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Easy Accessibility

With the use of internet connection, you can access any of your previous document. It allows you to open and access any document on any device and location. While we’re on the topic of easy access, the idea of contact syncing for data integration comes in handy too.
Thus without any restriction, you can use and access your data whenever you want. Also, cloud storage provides you the facility of faster and safer transferring of files. Without being concerned about the location within few clicks it allows you great transferring speed.


Cloud computing provides you the facility to store your data in a way anyone of your particular field can assign. This feature of cloud computing allows your team to collaborate much faster than others. They can access and perform their work without being concerned about the location. Increasing the overall productivity of your business it allows you to increase or decrease the number of users.


Improved technology allows you to perform your work at any time and place through your device. Having an internet connection your mobile phone itself plays the role of your work office. Especially if you are a web app developer running your business through your own web application you would not be restricted to work only on particular hours of time. Depending on the needs of business you can customize the location and can serve your customers at any period of time.

Using your mobile phones you can access all the latest business data to work further accordingly. Mobility provides you the opportunity to grow your business in the most rapid way. Providing the facility of mobility by allowing employees to access their files and data when and where they need to.

Website Management

Use of cloud computing provides you the benefit of using features such as analytics and data management. It provides you the ability to manage the DNS services, web services, and many more other services via cloud providers. Web applications including the services of e-mail, notifications, workflow, and SMS with features such as the ability to tap into Web service APIs and more.

Service models

Cloud computing provides you three variant service models. Apart from SaaS (Software as a Service), it includes two other services – Infrastructure as a Service (or IaaS) and Platform as a Service (or PaaS). It provides you a wide platform for the creation of web application development.


With the use of cloud computing, you can manage your business from anywhere and can access through any device. It provides you the flexibility to access your web development company even through mobile devices.

It allows you to access your own space of land thus using cloud computing technology owners can even ask employees to work using their own mobile devices. Thus even with limited use of resources using cloud computing you can easily create and maintain web application development platforms.

Business Control

Cloud computing provides you the advantage to take complete control over your business. Once you move your business to the cloud platform you can perform various operations benefitting your business. Analyzing the sales growth of your business it allows you to manage each department of your business individually.

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Best PHP Frameworks For Startup Your Business in 2019

263 user rated 5/5

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most widely used programming language designed for developing websites and web apps. Being an open source programming platform PHP provides you a basic structure to build the web applications.

Choose Best PHP Frameworks For Startup Your Business in 2019


Use of PHP Framework –


Promoting rapid application development PHP reducing the amount of repetitive codes helps you save your time. Without PHP if you desire to build any such application you will have to use a lot of repetitive codes. Consuming your time and efforts it still would not be able to build such a stable application. Also with no use of PHP framework executing the connections between database and application is not easy. However, the use of a PHP framework ensures easier connections.  


Allowing you to develop massive web applications PHP is very popular and easy in learning as compared to other scripting languages.


MVC Architecture


PHP works behind the idea of Model View Controller (MVC). In MVC, Model refers to data, View refers to the presentation layer, and Controller to the application logic. MVC breaking the development process of applications isolates business logic from UI. The domain will be used for handling information exchanged between your database and user interface.


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Allowing you to work on the individual elements without affecting the other elements of work. Therefore once you understood the working of PHP it will become much easier for you to work with.


After going through a lot about PHP, its uses and importance of working let’s check out the top 15 PHP frameworks:




Laravel is a very famous open source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell. Following the MVC architectural plan, it is used for the development of web applications. It is one of the most renowned web development frameworks used by businesses to intricate rich web applications. Considered by the majority of the businesses Laravel falls first for reliable routing.


Laravel is used as one of the topmost PHP frameworks as it is pretty good in delivering crisp web applications. Laravel even helps you customize applications as per the user’s requirements. Offering you the benefit of web application it aids the development of maintainable codes. Thus it is highly fit for the development of robust web apps.


Some of the advantages of using Laravel are:


  • Laravel makes authentication implementation straightforward
  • Faster execution of web applications
  • Laravel supports popular cache back-ends
  • Easily handle errors
  • Reliable Routing




Yii is an open-source object-oriented PHP web application framework known for its enhanced security features. Coming up with its another version of Yii 2 it is popularly used for its faster loading process.  Easy to install this lightest Yii framework has integration with CodeCeption.


Yii supporting the development of complex web apps never disappoint developers while building apps. Some mobile app developers accepted and used this framework very well for their projects.


Some of the advantages of using Yii are:


  • Free of repetitive code writing
  • Fastest framework for large-scale applications
  • Provides faster performance
  • Protects sensitive data against threats
  • Handles a large number of requests per seconds




Symphony is a set of reusable PHP component aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications. Building robust applications it aims in giving developers full control over the configuration. Using the additional tools it helps developers test, debug and document projects. Being a highly scalable and dependable PHP framework it provides best web development.


Some of the advantages of using Symphony are:


  • Symphony provides a good user interface
  • Easy to find a good hosting solution
  • Easy Deployment
  • Active Community
  • Better Security
  • Easy to Maintain



CakePHP is another open source web framework introduced after the arrival of Ruby on Rails.

You can always receive a better and definitive response using the CakePHP framework. Using CakePHP you can always easily create, read, update, and delete anything you want from your website.

CakePHP makes the development of your website more flexible, compatible, and cost-efficient.


Some of the advantages of using CakePHP are:


  • Flexibility
  • Less Coding
  • Convenient in Use
  • Easy Development
  • Better Reliance
  • Cost Efficient


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CodeIgniter is one of the popular PHP frameworks used for rapid development of web framework. CodeIgniter is a powerful framework used for delivering the exceptional performance-based website designing experience.


While comparing with other PHP frameworks it is mainly considered for its speed. It provides easy customization and configuration for your business websites. Its unique qualities of features help you enhance your business.


Some of the advantages of using Codeigniter are:


  • No restrictive coding rules
  • No need for template languages
  • User-friendly
  • Easy Customization
  • Develops rapid web frameworks
  • Exceptional Performance


Fat-Free Framework


Fat-Free is an open-source PHP framework used for combining full feature set code base.

Due to its light in weight feature property, it is highly recommended by professional website developers.


Providing a powerful framework it supports numerous plugins for compatibility. Supporting multilingual application, URL router, and seamless support provides efficient development of the framework. This lightweight PHP framework is used for developing robust and dynamic web applications. For augmenting online marketing needs lots of developers choose Fat-Free for its development purpose.


Some of the advantages of using Fat-Free are:


  • Lightweight Framework
  • Delivers good performance
  • Efficient Development
  • Compatibility
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Hassle-free Installation




Phalcon is another open-source extensively used PHP web development framework. Compared with other frameworks it uses very less memory. Therefore the time request used for Phalcon is very less. Its speed makes it very useful than other frameworks. Handling a greater number of HTTP requests Phalcone lowers resource usage.




Slim is also popularly famous with the name micro-framework. For developing small and medium size web applications this is a perfect choice. Using this framework you can also develop API’s and web services. It carries various features such as  URL routing, client-side HTTP caching, session and cookie encryption, etc.


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It is one of the finest PHP frameworks that help you enable the development of the advanced plugin. Utilizing the namespaces to intricate a forceful plug-in planning. All the components of PHP framework are replaceable. Rendering various responses with different content-types it is incredibly useful and easy to extend.


It is a very good framework for building RESTful API. It is a more robust network structure development PHP framework for creating an effortless API and complex web applications.




Flight is a micro-framework utilized for developing a suitable website design for both the business and personal purposes. Using this framework you can always experience easy documentation. Recommended for small web application development it cannot handle large size applications. Flight web development framework is a compact forceful structure. This simple small web application is easy to learn and code.




Zikula is another open source free framework. Using this framework you can design any big or small size web project. Based on Doctrine and Symfony this framework provides advantages of being integrated with Font Awesome 4 and Bootstrap 3. This useful network structure comes packed with a much more receptive theme.




Nette is a free source software used for developing feature-rich applications. It is rated as the 3rd most renowned web development in the world.Putting the extra emphasis on productivity, clean code, and security this popular framework is globally used around the world.




Zend is a popular light-weight PHP framework. With the improved latest version of Zend, many new features got introduced. Providing you best designing and reliability it offers good consistency in design. Its flexible architecture with quick development quality makes it highly productive in use.




This OOP framework provides websites with incredible features. Using this anyone can easily include OOP functionality. Automatic class loading, overloading, and interfaces are the primary features of Kohana. Holding good experience it creates websites with dynamic functionality.




Founded in 2012 PHPixie is an amazing web development framework started as a micro-framework which later became the most popular full-stack PHP framework. High in performance, this strict architecture avoids common pitfalls.




From the above list of PHP frameworks, you can surely help your business achieve success. Therefore use this list of startup frameworks in the coming future of 2019 and add new experiences to your business projects.


If you want to create a PHP web framework for your business with an advanced list of features. Outsource  PHP developers from Nimap Infotech (software development company). We have experienced team of PHP developers ready to provide you excellent web development services.


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What is the difference between Java and JavaScript

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It often happens that programmers and users get confused between Java and JavaScript. Javascript is a lightweight programming language while Java is a class-based object-oriented programming language.


As both Java and JavaScript refers to the same OOP language and shares the same control structures and operators. But when you’ll learn them individually you’ll get to know they are completely different from each other. Despite these similarities in syntax, they differ in various aspects.




Java is a popular computer software programming language invented by James Gosling and developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a general-purpose high-level programming language created in the year 1995. Java is an object-oriented language designed to give you the feel of C++. However, it is much simpler and easy in use than C++.


Originally Java was named as OAK but later it changed into Java. With its virtual machine platform, it allows you to create compiled programs that run on nearly every platform.



  • Java with abundant features and its advantages is used to create the applications that may run on a single computer.
  • It can also be distributed among servers and clients in a network.
  • It can be used in a wide variety of computing platforms to enterprise servers and supercomputers.
  • It can be used to make mobile applications, web and desktop applications, games and much more.

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JavaScript is a lightweight programming language of HTML and Web used to make web pages interactive. As a multi-paradigm language, it supports event-driven, functional, imperative and programming styles.


JavaScript web page implementations allow a client-side script to interact with the user and make dynamic pages. It was first known as LiveScript but later Netscape changed its name to JavaScript.


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Differences Between Java and JavaScript


It’s a very common perception thinking both Java and JavaScript are the same. But the truth is there is nothing common between them except their name Java. Both are completely different and have nothing to do with each other. Their working, functionality, and capabilities all are very different.


Here’s a list of key differences between Java and JavaScript as programming languages.



As Java has so many important features it is a most commonly used programming language. Whereas JavaScript, on the other hand, possesses some features that Java lacks. JavaScript does not require any compiler or editor it is considered as the easiest language to learn.


Thus both Java and JavaScript carrying different features are equally important in their areas of requirement.



Both Java and JavaScript are different languages and have no similarity except the syntactic resemblance. After going through the above comparison between Java and JavaScript you can very well know about their differences and similarities. Java is a general-purpose language used for developing desktop or mobile or web-based applications.


On the contrary, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used for designing the behavior and interactivity for web-based applications. However, both are very popular and effective while creating interaction between the user and the web page.


To develop your own web or mobile app you should know the complete difference between both Java and JavaScript. Above given difference will help you learn in-detailed differences between both of them. Hire Javascript developers and Outsource Java Developer from Nimap Infotech to get your own customized website or application. It will help your business grow increasing its productivity.  




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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Android Developers Offshore

Because of the growing digitalization and smartphone craze, you must be very well aware of what Android is and how it functions. Developed by Google this mobile operating system is based on the modified versions of Linux kernel and other open source software.


Initially, the software is designed for smartphones and tablets that is for the use of touchscreen mobile devices. However which further got developed with the specialized user interface. Like Android TV, Android Auto, Android wear watches, Android games and many more. For business purpose, Android App development leads to increase productivity with better ROI on business.


What Does Offshore Mean?


Offshore in simple terms is known as the process that provides or outsources digital services to overseas companies. Offshore outsourcing removing the headache of hiring simply outsources their digital services for a particular time period. Depending on the time or project when a company obtains its services from outside the country.


Thus obtaining the services to work for your company from outside the company where it is established is known as offshore outsourcing. The biggest advantage it provides is that you can hire services from low-cost region to get your work done at a very low-cost price.  


Do you know How to develop an app for android?

The process of involving or outsourcing digital services to overseas companies is known as offshore development. Using the process of offshore outsourcing business enterprises will receive custom-built software and dynamic web and mobile applications without getting any headache of hiring.


Often, the terms offshore and outsourcing appears interchangeably but there are some subtle differences that exist.


Advantages of hiring offshore developers include:


  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Minimal risks
  • Talent Acquisitions
  • Tax savings
  • Quality
  • Managed services
  • Time-saving
  • Access to best skills and technologies
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Saves time and efforts


Here’s a list of ways showing how hiring Android developers offshore can increase your mobile development team and business’ productivity.



  1. Effectively Delegate Tasks


While you expand your business development it is natural to hire developers for handling your increased work. If you think multitasking can help you it can only be done to a certain extent. For handling each task properly you need to hire developers.

Effectively Task Delegation


However, if you don’t want to take risks with your budget and want to go smart with your business. You can think of hiring offshore developers.


Android app developers offshore allow you to add members in your team to evenly divide your work tasks. Hiring developers from offshore provide you more flexibility in your work. Offshore developers help you add developers to your team with different goals, knowledge, talent, and environment. It helps your teammates learn more things from them.


2) Control


If you have a big project you can even hire and make a small team of your offshore developers. The team will work according to your instructions in the way you want your project to be. Giving you complete control over your team you can plan, decide, and develop strategies to guide how your team should work. It will help you take complete control over your project operations.  


3) Enhances Productivity


With the development of Google’s latest version – KitKat, Android opened many opportunities for their customers. Combining both the search technology and data on mobile devices it introduced many new features. With the use of these Android developers can access all the information, data, contacts and other apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Search, Drive, and Maps. Also, Google’s personal virtual assistant will help you learn about many new things.


Enhance Productivity


Leveraging this technology any Android developer can create and design a good app of their choice. It makes the Android platform enhance its productivity and overall user experience.


4) Individual Services and Security


Depending on the needs of your work and projects Android developers will go the in-depth study to the needs of the application. Offshore developers will always provide you suggestions that are new to improve your application.



Safety concept: Blue Closed Padlock on digital background, 3d render; Shutterstock ID 147872255; PO: 2016-07-14

However, the only challenge one will face while hiring offshore Android developer is security. Hiring offshore developers is very common increasing the chance of frauds and threats.


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Therefore always be professional when it comes to working. No matter how well you know the offshore developer always signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with them. It will keep your companies information safe and free from the reach of the wrong hands.


5) Exchanging Rates Difference


The difference in currency rates adds great benefit in increasing your income. Helping both the developers and owner difference in the currency rate will always serve more profit.


6) Error-free Projects


Hiring a developer offshore benefits you as they are always experienced. They work with high standards of proficiency and reliability. They will always take your work seriously to complete it as soon as possible. This guarantees you error-free submission of projects.  




Thus hiring an offshore developer assures you excellent project deliveries. Offshore developers are filled with different skills. Bringing different talents in one room will generate your ideas in a completely new way. You can tell and add all the extra features that you want to show up in your work. They will always work on your projects putting 100% efforts.


Hire the best Android developer to design your app in the most innovative way. If you do not have much knowledge about Android development applications hire Android developers who can guide you.

Read more about Android development services at Nimap Infotech to know more about Android solutions. Our Android developers are always ready to help you meet your needs.

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Importance Of Developing iOS Application For Your Business

Running your own business in today’s fast-changing digital world is difficult. To keep your business up and trendy among everyone you must have a business application like  iOS Application or Android App


Smartphones becoming the right hand of every business is playing a huge role in everyone’s lives. Today more than PCs and laptops mobile phones are the most common gadget that is being used.

If you’re looking to get yourself trained for a full-fledged iOS app development course, then contact We have expert trainers to help you with your iOS learning journey.   Looking for an ios mobile app development training, well your search ends here. Learn from the best experts in the industry. Contact us now


For some people, their smartphones itself is their office. Handling all their work data, emails, messages, and reminders with complete business details.


You Must Know The easy way to encrypt data in iOS


Since most of your work progress happens with smartphones it is very essential for you to choose the best application development. The two most popular platforms on which smartphone runs are Android and iOS. Both platforms are highly popular and used by billions of people.


Therefore in order to choose the best platform for your business, the first thing you need to decide is your target audience. Only then will you be able to set things ahead properly and develop your business. If you compare iOS is one of the most used platforms in mobile application development. To uplift the growth of business it is widely seen as the most profitable resource.


Giving great user experiences, flawless hardware with excellent customer service iOS app development helps you boost the brand name of your business. Apple phones have great impressions on their customers with iOS apps leaving good experience to the end users. iOS known for its robustness and security has more paying capacity than Android. Including these, iOS app development offers many other benefits for growing your business.


Here’s a list of some of the Importance of iOS Application Developments:


Easy User Interface

Using the iPhones latest mobile model is the dream of many smartphone users. Offering high customer service with easy to use interface, it is highly successful in attracting the users. Its flexible user interface feature helps you make your iOS business application more desirable.


Giving complete customer satisfaction with a synchronized environment it becomes easy for enterprises to boost their sales. Making your business application more desirable to boost sales and earn maximum profits.


Improve User Interface in iOS


Effective Testing Practices


Effective Testing Practices

Effective Testing Practices

As compared to Android iOS has less number of devices with limited versions available. And it releases only one update every year. It makes it’s testing easy and can be done within a less period of time. It also proposes a lesser time to market for iOS applications. On the other hand, Android has many versions available. Which makes testing, enhancement, and improvement cycles longer.


Increases Sales

increase sales

increase sales

iOS app has multiple options available attracting new customers to increase the sales and chance to empower your business in the global market. iPhone application developers help you increase your availability to protect the customer’s information. As compared to web, a well developed iPhone app is much more secure and efficient in use.


Secure Transactions

Secure Transaction

Secure Transaction

While running any business money needs to grow and for that, it is necessary for you to make payments on time. iPhone application development provides a more secure environment for doing online transactions.


Apple users are always safe from external threats, phishing, and hacking providing secured iOS applications. Thus while using iPhone apps users should not worry as iOS apps provide effortless transaction facilities.

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iPhone apps support devices like the iPad and iPhone to increase sales and productivity. For enterprise applications, investing in app platforms can be a reasonable choice.


Increased ROI

Increase ROI

Increase ROI

iOS apps possess the ability to bring worthy clients more than Android ones. With better reach towards sophisticated targeted users, iOS apps with higher revenue can increase its returns on investment. iOS offering better ROI will help companies earn more profits in a short span of time.





Developing your own iOS application to explain your business helps you engage with more customers. iOS smartphones are popularly used in countries like the US and UK. For expanding your business globally higher scalability of iOS applications is a very important requirement for today’s business. It will help you expand your business ideas globally.  




These were some of the benefits of its application to improve the sales of your business. Though iOS apps are more expensive than Android it is considered more professional and elite. After going through the above advantages selecting the right application for your business will become easy.


If you’re thinking of developing an iOS application for your business having proper knowledge about the iOS functions is very necessary. iOS has numerous benefits, therefore, selecting the iOS app development is more beneficial for your business than any other platform.


Outsource iOS developer from Nimap Infotech to design the app for your iOS app development company.

Get in touch with us to hire the best iOS developers for building customized iOS apps as per your needs and requirements. Contact us to ask any queries related to iOS to get it to resolve anytime. If you want to learn ios visit iOS Training

If you’re looking to get yourself trained for a full-fledged iOS/ iPhone app development course, then contact We have expert trainers to help you with your iOS learning journey.   Looking for an ios mobile app development training, well your search ends here. Learn from the best experts in the industry. Contact us now


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Progressive Web App (PWA) – Ideas and Importance

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What Is Progressive Web App?



Progressive web apps are websites with all information and abilities to provide you an app like feels.


Using modern web technology it delivers you an app like experiences while using your browser. Therefore you may call it a browser-based application with alternatives to native mobile apps.


Progressive web applications will run like regular web pages or websites but will provide you all the user functionalities that are available only on the native applications.




The benefit Progressive web applications provide is that, without downloading any mobile app user is able to access all the information that is available.


Progressive web apps also successfully play a highly beneficial role in your business. Increasing your page visits and session lengths it gives many advantages to increase your business.


Some of the other major advantages progressive web apps provide are:


  • Takes less loading time
  • Push Notifications
  • High Performance
  • Uses less data
  • More Reliable
Advantages of Progressive web app ideas

Advantages of Progressive web app ideas

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Why Build Progressive Web Apps?


Progressive Web Applications solved many problems of application developers. Along with reliability, fast responsive nature, and immersive user experience it earned many web platforms advantages.


The occurrence of Progressive Web Applications supported web applications with many extra smart features. Including push notifications, add to home screen and many more without giving up the reach of the web.


Using this web app developers create applications on which users can work offline and store all their information. Not only shows potential for a new wave of non-mobile applications but they compete with mobile apps on a large scale.


Progressive Web Apps Ideas




flipkart progressive web app

flipkart progressive web app

One of India’s largest e-commerce sites updated its mobile site to a progressive web app called Flipkart Lite. if you are popularly running your business globally around the world inconsistent connection is a very common problem you will face. To provide a solution to this thing Flipkart provided its solution under the name Flipkart lite.


With suboptimal connectivity, Flipkart reached its success and was never again got interrupted by lost connections.


Combining the best of both the web and Flipkart’s native app, it provided fast and streamlined experiences to mobile users. With less data usage it provided the business higher rates of conversions.


Twitter Lite


Twitter Lite Web Progressive App

Twitter Lite Web Progressive App

A new Twitter Lite app has been released in 2017 to improve the previous mobile web experiences. Since many of its users were located in conditions where network connections are low and poor. Twitter wanted to improve mobile web experiences by making it more fast and engaging.


Adding PWA features it made Twitter Lite more fast, reliable, and easy to access the app. Generating more than millions of push notifications it massively increased its engagement by allowing users to add the progressive web app to their home screens.




AliExpress Web Progressive App

AliExpress Web Progressive App

AliExpress is a popular e-commerce progressive web app owned by Alibaba Group. When they brought selling their e-commerce products online they faced lot many issues. However, they tried to convert the non-app users into app users. But it didn’t work out well for them and their website failed to deliver the experience they wanted on mobile.


After this, they entered into the progressive web app and received huge success by improving the overall performance of their website.




Bookmyshow Web Progressive App

Bookmyshow Web Progressive App

BookMyShow is another best example of progressive web app idea of booking tickets online in all over India. With the help of this user can book the tickets for any event without taking the burden of going their personally for booking.


Presence of mobile phones making each work so easy helped people drive their work easily without consuming much data. After replacing their mobile site its progressive web app idea highly increased their conversion rates. Solving all their problems it gained maximum profit without becoming a burden on memory capabilities.




starbucks Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

By launching a new PWA ordering system on web Starbucks allowed customers easy access to their site. With the help of this users can browse the menu, customize their order and add anything in their carts. Giving a similar experience of the native app it even has the capability of running it offline. Once the user is online they can locate their place, exact pricing of all the order and can deliver at their place.


Online progressive helped Starbucks in gaining a vast number of customers. Making it easier for the customers to browse the menu and order even when your internet connection is not so good.

Strengthening the name of its brand using progressive web app idea it started providing highly fast and responsive performance.



Do you know? Outsourcing Software App Development Costs?





From the above-given examples, you can clearly see how the performance of the web app plays a huge role. Higher the performance of your web app the more progressively it works. Progressive web app ideas set high standards for web app developers. Belonging to various categories it helps you upgrade it by recreating your site as PWA.


Hope this blog helps you understand what progressive web app is and what impact it creates on your business growth. We at Nimap Infotech (one of the leading outsourcing software development company) outsources the best mobile and web app, developers. For any queries relating to development solutions contact us.


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JAVA vs PHP performance

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Java is a popular programming language specifically designed for implementation of coupling. PHP is a widely-used open source scripting language specially designed for web development. Both the web applications are equally important and play their roles fantastically.

Choosing the right programming language is very essential for your software project. Once you began with the language you’ll have to continue it till the end. Without a software development expert, it is impossible for you to know which one is best for you. Here’s a look at two of the best programming languages to find yourself which among the two is best for your project.

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PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely-used popular programming language designed for writing the widest variety of software application domains. It can be widely ported and deployed on any operating system or platform for free of charge.

Due to its wide variety of use PHP programmers are high in demand.

They can be easily executed using the command line interface and can be used with various web template system, web content management system and web frameworks. Considered as one of the most friendly languages it easily lets you connect with MySQL, Oracle, and many other databases.

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It is the most widely used programming language design running in billions of devices on the Java platform. Supporting all the features of object-oriented programming it is much simpler than C++.

Java is a compiled language and so all its applications are compiled into bytecode that runs on implementations of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM/). It helps you bridge the gap between the source code and binary digits that the computer understands.


Difference Between PHP and Java




Both PHP and Java are easy to learn and code. And both are equally profitable with their features in their areas of work. Therefore according to the budget and need of demand you can easily choose the programming language that suits best for you. Go through the above-discussed differences to choose the best programming language for your business projects.


Hire dedicated Java developers and PHP developers to customize your website as per your requirements.  Outsourcing a PHP developer in India to know more about Java and PHP.

Outsource Java developers from Nimap Infotech to customize your website according to your business demands.


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Ionic PWA Toolkit : 20 Things You Must Know About it

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1. What is Ionic : –

Ionic an open source SDK used to build Cross-Platform high-performance Mobile, PWAs, Hybrid mobile application. the original version was released in 2013.

The first version of Ionic was developed on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova. Current Stable version is used Angular.


2. User interface : –

Ionic apps are made of using web components. Web Component allows you to quickly construct a user interface for your app.


3. Development Time :

Ionic applications are powered by web technology, most changes don’t require binary modifications and there for it allows immediate deployments. This is a massive advantage.


4. Performance :

The indistinguishable difference on modern devices with well-written code.


5. Clientele:

Ionic is getting stronger day by day as it additionally gives support of PWA which works platform independently on every device.

6. Stability:

A current stable version is released in January with the support of any Javascript including Angular, React, Vue and many more.


7. Speed : –

Since Ionic work with a web component, it is a bit quick to develop the app.


8. Cross-Platform : –

Cross-Platform Means we can create Application that works on Android iOS, and windows using single code base and here its HTML5 with CSS and Javascript to build beautiful front end design.


9. Ionic web Components : –

Infect Ionic web Components can pair with any Javascript including Angular, React, Vue and so on by just adding a script tag!.


10. Progressive Web App : –

Progressive Web App is a Web application that loads like a regular website or web pages but it offers additional features like working offline, push notifications and it gives access to devices hardware traditionally available only to native applications.

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11. Hybrid Combination : –

Hybrid means Combination of two things and here its Native Components and Web Components.


12. Native features: –

We can use Native features such as Camera, GPS, Mobile Flashlight and many more.


13. Use of Web Components: –

Use of Web Components in your app means to display a web page in your application instead of a browser. We can say that it wraps a web page inside a mobile application.


14. focused on UI and UX: –

Ionic is focused on the UI and UX of an app. It’s easy to learn, and integrate with other frameworks, like Angular, or we can use it standalone without any frontend framework using a simple script include.


15. Integration Support: –

Current Ionic Framework has official integration with Angular, and also support for Vue and React are in development.


16. Ionic app Building is easy: –

Building the Ionic app is comparatively easy since the framework is developed with simplicity in mind, and accessible to just about anyone with web development skills.


17. Helpful Commands: –

The official Ionic Command Line Interface is a tool that use to quickly building Ionic apps and provides a number of helpful commands to Ionic developers.


18. Standalone library in a single page: –

One of the main goals with Ionic 4 was to remove any hard requirement on a single framework to host the components. This is core components can work standalone with just a script tag in a web page. when working with frameworks it can be useful for larger teams and apps, it is now possible to use Ionic as a standalone library in a single page.


19. A community developed by:

The community behind the Ionic Framework is actively developed and maintained full-time by a core team, and its ecosystem is guided by an international community of developers.

20. More apps Developed Using Ionic:

MarketWatch, Diesel, just watch, McDonald’s Turkiye, Untappd and many more App Developed using Ionic


Steps to Start with Ionic : –


  • First of all Register with ionic to get full access to all features.

  • Install the latest version node.

  • Install git

  • Install ionic using node by typing following command to your Command line.

    • npm, install -g ionic

  • get the advantage of the additional services provided by Ionic you’ll have to log in.

    • ionic login

  • Create an app using one predefine temple that is blank, tabs and side menu.

    • ionic start myApp tabs

    • cd myApp

    • ionic serve

  • Create a fully functional app and publish the iOS application on app store and android application on play store.

Nimap Infotech is a top leading Ionic development company in IndiaWe also outsource Developers Hire Ionic App Developers on demand Full time hiring as well ass an hourly basis. Get Quote within seconds Contact Now

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ReactJS Vs React Native

ReactJS also known as React.js or simply React was first introduced in the year 2011 by Jordan Walke.


It is a JavaScript library, introduced for building dynamic and high performing User Interface(UI). Released by Walke and his Facebook team it helps you brought together the speed of JavaScript. Creating interactive UIs ReactJS gave a new way of rendering pages leading to responsive and dynamic user input.


It supports both the front-end web and server side for building user interfaces and web applications.

Why ReactJS Is Used?


ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library, mainly used for building user interfaces specifically for single page applications. As is used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps it allows you to create the reusable UI components.


ReactJS allowing the developers to create large web applications can change data without reloading the page.
Used as a base in the development of single page or mobile applications ReactJS is very fast.


It takes only one command line to run in the terminal and therefore is very easy and simple in use.
Corresponding to view in the MVC template it is used with a combination of other JavaScript libraries.

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React Native


React Native is a consequence of React is also an open source application framework. Using the React framework it offers a large amount of inbuilt components and APIs.


Using the JavaScript React Native builds native applications. It compiles the native components to make it possible for you to build the native mobile applications.


Instead of using HTML React Native provides alternative components for rendering the apps.
It helps you create real and exciting mobile apps using the JavaScript which supports both Android and iOS platforms. React Native codes only once and uses the same code again at the other platform. Thus saving the development time it received huge popularity and community support.

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Difference Between ReactJS and React Native


There is no large difference between ReactJS and React Native but if you see them closely you’ll find React Native is a consequence of React. The difference that arises between them is you write the code in React but the framework you use is React Native.


Providing additional functionality to run your app on iOS or Android both ReactJS and React Native have different processes of setup and rendering process.




As we come to the conclusion point between both the React Native and ReactJS it is clear that both the technologies are equally important. Both React Native and ReactJS are technologies of different domains. If you want to build web applications hire ReactJS developers or else if you are choosing to build mobile applications opt for the React Native developers.

If you want to build any mobile or web application or want to get in touch with any of the technology Hire Mobile App developers from Nimap Infotech.

300 user rated 05/05 on 25th March 2019

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Importance of E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business Mobile App Development


E-commerce known as electronic commerce is the process of buying and selling of goods and services. It refers to the online purchase of goods with the use of the internet in around all over the globe. To execute the sale of electronic products or services you need to fill all the data online.

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Therefore, any consumer purchasing online product from a business website  using the internet is known as Electronic commerce. It can also be known as Internet commerce.

With time and technology e-commerce evolved so high that today discovering any product online has become the easiest thing. Using your desired device and internet within seconds you can purchase any product through online retailers.


  • It helped loads of other people giving the idea to start their own small business.
  • From freelancers to large corporations it helped everyone in expanding their business.
  • It helped retailers reach the maximum number of audience enabling them to sell their goods and services all around the globe.

Types of E-commerce Business

Other than online commercials or selling and buying e-commerce holds many more varieties of things. Based on various types it is classified into varieties of businesses. To know more into the world of e-commerce business read out the following types it is categorized into:


Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer is the most common and direct mode of e-commerce business. When a consumer or customer do their purchase directly from the online retailer it is categorized under B2C e-commerce.

For example, if you are purchasing any bag directly from the online retailer. It builds a direct relationship between businesses and customers.


Business to Business (B2B)

Business to business e-commerce refers to electronic transactions and dealings among businesses. When a business sells its products and services to other business groups. For example – a business company selling its software to another business company.


Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Consumer to Consumer is a type of e-commerce in which consumer sells products and services to other consumers. It takes place by a common third party that provides an online platform to connect both the customers.
For example – the sites where old items are sold and bought like OLX are the example of C2C e-commerce.


Consumer to Business (C2B)

Consumer to business is a type of e-commerce in which individuals sell their products and services to business organizations. Opposite of C2B, here business organizations are consumers and individuals are retailers.
Example of C2B includes making company logos, banners or designs for any group of company.


Business to Administration (B2A)

Business to Administration is a type of e-commerce business where transactions or deals happens between companies and public administrations.


Consumer to Administration (C2A)

Consumer to Administration is a type of e-commerce business where transactions or deals are carried away between individuals and public administration.


Importance of E-commerce Development

Development of time and technology introduced a lot many ways of improving your business.


One of them which highly got popular among sales and transactions is E-commerce.


Making the exact replica of the normal website used for searching and looking for any kind of information.


E-commerce websites allowed users to start shopping just like purchasing from a physical market.


E-commerce websites helped consumers choose and buy any product they want without moving from their place.

As of today it is the most required step for customers. Not only for selling and purchasing but the company website today represents the complete business of one’s company. It not only adds value to the products and services of your company but also enhances its true worth.


Good E-commerce Experience


To experience a good e-commerce experience it is very important for you to choose a nice business website. At the same time, it is important for business firms to choose a development strategy that works for them. Variety of development methodologies and approaches will help them obtain the greatest ROI.


It is an added advantage for business companies having an e-commerce website. Some of the factors that hold the importance of e-commerce business are:


Very conveniently while sitting at one place you can easily shop, buy and sell products using the e-commerce website.


Always Available

You can approach e-commerce websites at any time of the day. You cannot do this while shopping from the physical markets. People who get rarely any time due to their workloads e-commerce shopping is bliss for them.


Large Platform

E-commerce offers you a large platform to reach consumers belonging from different geographical ranges. For consumers, it is highly beneficial as they can purchase their choice of products from any region in the world.


Low Costing

In e-commerce businesses due to automated processes, there is a very low reduction in the costs. Also, consumers can save a large amount of money while doing e-commerce shopping. Along with discounts and offers it also helps them to save the extra expense of traveling, electricity, etc.



Since there is zero amount of expenditure in setting and maintaining the infrastructures sellers can save a large amount of money.

Contrarily they can spend more money on the products, services, strategies, and promotion of their goods. This increased marketing of services will take their e-commerce website business to a new level of fame and awareness.


Product Information

E-commerce websites provide you complete detailed information about the products along with their pictures. However, it helps you get the idea of your product from its looks to credibility and usability.


Challenges of E-commerce Business


Although everything about the e-commerce sounds so good and impressive but still there are few challenges you’ll have to see if you are into the e-commerce trade.

  • Trust of exact quality of the product that is mentioned on the website
  • After doing the online payment will you definitely receive your product.
  • Do you have any knowledge of the HTML, CSS or any other coding.
  • Physical appearance is not possible with e-commerce purchasing.


However, if you are inspired to run your own e-commerce website but unaware of the technical codings it is not a big deal. Hire a customized website developer for your website. And start revealing your mind of creativity with their technicalities. It is a great medium to showcase your inner business and marketing talent by just being at home and without setting any outside business building.


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M-commerce Advantages and Disadvantages

M-commerce known as Mobile Commerce is the process of carrying all types of transactions that is, buying, selling, and making payments through a handheld device.


As its name suggests it is easy to guess the equipment or the wireless device used for making the transactions. Being the extended version of e-commerce mobile users by enabling access to the internet can purchase and shop anything. It can be done using any of your wireless devices like cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).  


With the vast use of mobile phones emerging trend of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), m-commerce got its biggest hit.


Use of Bluetooth and online accessing of internet reduced the time taking process of purchasing.


Doing all the work instantly it helps you conduct purchase and sale of a wide range of products including online banking, bill payments and collecting and delivering goods.


The Convenience of Mobile Commerce


With the increased use of mobile devices, many new apps and features got introduced for m-commerce. Like, the use of wallet money or direct linking of bank accounts helped people make the payments without even swiping the cards.


Thus while saving your time from going to the stores it even helped you manage your transactions directly without using your cards physically.


Another great medium that helped customers reach various platforms of m-commerce is social media. Using other applications customers got to know about various other companies and brands. Advertisements that appear in between applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc helped customers make convenient purchases.


Why M-commerce Is Important?


Mobile commerce delivers electronic commerce services anywhere in the world to the consumer’s hands using wireless technologies. Creating a good user-friendly mobile design interface with an easy and commanding user experience consumers are able to make the purchases anywhere in the world. Helping you make easy and safe transactions at any time anywhere in the globe.


Benefits of M-commerce


  • Can buy or purchase online tickets for Movie, Aircraft or any Event.
  • Mobile Purchase
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Mobile Auctions
  • The Mobile Entertainment
  • Mobile Financial Services
  • Location and Search Service
  • No need to use big large size computers
  • Provides you more convenience, speed, and credibility
  • 24 hour you can keep in contact with the world


Advantages of M-commerce


Global Customer Base


If an individual has a mobile device and internet connection then they are the potential customer to any platform. Very conveniently as per their needs or requirements they can purchase any good they want.


Being in one part of the world you can choose, select and purchase any product from any place you want. Not only that you can even pre-order any product or thing for an event in advance. Helping both the buyer and the seller it helps them connect with each other very well.


Easy Inventory Management


You can manage and maintain your inventory levels regardless of how small it is. Saving all the product database you can easily know what product is available or not.


Consumer Deals


Since today a large part of the individuals uses mobile commerce as a medium for purchase. Business companies too had started using more mobiles than computers to reach a large number of users spreading various offers and discounts.

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Instead of physically going to the store’s users can easily select and purchase any product of any brand and place they want. Saving both the time and energy of the user.


Large Order Processing Platform


Rather than checking or buying only from a limited region of place. Online m-commerce provides you a vast platform to buy and make transactions. Using m-commerce you will be updated with all the information related to your purchase. For example, when will it dispatch, what days it will take, tracking id, etc.


Easy To Use


It is the easiest purchase where without any disturbance you can search all the online sites and choose the best among the one.


More Access To User Data


Once a purchase is been done from a store users information get stored. Which can be used in the future by sending about the deals and offers to the users. By introducing them with the latest collections and offers you can easily attract them with your collection and deals.  


M commerce

Advantages Of M-COMMERCE

Disadvantages of M-commerce


Along with providing many advantages to m-commerce it also carries some disadvantages with itself. Here’s a list of the few disadvantages of m-commerce.


Smartphone Limitation


No matter how useful it is without the use of smartphone user can never access and navigate the data properly.  




In order to use m-commerce, a user requires either the connectivity of WiFi or mobile data connections. Without accessing the internet connections user will not be able to receive any data to purchase.


Need Faithful Shipment Company


In the process of buying and selling one thing that links both the buyer and seller is the shipping company. You should tie up with a good shipping company for delivering your products on time to the users. If they lack to reach the users on time it’s your name who is going to spoil and not the shipment.




To complete your transactions many times you choose the online payment option. Entering all the details of your bank and security codes. Which sometimes can harm you, also syncing of data or connecting to unknown WiFi networks may appear risky by hacking or bypassing your information to others.


Nimap Infotech‘s Certified developers help to create custom app development in m-commerce as per your requirements. We have a huge demand for our unique mobile commerce and mobile application development service for all type of retailers. Online competition is growing Mobile commerce is the only way to keep on selling profitably. Get a free consultation & pricing today.


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Off the Shelf Software Vs Custom Software

To improve your business and be on the top of the leading companies till now you must have understood the importance of a good software solution. There can never be only one strategy which can improve all the inefficiencies. It is very important for business leaders to be active and updated relating all the latest trends and techniques that are heading in the market. The software that your business chooses must depend heavily on the field in which you operate. For example, if your business does a lot of field work, you’re going to want a Field Service Management App that can give your business everything it needs to succeed at the top of your industry.

Let’s compare the two most basic software solutions you come across to see which one is better for the growth of your business. Determine yourself which among the two is helpful for your success.


Custom Software


Custom software or Tailor Made Software is a software that is developed specially for some organization or any specific user. It is customized in a way that it keeps all the requirements and needs of your business in mind. Therefore, after adapting its functionalities it is easy to use and extract the result that you wany. Using the open source programming languages you don’t even need to pay the perpetual license fees.


Advantages It Offers :


While looking at its functionality it is able to create and present the best solution for your business needs. There would be hardly any company not using custom development solutions.


Advantages of custom software development offers are:

  • Increased Security
  • No licensing fees
  • Saves Time
  • Highly Scalable
  • Easy to modify
  • Integrates multiple systems
  • Software Maintenance & Improvement

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Off the Shelf Software


Off the Shelf, Software refers to the software package developed by the software companies from the end users. This software is expensive in nature and is ready to use. It accelerates the trend of inexpensive and easy to use productivity software packages for microcomputers which continues to grow.

Developed by professional programmers or end users of orgnizations it replaces the trend of custom-designed programs. Acquired by end users from software vendors it is developed according to the needs and reqirements of the clients or customers. However the dea of automatic programming moved the trend of custom applications towards the use of the off the shelf software package.


Advantages of using Off the shelf software are:


Ready to Use

Unlike customized software they are ready-made software which you can pick at any time based on your requirement.

Low Cost

Off the shelf software are much cheaper than custom software.

Multi-feature Solutions

It carries many features, more than what your business requires.

Saves Implementation Time

Due to their ready-made nature, off-the-shelf software takes very less time in implementing.

Low Upfront Cost

Their readily made nature provides them the benefit of low upfront cost.


Do you know? How to Successfully Outsource Software Development


Cons of using Off the shelf software includes:


> The biggest disadvantage it carries is that if it does not meets your business requirements then purchase of the software goes completely waste.

> Off the shelf software are fixed and are not easy to modify.

> It is very common to find this solution used by all of your competitors.

> Compatibility issues are largely faced by the Off the shelf software.

> Its multi-feature quality sometimes lacks in focussing on the thing that you require the most.


Difference between both Off the shelf software and Custom software –


Custom software vs Off the shelf

Off the Shelf Software Vs Custom Software


To decide which one to opt Off the shelf software or Custom software should be completely based on the business needs and demands. Therefore it is very necessary to know what all processes and things you are going to implement in the future. You should always pre-plan your long term business decision plans in advance. It will help you choose the one that suits your business work and requirements to take your business rates high.


Looking for a reliable Custom Software Development Company?

Nimap Infotech has the power to make solutions for complex business challenges related to Information Technology Get in touch with us for a free consultation to know how you can leverage our expertise in web and mobile applications to improve your business for higher productivity and profits.

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M-commerce vs E-commerce

With the daily emerging trends of techno products and internet on the rise, there’s nothing you cannot reach to. Be it your business conference meetings, scheduling or as simple as buying any product.


With the help of the internet, you can do all sitting in one place. Online billing and purchasing of products made e-commerce trade simple and easy. However, with the invention of M-commerce, business techniques received a new wave of growth of success and development in their business.


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E-commerce or electronic commerce is simply known as the activity of buying or selling of products using online services over the internet. M-commerce, on the other hand, simplifying your trading business refers to the business transactions on the internet using mobile devices.


Although both the web and mobile world are equally helpful and important in their use. Mobile users are everywhere to find. Use of m-commerce provides you easy access to any shops online while having access to the internet or cell phone data.


Difference between E-commerce and M-commerce


Although both are very different in their way of approach both aim at the same goals. To understand the difference between both, have a look at the following table.


M-commerce vs E-commerce

Comparison Between M-Commerce vs E-commerce


Nimap Infotech top leading most Reliable M-commerce app development company. Get a free consultation & pricing today.

M-commerce App Development Company in Mumbai India.

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How Much Outsourcing Software App Development Costs?

If you are into the construction of any new project website, or a manager of your team, or an entrepreneur running in the race of starting up your own business.

You must be well aware of the techniques of outsourcing software developers.

There are numbers of businesses that run under one roof which requires proper marketing. But what lies before marketing is your need to prepare a full-length website, defining your work and resources with the perks of digitalization, everything in today’s date runs online.

Therefore need of outsourcing software developers has become an on service demand. You must have encountered software developers once in a while and must be aware of their services and the costing structure.

But if not, let’s find out the way to outsource the mobile and web app development, costing of outsourcing, and the best practices of leading the outsourcing developer.

Before proceeding further let’s take a note on the advantages of outsourcing the software development.



The biggest advantage of outsourcing software developers is that they provide greater flexibility of work.

Low Expenses

You no longer need to provide any material or equipment to the software developers. Their only aim is to hand you out your project using their good developmental skills.

Meet Deadlines

Outsourced developers always remains faithful towards their words. And by no means, if required they will work for nights to hand over your project before meeting the deadline.


Taking all the advantage of their previous experience, they are good at handling the difficulties that comes while designing.

Improves Your Development Team

Outsourcing software developers from outside can become a good opportunity for other team members. Their methods and techniques of work can help other team members to learn many new things.

Less Time

Outsourcing software developers from another place completes your work using the shortest span of time.

Developers who are outsourced believes only in their work. With no in-between disturbances, they directly hand you out your developed application as soon as it gets ready.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Finding the exact cost of an application is the most blurred question that nobody can respond it accurately. And the general answer you will receive from everyone else is, it depends on the type, its features and the style of execution your application has. To some extent, your applications complexities, type of platform, use of features and methods speaks a lot. Involving the use of templates, types of designs, geography, and competence.

Normally the minimum price involved while outsourcing software developers for designing a simple application is 20 USD/Hour*.

However, if your application involves big sets of features and complexities their costing price will vary according to the conditions and demands.

If you’re looking to an outsourcing software developer for designing an entire website instead of one app the minimum price of range with which it will get started would be 800 USD*.

How to Outsource App Development?


Important stages or steps you should take care of before meeting or going for an interview to your client are –


Before going out to meet your client check the available websites they are running. Go through each and every mobile and web app they are working on. It will tell you about the things they are actually lacking in their website or application to look and feel.

It is always a better idea to do some previous research before meeting your client.

Do the complete research by highlighting all the good and bad things software development has.

What all things can be done to make it look more good than it is now.

Based on that even before meeting the client you’ll have a rough idea in your mind telling what their further requirements can be. Thus it will help you prepare yourself nicely accordingly to the needs of the customer.


While discussing the project with your client some of the few important points you should pay focus on are –

  • Understand properly what your client requires.
  • Suggest your views according to that.
  • Mark note of each and every important thing your client wants to add in the application.
  • Try and find their preferred style of features.
  • What kind of UI/UX basically your client requires.
  • Know the budget of your client.
  • Till what time period does the client want their work to be done, and will you be able to complete it before time or not.
  • And finally, if all the discussed things are fine your next project is ready to go

For a client, it is a big thing to hand over their business details to someone they do not know. Therefore as a client, it takes a big decision to hire software developer for their project, meeting your expectations of work.

Do the Correct Research

Do not ask for any outsourcing software developer with a good hand of experience in working. Ask for a developer from a certified company you trust on. Take the proper interview knowing all the previous works they had done. After discussing all the queries only decide whether the person was appropriate to hire or not.

Time Differences

If your software developer is in complete different state or country their working hours will be altogether different. It is necessary to be in their constant touch to know as what section they are currently working on. Otherwise, it would lead your work into constant delays. Therefore to remove any bug or error be in constant touch and it will help you correct the mistake at the base level only.


You should always hire someone who is more responsive to their duty. Is eager to communicate and take initiatives for your projects more than you.


Outsourcing software developer you can trust completely is very important. It is better to sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before proceeding for work. It is better to take no amount of risk when it comes to securing the confidentiality of the personal details of your work.

Looking for a reliable Custom Software Development Company?

Nimap Infotech has the power to make solutions for complex business challenges related to Information Technology Get in touch with us for a free consultation to know how you can leverage our expertise in web and mobile applications to improve your business for higher productivity and profits.

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Comprehensive Guide to Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development


Software development is a crucial task because if the development is correct then the outcome would also be good. And since the entire world is running after the trends of software development it is essential to keep yourself upgraded with the services that will never fade.

Custom software development which is also called as Bespoke software development improves the business demands.


Custom Software

Bespoke software development is also known as Custom software development, appearing beneficial helps people in building specific organizations. The latest inventions impact the use of common trends.

Therefore it is important for custom software development companies like geneca study, to be vigilant and updated with all the trending technologies that benefit the business in the near future.

Custom software development offers you an abundance of benefits like :

More Efficient

Custom software development satisfies the needs of an organization. It works more efficiently than any other normal software.

Saves Time

It is very easy to adapt and handle as it is built to help your work done easily.

Reduces Pressure

Customized software performs your work using the least time thus it saves your employees time to perform their work more creatively.

Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

It helps your organization and employees to eliminate the repetitive functions in the easiest manner.

Custom software development being popularly in demand from the last year still holds the same importance. In fact with the emergence of the new technologies and their usage demand for the custom software developers has highly accelerated.

Let’s take a look at the following custom software development trends :


Open Source Technology


Software whose source code is freely distributed with a license to study, change and further distributed to anyone for any purpose is what termed as open source technology.

To understand this in a detailed better way read out the below following points:

  1. Dedicated programmers improve upon the source code share the changes within the community.
  2. Open source software provides these advantages to the users due to its thriving communities: security, affordability, transparent, interoperable on multiple platforms, flexible due to customization, localization, any many more.
  3. Initially, you do not have the opportunity to use open source software but today all the applications are built using this technology. Including the world’s biggest companies like Google and Facebook.
  4. Today all the powerful applications that are running in the market are made from using the open source software tool. Custom software Developmental technology that is open source and trending mostly are Java, PHP, Angular, React, etc. These are all open source technologies on which today world’s biggest enterprises are based on.
  5. If your business source asks immediate frequent changes then custom software development should be considered as your top priority.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is very old if you talk about it considering today’s time. Working similarly to web-based email clients it allows users to access all the features and files of the system.

Very swiftly and easily it gives you the benefit of moving the storage of your system to another.

For example –

Daily used applications like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and many more are all cloud-based applications. In all the cases users send the personal data to a cloud-based server which stores all the data for later access.


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Some of the main advantages of using cloud computing are:


Lower Cost Computers For Users

In the cloud, you don’t require a high powered computer to run cloud computing’s web-based applications because applications run on the cloud, not on the desktop, PC or laptops.

Lower IT Infrastructure Cost

By using cloud computing there’s no need to invest in the larger numbers of more powerful servers, you also do not require the IT staff for handling such powerful servers.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost in cloud computing reduces for both the hardware and software maintenance for organizations of all sizes.

Lower Software Cost

Using this you no longer need to purchase the separate software packages for each computer in the organization. Which helps you in reducing the software cost.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence referring to the branch of computer science deals with the intelligence exhibited by software and machines. AI is the mainstream component today.

Helping you at every platform it has embedded in each part of your lives. Using the larger section of he businesses used for execution purposes it provides high-quality services.

AI Is Everywhere

Artificial intelligence can help you find the nearest cafe to driving the automatic trains.AI can help you in organizing operations at stock to providing true medicinal reports.

Some of the advantages in which it helps you make your work easy are:

  • Digital Assistance
  • Medical Applications
  • Repetitive Jobs
  • Difficult Exploration
  • Daily Applications
  • Error Reduction


With the substantial rise in the demand of the custom business app developers with sets of skills have huge opportunities. Benefits of custom software development offering huge advantages to the consumers provide unending ideas to grow your business. Increasing your business ROI using the minimal amount of time it helps you grow your business in maximum possible ways. Thus demands of custom applications will keep on rising with the coming time.

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Top Web App Ideas

Top Web App ideas For 2019

Today online marketing in the world of business is one and the only striking way to reach and expand your customers.

  • In earlier days Android web apps were not used to play such an important role.
  • Displaying a simple web poster or an add was enough.
  • However, with the changing times, a creative website helping you showcasing everything about your products and services plays a heck of importance.
  • In order to run your business and be on the top to maintain the name of your firm, you have to keep coming up with new and innovative web app ideas. Bringing new web app ideas to keep executing your idea of plans is a good way to catch all the attention.
  • However, it does carry all the risk of whether your plan will get enough success or not.

1) A Weight Tracker AppDesigning the right weight tracker app can help you earn lots of customers.

  • Executing your perfect plan, design an app that accepts the manual data from users.
  • After receiving all the entries about your personal measurements, it shows you your exact body weight.
  • Giving you personal instructions whether it is good as per your height and age or you need to work on it.
  • This App gives you permission to track multiple user records.

2) A Calculator App ideas

An app performing all the calculation like +, -, *, / and many more to show you the perfect result. Designing a good user interface to help user input all the digits quickly help you get your result quickly in an easy and fast way.

 3) A Book DatabaseDesigning a good book database app is way too much helpful for those who love reading.

It also holds an important place in the life of students, teachers, scientists of any field and any age group. Using this user can purchase any online data of the book, store its information, images of books and many more.

4) A Recipes App designed properly it could be a great app carrying all the food recipes.

All a user needs to do is sign in the app, enter the name of the recipe and get a detailed result description with all the instructions. It can be saved permanently for future use with all the pictures.

5)  A Bill tracker

It is a way too useful web app for a middle-class family member to maintain all the bill records. With this kind of app, the user can make all the monthly entries of his expenses and calculate the monthly or yearly expenditure to further plan out the things.

Do you Know? What are Progressive Web App (PWA) and benefits of it’s? Why Build Progressive Web Apps?

Let’s check here  Progressive Web Apps and its ideas

6) An Expenses Tracker

This app will help you out in counting your monthly or total yearly expenses. This will help you check and count what unnecessary expenses you were making.

7) A Chat ApplicationA safe and secure chatting app for professional use is too useful.

Using such an authentic web app you can deal with all the data, and get in touch with your customer to solve any query. It will help you prevent sharing your personal contact number. Just like a normal messaging app, it will notify any new contact, message, storing all the backup history.

8) A Notes AppCreating any such notepad app comes greatly in use.

With this, you can add any new note and save it for later purpose. Related: How to Successfully Outsource Software Development

9) A Personal Diary AppUsers who are fond of maintaining a diary would love this idea.

Keeping a hard copy diary has a risk of being read by any stranger. While maintaining dairy like this contains all the security. You can set all the passwords so that without you nobody can access your file without your permission. You can even attach pictures depicting your memory. Using such web app online will help you sort your data in a way you want it to be.

Check: How to Successfully Outsource Software Development

10) A Pomodoro App

This Pomodoro app helps you manage your time to check out the productivity. This time management app is useful maintaining all the records how much time you invested in your work.


Comprehensive Guide to Custom Software Development

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Ember.js vs AngularJS



  •  The search rate of your business is raised and developed by using a number of frameworks. Depending on the variety call rates for outsourcing the developers got highly increased.
  • This details can be found in EmberJs vs AngularJS difference data shown below. However with the rapid changes in the web development every month you get introduced to a new version in each framework.
  • Choosing the right framework for your business is very important. It helps you produce considerable successful effects on your business.
  • As you are provided with an infinite number of frameworks there are some functionalities which can be achieved by only a few. Below is the detail difference between EmberJs vs AngularJS.Javascript is one among them.
  • It influences you to complete your project in a lot many ways. Similar to JavaScript we are introduced with many other programming languages like – AngularJS, ReactJS and even Ember.js. Being the most popular programming language it is high in the demanding needs of businesses and users.




  • Ember.js is a JavaScript front-end framework based on the Model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.
  • Secondly, It is an open source JavaScript web framework used to build websites with rich and complex user interactions.
  • Used on many popular websites it helps users create scalable single-page web applications like LinkedIn, Live Nation, and many more. Primary it was used only to create web applications.
  • But with the resulting modifications, it successfully created many popular desktop application like Apple Music, a feature of iTunes.
  • With its good speed delivering feature it is popularly used by the startups.  As a startup, you always try to bring the best of solutions.
  • However, Your application should be created in the sense that it provides the best features. To overtake the previously successful app you need to use something that provides you best tech solution.


Some of the main features of Ember.js that are important to learn are:


Ember CLI 

It is the official command line utility or development toolkit that is used to create, develop, build, test, and serve Ember.js applications.


 It helps you map the current URL to one or more route handlers. Being the central part of Ember applications it helps you render the template, load a model, and redirects to a new route. It even handles the actions that involve changing a model or transitioning to a new route.

Templating Engine

 Based on the Handlebars templating library it helps you power your apps user interface.

Data Layer

Providing consistent ways of communicating with external APIs, data layering helps you manage the application state. The different concept that router, they share the same name.

Ember Inspector 

It helps in understanding and debugging the Ember.js website.


Benefits of Using Ember.js


  • Firstly Instead of wasting their time at its configuration with the use of Ember.js developers are focussed to pay attention to the roadmap.
  • Secondly, It helps you focus on the app-specific code and defer configuration details to the framework.
  • Using less code programming language Ember.js is easy to conduct large applications.
  • Applications created using the Ember.js is easy to maintain and make in between changes.
  • Ember.js allows you to create scalable web apps and fluid for desktop applications. It further helps you increase your productivity at a higher level.
  • Moreover, Less coding integration helps you save lots of your time.
  • In the beginning, it may appear difficult to use but once you’re familiar with the language it is easy to accomplish your projects at a faster rate.
  • Using HTML and CSS at the core level Ember.js creates reusable and maintainable JavaScript web applications.




  • Angular, however, is a typeScript based open source framework. Led by the Angular team at Google it is also used to create a full-stack web application framework.  
  • Angular with its demand of work introduced many versions of it to create single page applications.
  • Above all AngularJS is another high version structural framework used for creating dynamic web apps.
  • Supporting the framework of MVC (Model View Controller) and MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture it is used to for simplifying the front-end development experiences.
Ember.js and AngularJS

Ember.js and AngularJS

Difference between Ember.js and AngularJS


Check:- Angular 5 vs React JS

Must Read:  Angular JS VS Node JS



  • Moreover Choosing the right framework among all for your website depends upon the two factors. Your desired applications needs and the qualities of the framework that you chose.
  • It is necessary to know all the features and advantages of a framework along with its minus points before you begin working with it.
  • If you’re looking for designing mainly a web app both Angular and Ember are equally supportive and safe in use.
  • Initially, Ember may appear a bit difficult in use but once the code is mastered it will help you complete your projects within the short periods of time.
  • Therefore it is better to examine the features you want to add before you start developing.
  • Finally, It will help you choose the perfect framework software to accomplish your project in the best of way.

So,which out of these best JavaScript frameworks will you choose for your project?

We use AngularJS to build fast, scalable and  Responsive web & Mobile applications.So,if you want your application to be developed using Angular.JS?



Highly Skilled Professional, dedicated Angular JS Developers

Get free Quote Enquiry Now !!!



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How to successfully outsource software development.

To outsource software development is a challenge even in the best of conditions. At the point when your organization is thinking about procuring an outside firm to do your development.

It is incumbent upon you and your staff members to make sure the project comes together without faltering over obstacles.
Key to any specialized undertaking is arranging and expert analysis of where a project is headed, and its development.

While management of the process holds significance, planning for all the future contingencies is likely to clear the way for success with outsourced software development company. If after reading this post you’re still not sure whether outsourcing is the best route for you to follow, or whether you should hire an in-house software developer, speak to a recruitment agency, someone like 100offer, have a list of questions prepared including the expected salary and salary increase of a role like this, that way not only can you weigh up the pro’s and con’s but also the financial aspect too.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

  • There are too many benefits to outsourced software development.
  • Not only can outsourcing deliver commercial benefits to a small and medium business.
  • But it also can deliver them with customized expertise to satisfy short- and long-term solution for their software development demands.
  • According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, the top motivation for business to outsource includes, cost-cutting and the abilities to focus on core business activities and solve capability issues.
  • Outsourcing software development offers business an increased return on their investment


Below are the tips to successfully outsource software development company

Implementing smart methods.

  • Agile or sharp methodologies allow firms to keep a close eye on production and swiftly execute work during a project’s life cycle with an outsourced software development company.
    They allow a business owner sitting at one end and a software developer at the other end to work together.
  • The product can then be assembled in weekly cycles called sprints as per technical and business revenue aspects.
  • Through agile or smart methodology, a business owner and the software development team members can fully understand the nature of the project, the target assigned and the goals to be achieved. To learn more about the development of business software, read this article from Salesforce.

Decide your budget

  • Every outsourcing software development agency is unique. Some offer by packages, some charge as per hour. Just like defining goals, you should define your budget as well.
  • Then analyze the top software development companies to see what they can do for the sum.
  • Many businesses end up with making a mistake of choosing the cheapest solution for financial reasons.
  • The most economical solution is not every time a low quality one but you pay for one which stands true in the software development outsourcing space.
  • Sometimes price could be a factor,but it shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision making.

Instead, if you cannot stretch budget and can’t hire the best, search for a solution that brings you the correct balance of quality and cost.

Set realistic goals and track productivity.

  • What works better than creating the project’s schedule plan, setting its milestones? Making them measurable, traceable & realistic.
  • Your team should know that the results are achievable. This may be hard and take up a lot of time and effort but is feasible.
  • You may want to create the next Microsoft, but if the team fails to deliver it, is it really their fault?
  • If you don’t take time frames and the complexity of tasks into account, you risk not having anything done or a project that is done poorly.
  • Don’t be too pushy , demanding and negotiate pushily with your outsourcing software development agency. Milestones are definitely an important tool for tracking the team’s progress and productivity but use them carefully.

Check project updates and evaluate the completed tasks according to your standards. And always provide your feedback on the delivered results.

Assess the technical education level of developers carefully.

  • When opting to select an offshore or outsourcing software development company, thoroughly assess the technical background of developers.
  • Do research to check whether their technical expertise fits your requirements and overall standards & strategic goals.
  • If the number of Junior developers in outsourcing business is a lot bigger than Middle and Senior specialists, it means that the country offers profound education in the IT field and invests in its budding talents.
  • The IT outsourcing market in Eastern